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Creating the Perfect Look in Business

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Wardrobe planning , what to wear and not to wear , how to wear Personal Shopping Techniques for bespoke garments, colours, fabrics and styles Facial and Body Shape Analysis for Accessorizing Makeup, Hair and Personal Grooming Verbal and Vocal communication Body Language , Comportment , Posture and Poise Negotiation , Persuasion, Leadership Skills

“Remember; weakness can be eradicated, strengths developed and specialists created; image management is a life investment” Susan Campbell, is a professional certified image management consultant working in Italy and the United Kingdom. Susan studies colour, its impact on image and on the psychology of form and style, whether intended for product brand image, or personal brand image. Colour in our lives has a major impact on others, also in negotiation, in packaging and P.O.S. as colour strongly influences our propensity to be persuaded to purchase or not. Susan’s past is vast and varied, having spent over 30 years in the International Marketing, Image and Communications business. Her career has been consolidated in UK, Belgium, USA, Canada and has been now running her own business for many years in Italy. Specialising in public relations; marketing and communication; corporate and personal image consulting and more recently as personal coach and mentor, and having worked with major international companies, Susan has touched the hearts and emotions of managers worldwide. Whatever the project in hand, whether it be corporate or public, Susan shows how to valorise the image of the brand or the service, or the personal appearance, behaviour and communication skills of the delegate in order to ensure they achieve maximum value for themselves and create balance and impact in their daily lives and on their businesses. Physiological and psychological comfort is essential for peak performance. No two individuals are the same and neither are two organizations; common objectives are established and a measurable action plan put in place. Whether personal or corporate image, consulting may take the form of “one to one” coaching, interactive workshops or conference presentations. Susan today is on the board of directors of the FIPI, federation of image professionals international and is also joint owner and co - founder of a successful international hair cosmetics company based in Italy producing products and performing education programs for the professional hair care sector worldwide. Susan is responsible for marketing, communication and public relations lectures Worldwide on brand building and corporate image management.

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