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Moving forward, Joseph believes that the Asian market will become the forefront of the international trade market, and is keen to be able to support his clients within the rapidly changing market. “Within the international trade market we are increasingly seeing Hong Kong being used as the bilateral bridge for China and Australia trade and investment for its obvious advantages including being in the heart of Asia within five hour’s flight to half the words population, low and simple tax regime and most importantly of all, a trusted forum where common law prevails to give certainty and enforceability for both Chinese and Australian businesses executing binding contractual arrangements. “As such we are eager to adapt around these developments and work with clients to help them utilise these opportunities. IMPEX Lawyers & Advisers is a very nimble, agile and well connected firm, meaning that we have the capabilities to support clients through whatever developments the market provides. We are keen to continue growing alongside our clients, as we continue to provide the same high quality services which we have become renowned for. “Ultimately IMPEX is very proud to have won the APAC Insider International Trade Law Firm for 2016- Australia, and going forward we will continue to diligently build, forge and strengthen bilateral trade and investment business between Australia/China and beyond.”

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APAC Legal Awards 2016  
APAC Legal Awards 2016