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The Most Highly Regarded Expert Witnesses for 2016

Re:Cognition Health is, therefore, investing significant time and private investment raising the profile of clinical trials, enrolling patients and delivering trials and services to the highest standards, as measured both in the UK and globally. Re:Cognition Health is shortlisted for the 2015 Laing and Buisson Independent Health Care Awards for “Best provider of dementia services. Commitment With decisive leadership and breadth of clinical expertise, Re:Cognition Health envisions a world of “healthy minds” where our cognitive experts work together to diagnose early and accurately, the cause of cognitive impairment in those presenting at any age, to provide the right treatments to reverse reversible conditions and manage those conditions which remain progressive. For traumatic brain injury Re:Cognition Health experts are committed to provide leadership and excellent outcomes through provision of clinical and medico-legal services. For those at school, in higher education, at work and in retirement, Re:Cognition Health is providing an opportunity for ensuring the development and maintenance of healthy brains and minds.

Cognitive Impairment A problem to do with any thinking ability including: • Memory impairment • Executive function • Problem solving • Concentration • Visuospatial skills • Speaking and language • Decision making • Calculating ability • Dyslexia, dyspraxia, • Many other processes that normally happen subconsciously Re:Cognition Health Experts: Providing early accurate diagnosis, the latest therapeutic opportunities and optimal long term management, for young people and adults: • Neurologists • Psychiatrists • Neuro-psychiatrists • Neuro-radiologists • Neuro-psychologists • Clinical Psychologists • Speech & Language • Occupational health • Neuro-physiotherapists • Vocational therapists • Behavioural therapists

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AI magazine December 2015