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Best International Full-Service IT Company - Taiwan Company: Institute for Information Industry (III) Name: Dr. Liu, Jonq-Min Email: Web Address: Address: 11F., No. 106, Sec. 2, Heping E. Rd., Taipei 106, Taiwan, R.O.C. Telephone: +886-2-6631-8168

Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry (III) is quasi-governmental organization, known as one of the key influential think-tank, as well as an ICT-focused R&D institute based in Taiwan. We profile the organisation and explore the vast array of services it offers. III was established on July 24, 1979 with a mission to “become an organization with research and development capability in the information technology domain with strengths in providing advanced application services, as well as to undertake the role of a high-end think tank leading the industry and government to embrace the digital economy.” As a technical consultant and mentor of the industry promotion platform, III has expanded its scope of international business to the South American regions and has enabled Taiwanese ICT companies to provide customized services worldwide through international collaborative projects. III’s business focus on four fields, the first of which is acting as a government think tank. III has been an indispensable government think tank since its inception, providing the government with research and analysis on various technology trends, competitive landscapes, and technology related laws and regulations. In addition, III also provides government officials with recommendations on technology and industrial policies, science and technology related laws and regulations, and assists the promotions so as to expedite the transformation process of the government in keeping pace with fast changing technologies and the attendant changes in business models, consumer behavior, and emerging new business sectors. Additionally, since inception III has been instrumental in promoting the development of ICT related industries in Taiwan. Through government funding and technology transfer, III helps foster the development of the following industries: communication, digital content, information service, cyber-security, green energy, IoT logistics, and smart city related sectors. III’s recent focuses are on smart manufacturing, smart retail, and smart agriculture. III also actively engages in international collaboration in the following three categories: (i) research and development – forging strategic alliances with research institutes and organizations worldwide to collaborate in joint research in areas such as cybersecurity, smart city, mobile communication standards, and IoT standards, (ii) ICT projects – work with international partners and Taiwanese companies in ICT projects in areas such as a wireless communication network, smart classroom, smart campus, e-government, and smart city related projects, (iii) digital opportunity centers (DOC) – and teaming up with local partners to set up ICT training centers around the world to help underprivileged communities acquire ICT expertise and entrepreneurial skills. In addition, to boost international business for Taiwan’s

ICT and information service industries, III cultivates professional talent for the domestic industry, promotes business incubation, market development, and mission exchanges. Besides supporting businesses, III also cooperates with the government to bridge the global digital divide. III has helped Taiwan’s ICT industry to explore emerging markets in the Asia Pacific region through the establishment of the APEC Digital Opportunity Center (ADOC) network during 20042014. Ultimately, III understands the demands and business opportunities for the technology learning industry and builds the domestic industry chain. It formulates relevant action plans to enhance the R&D capacity of the learning technology industry, develops information industry-related personnel, and helps college students to find and secure employment. Looking forward, the corporate social responsibility of III is striving to assist the government and society at large to strengthen the civic rights in the digital age, and reduce the digital divide that has been able to achieve the targets and goals of the well-being of Taiwan and humankind. III will remain committed to strive to enhance its research and development by optimizing its innovative services and advanced ICT– related technologies daily. The firm strive to replicate this success model and apply it to emerging markets and other countries to effectively reduce the marketing costs of ICT solutions. III hopes to sustain industry growth based on existing foundations, and enable Taiwan’s domestic providers to serve the international stage as leaders of the industry.

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AI Business Excellence Awards 2017