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Moroglu Arseven is a full service law firm with broadly demonstrated expertise and experience in business law. Established in 2000, they have a dynamic and dedicated team of lawyers who are experts in their respective fields. Outstanding client service, delivery of results and the support of their distinguished Of Counsels have all been fundamental to the success of their firm, allowing them to support the success of their clients. Their primary guiding principles are universal and national ethical values, independence of the legal practice and the indivisibility of legal science and legal practice. This is reflected in their relationship with clients, not as a temporarily hired provider of legal services, but rather as a trusted advisor for both legal and strategic matters.

Company: Moroğlu Arseven Name: Orcun Cetinkaya Email: Web: Address: Odakule Kat:12, İstiklal Caddesi No:142, Beyoğlu 34430, İstanbul, Turkey Telephone: +90 212 377 47 00

Their clients include national, foreign and multinational commercial, industrial and financial enterprises. The firm is known in their jurisdiction as a detail oriented, well-connected, hands-on and concentrated law firm, as well as being expert at handling complex tasks, whether these tasks are related to transactions, disputes or settlements. They regularly advise and support clients with complex issues and demanding matters, requiring the firm to provide multidisciplinary attention to reach creative and innovative solutions for their clients.

dispute. This always includes their attorneys adopting a holistic approach to the wider legal and commercial situation. The firm integrates their individual expertise and collaborate between their corporate advisory, intellectual property, tax and dispute resolution teams, among other practice areas. Finally, they focus on their clients’ business sectors and actively participate in professional associations and events. They are capable of communicating in English, German and French. These factors all contribute to their undoubted ability to consistently provide the best possible client experience.

Their primary purpose in representing and advising clients is to provide and implement clear, applicable and pragmatic solutions which focus on the specific needs of their clients’ transaction, legal question or

Maillard, Cerbón, Canudas, Argumedo y Asociados are positioned as key players within the legal sector in both national and international levels. Their commitment to all their clients is to offer personalized attention as well as a service of excellence, which are based on loyalty, honesty, trustworthiness of their relationship. They are a renowned Legal Consulting firm, specialized in labor law, offering services to Mexican and foreign enterprises since 1983. The firm also provide the development and implementation of talks aimed at industrial relations managers, chiefs of staff and others, in order to update them on labor matters and to prevent possible labor disputes in workplace.

Company: Maillard, Cerbón, Canudas, Argumedo y Asociados Name: César Maillard Cárdenas Email: Web: Address: Río Po No. 39, Col. Cuauhtémoc, México, D.F. Telephone: +52 5662 9882

Business vision At Maillard, Cerbón, Canudas, Argumedo and Associates, they focus on: • Devoting themselves not only to the task of solving labor problems in the workplace, but also providing their clients with the most suitable strategies to prevent labor conflicts; • Working closely with the business sector in order to improve working relationships that result in increased productivity and profitability for businesses, which ultimately benefit Mexico; • Keeping up with constant modernization in order to continue, with firm strides, their development as a consolidated firm. As for a sign of their business growth, they have relocated their office close to Av. Paseo de la Reforma, a short distance from the Federal Bureau of Conciliation and Arbitration (La Junta Federal de Conciliación y Arbitraje) in order to respond to their customers´ needs, which is their main objective. At the same time, it is the result of their strong

presence in the field, thus it is their mission to continue providing excellent services to their clients. Corporate strengths The firm offers: • More than 30 years of experience in providing legal advice to companies in the labor sector; • With extensive knowledge of business management, thanks to the fact that their partners held senior management positions prior to joining the firm, allowing them to focus their efforts towards labor conflict prevention in the most effective way; • National presence and recognition of various industry officials and union representatives from different labor organizations, which allows them to offer their services throughout the country; • Highly qualified personnel, who are fluent in English and/or Japanese, to guarantee the collaboration with the foreign companies to which they provide their services; • A personalized excellent service that they provide to each of their customers. All of these points have allowed the firm to consolidate as the legal consulting firm in labor matters, therefore they have become a leader among the providers for excellent service, quality and outcomes. Acquisition International - December 2015 45

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