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Best Leadership Training Organisation - EMEA Company: Energy Streaming Leadership Academy Contact: Jarmila Katharine Baresova Contact Email: jarmila. Address: Prague, 4 -140 00, Czech Republic Phone: +420739 603 778 Web Address:

Energy Streaming Leadership Academy Energy Streaming Leadership Academy is an Unique European Training Company which provides Leadership Training across Europe and EMEA. We invited Jarmila Katharine Baresova to tell us more about the firm and the range of services it offers. Drawing on over 7 years’ experience and working with partners around the world, including the Hewlett Packard Enterprise Smart Academy, Energy Streaming Leadership Academy provides a wide range of Certified leadership programs. Under its new brand Leadership Original Concept the firm have successfully been providing a range of services including VIP life changing intensive leadership programs for individuals and top management groups for over two years. Core programmes offered by the firm include certified training for corporates and large companies; leadership consultancy for medium companies and entrepreneurs; certified Trainings for Leaders who want to extend their skills into energy streaming leadership constant area as consultants; individual leadership consultancy and training to CEO´s and other top managers or company owners; and certified life changing leadership programs. Jarmila outlines the firm’s approach and how this ensures satisfaction for its clients. “Here at Energy Streaming Leadership Academy, all our programs are designed for a small group of clients individually, we always make sure to meet all their needs on all levels. We not only focus on work but we focus on all areas of life. This approach has been highly appreciated not only by our clients but as well by the corporate managements and HR departments.”

“...all our programs are designed for a small group of clients individually, we always make sure to meet all their needs on all levels.” Jarmila, who draws on over 17 year’ personal experience in the international business and training field, outlines the industry at present and how she and her team adapt around emerging developments. “Leadership Consultancy for me is a field which combines Leadership Strategies, Mental Health, Fitness and Energy Management together with inner fulfilment and happiness. What I feel is that we need to invest more into ourselves. We have currently more VIP clients who are willing to invest into their future on their own terms rather than waiting for their boss or HR department to pay for such training. Here I am

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happy the responsibility for our lives has been slightly shifting. We are the most valuable source we have in life but still we are hesitating to really invest into our stability and energy in a long term run. If we want to be fit, healthy and fulfilled at the age of 70 or 80 we need to start investing in our 35 latest 40th. This would be my ideal perception. When working in a law firm after graduation I never understood our clients appearing at the door with a judge order asking us “to do a miracle”. We have the same situation when the company or the client himself is asking us “being at the end of his rope” to do a miracle. “We all need at least once or twice a year to relax, renew and recharge, this is what our “Life Changing Programs” are for. Being on a nice place you naturally come with new ideas and new energy but you need somebody to “walk you through” and to help you effectively to release stress from the past weeks or months. I love this big shift in our clients when they come, for example to Italy with low energy, no desire for new life vision and company vision and then see them leaving after 10 days with a bright new energy, new vision with full of “drive and joy” written on a paper and enthusiasm to execute and proceed. This is my and our crew biggest reward, always.”

AI Business Excellence Awards 2017  
AI Business Excellence Awards 2017