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The Most Highly Regarded Expert Witnesses for 2015

Chris Osborne was an expert witness in the case of a Latvian businessman, Valeri Belokon, who was awarded $16.5 million in compensation for a bank he owned, Manas Bank, which was seized by the government of Kyrgystan. Osborne supported Belokon’s legal team as an expert witness during the tribunal in Paris last year. The Kyrgyz Republic argued that the seizure was justified because Manas Bank had engaged in money laundering and other criminal activities, but the tribunal found insufficient evidence of such claims.

FTI consulting FTI Consulting’s Expert Witnesses have been ranked as the leading player globally in Who’s Who Legal: Arbitration 2016. FTI’s businesses take number one and two positions in their report, with a total of 20% of all Expert Witnesses recognised: 19 in the Economic and Financial Consulting and Financial and Litigation Consulting practices and a further 15 at FTI’s subsidiary, Compass Lexecon. Additionally, two practitioners are listed in the top five most highly regarded individuals in Europe: Chris Osborne and James Nicholson. Who’s Who Legal also named FTI Consulting as Arbitration Expert Firm of the Year and Compass Lexecon, as Competition Economist Firm of the Year in 2015.

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