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Businesswoman Awards 2017

businessWOMAN AWARDS 2017

RBC: Most Influential Female in Procurement - Canada Camuto Group: Best Global IT Planning Business Leader 2017

2 Corporate Vision / Business Women Awards 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Businesswomen Awards

Across the globe, within a vast number of sectors, women continue to go above and beyond to establish themselves as being a significant part of the business world. From healthcare & pharmaceuticals to aerospace & defence, even banking to media, within these industries are the powerful women who are striving daily towards great success. Women represent around half of the global workforce and are a key contributor to the corporate world: despite this, these contributions are often overlooked.

Contents 4. Events Professional of the Year 2017 - Canada - Tigris Events 6. Medical Marketing Professional of the Year 2017 - Allori 8. Most Influential Woman in Corporate Cleaning - UK - Workplace 9. eLearning COO of the Year 2017 & Best Online Education Platform - UK- Open Study College 10. Best Woman’s Lifestyle Blogger - South West USA - Giangi’s Kitchen, LLC 11. Best Woman-Run Arts & Culture Initiative 2017 – Northeastern United States - The Urban Culture 12. FinTech CEO of the Year 2017 - Balkans - Cash Credit 13. Marketing & Advertisement Entrepreneur 2017 - New York- Fearless Media 14. Most Influential Female in Procurement - Canada- RBC 16. HR Consultancy CMO of the Year 2017 - Greater New York - Mercer 17. Best Global IT Planning Business Leader 2017 - The Camuto Group LLC 18. Child Support Business Leader of the Year - Midlands - NurtureCare



Events Professional of the Year 2017 - Canada Tigris Events is a Canadian brand experience agency specializing in dynamic event staffing and experiential marketing. We invited Serena Holmes to tell us more about the company as we explore the secrets behind the company’s success. Tigris creates, plans and staff’s unforgettable experiences that build up brands, businesses and people. Its primary areas of focus are personnel, promotions, marketing and events. The company has a team of dedicated event professionals working full time to plan our events and more than 2,000 events staff nationwide to bring our clients brands to life. Staff have worked with more than 500 clients in over 13 years of business. Serena describes her role at the company and how she came to be in her role. “Personally, I have been with Tigris since June 2004, just 3 months after the company was founded. I started as a brand ambassador and was promoted to management that fall. I took the opportunity to partner with the founded in April 2005 and took over complete operation after she left in December 2008.” Since the firm’s inception not only is the events industry always changing, but so has its attitude towards women. Serena discusses how attitudes have shifted since she started out and whether or not it is now easier for women to enter the industry. This leads Serena to talk about her

previous experience and if she feels this has helped her in her current role as CEO. “Event marketing is a great career path for women so I have been fortunate in that regard. Even when we started out, we were blessed with some huge opportunities. Just 2 years in, we landed a promotion for 110 stores across the country for 6 weekends worth $350,000. We did not even have staff outside of Toronto and Montreal at the time but we made it happen. “Previous experiences helped me to learn a lot about what I did not like from other companies, allowing me to change things at Tigris. For example, the company I started with back in 2001 was notorious for taking a long time to pay, often compensated wrong and did not provide any training for our events. At Tigris, we were committed to compensating staff two weeks post-event from the very beginning. I even used a personal line of credit to make sure this was never a problem, even if we had not been paid from our clients. We also provide staff, to this day, with a statement to accompany their payments. This breaks down their hours and expenses along with an evaluation so they always know

4 Corporate Vision / Business Women Awards 2017

how they are performing and what they need to improve upon.” Becoming successful in any business or any industry means overcoming challenges and issues that present themselves. Serena notes that there may have been some occasions where her gender was an issue but this was not constant. Regarding the company, welcoming feedback and acting upon suggestions is something that has helped Tigris be successful. “There have been times that I have gone into meetings where gender may have played a factor in not gaining the business, but not all the time. Staff have worked on getting testimonials from happy customers. The company has also put ourselves out there more for PR opportunities and awards to build further credibility. Considering we have been in business for nearly 14 years, it is much easier now than it once was.” Overall, as a successful businesswoman Serena is well positioned to give others advice on how to succeed in the events industry. She tells us what attributes are integral if somebody wants to reach the top

of a firm within the sector. This sets Serena up to outline her own future, detailing her goals and what she plans to do to achieve this. “Ultimately, to be successful in this industry and in business in general, I think you need to have a sense of urgency. Every customer should feel like a VIP customer. Emails or calls from clients should be answered or returned as soon as possible. Even if you can’t handle their query at that moment, letting them know it’s been received and when you can get to it, will go a long way. In addition to that, you must stand behind your product or service. Be committed, be consistent and deliver on what you say you are going to. “Looking ahead, I would like to hit $5 million in gross sales within the next three years, have 15 fulltime employees and operating across North America. We have experienced considerable, steady growth from 2016 to 2017 so I feel we are on track to hit this goal. I would also like to register a scholarship foundation to support the education of events staff on our roster who require financial support.”

Company: Tigris Events Contact: Serena Holmes Contact Email: Address: 115-1315 Pickering Pkwy, Pickering, Ontario, L1V 7G5, Canada Phone: 4162839119 Web Address:



Medical Marketing Professional of the Year 2017 Allori is an Australian based healthcare communications agency that has influenced the attitudes and behaviour of practitioners and patients for over 10 years. Donna Bartlett tells us what it is like being a woman in the pharmaceutical industry, and how how she came to be Program Director at Allori. Established in 2006, Allori creates multichannel strategic communication programs that are rolled out via print and digital channels, in addition to developing meeting programs and managing speaker faculties. The company’s service offering is quite broad ranging from market research through to medical publishing and sales effectiveness programs, but our major strengths are our content development expertise, healthcare practitioner relationships and digital innovation. Donna relives her past experiences, telling us where she learned her trade and how this set her up for her future career. “Before entering the pharmaceutical industry in 1990, I studied pharmacy at university and practised as a clinical pharmacist for five years. Subsequently, I worked in various roles within the industry until 2007 when I joined Allori as Medical Communications Manager. Obviously, my pharmacy background has always been

useful but the experiences that have really shaped my career were the opportunities I was given to establish new functions in these roles, including a Clinical Supplies section at Glaxo (now GSK), the Medical Liaison function at Amgen and the Healthcare Communications project team at Allori.” Donna describes the changes she has seen within Allori and the wider industry over the years. It has not always been easy for women to break-through in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly in Australia, where it is unusual to find women at the top executive levels. “The pharmaceutical industry is highly regulated and quite conservative. Traditionally for women it has been harder to have a voice, particularly at the highest levels of management. In Australia, there are only nine women CEOs and 10 women chairing boards across the entire ASX 200 although I am aware of a couple of women CEOs in the pharmaceutical industry.”

6 Corporate Vision / Business Women Awards 2017

“However, I believe this culture is changing and there have been more women going into middle and senior management over the last five years which should help drive change across the industry. I have been fortunate that being female has not really been an issue working within Allori, perhaps because we are a small business.” Donna alludes to the challenges that she has encountered as a female in the corporate environment, describing how she has overcome them. “Earlier in my career there were occasions where I felt my opinion as a woman was disregarded or paid only token attention. Some things I found that help to overcome this are to be well prepared and think about any potential objections in advance, re-iterate your position and ultimately accept a decision and move on if you are not able to influence the outcome. Working within a smaller organisation has allowed me to develop the skill

and confidence to handle these situations in a positive way and I have always had an equal share of voice as the only woman in our five-member executive team, which was recently expanded to include our female business development manager.” Donna is well placed to give advice to other women looking to succeed in the medical communications industry, and the attributes she believes are vital to reaching the top levels of management. “Listen to your clients and your colleagues before you speak, learn everything you can about your business and believe in your decisions. Never stop trying to improve your offering and do not be afraid to re-define your role. In almost all of the positions I have held I have either developed or rewritten the job description; there is usually an opportunity to expand or diversify most roles with a bit of vision and lateral thinking. Donna signs off by explaining the changes she would like to see

within the corporate landscape in the future to help make it easier for women to succeed. “Lastly, we must have more women CEOs in both public and private sector companies in Australia and we need to support and mentor each other to make this happen. Some organisations have taken steps recently to improve continuity in the workplace for women on maternity leave, improve access to carers leave and provide more opportunities for management training for women who are interested in senior management roles.�

Contact: Donna Bartlett Contact Email: Address: Level 1 297 Canterbury Road, Canterbury, Victoria, 3126, Australia Phone: 61388624700 Website:



Most Influential Woman in Corporate Cleaning - UK Vicky Barcock has been one of the team of Senior Business Development Managers at WORKPLACE for just under two years. We spoke to Vicky as we find out more about her role and what she attributes to her ongoing success. WORKPLACE are experts in delivering high quality business contract services. Combining skilled people with powerful technologies, the firm keeps critical infrastructure performing to the required levels. Vicky provides us with a breakdown of her role at the firm. “At WORKPLACE, my role is to source potential leads, set up client meetings, provide quotes and tenders to potential clients, prepare and deliver presentations and assist with contract mobilisations and startups. “Within the role, I am continually learning new aspects of the industry especially since we have moved to multi service delivery. The role is challenging but interesting and I enjoy visiting different areas of London and meeting with new people every day to see how we can assist

and improve their services.” Regarding what advice she would give to other women looking to succeed in the industry, Vicky believes that it is essential that people settle into a role that they are comfortable with, and be confident that they can deliver in all aspects of work. “My main piece of advice to women wishing to get into a Business Development role would be to spend some time in the operations division of a cleaning company before moving in to sales. I have seen in the past too many sales people who don’t get the respect of the operations team as they haven’t done the job themselves. “Potential clients will also see that you know all aspects of the business and understand their needs and how they can be addressed. Clients can pick up on someone who just wants the sale and they tend to go elsewhere. A positive for me is

8 Corporate Vision / Business Women Awards 2017

that I work for a company that believe in what they do and want to improve the provision of services.” In her concluding comments, Vicky is quick to praise the company for helping and letting her perform her job to the best of her capability, before signing off with her main vision for WORKPLACE. “Ultimately, I am lucky that my employer provides opportunities for training and innovation and moves quickly with regards to product and service innovation. My goal is to make us a key player within the FM market in the London Region.”

Contact: Vicky Barcock Contact Email: sayhello@ Address: 40a Station Road, Twyford, Berkshire, RG10 9NT Phone: 0844 561 1760 Website: www.



eLearning COO of the Year 2017 & Best Online Education Platform - UK Open Study College (OSC) are one of the biggest and fastest growing distance learning colleges in the UK. Samantha Rutter provides us with a breakdown of what the college offers, and how it benefits its students. OSC have over 60,000 students enrolled with the college, and offer over 400 courses ranging from Accounting, beauty therapy, business and much more. Samantha explains more about the college, going into detail about its qualifications, awards and self-development courses. “Here at OSC, we write and develop our own courses in house and provide tutor support to students via our student helpdesk and telephone. We offer recognised qualifications as well as awards and selfdevelopment courses. Open Study College are registered with professional awarding bodies such as AAT, ICB, Training Qualifications UK, CACHE and NCFE to name a few.” Samantha herself has been involved in the distance learning

industry for many years, and has been with OSC for over 10 years. Having seen her father operate in the industry when she was young, she knew it was something that she wanted to be a part of. Samantha comments on what challenges she has encountered as a woman, and how she has overcome them.

she would like to see within the corporate landscape which would benefit women.

“Essentially, I do find that most external meetings predominantly involve men, and most of the time I am the only woman in the room, but it is something I have gotten used to over the years. Being friendly and approachable are good assets to have, I am a big team player and believe that Open Study College would not be so successful without good people around me.”

“Overall, within the corporate landscape, there are lots of networking events for women, but it would be great to see more of these types of events where there is an equal proportion of men and women to give women chance to mix with people they may not meet otherwise. Coaching opportunities could be advertised better to ensure a larger number of enrolments.”

Looking ahead, Samantha tells us her plans for the future, looking to stay in the business, as well as signing off by describing what changes

“Moving forward, I want to carry on establishing good relationships with my colleagues. I live and breathe this business, and hopefully I will be around for a very long time.

Contact: Samantha Rutter Contact Email: Address: 6140 Knights Court, Birmingham Business Park, Solihull Parkway, B37 7WY, UK Phone: 03300563100 Website:



Best Woman’s Food & Lifestyle Blogger – South West USA Giangi’s Kitchen, LLC is a food cooking blog designed to bring love back into people’s kitchen. We invited Giangi Townsend to tell us more about the blog, and what her overall vision is. Giangi’s Kitchen is a blog dedicated to showcasing Giangi’s love of cooking with whole natural food, whilst at the same time bringing an easy and simple approach to creating a healthy meal. Giangi explains how being a food blogger has opened up new opportunities, as well as describing her followers’ interests. “Being a food blogger has given me the opportunity to open up to the world. My recipes are simple and easy, plus, I work remotely with lots of great vendors that help me build my business. My followers from all over the world are people that enjoy cooking and enjoy preparing meals for their families. Having a virtual office was very important to me as I am a mother, love flexibility to create and love to travel.” Telling us about her previous experiences, Giangi talks about when she started her blog and why she enjoyed it so much, before adding how her past job roles have helped her develop her blog, instilling a better work structure. “It has been a fantastic journey since I started Giangi’s Kitchen

over seven years ago. I get to prepare meals for my family and share it with the world. Coming from industrial packaging was a huge shift, one that I am glad I did. Industrial packaging and network marketing have instilled in me a better work structure. It made me more receptive to quick changes and opened my mind to see past what is in front of me.” Regarding what the future holds, Giangi excitedly comments on the expansion of the blog, and how she is always looking to discover new opportunities to take advantage of. She also outlines her goals for the future and how she is going to achieve these. “Looking ahead, Giangi’s Kitchen is expanding and growing. There is much to do, so many avenues to discover, so much to learn. Travel more and experience exciting new cooking flavours from around the world. “Ultimately, in the long term, I am keen to reach a point where I can take a small, very small step back from the day to day activities and give back to the community. I would love to travel and help in places in the world that could use an extra set of hand.”

10 Corporate Vision / Business Women Awards 2017

Contact: Giangi Townsend Contact Email: Address: Phoenix, Arizona 85028, USA Phone: 1 (602) 549-0098 Website:



Best Woman-Run Arts & Culture Initiative 2017 – Northeastern United States The Urban Culture Institute works to promote excellence in the arts and culture. Christina Lanzl tells us about the Institute’s overall mission and shares her insights on success. The Urban Culture Institute is an innovative and multidisciplinary practice, working with and for diverse clients, communities and institutions, artists, design teams and professionals in the creative and service sectors. Expertise and projects range from advisory services and public art facilitation to cultural planning and community engagement. Christina outlines changes she has observed, both within the institute and in the field, particularly concerning the role of women. “Within my career, I have been very fortunate to have had many mentors and kindred spirits who supported and guided me along the way, both women and men. Emancipation and the achievements of feminism have paved the way for women in western societies. If things go well, we women are raised to be self-confident. We are thoroughly educated and follow a career. Professionally, today’s women

can pursue any passion or dream and achieve it, if they want to.” Outlining attributes she believes are vital to leading an urban art and placemaking practice, Christina notes the importance of an idea or a vision as well as a strategy to achieve it: “Keeping the goal in mind is crucial to achieve a positive outcome, for the greater benefit of all. Be a self-starter, know how to persevere and overcome challenges. You need people skills, professionalism and considerable acumen.”

and the built environment. I want to work at the cutting edge of knowledge, innovation and technology, simultaneously pursuing the highest quality standards and best practices of the field.” “I also believe in ‘walking the talk’ to achieve objectives: I embrace the principles of inclusivity, diversity and sustainability with a deep commitment to placemaking. Like any successful businesswoman or professional, I am ready to seize opportunities, prepared to overcome challenges, and hope to lead by setting a good example.”

In addition to having a concept and setting targets, Christina reveals some of her goals for the future and how she aspires to achieve them. “Ultimately, I founded the Institute based on my conviction that our shared public experiences contribute to our personal well-being and to improving the quality of our lives. Moving forward, I hope to continue being a thought leader working at the intersection of the arts, culture

Contact: Christina Lanzl Contact Email: christina.lanzl@ Address: 300 Summer Street 23, Boston, Massachusetts, 02210, USA Phone: +1 617 3199383 Website: www.



FinTech CEO of the Year 2017 - Balkans Cash Credit is a Fintech company currently operating in Bulgaria, South Africa, and the Philippines. CEO of the firm’s operating in the Philippines, our award winner Diana Krumova faces many exciting challenges in order to continue driving the firm to excellence, as we explore. Established in 2011, Cash Credit is a fintech and lending company with strong expertise in big data analytics based on non-traditional data sources (such as telcos, utility providers, e-commerce, etc.) to assess the creditworthiness of un- and underbanked individuals. Its business model leverages the partners’ data, access to customers and distribution in exchange for revenue sharing from the joint offering of inclusive financial services. CC’s responsibility is to underwrite the credit risk, to develop IT platform, scoring and decisioning models based on behavioural, psychometrics and social data and to build and manage the necessary market ecosystem for loan application, disbursement and collection. The firm’s business model assists the financially excluded individuals and micro business in developing markets using technology, advanced in-house analytics and partnership model. This allows for a scalable and replicable growth of the company in untapped market segments. According to the World Bank, there are ca. 2 billion people worldwide that are financially excluded and technology,

alternative data analytics and innovation in the delivery channels is what is needed to address them. The team have successfully demonstrated how its business model can address first-time borrowers across different geographies and bring true and responsible financial inclusion. Additionally, Cash Credit has invested heavily to develop its competitive edge through technology and science as it was the first company on global level to start analysing partners’ data for credit decisions. Diana, who has worked with the company since 2012, draws on a wealth of experience in developing and implementing new sales channels (online and offline) for fintech products internationally She has also acquired and developed new partnerships with Mobile Network Operators to jointly provide fintech services to their subscribers based on Cash Credit innovative behavioral analysis on telco data and know-how into end-to-end management of fintech services. Ultimately, Cash Credit is growing rapidly globally and aspires to augment its enablement of a responsible

12 Corporate Vision / Business Women Awards 2017

financial and economic inclusion of the unbanked population in the developing markets. The company continuously invests in new technologies and recruits and develops top talent, offering fast careers in the most thrilling industry in the 21st century: FinTech.

Contact: Diana Krumova Contact Email: diana.krumova@ Address: Trade and Financial Tower, Unit 2703, 27th floor, 32nd street corner 7th avenue Bonifacio Global City, Metro Manila Phone: +63 920 658 7349 Website:



Marketing & Advertisement Entrepreneur 2017 New York Fearless Media is an innovative marketing firm dedicated to acting as an antidote to the media industry’s fragmented marketing system. Founder and President Cara Scharf explains how the firm works to achieve this ambitious aim. Established in 2009, Fearless Media is an independent, integrated media agency based in New York. Cara outlines how the firm works to provide its clients with an exceptional service. “Built with relentlessly curious marketers and specializing in the MillennialZ category, at Fearless Media our dynamic approach to marketing developed out of a focus on data and analytics, with digital at the core of every campaign. We work with clients to develop their marketing strategy, execute campaigns, and drive revenue for their business. By marrying media with creative, establishing an exceptionally integrated approach, and building a team of relentlessly curious marketers, we cultivated a Fearless machine that works every time.” As a certified women owned agency, Fearless Media is dedicated to offering equal opportunities and working to support women in the media market. Drawing on her own

experience, Cara explains how women can succeed by always putting themselves first and aiming to exude confidence in everything they do. “What I have noticed as a woman business owner, is that people tend to underestimate your intelligence and ambition. I like to prove them wrong. My advice to anyone looking to emulate my success would be to ask for what they want, and do not think of yourself as being a woman in business. Just think of yourself as a businessperson. Confidence and attitude are everything. If you do not believe in yourself, no one else will.” Looking to the future, Cara is keen to grow the agency and provide clients with a wider range of services, as she outlines in her concluding comments. “Ultimately, my goal is to build an agency that is recognized for being the best, and as such we have recently expanded from a media agency to a full service agency. This is my ongoing focus moving forward, and I am excited

for the opportunities that this will provide for both myself and my team.”

Contact: Cara Scharf Contact Email: Address: 19 West 21st Street Suite 401. New York, 10010, USA Phone: 12122571808 Web Address:



Most Influential Female in Procurement Canada In September of this year, Lula Kosanic joined the Royal Bank of Canada (“RBC”) to lead the IT Procurement team. We spoke to Lula to find out more about her new role and her career success. RBC is Canada’s largest bank, and one of the largest banks in the world, based on market capitalization. Partnering across Technology & Operations, Wealth Management, Capital Markets and other business units, Lula’s team delivers value through understanding the needs of their internal business units, and working collectively to enable solutions that bring value and innovation in partnership with RBC’s third party suppliers. With accountability for a $2BB portfolio in third party annual spend, Lula is clearly excited about working at the firm, and outlines her perspective on the role. “RBC is a great place to work, it has great people, and I am thrilled to be working with such a strategic and thoughtful leadership team. The quality of the dialogues across my team, peers, and leaders is continuously

inspiring. Throughout my career, I have had diverse roles across procurement, financial management, strategy, and clients. I’ve enjoyed each of these roles thoroughly, and I believe this is largely because I have been able to see the impact of my work in each role. I am always excited to take on a new role and look at the opportunity for transformational change. Given the pace of change in our world today, and the increased impacts of technology, as leaders, we have an opportunity to drive transformational change.” Since starting out on her journey, there have been many developments, both within the industry and the firms she has worked for. However, Lula notes that technology has been the biggest change she has encountered throughout her career. “When I joined the workforce, we were just transitioning from Lotus

14 Corporate Vision / Business Women Awards 2017

Notes to Email. In 1999 I had a pager and a cell phone. I feel like I have seen a huge transition in the way we work with the implosion of technology over the past two decades. Lula’s previous experience in different companies and different roles has helped her in her current role. She explains how the ability to build high performing teams has aided her in her role, and how she has learned from others, as well as herself. “In past roles, I have had the opportunity to lead diverse teams and build high performing teams, the opportunity to develop leaders is always a tremendous learning experience. I believe we learn from our teams and grow with them, and if you allow yourself that opportunity it is extremely fulfilling. Having had client-facing roles in the past has helped me develop a strong service orientation focus, and this

is the underpinning of the value that my team will deliver to RBC in working with our third party providers. Equally important, a strong strategic focus is essential to running a business, and my priority is to develop a multi-year plan with my team, and ensure alignment with business units and the leadership team.” Passionate about helping women and children, Lula has led fundraising campaigns in support of children’s mental health, youth shelters, and women integrating back into society. “This work is important to me, it’s a way to give back to the community and raise awareness. RBC is dedicated to helping communities prosper, and I am delighted to be a cochair of the Employee Giving Campaign at RBC, it’s a great opportunity to continue to raise awareness across these areas.” These attributes have all significantly contributed to what looks like a successful future for

Lula. She explains what her own goals are for the future, how she is going to achieve this and what changes she would like to see within the corporate landscape, which will make it easier for women to succeed. “I am in the most exciting phase of my career, where I can make significant impacts to the work I am doing, while being

comfortable with change and new challenges.” “In terms of changes in the corporate landscape, I would like to see continued commitment across all women to mentor and sponsor other women. Mentoring women through the different milestones in their career, and different stages in their life is something that I believe women in the workplace value. I have

had the benefit of fantastic women mentors and sponsors, who provided profound guidance throughout my career, and through significant milestones in my personal life.” In her concluding comments, Lula states that she is delighted to be part of a group which is affecting the future for women. Contributions from women in

every sector are growing every day, and this is what Lula cites as her inspiration. “Ultimately, I am proud to be part of a group of women who are making tremendous impacts globally. We have seen significant contributions from women across different industries, and it continues to be a source of inspiration for me every day.”



HR Consultancy CMO of the Year 2017 - Greater New York Mercer delivers advice and technology-driven solutions that help organizations meet the health, wealth and career needs of a changing workforce. Amy Scissons provides us with an overview of the company and her role as Chief Marketing Officers for Growth Markets. Mercer’s more than 22,000 employees are based in 43 countries serving clients in over 130 countries. Amy leads the marketing efforts in all countries outside of North America, Europe and the Pacific.

proven extremely helpful in my role today.”

“My area of speciality is building pipeline and engaging brands across the globe for B2B companies,” says Amy, who led Global Marketing for Moody’s Analytics prior to joining Mercer three years ago.

“Many more women are moving into leadership roles in marketing specialities like data and analytics, marketing tech, digital marketing and demand generation,” she says. “It’s an excellent time for women to join the B2B marketing space and excel.”

Amy’s experience with datadriven marketing has contributed to her success at Mercer. “Essentially, I have always been drawn to data and technology in my marketing. Without insights, it is extremely difficult to have the right conversations at the table with senior leaders,” she says. “Once you have the information, and know how to use it to build business cases and explain the value of your marketing initiatives, the conversation quickly changes to value creation. “This is something that I quickly learned over the years that has

Since beginning her career, Amy has noticed a substantial increase in the number of women entering leadership roles, including some of her favorite colleagues.

Amy points out that for many women as well as men, flexibility in the workplace is crucial for maintaining a comfortable worklife balance. “With two small children and a team spread across the globe in every time zone, it’s a challenge to dedicate time to everyone in my life,” she explains. “The key for me is to create a flexible yet compartmentalized schedule.” For Amy, that schedule means occasionally leaving the office early to have time to help the kids with homework, then coming

16 Corporate Vision / Business Women Awards 2017

on line again later in the evening. “This helps me be available to my team during their time zone and make sure I do not miss out on any family time,” she says. Outlining some of the projects that Mercer has lined up, as well as her own career goals, there looks to be exciting times ahead for both Amy and the company. Mercer recently launched Mercer Digital, which helps employees gain more control over their schedule, their environment and their future in an ever-changing world. Today’s workers embrace real-time access to information and rely on tools to plan and live better, says Amy. No one can be sure what the future holds, but she sees opportunity within the uncertainty. “Ultimately, my goal is to continue to push myself to innovate and create value for the companies that I am lucky enough to serve,” says Amy. “This is an exciting time to be in marketing with so much change in the landscape, from data-driven marketing to digital transformation. Marketers have the luxury of pushing the boundaries and experimenting in our work.”

Mercer is a wholly owned subsidiary of Marsh & McLennan Companies, the leading global professional services firm in the areas of risk, strategy and people.

Company: Mercer LLC Contact: Amy Scissons Contact Email: Address: 1166 Avenue of the Americas, 40th Floor, New York City, New York, 10036, USA Phone: 001 212 345 7000 Website:



Best Global IT Planning Business Leader 2017 An industry leader for the design, development and distribution of women’s fashion footwear, the Camuto Group is renowned for its long-proven ability to build prominent women’s lifestyle brands on a global scale. We invited Vice President of Information Technology Dara Meath to talk us through her role in the success of this internationally renowned company. Founded by Vince Camuto, The Camuto Group started in 2001 as a design, development and distribution resource for retailers. Over the next 16 years, the company has expanded into over 30 fashion categories through acquisitions, internal expansion and partnership growth. With over 50 recognized labels, The Camuto Group is a world leader in fashion. Dara discusses how she came to work with the group and the drive that has helped her to achieve the success she enjoys today. “Through my role as Vice President of Information Technology, I have had the privilege over the last 13 years to support the business growth and technology advancements. Prior to being with The Camuto Group, I was with many other organizations all with an intense focus on technology and the education of tech. My primary role with Apparel Business Systems was to lead system implementations for fashion wholesalers around the world. The core focus was to run a manufacturing lifecycle with a 100% customer satisfaction. “Today we see the same focus, but Fashion and Technology are

finding the importance together as businesses now looks for new ways to connect with customers to fulfill needs to keep ahead of the curve. Thanks to this role I have had the unique opportunity of being a female leader within the organization and industry. Continuing to learn, keeping positive and working with the right partners has been the key to my success. Many women are continuing to reach leadership positions as technology continues to be an important part of everyday life. It has been a privilege to help others continue to see their passion for technology and lead them to planning, project and development roles.” Moving forward, the future looks bright for both the Camuto Group and Dara, as she is proud to conclude. “Looking ahead, the Camuto Group continues to grow as an industry leader with a focus on gaining data to expand their capabilities. My future goals are to continue to build upon the current corporate needs while leading new business initiatives through applications and reporting, and I am excited for the opportunities this will bring.”

Company: The Camuto Group LLC Contact: Dara A Meath Address: 411 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830 USA Phone: 001 203 413 7185 Email: LinkedIn: Website:



Child Support Business Leader of the Year - Midlands NurtureCare is a specialist care provider who cares for children and young adults with complex health needs, life limiting conditions and sadly for some children who are at the end of their lives. We invited Angela Stewart to tell us more about the organisation and what it does to help its clients. Established over three years ago, NurtureCare provides specialist trained carers and nurses to help them care for their loved ones at home on a long-term basis or during an emergency and this brings comfort and reassurance to these families. Angela describes her role within the company, how she adapts to each case and involves herself personally with the patient and the family, and explains how she leads by example, ensuring staff follow suit. “As founder and CEO of NurtureCare, I need to be at the heart of our service delivery. With over 30 years nursing experience, I still feel the desire to roll my sleeves up and be in contact with families, therefore as well as having my managerial responsibilities, it is important that I am a role model for all my staff, ensure that the quality and standard for the company is embedded in the team’s ethos. “Essentially, the inspiration behind my company was to offer a unique way providing care within families’ homes, to provide rapid response to the acute service and to provide a home from home respite service

with some charity elements attached.” Women do not always find it easy to break through in certain industries, and so when discussing what advice she would give to other women looking to be successful, Angela notes that women must be prepared to make sacrifices and have the selfconfidence to go far. “Regarding the advice I would give to women looking to succeed, they need to expect to work hard and take risks. There will be struggles with family life, failing, having criticisms, disappointment, being rejected, and having doubts within yourself but the key to it all is having the strength to take risks. Women must stay with their beliefs and receive strong support from their family and the team around you.” Looking to the future, Angela is optimistic as she discusses her aims for both NurtureCare and her personal career. “Moving forward, my plan is to continue to lead in power, support and help the families within and beyond the East Midlands. Additionally, I want to use my years of experience to take children and young people’s care into the future.”

18 Corporate Vision / Business Women Awards 2017

Company: NurtureCare Contact: Angela Stewart Contact Email: angela@ Address: Unit 3 Parklane Business Park Park Lane, NG6 0DW Phone: 07842074280

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20 Corporate Vision / Business Women Awards 2017

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CV Business Woman Awards 2017  

CV Business Woman Awards 2017  


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