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2016 First Quarter Update 1604JC15

Company: Haviaras & Philippou L.L.C. Name: Andreas L. Haviaras Email: Andreas.Haviaras@ Web Address: Address: Capital Chambers 1, Skokou street,, 6th floor, 1061, Nicosia, Cyprus Telephone:+357 22 764 001 Fax : +357 22 764 003

2016 First Quarter Update Based in Cyprus, Haviaras & Philippou L.L.C. are a highly regarded law firm who have built their reputation through consistently providing outstanding services for their clients. We spoke to Andreas Haviaras, Managing Partner of the firm, to find out more about this process and how they fared in the first financial quarter. In our view, we firmly believe that the practice of law should be first and foremost about the client. As a result, our commitment is to provide exceptional client service, and we always aim to achieve the very best results for our clients. Over the years, we have built strong foundations in both our community and beyond through the people we have worked with. This is primarily due to our wealth of experience and expertise, which allows to be both efficient and resourceful for our clients.

transactions and therefore develop and grow their business with no restrictions. With regards to our experience of Q1, there seems to be a big increase in mergers and acquisitions as of late. Moreover, expansion in areas that people would not get involved before are suddenly being undertaken. Perhaps due to the global economic crisis, strong investors seem to benefit once more by widening their business horizons. We hope that this appetite for investment and expansion continues throughout the financial year.

Alongside this expertise, we have a large network of law firms around the globe, which allows us to provide our clients with services on cross–border 1605JC12

Helmores Wealth Limited is a full service fiduciary services company based in Christchurch New Zealand, with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, and Labuan. We spoke to Peter Wyllie, Partner at Helmores Wealth Limited, to learn more about their company and find out how they got on in Q1.

At our firm, we provide a highly diverse range of services, including: incorporation services, corporate governance and administration, compliance and risk management services, trust formation and management, accounting, family office, succession planning and asset protection structures.

Company: Helmores Wealth Limited Name: Peter Wyllie (TEP) Email: Web: Address: 38 Birmingham Drive, Christchurch NZ 8024 Telephone: +64 21 765 763

48 Acquisition International - May 2016

Despite our stature as a boutique firm, we provide a full service to our clients that rivals with any of the larger financial firms. We provide drafting and legal services, administration and accounting services, along with governance services. This makes us unique in that we provide a large company service with boutique company pricing. Furthermore, our time zone gives us competitive advantage over competitors by being able to process requests overnight for Europe so our work is in the “inbox” by the time they wake up, and we can provide same time service for Asia and North America (within 3 to 4 hours’ time difference). This means we can “sit in” with clients and advisors at any hour of the day or night. As a rule, we don’t recognise set office hours, but rather make ourselves available around the clock.

In our industry, the big news so far this year is the impending implementation of CRS throughout the OECD. Our experience so far is that governments are simply not ready to implement – and the deadline of 2017 is optimistic. As a result, we have had many inquiries regarding compliance and alternative solutions in relation to CRS protocols. And of course, the latter half of Q1 has been taken up with the “Panama Papers” leak – and the absurd reporting from the media attempting to create charges of improper behaviour where no evidence of such exists. By and large, Q1 2016 has been relatively quiet for M&A from our perspective – much of Q1 of course being taken up with Southern Hemisphere’s summer holidays and Chinese Spring Festival/New Year. Hopefully things will pick up as the financial year progresses.

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AI Magazine May 2016