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Since 1989, Aquije Chung & Asociados has provided professional services to domestic companies and foreign branches that invest in Peru, in all business sectors and international cooperation organizations. In 1998, our firm joined Morison International based in London, England as an independent member in order to face the challenge of globalization and have the support of its worldwide professional members, integrated by the same service philosophy. Currently, we are members of BBCG-International who annually perform a peer review to meet the assurance and quality Improvements of our professional services. Also, we are a member of International Referral Global based in London, England linked to worldwide professional networks in the fields of auditing, accounting, legal, business consulting and others.

Company: Aquije Chung & Asociados Partner: Juan Aquije Email: Web: Address: Jr. Morro Solar 222 Ofic. 404, Chacarilla, Surco Lima - Perú Telephone: (01) 372 54 37 / 958 624 443

Currently, we perform financial and operational audits for companies that invest in Peru, adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards – IFRS, certifications of technical assistance services by reduction of tax rate, price transfer technical studies, representation of audit firms for review of audit assignments and consolidated opinions and legal and tax advice. Our services are characterized by being customized, with a comprehensive approach and presentation of alternative solutions to the needs of the organizations through its audit, accounting, tax and business consulting areas detailed in our website: www. We serve clients from all over the world that invest in Peru through our technical secretariat based in Toronto, Canada. Juan Aquije is a certified public accountant in Peru and Managing Partner of Aquije Chung & Asociados, who previously served as Audit Manager at Touche Ross International in Peru (today Deloitte Touche). He can be directly contacted by email at jgaquije@ Mrs. Lourdes Alvarez a certified public accountant in Peru and Canada and Director of our firm, manages the abroad services and can be directly contacted by email at lalvarez@achung. Our general approach is focused on the awareness and understanding of customers businesses as a whole. We initially invest the necessary time to identify the relevant situations and give priority to the allocation of time of our specialized team. All assignments require the knowledge and evaluation of operational processes implemented in institutions as a basis in order to determine the critical areas and levels of risk as well as establishing levels of responsibility in the execution of our work. Peru is located in South America. Its territory borders are Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and the Pacific Ocean. Its sovereignty has 1´285,215 km2 of land and 200 miles of the Pacific Ocean as well as 60 million hectares in Antarctica. Worldwide, Peru stands out as the leading exporter of asparagus, paprika, flour producer, fish oil, silver, alpaca and vicuna fibers. At Latin America level, it is the leading producer of zinc, tin, bismuth, tellurium, lead and gold. It is considered as the second most attractive destination for investment in mining exploration in Latin America and the second producer of copper. Furthermore it is the leading textile exporter, possessor of the greatest richness and biological variety, second country by its area of natural forests in Latin America and has a large productive area of crop varieties. Our current relationship with BBCG International and International Referral Global has allowed us to face

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the challenge of globalization with the participation of professionals from different offices around the world and with the same service philosophy. Periodic reviews performed by BBCG International allow us to improve the quality of our services achieving worldwide acceptance standards. With our industry constantly evolving it is vitally important we are at the forefront of any emerging developments. With this in mind our professional team is permanently trained in new technologies related to their specialty to face our customer’s needs. Our firm started providing financial audit services and over the years has implemented the business consulting and tax services at national level. During the last year it has been serving foreign companies that invest in Peru. During the first 15 years, our firm developed work to public companies and has been enhancing its services to the domestic and foreign private sector ever since. Our motto is simple, all members of staff work towards a common goal, providing a high quality service to our customers whilst maintaining a moral, ethical and confidentiality level. All members of our firm have been prepared in order to keep strictly confidential information obtained from our customers regarding the services we provide. The customers information is protected and guarded in our offices and the access is limited to unauthorized people. As a member firm of BBCG Group International and the College of Public Accountants of Lima, Peru, we are committed for the strict fulfillment of the code of conduct and professional ethics. Permanently, our professionals are trained to maintain a high level of moral and ethical behavior when developing the services with our customers. All staff members are selected for their personal and professional qualities and accept the professional and ethical standards contained in our code of ethics. If a member violates these standards they are dismissed from our organization. In terms of what makes us unique, the firm offers a high quality service to our customers through a customized and permanent attention, offering integrated approaches and alternatives for organizations with the direct participation of our partners and professionals specialized in auditing, accounting, taxes, merger and acquisitions and legal and consulting advice. Our plans are aimed towards continious improvement as we look to achieve our goals, to be recognized as a first level company and leader in the national market, based on our experience and excellence of our services with technological support of the last generation.

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