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Innovative Payment Solutions Company: On Track Innovations Ltd Contact: Neil Barr Position: Director of Marketing Contact Email: Address: Z.H.R Industrial Zone, Rosh Pinna 1210001, Israel Phone: +972 4 686 8000 Web Address:

Best Cashless Payment Solutions Provider - Israel

On Track Innovations Ltd On Track Innovations Ltd (OTI) is the one global cashless payment solutions company that provides vending, kiosk and pulse machine operators with expert services and the right variety of contemporary solutions built upon our field proven install base experience. We invited Director of Marketing Neil Barr to tell us more. Founded in 1990, OTI has served the cashless payment industry for more than 25 years, offering versatile modular solutions at a competitive price. Neil discusses the firm’s solutions in more detail and outlines how the firm’s client focused approach ensures that they receive the solution that meets their needs. “At OTI, we are committed to leading the market in cashless payment solutions that exceed our customers’ evolving needs. We believe this is an unmatched proposition in terms of the value we bring to the market and our customers, who are some of the biggest vending operators globally. We provide white labelled OEM solutions, and maintain an extensive network of strategic partnerships in every region of the world.” Since inception the firm has been pioneering various innovations in the payment market. OTI focused on special RFID products for personal identification applications when it started. This involved developing the hardware and the software for both the RFID readers and the RFID tags-cards. As no technology defining standards were available at that time, they were required to develop their own unique solutions from scratch. In 1995 OTI embarked on the development of the world’s first contactless two chip secured smart card solution. The idea was bold and ingenious. That idea was to develop an antenna interface chip that would sit alongside the existing secure contact smart card chip. The result was the first secured contactless smart card solution – The Combi Card. This two chip Combi product was the first available on the market, combining the security of contact chip technology with the versatility of contactless functionality. It was sold to various customers who were keen to adopt this revolutionary technology even before the establishment of a relevant international standard (pre ISO1444-3). The successful development of the Combi product compelled Samsung to approach OTI in 1998 with plans to develop a single chip Combi product. OTI developed a special antenna interface that was integrated with Samsung’s contact smart card technology. The resulting OTI solution was the basis for Samsung’s whole family of subsequent contactless products. In 2002, a similar approach was initiated by a Chinese company (CIDC-HID) for the Chinese Contactless ID Cards project. This project was also completed very successfully. Later, in 2002 MasterCard decided to adapt similar technology into their cards. OTI pioneered the

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development of NFC contactless technology for MasterCard, and in mid-2002, were the first company to successfully trial and field test NFC contactless smartcard technology in the payments industry. Additionally, OTI was the first company in the world to develop a contactless smartcard operating system. OTI developed inlays that turned ordinary cards into secure contactless smartcards. Or put another way, OTI could upgrade ordinary plastic contact chip cards used by banks, into secured contactless smartcards. More recently, OTI was the first company outside Japan to achieve FeliCa certification on its OTI-Uno range of contactless readers. These innovations highlight OTI’s dynamic approach and skill at remaining at the forefront of the latest industry developments and trends. The biggest change in the payment technology market over recent years has been the emergence of a cashless society and consumers living a cashless lifestyle. OTI is incredibly well placed to lead the technology charge around the IoT Wearables boom, and enabling world commerce to take place with our cashless payment solutions and cashless payment hardware, as Neil concludes. “Fundamentally, here at OTI we are disruptive in terms of our technology and are able to provide solutions to meet the ever changing needs of our market. We support all the latest contactless payment technology, and in many cases, we create innovative new products and solutions to remain at the cutting edge of the payment industry. Our OTI-Uno cashless readers are a good example, in that we are the first company outside Japan to offer a contactless reader that is dual EMV and FeliCa certified. “In addition, we are also disruptive in providing a low entry point solution for existing vending machine operators that want to access all the latest telemetry functionality and that is also scalable to grow with their needs. The GoBox is a good example of this. It has all the functionality required by machine operators, such as connectivity and telemetry, yet can be scaled up to meet future requirements such as media streaming and locations based promotion campaigns. “Overall, OTI are experts in releasing new products. We develop solutions in such way that it meets current requirements, but will also support future requirements, and all with an affordable price tag. Moving forward we are looking forward to developing and releasing innovative new products which will meet our clients’ needs.”

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AI Business Excellence Awards 2017