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Coller IP is a specialist in commercial intellectual property management and valuation.

Company: Coller IP Telephone: +44 870 402 1611 or +44 1491 820 611 Fax: +44 870 402 1659 or +44 1491 820 659 E-mail: Web:

Coller IP understands that realising value from intellectual property and wider intangible assets is vital within the corporate market, and strives to support its clients in this endeavour. This support sees the firm combine patent and trade mark attorney and commercial expertise to deliver intellectual property (IP) management, valuation and monetization services that unlock the potential value of a business. The firm works at all levels within many organisations, from start-ups to multinationals, and with the investor community – in projects around the world.

the value of their intellectual property investments and that they are fully protected. Ultimately the firm’s vision is for IP to be fully recognised as a tradable business asset, therefore its focus is to help its clients realise value from their intangible assets.

Offering an experienced, inter-disciplinary team including business, technology and marketing consultants, IP specialists and patent and trade mark attorneys, the firm ensures that any issue can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. This team works with organisations of all sizes to develop and commercialise innovative ideas to their best possible advantage. Additionally the firm’s services extend beyond patent and trade mark attorney services to provide IP Strategy, competitor analysis, IP Audits and Training, independent IP Valuations, Brokering and clear Legal Opinions. As such its clients are always confident of

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