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Whistleblowing Changes: Is the Financial Services Sector Ready?

Expert advice on how to proceed Firms need to ensure that effective whistleblowing practices are in place by 7 September 2016. The FCA and the PRA have recommended that firms should consider additional training for all members of staff to help everyone to fully understand the changes and what their rights and responsibilities look like in this new landscape. It is particularly important for firms to understand how creating the right culture can be achieved on a day-to-day basis. We are helping our clients to achieve this through: •

Dedicated one-to-one coaching and support with the designated Whistleblowing Champion to help them carefully consider their role and responsibilities along with exploring how they can promote positive messages around responsible reporting by setting the right tone, embedding the right culture and creating a safe environment. Training sessions for leaders to help them understand the importance of whistleblowing under the SMCR, how to identify and address potential concerns and the impact they have in creating the right culture through positive rolemodelling and dealing with concerns effectively and sensibly. All staff training (either face-to-face or online) to highlight their rights and protections under the law but more importantly to highlight the importance of responsible reporting and healthy escalation and get them to see things differently.

About byrne·dean We start conversations in workplaces and provide a language people can use. We make our subject matter straightforward and compelling. We all have experience of working as employment lawyers and we properly understand employment risk. We put legal risk in context and tell people only what they need to know. We also support clients to consolidate their learning by providing ‘how to’ resources (including online), by promoting the use of relational one-to-one conversations, giving HR advice of a strategic nature and about processes. The firm specialises in outstanding and engaging training that: 1. drives change – covering topics such as behaviour at work, inclusion and diversity (including unconscious bias), high performance, ethical accountability and mental health awareness; and 2. builds skills – including relational conversations, effective feedback, disciplinary and grievance, hiring the best.

As expert facilitators with a background in employment law we understand the importance of driving change in the right way. As lawyers, managers, employees and as people, we are passionate about people development, about helping our clients create the environments in which their people will thrive, as a result of which the employer too will thrive. At the same time, the risk of challenge, of getting embroiled in the sort of employment problems that we have spent much of our careers working with, will be reduced. We help our clients to look at things from a different perspective by challenging mind-sets and starting conversations in the workplace. In order to implement true culture change, people need to talk more about the issues at hand. We draw on our knowledge and experience to create stimulating, challenging and effective learning and business support. Our typical clients are professional services firms, financial services firms and other large global corporates. As well as in the UK, we are used to facilitating sessions in the United States, APAC, India, and continental Europe.

Firms that are impacted by the changes under the SMCR should implement training now in order to drive change, foster the right culture and environment and be ready for 7 September 2016.

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