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Cyprus: An Island of Resilience

Company: Eraklis N. Kyriakides LLC Address: 31 Ifigenias, Joanna Tower, 6th Floor, No.601 Strovolos, 2007, Nicosia 2083, Cyprus Tel: (+357) 22 364888 Fax: (+357) 22 210283 Website:

Cyprus: An Island of Resilience Eraklis N. Kyriakides LLC is a newly established law firm, comprised of highly educated lawyers who are always willing to offer services, advice, guidance and to apply the best practices on a wide range of issues which daily affect their diverse range of clients.

Key to the firm’s approach and success is their close collaboration and regular communication with their clients. Cyprus’ unique geographical location, its attractive corporate tax rate (12.5%) and its various Tax Treaties which enable business to avoid international double taxation, render Cyprus as an increasingly appealing centre through which to conduct international transactions. Eraklis N. Kyriakides LLC is able to provide consultancy services and representation in a variety of aspects of Cyprus and international taxation. The firm’s attorneys are capable of offering assistance, both for resident and non-resident individuals, in all areas of cross border development, investment and structuring of international activities, aiming to accomplish the most appropriate and efficient practice for their clients’ business based on each client’s individual needs.

Additionally, owing to the unique geographical location of the island and the various tax advantages and other incentives given to Cypriot ship owners and ship management companies, Cyprus has gradually become one of the largest third party ship management centres in the world. Therefore the attorneys at Eraklis N. Kyriakides LLC are able offer comprehensive legal advice and professional assistance on a wide range of issues in this sector. Due to the increased demand for managing a range of issues concerning banking and finance in the firm’s region, Eraklis N. Kyriakides LLC now offers services to individuals, corporate clients, banking institutions and generally companies within the financial services industry in a wide range of issues related to banking and finance. More precisely, the firm offers services and provides professional and effective legal advice and guidance.

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