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A Royal Move Company: Royal Dutch Movers De Gruijter & Co. Name: Florine Eikenaar Email: info@degruijter.nl Web: www.degruijter.nl Address: A. van Leeuwenhoekweg 50, P.O. Box 354, 2400 AJ Alphen a/d Rijn, The Netherlands Phone: +31 (0)71-5899313

With its royal title, Royal De Gruijter & Co is committed to providing the best possible service to clients in order to maintain its highly successful track record. oyal De Gruijter & Co, is an international moving company that strives to offer excellence in all aspects of its service, be it international or domestic, within Holland. The firm attaches great importance to quality, in keeping with the obligations that its ‘royal’ title brings. Its customers are assured of a personal service, provided by staff who are driven by a passion for their profession and maintain the very highest level of integrity.


“We strive to minimise the inherent stress which accompanies almost any move,” explains Florine Eikenaar of Royal De Gruijter. “Our company was bestowed the ‘royal’ title in 1920, but still we work hard every day, nearly 100 years later, to be the best Dutch moving and transport company you can choose.”

and appeals to a target group who requires specialist expertise, focus and dedication, and who accordingly can appreciate these qualities. Relocations, orchestral tours and art transport demand know-how, discretion and ingenuity. It is with great pride and dedication that the Royal De Gruijter staff provide these services. “Our unique mindset and professional expertise, together with the full range of environmentally responsible materials we use, ensure sustainable, long-term relationships with our clients.” Whether a relocation requirement relates to a single employee, or the goal is to outsource all international staff moves, De Gruijter & Co. can offer superior quality and professional, efficient support when relocating employees abroad. The firm’s key values are simple.

“Empathy, reliability and service are our trademark. We provide you with top service. Your satisfaction is the crowning glory of our work.” Soon after the company was founded in 1881, De Gruijter was given the task of moving the court of King Willem III from The Hague to Het Loo Palace. This was its first ‘royal’ assignment but certainly not the last. Other members of the royal family soon called upon its services. By the turn of the twentieth century Royal De Gruijter had ushered several members of the House of Orange-Nassau into their new homes, and always to their complete satisfaction. In 1920, this earned the company a very special honour in the form of a royal warrant. Henceforth, the firm would be known as ‘Royal De Gruijter’. It is a privilege bestowed on very few Dutch companies and one that brings a special responsibility for quality and service. After all, noblesse oblige! Royal De Gruijter is the pre-eminent specialist for national and international private and corporate relocations, and for logistics projects involving orchestras and museums. “Empathy, reliability and service are our trademark. We provide you with top service. Your satisfaction is the crowning glory of our work.” Royal De Gruijter has consciously and unreservedly chosen to develop the higher end of its market

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Customer focus Customers are its life blood: without them, it could not survive. By taking a proactive, flexible and innovative approach, the firm ensures the very highest standards of service and customer satisfaction. Dedication In its work, Royal De Gruijter strives to combine expertise, professionalism and dedication with a personal approach. The firm sets itself very high standards and is a perfectionist. It is constantly looking for ways in which to improve its service yet further. Integrity Royal De Gruijter always treats others in the way it would wish to be treated. The firm therefore attaches great importance to integrity, discretion and respect for society and the environment. Florine tells us more about the process and approach that Royal De Gruijter undertakes when dealing with a new client. “Your employee will be assigned a personal coordinator who will be fully responsible for taking care of his/her or their needs, from the initial pre-planning through to aftercare. We utilise sophisticated software to manage the entire process, including track-and-trace technology which allows us to know where all transport vehicles are at any given moment. “Separate from the physical moving of property, is the settling-in process. This stage of the move can often be more stressful for the employee and his

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