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Franz Reißner Treuhandgesellschaft mbH (FRTG) is a mid-sized consulting firm which has been advising clients in the fields of public accounting, national and international taxation, bookkeeping, financial statement preparation, insolvency and financial matters since 1962. The trust placed in the firm by their clients and their satisfaction is what provides their motivation on a daily basis. They stand for a complete, proactive, designand value-oriented consultancy. Their client core includes national and international enterprises in all possible legal forms, size and ownership, clubs, foundations and natural persons.

Company: Franz Reißner Treuhandgesellschaft mbH Name: Wolfgang Hohl Email: wolfgang.hohl@ Web: Address: Prinz-Georg-Straße 15, 40477 Dusseldorf, Germany Telephone: +49-211-94403-0

We asked Wolfgang Hohl to specifically tell us about the companies working in the group and how they work together to provide a fully comprehensive service to their clients. “Franz Reißner Treuhandgesellschaft mbH is a member of the FRTG Group which comprises six public accounting and tax consulting firms in Germany” he explains. “The individual firms have interaction with each other and access to a pool of experts with many years of experience in the fields of public accounting, tax, legal and insolvency consulting as well as general business consultancy and are thus able to provide their clients with consulting services which are solution and future oriented. With 13 locations in Germany we are always there where our clients are and are therefore able to provide service on a local basis” he continues. “Professional competence, speed, flexibility, internationalism and comprehensive consulting from one source are imperatives for our national and international clientele” are the factors he believes make his firm unique. Current trends in the German tax market Regarding the current trends in the German tax market, Hohl goes on to explain the developments that have occurred in recent years. “The tax consultancy market is in a consolidation phase because as a result of legal requirements and quality standards the smaller tax consulting firms are no longer able to generate sufficient profits and are thus no longer attractive employers. Digitalization and automation require high technical standards and internationalization requires cross-border cooperation (networks or cooperation)” he reveals. Europe will continue to evolve into a central market so that consulting services will no longer be limited to the borders as we know them today, Hohl says responding to a question on how recent economic issues in Europe have affected you’re his business. Having said this, do opportunities exist for overseas investors looking to move into the Germany? What advice and support can FRTG give investors looking to move into the market? “By virtue of our network we are able to inform our clients concerning the market, legal issues and taxation legislation as well as to provide complete support with the founding of a branch, office or a subsidiary, often through a company ‘in stock’” he explains.

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“We offer office services and, as a result, comprehensive support in becoming established in the market, including bookkeeping, financial statement and tax return preparation as well as representing clients at taxation and other authorities” he adds. Financial performance & staying at the forefront The firm’s financial performance in 2015 has been successful, as Hohl reveals that “our growth this year will reach 15%. This is due to client acquisitions in 2014 and 2015 which are now fully integrated; this trend will continue in 2016 / 2017. Turning Franz Reißner Treuhandgesellschaft mbH into a brand has led to a higher market presence and serves to support this trend.” When working in a business environment that is constantly evolving, one way in which FRTG’s staff stay one step ahead, is for the “staff members attend professional conferences and make speeches domestically and abroad; furthermore, through our membership in auditrust International and International Referral network as well as formerly the PrimeGlobal (Association) and a future membership with another network we have access to information first-hand. The years ahead Looking ahead Hohl says the company’s “long term goal is to have a presence in every larger German city, perhaps also in neighbouring countries. Next year we will open additional locations, particularly in southern half of Germany.” “The FRTG Group was classified in the TOP tax consulting firms by FOCUS-SPEZIAL in 2014 and in 2015 in various categories. This award recognizes the professional competence and expertise of the individual offices. The FRTG Group, and particularly the professional staff have thus reached another milestone on the way to the top. Franz Reißner Treuhandgesellschaft mbH benefits from the worldwide expertise of more than 600 partners by virtue of its membership in auditrust International, International Referral and a new network. Through the support we are able to combine the advantages of individualized service as a mid-sized consultancy with the worldwide presence of an international network and are thus well placed in terms of international consulting for our clients.”

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