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Best International Facility Oversight Provider 2017 & Facility Monitoring Product of the Year: RLE Falcon - page 4

RLE WiNG-MGR Wireless Sensor System

2017 Facilities Management Awards Build


Welcome to the 2017 Facilities Management Awards Facilities Management companies are the hidden heroes across most industries from construction to waste management and hospitality to pest control. They keep worldwide businesses running smoothly and effectively, and they can often be overlooked when it comes to recognition for a job well done. The Facilities Management Awards 2017 are prestigious awards run by Build Magazine, and now in their 2nd year, following on from the success of last year’s awards. Our awards are dedicated to recognising those hidden heroes within the Facilities Management role for their excellence and dedication to their profession.

The Winners Are... 4. RLE Technologies Best International Facility Oversight Provider 2017 & Facility Monitoring Product of the Year: RLE Falcon 8. Corporate Technology Services Best Audio Visual Production Specialists - Australia 10. Absolute Hygiene Solutions Ltd Best Air Sterilisation Specialists - United Kingdom 12. Akitabox Best Institutional Facility Management Software Provider - USA & Most Client-Focused Facilities Management Company - USA 13. Britannia Fire Ltd Best Fire Safety Equipment Provider - United Kingdom

2017 Facilities Management Awards

continued... 14. CAFM Explorer Best for Estates Management Software Solutions 2017 15. Current Force Best FM Procurement Specialists - United Kingdom 16. Diamond Cleaning Southern Ltd Best Hospitality Services Cleaning Specialists - South England & Excellence Award for Non-Clinical Cleaning Services - South England 17. EN:ABLE Futures CIC Best Facilities Management Apprenticeship Provider - Northern England 18. EBIT Business Solutions Best for IT Systems Procurement Consulting Services - United Kingdom & Excellence Award for Marketing Procurement Consulting Services - United Kingdom 20. Fire Security (Sprinkler Installations) Ltd Best Sprinkler System Installation Company - United Kingdom 21. Larch Consulting Limited Best Facilities Management Consultancy - UK 22. Locale Ltd Best FM Solutions Specialists - South England 23. OpEx Solutions Limited Best Manufacturing Services Consultancy - United Kingdom 24. Pilgrim Payne & Co Ltd Best Upholstery Cleaning Specialists - South East England & Excellence Award for Fine Carpet Cleaning Services - South East England 25. SPICA Technologies Ltd Best FM Solutions Provider - UK 26. Spitfire Network Services Best for Telecom & IP Engineering Services - South East England 27. TWO Services Ltd Best for Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services - United Kingdom & Ireland

2017 Facilities Management Awards Build



Company: RLE Technologies Contact: Jenny Peterson Contact Email: Address: 104 Racquette Drive, Fort Collins, Colorado, 80524, USA, 970-232-3930 Website:

Best International Facility Oversight Provider 2017 & Facility Monitoring Product of the Year: RLE Falcon

RLE Technologies is a leading global provider of critical facility oversight and notification, primarily targeting the data centre and Telecommunications industry. We invited Jenny Peterson to tell us more about the firm and the range of solutions it provides to its valued clients. or more than 30 years, RLE has delivered facility monitoring and leak detection technologies that prevent disasters, preserve its customers’ reputations, and provide peace of mind. Jenny discusses the firm’s service offering in more detail and highlights how the firm works to ensure its clients receive the very highest standards of service and support.


“At RLE, our products are used in critical facilities and data centres worldwide. We are renowned for our product reliability and excellent customer service and technical support. As such, our portfolio includes a variety of solutions to accomplish important goals: SeaHawk for Leak Detection, Falcon for Facility Monitoring, Raptor for System Integration, Triad for Raised Floors, and our RLE Services. Thousands of customers worldwide rely on RLE products to detect threats, notify stakeholders, and mitigate risks to their critical sensitive environments. Our products can be found in most of the top data centres globally. “Our company’s mission statement is: we exist to prevent disasters, preserve our clients’ reputations, and provide peace of mind. We keep this top of mind every day, with every customer interaction and every business decision we make. Over the past several years we have also invested extensive time and resources to develop a thorough quality control process which is reflected in each and every product that leaves our facility.” It is the firm’s innovative product offering, combined with its exceptional knowledge of the market in which it operates, that set it apart from its competitors, as Jenny is eager to emphasise.

“Fundamentally, our success comes from an in-depth understanding of the critical importance for these types of facilities to stay up and running and our products provide an extremely high degree of confidence in monitoring such facilities. It is a testament to the quality of our products and the efforts of all facets of our business and employees – from our engineering and development teams to our manufacturing and support staffs.

Build 2017 Facilities Management Awards

“Additionally, we have a unique product range which differentiates us from other similar companies. Our sensing cable is engineered to eliminate false alarms. We recognize that false alarms are a problem in the leak detection industry: when a facility manager frequently investigates reported leaks that turn out to be false alarms, they will eventually ignore all alarms and quit using their leak detection system. It does you no good to have a leak detection system you cannot trust. Our monitoring devices are engineered to minimize false alarms, so you can trust any alarm generated is an actual leak or cable break that needs to be investigated. “Alongside this, our monitoring systems offer SNMP, Modbus, and BACnet protocol integration. That means they can operate as standalone monitoring systems or integrate into a larger BMS and contribute to that larger “single pane of glass” that many facilities managers are looking for. Instead of competing with large BMS systems, we work together with them so our users receive the most benefit from their monitoring solution. “Finally, we have a low total cost of ownership. Often a product that looks affordable at the outset ends up being considerably more expensive once you figure in expansion fees and additional recurring costs. Our products have no recurring costs – once you buy it it’s yours and it’s ready to go. Firmware updates are always free, data is stored onboard so you own that data and can access it at any time, and all protocols needed for integration are included – no annual memberships or expansion kits are required. RLE offers products that are feature rich with robust protocol capability at a very competitive price point.” Another key focus for the company is adapting to the ever changing needs of its clients. Working in such a vital, constantly evolving market, RLE has to work hard to adapt, as Jenny highlights.

“Critical facilities and data centres are consistently becoming more integrated into everyone’s daily lives. We are increasingly dependent on technology and computers, and our society will not function smoothly without these types of facilities. The monitoring of alarms (fire, security,

Ensure your facility is operating as expected, RLE WiNG-MGR Wireless Sensor System is a complete system of sensors, gateway manager and range extender that monitors your facility for changes in temperature, humidity, and dew points.

WiNG-MGR web interface

Revolutionizing wireless monitoring One tiny sensor at a time.

Revolutionizing wireless monitoring One tiny sensor at a time.

WiNG-MGR 2017 Facilities Management Awards Build


F200 web interface visual

UPS, generators, environmental, etc.) is crucial as dependence grows and more data is being stored, thus the need for the devices RLE provides.

the firm launches a new product offering and works to drive continued achievement, as she proudly concludes.

“Dedicated to flexibility, at RLE we understand the growing dependence upon technology in peoples’ day-to-day lives and the need for simple-touse monitoring solutions for relatively complex monitoring situations. One excellent example of this is our recently launched wireless environmental monitoring platform. It is a robust monitoring solution that deploys quickly and seamlessly, and substantially lowers the total cost of ownership of a monitoring platform with its flexibility and sensor battery life of more than 10 years.”

“With regards to the future of RLE, we are incredibly excited about WiNG, our new wireless platform. With over three years invested in the product development process, we have brought to market a robust, affordable, reliable wireless monitoring solution. Initial sales have been phenomenal, but more remarkable is the number of customers who have purchased systems and then returned to order more, which is testimony to the excellence of this innovative product. Thanks to this and our other developments, RLE is set on growing by several different methods, including market penetration, new product development, and the acquisition of complimentary companies.”

Looking to the future, Jenny foresees even greater success for RLE, as

2017 Facilities Management Awards


Stand-alone, web-enabled monitoring and notifications for critical facilities.

FMS (Back-View)

2017 Facilities Management Awards Build



Company: Corporate Technology Services Contact: Roger Wehbe Contact Email: Address: Suite 201-203 Level 2, 50 Clarence Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia Phone: 1300283247 Website:

Best Audio Visual Production Specialists - Australia

Corporate Technology Services (CTS) is proud to be announced as the 2017 BUILD Award winner in the Best Audio Visual Production Specialists category. This comes after winning the 2016 BUILD Award for Best Onsite AC/VC Services Provider in Australia.

Corporate Technology Services (CTS) is proud to be announced as the 2017 BUILD Award winner in the Best Audio Visual Production Specialists category. The core Sydney Production team Build 2017 Facilities Management Awards


Audio Visual Production Specialist - Australia

ow in its 17th year of business, CTS is the premium bespoke AV managed services company that provides a holistic approach to AV for large organisations, inside and external to their facilities and offices with: consulting, design and integration of their facilities and room technical systems; onsite technical support to manage the daily technology requests; as well as, production and event services that include multi-camera broadcasts and video filming and editing.


“This understanding of the full spectrum of technology and AV within large organisations allows us to create a competitive dynamic with a single provider solution” states CTS Managing Director, Duncan Lugstein. The company’s audio-visual Production department prides itself on its customer-centric approach catered primarily for larger corporates and government departments. A majority of their production events are based around public announcements that have a high level of confidentiality or market sensitivity prior to the event itself. With the understanding of business continuity, and that nothing can go wrong or impact the event, there is a high level of redundancy built into all systems and set ups, including back up trained staff at the office ready at a moment’s notice should someone fall sick. It has been a year of success for CTS, capped off by the company’s nomination as one of eight finalists nationally in the Australian HR Awards Employer of Choice (1-99 employees) category. “This recognition shows the strength of our people, and their willingness to stay and be part of our growth. We attract and maintain the best in the industry in order to provide the best support” Lugstein said. “We are building a compelling story whether it is for potential employees to join us or other businesses wanting us to assist them with their audio-visual needs. We think the proof of the pudding is the number and level of trusted business partnerships we build. With some clients, we are able to truly be a business partner by offering the full suite of services including: on-site support; consulting; and, event and video production.” CTS also provide job rotation opportunities in their on-site contracts which enables team members to work closely with new and existing clients on a face-to-face basis. “We feel this helps our team to remember that the client is front and centre of all of our efforts” Lugstein said. “Across the board, we see more of a convergence between IT and AV, so exposing our staff to a wider variety of work and training and development activities enables us to keep up to pace with changes in the market.”

As CTS is a professional services company in AV, the focus is on an allinclusive approach to the presentation environment, rather than focusing on devices or how the presentation is broadcast or made available. It’s the focus on the customer that Lugstein believes gives the company a competitive advantage, “enabling and enhancing human interaction are central goals to our AV solutions. We evaluate what the message to be communicated is, and what is the best way to package and distribute it, in order to create the best user experience.” “The primary goal for the Production department is to create exceptional experiences for our clients that are greater than the sum of the content, technology and space” says Roger Wehbe, the CTS Head of Production. “This even includes determining what application will offer the best outcome and ROI, regardless if this is via: webcasting; teleconferencing; video conference; satellite; or other mediums. Most other competitors by default cannot incorporate such a broad view or product solution, as it may not be in their best interests to look into different innovative ways.” CTS’ ability to be agile and adapt to the needs of their clients is a real competitive advantage. Quite a number of other providers “white label” and utilise the production services of CTS to ensure that their offering is of the highest standard. “It is not unusual to be at an event where the webcasting, AV production, and other technology offerings are all contracted to different suppliers, yet all are provided and carried out by CTS” Lugstein noted. That tailored approach has seen CTS grow its webcasting workload with staff flying to Jakarta and Singapore in 2017 to oversee presentations to a world-wide market. Lugstein said “we see this as a real growth area for us in the next 12-24 months to complement our core offerings of AV event and video production. We were excited this year to strengthen our footprint in the Asia-Pacific market and this offers further opportunities to show our partners and clients what we can do on bigger events, both in terms of significance and the technology being used.” “The speed of technology adoption will have a positive effect on our business. As company leaders change generationally they focus more on technology than in the past, as they have been brought up with it and see the benefits rather than the cost. This can only lead to more companies adopting AV technology that in the past was thought of as too expensive or not necessary.” “We are proud of our Production Team and how they have grown,” Lugstein enthused. “We are continuing to focus on increasing our footprint nationally with more innovative solutions.”

2017 Facilities Management Awards Build



Company: Absolute Hygiene Solutions Ltd Contact: Liesa Brownless Contact Email: Address: Unit 42 I.O Centre, Woolwich, London, SE18 6RS, UK Phone: 2083179693 Website:

Best Air Sterilisation Specialists - United Kingdom

Absolute Hygiene Solutions (AHS) is a leading workplace service provider, covering London and the South East. Liesa Brownless talks us through the company and the secrets behind its success so far.

Founded in 2006, AHS are experts in providing innovative hygiene services whether its washroom supplies, specialist matting, clinical waste management, or infection control. Over the years, the company has worked hard to ensure that it continues to grow and provide clients with the highest possible level of service helping them to meet legislative requirements, whilst supporting sustainable targets, as Liesa highlights.


“Since inception, it has been important for AHS to show a personal consultative level of service, mirrored in all departments. I personally feel ‘a leap of faith in your belief, coupled with a huge heart full of passion’ is needed to drive any vision forward and this is something AHS has in abundance. Communication is key within any successful organisation; similarly, as we do with our clients through our client questionnaires and verbal feedback to understand where we can improve, it is also important that we give our employees easy ways to feedback their ideas and suggestions. We encourage an open environment where ideas are shared. “Additionally, being passionate about what we do, we constantly listen to our market place and look to educate ourselves with innovative solutions to ensure that we deliver the needs of today and tomorrow. We seek opportunities for senior management to be motivated and engaged with outsourced training programmes. We recently attended The Business Show at Olympia and heard the inspirational stories of Levi Roots and Brad Burton. As we encourage our staff to grow each and every day we also look to motivate and focus on our growth from the top. Departmental goals are constantly understood and driven within the champion management team, along with individual action plans and goals for clear focus, monitoring, measurement and growth.” Another key aspect of the company’s ongoing success is its staff, all of whom work hard to ensure excellence for the company. Liesa explains how AHS works with them to create a comfortable and collaborative working environment in which they can flourish.

“To meet the needs of our clients, at AHS we understand that our vision has to include the most valuable asset being our people, and as such we invest

Build 2017 Facilities Management Awards

heavily in our staff, and they are very much part of our journey. We pride ourselves on having a team who care about their environmental footprint and are ambassadors for our views here at AHS. We are an independent business with a great selection of personalities across all departments who work together to ensure AHS is a success every day. Internally, we are comprised primarily of a Sales department, Service Team, Accounts, Purchasing and Marketing. Our uniformed professional service technicians are really the face of AHS, interacting with the clients on a daily basis ensuring our products are replenished and working effectively, keeping our customers happy and helping them to reach their own sustainability targets. “To create a fun and enjoyable work environment, we reward our staff for their success and loyalty to AHS. Individual set goals and targets bring about focus, motivation and results. Achievements are regularly understood and recognised at company meetings within peer groups so that hard work and progression is recognised and rewarded. This summer we had a team building fun day, of canoeing and archery, where we announced our ‘employee of the year’ for outstanding contribution and performance.” Overall, it is the company’s focus on creating environmentally friendly solutions which meet the needs of its clients which will be its ongoing focus, as Liesa proudly concludes.

“Ultimately, AHS are dedicated to reducing environmental impact in any way we can, we are ISO14001 accredited with respect to our environmental and sustainability targets, and operate an innovative ‘waste to energy’ clinical disposal method. With an estimated 2 billion items of sanitary products being flushed down Britain’s toilets every year, we are committed to promoting the safe and responsible disposal of these. “Our environmentally friendly AirSteril units treat the root cause of odour problems working to purify the air using no chemicals or filters. Air passes through five processes that work together to disrupt the DNA of bacteria as well as electrically charging the air to remove contaminates and producing Hydroxyl Radicals, one of the strongest oxidisers known. Infection control brings about a significant reduction of sickness and absenteeism.


How our AirSteril Works

“As part of our sustainable approach, we strive to ensure our products are made of recyclable materials where possible, with many of our empty refills being recycled also and it is of the utmost importance that our products work to maximum efficiency whilst being friendly to our environment. Our non-drip foam hand soap is among one of the most environmentally friendly systems,

resulting in up to 60% less chemical contamination in the water through hand washing while our hand dryers all have a drying time of between 10 and 12 seconds for less energy usage. Our urinal solutions are all formulated from environmentally harmless, friendly bacterial enzymes, which prevent the build-up of uric salt deposits, helping tackle nasty odours in the washroom.�

2017 Facilities Management Awards Build



Company: Akitabox Contact: Nicole Jacobson Contact Email: Address: 212 E Washington Ave Floor 4, Madison, Wisconsin, 53703, USA Phone: 16284001778 Website:

Best Institutional Facility Management Software Provider – USA & Most Client-Focused Facilities Management Company - USA

AkitaBox offers an innovative facility management software which provides an organized and integrated home for a building’s plans, assets and maintenance records. Co-founder and CEO Todd Hoffmaster tells us more about the firm and how it has come to achieve the success it enjoys today.


stablished in 2015, AkitaBox was founded with the goal of improving the lives of people who interact with the built environment. Hoffmaster discusses the firm’s service offering in more detail.

“At AkitaBox, we provide a powerful, visual, easy-to-use software that gives building managers all of their data in one place. We work within a variety of markets including but not limited to primary and secondary education, higher education, government and healthcare. Our most relevant market to date is institutional education. Ultimately, the AkitaBox software helps answer three crucial questions: what needs to be done, where is it located and who worked on it last. The software aggregates asset data and feeds it into digital floor plans. These features combine with a robust, intuitive work order management system to provide a turnkey solution for facility management professionals.” What sets the firm apart is its commitment to providing clients with the solutions they need, as Hoffmaster highlights.

Build 2017 Facilities Management Awards

“The biggest hindrance to a successful CMMS experience is proper implementation. To differentiate from other companies that just provide software, AkitaBox includes a full data collection service. Our team of specialized data coordinators walk all client sites, take accurate measurements of their space, and collect an inventory of each mechanical asset on site. We input this data in-house at one of the most competitive prices in the industry in under 90 days.” With regards to the future, AkitaBox will continue to grow and evolve as it seeks to build upon its current success, as Hoffmaster concludes.

“Moving forward, as new technologies develop, we strive to find creative ways to implement them in an effort to make our services as robust and inclusive as possible. Drone technology in particular is becoming useful in facility condition assessments for roofing and grounds. Longer term, AkitaBox will continue to expand into other markets domestically and internationally. Our solution benefits many industries and we are excited to support a wider variety of clients.”



Company: Britannia Fire Ltd Contact: Karen White Contact Email: Address: Ashwellthorpe Industrial Estate, Ashwellthorpe, Norwich, NR16 1ER, UK Phone: 1508481115 Website:

Best Fire Safety Equipment Provider - United Kingdom

Britannia Fire is a leading UK fire extinguisher manufacturer offering a full range of portable and wheeled fire extinguishers. We explore how this innovative firm provides its vital products and the techniques that have helped it achieve the success it enjoys today.

stablished in 1970, Britannia Fire offers both cartridge and stored pressure fire extinguishers that are approved in many countries to give cover on all types of fire risks and manufactured for long operational use with easy maintenance. Founder Roger Carr has dedicated his life to improving the efficiency of the fire safety industry worldwide and serving his customers by inventing the most efficient and cost-effective products, and Britannia Fire is the culmination of his hard work and that of his dedicated and talented staff.


Based in the heart of Norfolk, extinguishers made by Britannia Fire are exported all over the world and used in supermarkets, universities, office blocks and industrial locations including offshore oil and gas platforms – keeping thousands of people safe from the danger of fire. The firm’s unique P50 foam and powder fire extinguishers employ design technology constructed of composite materials which were pioneered by the aerospace and motor racing industries.

light. The P50 incorporates three patented elements – the loose weave, blow moulded inner body and a locking neck ring. Customers who rely on the P50 include blue chip companies and household names, including Anglian Water, Thames Valley Police, universities and Credit Suisse’s Canary Wharf and Pall Mall offices. The company is based in a former railway yard in Ashwellthorpe in the centre of Norfolk close to the recently-improved A11 road giving access to the national transport network. However, its rural location has not stopped it flying the flag for exports, with its products now being sent to more than a dozen countries across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and soon to be Australia. Ultimately, Britannia Fire is on a mission to provide top quality fire safety equipment suited to the needs of a wide range of clients from all corners of the globe and in a huge variety of environments from retail shops and offices to oil rigs and petrochemical sites. This will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards an exciting future laden with prospects.

The main construction of the P50 is a High-Density Polyethylene Aramid fibre Kevlar® type material woven onto the body; it is strong and incredibly 2017 Facilities Management Awards Build



Company: CAFM Explorer Name: Claire Visser, Director Email: Web Address: Address: Second Floor, 1310 Waterside, Arlington Business Park, Theale, RG7 4SA Telephone: 0870 333 7101

Best for Estates Management Software Solutions 2017

CAFM Explorer: Total facilities management control in a single tool

Serving hundreds of public and private sector customers in areas including health and social care, property, sport, and education, CAFM Explorer works behind the scenes to help organisations run well-managed, compliant facilities. As an all-in-one solution, the software supports key processes enabling teams to operate more efficiently, and has the flexibility to scale in line with company objectives. Claire Visser, Director at CAFM Explorer, discusses what the solution has to offer and how it can help deliver a comprehensive facilities management service.


One of the key challenges facing facilities managers (FMs) today is being able to keep up with the demands of running safe, compliant and efficient operations. Buildings are becoming more intricate and many of our customers are running 24/7, seven-day a week operations. CAFM Explorer delivers all the tools needed to help organisations overcome these complexities, meet statutory requirements and make more informed, strategic decisions. Our software helps FMs oversee facilities as varied as hospitals, sports stadiums, universities, museums and entertainment venues, and we work collaboratively to embed CAFM Explorer into an organisation’s culture so it develops in line with them. We believe that it is this – the solution’s ability to scale without additional modules – that really sets us apart, and means organisations have the flexibility to evolve their use of the solution in the right way, at the right time. From Help Desk, Work Planner, Cost Control, and Stock Control, to Asset Tracker, Property Management, Room Booking, Space Management and Reporting, comprehensive functionality is included as standard. We consistently have a series of software updates in the pipeline that drive product development and ensure CAFM Explorer continues to meet the needs of both the industry and our customers. Claire comments: “Our CAFM Explorer User Groups are held regularly throughout the year, giving our customers the opportunity to provide honest feedback and upgrade requests. This helps to ensure that product developments are relevant to the industry and driven by customer need. As Build 2017 Facilities Management Awards

a team, technological advancements are also a constant driver for us and we work hard to make sure our software is at the forefront of FM technology. “It’s a great honour to receive this award and a real testimony to the team’s commitment to developing software that is intuitive, user-focused and above all, straightforward to use. The year ahead is set to be just as exciting, with a big focus on CAFM Web – a web-based Help Desk solution that functions without the need for software downloads or updates – and an upgrade to our user interface for an even better customer experience.”



Company: Current Force Ltd Contact Email: Phone: 0207 064 8900 Website:

Best FM Procurement Specialists - United Kingdom

Current Force continues to be relied upon by most of the major players in the Facilities Management industry to offer the day-to-day goods and equipment required by clients. Managing Director Keith Poulton provides us with an overview of the company and its ongoing success. ounded in 1993 to cater for the then growing independent building maintenance market, Current Force has always been at the forefront in supplying contractors working in the built environment. Now specialising in sourcing and supplying everyday essentials and ad-hoc products for all Building Maintenance and Facilities Management requirements. Keith explains how it feels to win this award for the second year in a row, before outlining the overall mission of Current Force.


“Winning such a prestigious award two years in a row confirms that we provide the level of service our corporate customers expect, further, in the last 12 months our customer base has widened geographically and it is fantastic to be recognised. “Moving forward, our overall mission continues to be that we deliver value to customers by taking ownership of their problems and reliably furnishing goods that are competitive in price, manufactured for commercial use and supplied within a reasonable time frame. “Importantly, we appreciate that in the fast-paced world of Facilities Management time is money and the more time our customers can spend servicing their clients the better. Whilst price is key in today’s revenue

driven market, Engineers and Facilities Managers require support, through excellent product knowledge, customer service and prompt, convenient deliveries.” Operational changes at Current Force in the last 12 months have enabled enhanced tracking of ongoing orders, so customers can be advised with more precise delivery dates, allowing them to programme staff to attend site to carry out works knowing the goods will be there to fit. Keith explains what helps the business to stand out within the sector.

“Fundamentally, the Facilities Management industry continues to develop rapidly across all sectors. Working in such a competitive industry, our greatest asset is our approachable, highly motivated and professional staff with extensive experience of Facilities Management and Service Provision. We aim to support and develop our relationship with each individual customer by keeping detailed records of goods supplied to each building, ensuring continuity and reliability of supplies.” Ultimately, with one eye on the future, the team aim to enhance the Current Force brand name and increase the efficiency and management of its offerings so that customers’ goals can be met through improved efficiency, continued quality and reduced costs.

Current Force continues to be relied upon by most of the major players in the Facilities Management industry (FM Procurement Specialists) to offer the day-to-day goods and equipment required by clients. 2017 Facilities Management Awards Build



Company: Diamond Cleaning Southern Ltd Contact: Kevin Pidgley Contact Email: Address: Clifton House, 10 Poole Hill, Bournemouth, BH2 5PS, UK Phone: 01202611007 Website:

Best Hospitality Services Cleaning Specialists - South England & Excellence Award for Non-Clinical Cleaning Services - South England

Diamond Cleaning (Southern) Ltd was set up by two experienced regional managers with a combined experience of more than 40 years in the cleaning industry. Kevin Pidgley talks us through the firm and the services it offers.


stablished in 2010, Diamond Cleaning’s vision is to provide the diamond standard of service, at an affordable price. Kevin explores the firm’s service offering in more detail and explains how it works to ensure excellence for every client it supports.

“At Diamond Cleaning, we work across a range of businesses which include healthcare, office cleaning, restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels and estate management. For this wide array of clients, we offer a range of cleaning services which include specialist carpet and hard floor cleaning, deep cleans, communal area cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning. “Due to the diversity of our services we regularly send our staff on industry certified training courses, to ensure that we continue to deliver the best standard of cleaning services and practices to our clients. This coupled with strong staff development and management ensures all our team feel supported to deliver the services to consistently high standards.” Fundamentally, the firm’s simple aim and client focused approach ensures its ongoing success, as Kevin is eager to highlight.

“Our overall mission has always been to provide Diamond quality service at a fair price, on time, every time. It is a simple but powerful mission which allows for all our staff, as well as our clients to understand what we offer and what we stand for. We have always been committed to building a sustainable business, which has earned us a trusted reputation in our industry and in the areas in which we work.” Looking to the future, Kevin foresees expansion and growth for the firm, as it seeks to build upon its current success and provide its award-winning service offering to an even wider array of clients.

“Moving forward, Diamond Cleaning will be expanding into new territories and continuing to build our presence in different areas and markets. We have a strong portfolio of services and clients, which allows for us to confidently promote our services in new areas. We will continue to develop our staff to ensure that the business remains at the top of its game for many more years to come.” Build 2017 Facilities Management Awards



Company: EN:Able Futures CIC Tel: 0330 606 1441 Email:

Best Facilities Management Apprenticeship Provider - Northern England

Following over four years of success as Futureworks (Yorkshire), a new brand and logo means the same team are now proud to introduce themselves as EN:Able Futures, an exciting new venture led by Efficiency North Holdings Group Ltd. We invited the team at EN:Able Futures to provide us with an insight into the company’s ongoing success.

olding a new name and logo, the ethos of EN:Able Futures’ previous life remains, as it shares the same values and commitment to increasing training and employment opportunities in housing, construction and facilities management within communities across the Yorkshire and Humber region. The team explain how EN:Able Futures will benefit from being part of Efficiency North.


“Efficiency North is an organisation with whom we have had a long-standing relationship, even to the point that our very first Futureworks Yorkshire apprentice was an Efficiency North apprentice. They have strong community ties and established partnerships within the social housing sector. Essentially, we continue to operate our shared apprenticeship programme, as a Community Interest Company, on a not-for profit basis, building on our success of employing over 230 apprentices whom we have supported to achieve their career aspirations.” New to the landscape for 2018 is the company’s bespoke housing and construction sector academy, offering the very best real time solutions to tackle sector skills shortages now. The team emphasise how they always place the apprentices and the client at the heart.

“At EN:Able Futures we pride ourselves on supporting technical/trade apprentices across all roles in the construction industry, employing and mentoring apprentices for the full duration of their apprenticeships. We are demand led and meet the needs of employers by enabling them to take on an apprentice for the duration of projects, without the worry of what happens to the apprentice next as we enable them to continue with others, truly delivering a high quality and sustainable contribution to the industry, and the communities in which we live. “Together with local businesses, our apprentices gain high quality ‘on-thejob’ training and experience to enable them to move forward in their careers. A real solution to building our industry’s workforce for the future, and working to keep the skills local.” Dedicating itself to going the extra mile, EN:Able Futures’ staff always go above and beyond the requirements of their jobs, with the team knowing their passion and dedication is key to their success.

“In addition, we know we would not be successful if it was not for our business supporters as they are essential in supporting apprentices in building their futures, and contributing to our future success.”

2017 Facilities Management Awards Build



Company: Ebit Business Solutions Contact: Amy Walrond Contact Email: Address: Allum House, Stowey Street, Poundbury, Dorchester, Dorset, DT1 3RW Phone: 01305 230500 Website:

Best for IT Systems Procurement Consulting Services - United Kingdom & Excellence Award for Marketing Procurement Consulting Services - United Kingdom

Ebit Business Solutions is a leading procurement consultancy with a proven track record in cost savings and revenue generation for both medium and large scale businesses in the UK. We invited Amy Walrond from the firm to tell us more.


ormed in 2012, Ebit is an award-winning procurement consultancy with a multi-faceted national client base from varying industries. Amy discusses the firm’s service offering and the clients it works with in more detail.

“Here at Ebit, our extensive experience and range of market intelligence gained from a £40bn+ turnover client base provides us with unrivalled insight into savings opportunities. We work closely with clients who have turnovers ranging from millions to the multi-billions. This provides us with essential insight into potential savings opportunities applicable to all types and sizes of businesses. “When the firm was first established, we initially carved out a real niche in the retail space and are now seeing extensive growth across various additional sectors. Today, Ebit’s clients span across the retail, hospitality, manufacturing, property, charity, and education sectors; we also work with several private-equity backed businesses. We are fortunate to work with many great brands – most of which can be found on our website here: 2017 has also seen numerous companies decide to outsource Procurement work to Ebit on a longer-term basis due to our level of expertise and ultimately payback.” Innovation is a key part of the firm’s service offering, therefore it is always creating new products to meet its clients’ needs, as Amy explains.

“To ensure that we provide our clients with the very latest solutions, at Ebit we are always seeking to innovate. As such, in 2016 we launched Aderes, our bespoke and very own class leading contracts database product. Feedback from clients has been superb and growth excellent. The product is predominately offered via a managed service whereby Ebit will load all contracts onto the system, notify stakeholders of contract renewal dates, and proactively utilise our extensive market intelligence to benchmark against contracts that are due for renewal. In a nutshell, the product changes companies’ governance practically overnight to provide advance warning

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of when contracts need to be renewed, provides insight with regards to potential savings and it’s no surprise that we have seen such great growth.” What sets the firm apart is its dedication to offering only the highest possible levels of customer service. As such, it is no surprise that Amy is eager to emphasise how the firm works to support its clients and meet their needs.

“At Ebit we place great importance on delivering a superb level of service. We work with our suppliers to ensure that our high standards are consistently met. Whilst cost reduction is important, we will always look to implement the most holistic and appropriate solution for each of our clients for the duration of each contract we tender. We look beyond savings to consider efficiencies, risk exposure etc. Ultimately new business is won on the basis of our reputation; we will always strive to deliver and go beyond client expectations where possible. “Fundamentally, our high standards and unrivalled market intelligence combined with our direct approach means that we have never lost a client. We don’t just identify savings opportunities; we deliver them. Ebit’s absolute retail expertise makes us stand out from our competitors. We work with great brands, and are due to start work with our 69th, 70th, and 71st retail clients this month. Our relationship with clients tends to be long term. It is usual for clients to ask us back to perform a 2nd, 3rd or 4th piece of work over many years due to the previous great results achieved.” Looking ahead, Ebit has a number of developments on the horizon that will allow it to grow and flourish, as Amy concludes.

“Currently, Ebit is achieving over 50% growth year on year, and moving forward we are 100% committed to continuing this success into 2018 and beyond. Our new offices in Dorset have ample room to expand the team, and as such we are excited for the future of our business.”


Amy Walrond Business Development Executive Ebit Business Solutions supply Procurement Consulting Services and Marketing Services to small and large businesses. The team have expertise to help suit the needs of your business, enabling you to save money and boost business performance through true cost effective procurement, improved supplier management and smarter spending habits.

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Company: Fire Security (Sprinkler Installations) Ltd Contact: Richard Pipe Contact Email: Address: Homefield Road, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 8QP Telephone: 01440 705 815 Web Address: Twitter: @fs_sprinklers

Best Sprinkler System Installation Company - United Kingdom

Fire Security (Sprinkler Installations) Ltd have been protecting lives and livelihoods from fire since 1972. Richard Pipe tells us more about the firm and the vital solutions it offers. rawing on over 44 years’ experience in the industry, Fire Security has created a long-established customer base which has allowed for steady and considered expansion to include many prestigious national companies with further growth planned in key sectors. Richard explores why sprinkler systems are so vital to clients within the facilities management space and how they can benefit them.


“Automatic Fire Sprinklers are achieving recognition for their importance in building design and safety. Research and publications by the Business Sprinkler Alliance and WSP highlight how sprinklers can impact on and benefit a building’s design. The provision of a fire sprinkler system, installed as part of a fire engineered, performance based design can reduce capital costs and allow architects greater freedom of design. Inclusion of sprinklers can result in increases of fire compartmentation sizes, reductions in structural fire protection and in fire-fighting shafts, increase travel distances and improve escape staircase configurations. A sprinkler system can reduce a building’s lifecycle costs as another bonus. “These benefits should not be overlooked in Facilities Management. A building’s layout directly impacts user wellbeing; a subject that is justifiably a

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hot-topic. Education and conversation are paramount in improving wellbeing standards. That is why, earlier this year we started working closely with Suffolk Mind and have introduced a Wellbeing Performance Programme. This consists of the education of all our colleagues in the innate needs and resources of all individuals which are affected by the working environment.” Looking ahead, Richard believes that his industry will continue to grow and adapt following recent events, as he concludes.

“Within our industry, the year has sadly been dominated by the horrific Grenfell Tower disaster. There has been much broadcast regarding the retrofitting of fire sprinklers in similar high-rise developments and rightly so. Numerous councils have committed to installing sprinklers within their tower blocks and there is no doubt that safety of residents would be enhanced. However, the effectiveness of a sprinkler system is totally reliant upon the quality of its design, installation and the provision of adequate maintenance. The sudden growth in our industry’s size is likely to result in a proliferation of new sprinkler companies. It is essential that those specifying the inclusion of the systems also specify that the design and installation company is approved by one of the recognised approval bodies, either the LPCB or FIRAS and that the approval level is understood and adequate to the task.”



Company: Larch Consulting Ltd Phone: 01926 314312 Email: Website:

Best Facilities Management Consultancy - UK

Larch Consulting specialises in facilities management and business infrastructure. We caught up with Lucy Jeynes to find out more. stablished in 1995, Larch supports clients in the public, commercial and charity sectors in the UK and EMEA. Members of the firm’s specialist technical and management team have been influential and active in the FM sector since it became established over thirty years ago. Lucy proudly discusses how far the firm has evolved over the years and the range of renowned clients it now supports.


“Since inception everyone here at Larch has worked hard to build a reputation for intelligent, innovative work that has achieved successful outcomes for our clients, which is reflected in our long-standing working relationships with organisations and individuals often spanning many years. “Our support includes the development and delivery of facilities services for brand new buildings or developments– examples include the Design Museum, The BullRing, GLA City Hall, The Pearl of the Gulf (Qatar), Princess Nora Hospital (Saudi Arabia), and the National Museum of Oman. “As part of our service offering to these valued clients, we manage the FM tender process on behalf them. This year our illustrious clientele included, among others, Tate Galleries, Regent’s University, a wine distribution company and a secondary school. We also review, re-scope or troubleshoot FM contract arrangements (working with both client and service provider organisations).” With regards to the future, Lucy foresees many invigorating challenges for both the facilities management market and Larch, which she outlines in her concluding comments.

“Looking ahead, FM is facing new challenges in the face of Brexit. Many of the major FM service providers operating in the UK are based in mainland Europe, and their forward business strategies will depend on the way the Brexit is handled. Around one-third of the operational FM workforce in the UK do not have British passports, so decisions about freedom of movement for workers will have a big impact. However, in times of turmoil and change, expert advice can help you plan the way forward so we expect our business to grow during this period as more people seek specialist support to help plan their future FM. “Overall, everyone at Larch is pleased and excited that our hard work and good reputation as FM experts has won us recognition once again.”

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Company: Locale Ltd Contact: Becky Mew Contact Email: Address: Blue Boar Court, 9 Alfred Street, Oxford, OX1 4EH, UK Phone: 1865249758 Website:

Best FM Solutions Specialists - South England

Locale is an innovative, Oxford based firm that provides estate management portals for some of the UK’s most prestigious property brands and iconic landmarks. We invited Becky Mew to tell us more about the firm. ith an illustrious client list that include The Shard, Land Securities, and CBRE, Locale is able to boast that its cutting edge portals are used by some of the most iconic, high profile developments and management companies in Europe. Despite the success it has gained as a result of working with such renowned firms, Locale is constantly innovating and adapting its service offering to meet their needs, as Becky is eager to highlight.


offering. For instance, having recognised that there was a need for a system that could streamline and simplify operations for multiple properties, earlier this year we launched a unique solution that allows managers to manage multiple properties in real-time.” Alongside its unique and client focused product offering, Locale also prides itself on the personal, tailored service it provides clients. Once a portal has launched, the company’s in-house support team will communicate with clients to review, and improve portals to ensure they are working hard for the buildings they are serving. As such, the firm has achieved phenomenal success over recent years, and today Locale is one of the UK’s leading property software suppliers in property management software, offering clients unique, flexible and customised online portals. Going forward, continuing to offer this exceptional level of service and solutions that clients can rely on will remain Locale’s ongoing priority, as Becky concludes.

“With regards to what the future has in store for Locale, we are continuously growing, taking on new staff and new clients. We are proud to work with some of the most prestigious property management companies in the world. “Ultimately, Locale strives to be the best at what we do: offering a first-class product and exceptional customer service. Our ambition is to adapt and roll out our product to a wider range of clients across all sectors of property – from residential associations, hospitals, hotels to shopping centres and even airports. “Overall, we are always looking to innovate and improve our offering to our clients. We are currently working on projects with a practical completion date of 2040. We work closely with clients to find out what their needs are and offer solutions as these evolve.” “Since 2005, Locale’s reputation has been built upon delivering client inspired product and software solutions to empower clients and improve efficiencies. We are always looking for ways to innovate and improve our

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Company: OpEx Solutions Limited Contact: Stuart Veitch Contact Email: Phone: 07971695268 Website:

Best Manufacturing Services Consultancy - United Kingdom

Drawing on its extensive experience in many manufacturing environments, OpEx Solutions offers training, coaching and consultancy to help organisations achieve operational excellence. Stuart Veitch talks us through the company and the innovative philosophy that has helped drive it to the success it enjoys today. stablished in 2011, OpEx Solutions combine the proven approaches of total productive maintenance (TPM) and lean manufacturing to give its clients a bespoke solution to their improvement needs. The firm’s overall goal is to help them achieve operational excellence; the continuous elimination of loss and waste, which they gain through practical, hands-on training, coaching and consultancy. Stuart discusses the firm’s service offering in more detail and outlines the approach it takes to achieving this ambitious goal for clients.


“At OpEx Solutions, our activities focus in three key areas; strategy development and deployment, improvement and maintenance. As sustained change takes time to achieve, our aim is to build a long-term relationship with our clients so that we can support them through tough times as well as the good. This also allows internal capability to be developed through our learning-through-doing approach, so as theory is learnt it is also applied, improving the learning experience and delivering tangible results. “Fundamentally, we feel that continuous improvement can sometimes come over as being far too complicated. To combat this, at OpEx Solutions

we aim to make it easy to understand and apply in any organisation. OpEx Solutions also understands that sustainable continuous improvement is built on the enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation of a workforce. Therefore, we work closely with clients to develop a culture where mistakes are seen as an opportunity to learn and improve.” Looking to the future, Stuart foresees many changes within the manufacturing space which will provide OpEx Solutions with many exciting chances to develop and adapt, as he concludes.

“As we move forward, thanks to the further integration of technology and the development of Industry 4.0, there will be an even greater focus on improvement and maintenance. This in turn will have a strong influence on facilities management including the use of predictive techniques based on “big data” analytics and the development of smart buildings. As such, at OpEx solutions our ongoing focus will be on developing and adapting to ensure that we have the knowledge and expertise to provide our clients with the solutions they need to succeed in this ever evolving market.”

Operational Excellence = Strategy + Improvement + Maintenance 2017 Facilities Management Awards Build



Company: Pilgrim Payne & Co Ltd Contact: Graham Doyle Contact Email: Address: Units 12 13 14 Wharfside, Rosemont Road, Wembley, HA0 4PE, UK Phone: 2084535350 Website:

Best Upholstery Cleaning Specialists - South East England & Excellence Award for Fine Carpet Cleaning Services - South East England

Drawing on more than 166 years’ experience, Pilgrim Payne is a dedicated specialist cleaner of soft furnishings with a reputation for excellence. We caught up with Graham Doyle to explore the secrets behind the firm’s exceptional longevity and success. stablished in 1850, Pilgrim Payne has evolved over the years to become a leader in the field of textile cleaning and soft furnishing care. The company offers a wide range of services that include specialist curtain, carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning and restoration as well as actually making quality curtaining and window dressings along with re-upholstery and new furniture manufacture. Ancillary services include flame retarding of fabrics and application of carpet and fabric protector to help keep textiles looking their best. Graham outlines the firm’s service offering in greater detail and highlights the secrets behind its success.


commitment is also essential to the delivery of the quality for which we are famous.” Although staff are vital to the success of the firm, their retention poses the biggest challenge to Pilgrim Payne, as Graham highlights.

“The biggest challenge facing Facilities management in the current climate is finding and retaining quality staff. Improved I.T. and mechanisation are all very well but in the end customer delight is delivered by our people. As such, we work hard to provide them with a supportive working environment. Our company culture is based around the Japanese theory of Kaisen, or continuous improvement. It is essential to ensure that staff buy in to this philosophy in order to deliver quality results.” Ultimately, Pilgrim Payne has enjoyed another successful year in 2017 and looks forward to always building on the success of the past by embracing the opportunities and challenges of the future.

“Over the years, we have carried out works for City Livery Halls, deluxe Hotels, Embassies and Public buildings. We have offered our services both direct to the client and via Contract cleaning companies when specialist knowledge and expertise is required by Facilities Managers. Our status within our chosen markets is built upon a long and successful history of listening to clients and being guided by their needs and fulfilling their requirements, and as such this is our constant focus. “Fundamentally, at Pilgrim Payne, the secret of our success is based on high levels of service and in-house knowledge of our chosen field. Staff

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Company: Spica Technologies Ltd Contact: Tim Streather Contact Email: Address: iCentrum Building, Innovation Birmingham Campus, Birmingham, B7 4BP, UK Phone: 03301200345 Web Address:

Best FM Solutions Provider - UK

Spica Technologies is a specialist PropTech Solutions Provider that uses a combination of technical assets, hardware (sensor devices), software components, and IOT integration expertise to help businesses capitalize on the opportunity that the Internet of Things represents. We spoke to Tim Streather to learn more. pica’s value proposition is to provide innovative technologyenabled business outcome solutions in the context of the varied stakeholders involved in the ownership, maintenance and occupation of Commercial/Public Sector buildings. The term “Smart Buildings” is very much overused in the industry today, and SPICA therefore talk instead about helping to deliver Well/Healthy Buildings that promote risk and cost reduction, whilst improving the health, wellbeing and productivity of people that actually use the buildings. Tim discusses what this means for the industry and the firm’s clients.


“At Spica, we provide an over-arching solution framework approach that allows provision of multiple service offerings, all via a consistent browserbased application toolset, whilst integrating to core enterprise applications (BMS, CAFM, Room Booking, ERP etc) thus avoiding the proliferation of silo’d apps over time.” “Our expertise spans IOT (device/networks/security), Internal Positioning Systems, Cognitive Analytics, Concierge-style Mobile App development, Integration, and Technology Advisory + Managed Services to help promote rapid adoption and value realisation.”

Moving forward, Spica’s ongoing focus will remain on providing clients with the cutting-edge solutions that they need, as Tim concludes.

“Looking ahead, we foresee new buying patterns; a thirst for tech-led solutions, and less reliance in inefficient low-skilled tasks, allowing staff to focus on higher value service delivery. Price point is no longer a good enough differentiator, with little cost left to squeeze out of already wafer-thin contract margins; moreover, FM companies and departments are looking to deliver the same services in different ways, and also offer new services to market (especially around Workplace Productivity), in order to remain relevant. Spica’s solutions are targeted to allow FM providers to rapidly grow and adapt to these changes, delivering value to help retain existing, and attract new clients. “Overall, Our mission is to help revolutionise the FM industry with the proliferation of IOT-based products; enabling FM’s and Property Owners to offer better, cheaper and innovative new services to their clients. Ultimately, we want to raise the profile of IOT solutions, and for IOT to become a de facto tool that the FM industry looks to acquire and integrate in their business, in the same way that CAFM and BMS are today.”

Spica Technologies is a specialist PropTech Solutions Provider that uses a combination of technical assets, hardware (sensor devices), software components, and IOT integration expertise.

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Company: Spitfire Network Services Contact: Susie Ward Contact Email: Address: The Printworks, 139 Clapham Road, London, SW9 0HP, UK Phone: 2075013050 Website:

Best for Telecom & IP Engineering Services – South East England

Spitfire is a multi-award winning Internet Telephony Service Provider specialising in supplying SMEs with voice and data integrated solutions, carrier network services and Internet connections that deliver cost savings, increased productivity and efficiency for facilities managers. The company was established in 1988 and today is one of the largest independent voice and data solution suppliers in the South East region. pitfire expertise in IP Engineering means it can provide a comprehensive service for customers, extending from designing and implementing an integrated telephony and data network to providing line rental and call billing, with after sales technical support and customer service.


Spitfire offers customers the right carrier solution for their needs, whether it is Ethernet private circuits, ADSL/SDSL or a combination of carrier services. As a major ISP Spitfire is a member of LINX (London Internet Exchange), the world’s largest independent IP exchange. Spitfire offers customers SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks for voice telephony as a replacement for conventional ISDN circuits, providing business quality secure telephony at typically half the monthly-rental cost of an equivalent ISDN service. Spitfire can offer 3CX, a Windows based IP telephony solution that replaces a proprietary hardware PBX. 3CX ‘in the Cloud’ is a self-configured/selfmanaged solution or as a fully managed service to suit customers’ individual capabilities and requirements. Spitfire’s own SIP Communicator™ hosted telephony service only requires SIP compatible handsets, making the service an extremely cost-effective solution for business start-ups and small businesses that are growing

and anticipate moving premises or are spread over multiple sites. SIP Communicator™ has won the Best Hosted Platform category of the prestigious Comms National Awards for three years in a row. Of course great service provision needs to be backed with excellent customer support. Spitfire’s SLAs emphasise fast fault response and sophisticated on-line fault tracking, backed with a ‘Keep-Customer-Informed’ policy, ensuring regular updates by phone, email or text from a Support Technician who manages issues to completion. In a recent survey, 90% of respondents said an issue was resolved on first-call. Spitfire believes that reliability based on technical competence is incredibly important, and invests heavily in training all of its customer support technicians and sales people in IP Engineering. The company operates to the highest standards and complying with ISO 9001:2015 for the sales, installation and support of integrated telecommunications and internet solutions. Based in London and with a Midlands office in Redditch, Spitfire Technology Group employs over 100 staff and has an annual turnover in excess of £25 million. The team at Spitfire are delighted to have won this award, and attribute their success to their dedication to trying to understand what their customers’ requirements truly are, so they can sell them the correct solution for their business.


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Company: TWO Services Ltd Contact: Barry Osborn Contact Email: Address: 2 Hovefields Lodge, Burnt Mills, Basildon, Essex, SS13 1EB, UK Phone: 0800 22 44 33 Web Address:

Best for Kitchen Deep Cleaning Services - United Kingdom & Ireland

TWO Services is a family run business specialising in cleaning and maintaining commercial kitchens, ductwork and equipment for the FM and catering industries. We spoke to Barry Osborn to learn more about the firm and the range of services they offer. or over 30 years TWO Services have worked for some of the most renowned names in the catering, food services and hospitality industries, as well as FM companies, large caterers and blue-chip city firms, local authorities, healthcare providers, schools and hospitals. Barry discusses the firm’s dedication to providing the very highest standards of service and support.


“TWO Services pride ourselves on delivering quality as standard, via an integrated management system and have our own qualified health and safety adviser. We are pleased to report that having recently been audited, we were issued with the latest certificates for Quality (ISO 9001), Environmental (ISO 14001) and H&S (OHAS 18001) best practice. “Additionally, we have made a successful transition to the 2015 version of ISO 9001 and 14001. By doing so our customers can be confident that as an organisation, TWO Services remains committed to the exacting requirements of these international standards.” It is the firm’s committed and talented staff that sets it apart from its competitors and marks it out as the best possible option for clients, as Barry highlights.

“At TWO Services, all of our work is carried out by our own loyal, highly trained and directly employed staff and network service partners. And they’re backed by our ISO-accredited quality assurance, project management and control systems. We also offer out of hours options at no extra cost to avoid disruption. All our work is carried out in accordance with the European Regulations EC852/2004, the Food Safety & Hygiene (England) Regulations and COSHH. “Our on-site staff are accredited under the government’s (Contractors Health And Safety) scheme as well as SafeContractor and for FM environments we’re a pre-qualified service provider on the UK’s Constructionline register.” Looking ahead, TWO Services is set to continue to offer clients the exceptional level of client service that they have come to expect from this dedicated and professional firm.

“Ultimately, our mission is to be the best in the business delivering high quality, comprehensive, value-for-money service. We provide complete peace of mind to clients that their kitchen and premises are spotless, safe, legal and running reliably, and this will remain our ongoing focus as we look towards a bright and exciting future.”

Meet the family run business specialising in cleaning and maintaining commercial kitchens, ductwork and equipment for the FM and catering industries.

2017 Facilities Management Awards Build


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