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Best Company for Life Sciences R&D Applications – UK

Sphere Fluidics (SF) is an established, Life Sciences Tools company providing unique R&D collaborative services and commercialising single cell analysis systems for therapeutic discovery. We spoke to Frank Craig from the firm about its work and how it came to reach this level of success. SF is focussing on commercialising single cell analysis systems for therapeutic discovery. A mixture of inhouse experience, detailed primary market research with over 35 organisations worldwide and help from external objective consultants identified key markets and applications for SF’s technology that included: • Biotherapeutic discovery, development and production. • Synthetic biology. • Cell therapy engineering, analysis and isolation. • Single cell disease research. • Single cancer cell diagnostics and prognostics. In order to achieve this SF is applying its technology to major segments of the Life Sciences market, with a particular focus on Biopharmaceutical discovery and development. The company has successfully collaborated with five of the world’s Top 10 pharmaceutical companies in the past. The firm has also developed a world-class patent portfolio of 54 patents, has freedom-to-operate in its chosen markets and has identified novel products in markets worth over £1 billion per annum. The company is led by experienced, entrepreneurial executives and hires talented staff for product development and global selling in order to build upon its current success.

Cyto-Mine® will be the world’s first fully-automated and integrated single cell analysis and monoclonality assurance system. This product is transformational for biopharmaceutical discovery and development. We estimate that there are around 2,000 potential organisations that could buy Cyto-Mine®. In addition, the company is now internationalising and aims to create subsidiaries or joint ventures in Japan and the USA later this year. From our UK and new international offices we plan to sell these systems and accelerate our plans to become a rapidly-growing and globally successful business. That will enable us to be more globally competitive but maintain regional understanding of our key markets.

Company: Sphere Fluidics Limited. Name: Dr Frank F. Craig. Email: Web Address: Address: The Jonas Webb Building, Babraham Research Campus, Babraham, Cambridge CB22 3AT, UK Telephone: 01223 804201

Working within a competitive industry the firm understands the need to stand out, which it achieves through utilising its unique “skill set” of biopharmaceutical market know-how, technology, patent portfolio and freedom-to-operate. Unlike some other potential competitors, SF is well-funded (we raised circa another £5 million in investment in Feb 2016) and is establishing international bases in both the USA and Japan. Also, in its sector, SF will be the “first company to market” with a lead time of 2-3 years over any emerging competition. Overall 2016 will be an exciting year for us. We have just raised around new £5 million in investment. This will help us complete product development and launch the Cyto-Mine® system in Q4 later this year.

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