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Best Microelectronics Dispensing Technology Company - USA Company: nScrypt, Inc. Contact: Beth Brownell Contact Email: Address: 12151 Research Pkwy, Suite 150, Orlando, Florida, 32826, USA Phone: 001407 275 4755

nScrypt nScrypt is an innovative company that uses next generation printing to enable direct digital manufacturing. We caught up with Beth Brownell to find out more about the firm and the innovative solutions it provides. nScrypt are a capital equipment company that manufacture and sell industrial micro-dispensing and 3D printed electronic systems. Beth discusses the firm’s service offering in more detail and outlines how the firm works to offer clients the solutions they need. “Here at nScrypt, we manufacture our electronic systems in the U.S. and sell them to clients around the world. Their global popularity stems from the fact that our systems provide the most precise and accurate way to dispense liquid, paste, plastic and electronic metals. No other commercial system matches the range of materials or precision of motion and prints. Our motion control is superior in resolution and repeatability and this ensures quality, repeatable parts. Our customers are traditional micro-electronic packaging companies and next generation electronic manufacturing. Additionally, we have penetrated 3D printing for a variety of industries, including textile, chemical, automotive, medical and tissue engineering. “Overall, our goal is to print any material in any size and do this fast enough to be on the production floor. We print traditional electronic materials such as solder and adhesives for electronic packaging, but we can do this with smaller features (50 microns, which is two times or smaller than state of the art commercial dispensers). We also print a range of conductive materials to include silver, gold and copper and again with fine features of 50 microns or large area coverage of meters squared. We can print composite materials of thermoplastics for enhanced structural properties or enhanced electrical properties.

“Moving forward, Beth and her team have a number of ambitious and exciting plans to grow and change the shape of the industry for the better.” “All of this are done using automation and precision motion. CAD files of unique shape and electrical function can be printed on a single platform or multiple systems in a line. The Direct Digital approach implies no retooling is necessary to obtain new prints, new shapes or new functions. The flexibility in motion, the widest selection of materials, the precision in dispensing volumes (pico-litre volume control) and the digital input make this a versatile tool for many existing and future electronic packaging applications.”

50 Acquisition International - Business Excellence Awards 2017

In order to offer the latest, most innovative solutions on the market, nScrypt is comprised of a range of people with diverse backgrounds. These include material scientist, electrical, electronic, photonic, RF, mechanical, fluids, computer, controls, biological and CAD experts, because, as Beth explains, it takes a great many minds to make such dynamic and unique solutions. “Fundamentally, the world is melding; engineers are no longer separated by specialties, but instead multiple backgrounds are important. Advances in microdispensing, 3D printing and CAD have permeated through industries such as food, textile, bio, electronics, mechanical, wireless, automotive, aeronautics and environmental. The tools are capable and have penetrated all of these industries and this requires some aspect and knowledge in all areas. “Formal training is effective and many times required, but it is also important to expand that with informal training (tech conferences, tech magazines, studies) and accept new challenges. Solving old problems with old, but tried and proven solutions is normal, but it is not disruptive. Disruption is happening in industry right now because of the non-traditional approaches to old problems. Space and the approach to this has been constant until recently, new disrupters have moved onto the scene. Printed Circuit Boards have been constant until recently and new disrupters (micro-dispensing and 3D printing) have moved onto the scene. The fields are broad and the applications are many, but there is a lot of leveraging that can and will happen if you are crossed trained or educated, even informally educated.” Moving forward, Beth and her team have a number of ambitious and exciting plans to grow and change the shape of the industry for the better. “Looking ahead, nScrypt’s ultimate aim is to change the world; we want to give anyone, who wants to, the opportunity to be creative in an industry that prohibited such. Today, it is the large corporations that want to tell you what to like or dislike by throwing important people wearing their products at you in magazines or television. Tomorrow, we want to enable you to personalize your own products, even the most complex electronic ones. We will more fully automate Factory in Tool and also Factory in Line that will make reality the statement ‘art to part.’ We will make printers large enough to print a car or small enough to print a microelectrical mechanical system and including in space. In 2018 we will have a BioPrinter on the International Space Station to begin the journey of true 3D printed tissue in space.”

AI Business Excellence Awards 2017  
AI Business Excellence Awards 2017