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CEO of the Year, California

Company: OriginClear, Inc. Name: Riggs Eckelberry Email: Web: Address: 5645 W Adams Blvd Los Angeles CA 90016 Telephone: 323-939-6645

CEO of the Year, California OriginClear is a leading provider of water treatment solutions and the developer of a breakthrough water clean up technology serving the rapidly growing $500 billion world market. CEO Riggs Eckelberry provides us with a unique overview of this market and how his firm fits into it.

OriginClear is a technology company that went public in 2008 to develop a breakthrough technology through licensing and joint ventures. We began as OriginOil with a mission to help commercialize algae, “the original oil”, and we continue to provide one of the strongest primarily non-chemical platforms for harvesting of algae today. Then in 2009 we found that our ability to get microscopic particles out of water could also be put to work in the oil fields, and we began to demonstrate our ability to clean up oil and gas wastewater. Therefore in 2014 we renamed ourselves as OriginClear and began to develop in industrial and agricultural wastewater treatment. In 2015, with our technology proven and getting into revenue, we began to work on the next stage, acquiring companies in the water treatment business. Currently many industrial water users are outsourcing their treatment needs and there is an opportunity to acquire those many small companies. Today, our technology is a breakthrough way to clarify water and neutralize certain hazardous chemicals in it, and we license our technology as well as participating in joint ventures. Within the company my role is as the chief communicator. As such it is my responsibility to get across the benefits and potential of what we do, and also our concrete progress in doing so. I’ve been able to find and support strong leaders of our two major groups: technology and M&A. As a result, I am able to focus on strategy and corporate development, while ensuring that we have the financial means to get our job done.

The water treatment industry, despite being highly technologically driven, is still heavily populated by old fashioned companies. As such the adoption of new water treatment technology in developed countries is very conservative and slow. However, we have found very high enthusiasm in the Chinese market. There is high awareness of the extent of the problem in mainland China and the government has begun mandating business owners to effectively and efficiently deal with pollution issues. To capitalize on this readiness, we created OriginClear Hong Kong (OCHK), our wholly-owned master licensee for China, which is also our business hub for the rest of Asia-Pacific. Our strategy in China is to establish a number of joint ventures there in which OCHK will take a share. OCHK managing director, Jean-Louis “JL” Kindler, who is also President of the OriginClear Technologies group, and Nicholas Eckelberry, co-founder of OriginClear, have worked for several months to prove the technology in lab demonstrations and develop relationships. Our joint venture with Mr. Xu is the direct result of those efforts. Mr. Xu pledged $1mn for the right to a joint venture which will be responsible for sales of systems in China, and a manufacturing joint venture which will build all standalone systems for the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China (Taiwan) and elsewhere, while allowing other licensees to continue to build our technology into their systems. It’s the best of both worlds: sales coverage in China, and a high-quality manufacturing operation that will set the standard for implementation of our technology. Globally, this means that our licensees and partners worldwide will have the chance to purchase ISOreference equipment at the most competitive price. Our technology integrates into existing systems, creating a win-win for all concerned. Looking to the future we plan to become a major player in the outsourced water treatment business in North America. Our vision is for The OriginClear Group™ to become a major U.S. player in the water solutions provider business over the next five years. In order to achieve this we plan to acquire other firms working in the industry, as well as establish our technology as a de facto standard in first-stage water clarification.

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