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2015’s Leading Financial Planners

2015's Leading Financial Planners Sandra Mews and Associates offers comprehensive financial planning for professionals, business owners, and their workforce. The team executes these plans using insurance and investment vehicles. We had the chance to speak with the eponymous founder and learn what it takes to be a leading financial planner in the fluctuating North American market.

Company: Sandra Mews & Associates Inc. Address: 176 Larch Street Sudbury Ontario Canada P3E 1C5 Phone: 705-525-5811 Fax: 705 525 7416 Web: www.sandramews.com Email: sandra@sandramews.com linkedin – Sandra Mews Facebook – Sandra Mews & Associates

We have never taken a “cookie cutter” approach, says Sandra. Every business has a unique story; no matter what the market, or the economy may be doing at any one given point in time, she and her staff concentrate on helping each client find their own path, and the options that will best suit them. “I always focus on the needs of my client, before anything else” says Sandra Mews. “It’s not always just about the money. It’s about options, and choices. I know if I can help people see the possibilities in any given situation, they will be in a much better position to decide exactly what’s best for them.” Mews says her firm is expanding its services in the business sector. The boomers are now of an age where they are looking to retire, sell or wind down their businesses. Exit strategies and transitional plans are a crucial part to their planning for a secure future. Mews and Associates also specialize in helping people re-locate.“When people sell their business, some look to retire and re-settle in Canada.” We can steer them through the maze of tax, pension-benefits and investment options they need to tackle in their move. Tax efficient investing and tax effective estate planning are key priorities for Canadian tax payers. Mews says part of her company’s long term success comes from a company culture of “independent thinking”. “We voluntarily pay for research from providers that are not associated with government, banks or mutual fund/stock selling organizations.” We are always

looking to deepen our understanding of the key forces, active in the current and short term, so that we can be confident our longer term view remain trustworthy”. Mews says that taking into account the mainstream and alternate views of the economy is the main reason her clients weathered the financial crisis of 2008 so well. The firm’s independence means that we can offer solutions from many financial institutions. “We do a lot of research and thinking; taking the long term view requires patience but allows us to not focus on predicting short-term market performance fluctuations, as it is speculative with many unknowns. We believe our considered approach to the markets, offers our clients an investment journey with fewer bumps in the road. Sandra comes by her empathy and fierce dedication to her clients through the school of hard knocks. Her father, a business owner, died unexpectedly at a young age, leaving her mom with four children and huge debts. “It was a very difficult time for our family; we had no one to help us figure out what to do. I know how overwhelming and terrifying that kind of situation can be so it gives me great satisfaction to help people plan for the expected and unexpected. It doesn’t always have to be a desperate situation.” Mews and her team are passionate about their role as a facilitator to their clients’ goals. And that, she says is one of the many reasons our team is in it for the long term.

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