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The Telair Cargo Group is the global leader in the design, manufacturing and support of priorietary state-of-the art aircraft on-board cargo loading and restraint systems for the global aerospace industry.

Company: Telair Cargo Group Name: Stefan Schuetzinger Email: Web: Address:Bodenschneidstrasse 2, 83714 Miesbach, Germany Telephone: ++49 8025 29 1003

Stefan Schuetzinger is the CFO of Telair Cargo Group with over 25 years of Financial Experience under his belt, primarily in senior positions and a number of different industries. He has a strong background in different industries ranging from critical infrastructure technologies (Emerson Network Power), water treatment plants (Thyssen), building industry (Eternit) to auditing (Interfides).

prosperity? “It was very difficult for us to weather the financial crisis, because the Aerospace Industry was hit very seriously” Schuetzinger stresses. “We have some flexibility in our remuneration / working hours model, we were well protected against the fluctuations in the currency swings and we were able to win our vendors do contribute their share to prevent from worse difficulties” he adds.

“Different businesses mean different challenges to a company and to the role of a Finance Executive” according to Schuetzinger. “I have also a broad experience in successfully leading projects (all phases of M&A-projects, Engineering Project Management, IT-Implementations, etc.). I believe this background is very helpful in making the Telair Cargo Group a better company” he stresses.

Emerging developments When working in an industry that is constantly evolving, what measures does Schuetzinger’s firm take to ensure that they are at the forefront of any emerging developments? “The Telair Cargo Group cultivates a spirit of impartiality, what we believe is a fertile ground for new ideas” explains Schuetzinger. “We have a very generous employee invention system. Whenever an employee invention is brought to the market, the respective employee-inventor will get an attractive remuneration for his/her innovation” he went onto say.

How the firm has changed over time Since Schuetzinger started working with Telair Cargo Group, the size of the business has more than quadrupled and has grown from a break-even business to an industry leader in terms of profitability. The success of our company he firmly believes is built on: • Strong customer orientation and particularly with the OEMs Airbus, Boeing and Bombardier; • Innovation – the firm have been the driving force of innovation in their specific market; • Human Resources – they are a very successful company because they have excellent, well trained, talented, inspired and highly motivated people. “We have grown the Telair Cargo Group mostly organically, but through complementary and selective acquisitions, too” he says. “Our focus has been high reliability as a partner to our customers, what means excellent delivery performance and quality. Constant productivity improvements and sound management of our currency risk have been important factors for our success. We are in a USD business and a large portion of our costs are denominated in Euro currency. We are setting the industry standard with Sales per employee of more than USD 500 thousand” he continues. In terms of Telair Cargo Group’s financial performance in 2015, it has been enormously successful. “We have ended our Financial Year in September and it was a very successful year” said an upbeat Schuetzinger. “We have managed our currency exposure and Working Capital very well and were able to further improve productivity. We have achieved excellent OTD-levels and were successful with the ramp up of a new product line. For the current Financial Year we will benefit from our volume increase and better pricing” he enthused.

Lifting the lid on the ethos behind his firm, the question posed was is there a certain culture that defines his company and how does Schuetzinger ensure that these values are maintained across all areas of his company? “Besides the high standards, which we maintain throughout our organisation in terms of compliance with international ethical standards, the driving force behind all our efforts is strong focus on our customers. We have a strong focus on reliability to the outside and within our organisation” Schuetzinger replies. When asked what makes their company unique and separates them from their competitors, Schuetzinger underlines that they “are driven by the requirements of our customers and to permanently improve our product. We heavily invest into innovation and try hard to keep the highest standard of product quality and on time delivery.” Looking ahead Schuetzinger concludes: “We will continue to focus on customer satisfaction, improve and innovate our product, explore future opportunities like getting on additional platforms, make smart acquisitions and think out of the box. “We are building our future on the following three pillars: Price / Productivity / New Products.”

Regarding the 2008 financial crisis it is worth considering here what impact this had on Schuetzinger’s firm back then. The question is, how did his firm weather this storm and continue towards

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