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CEO of the Year - Aptuit - Jonathan Goldman

Aptuit - Jonathan Goldman Formed in 2004, Aptuit has evolved as a modern contract research organization (CRO).Today, Aptuit is focussed on providing high-content value solutions, as a true scientific partner to its customers. Working at the helm of this company is Jonathan Goldman, who gave us his insight into successfully running a major business.

Company: Aptuit Name: Jonathan Goldman Email: Web: Address: Two Greenwich Office Park, Greenwich, CT 06831 Telephone: +1 855 4 APTUIT

Aptuit mission is to provide scientific and technological support to innovative pharmaceutical companies which are discovering and developing novel treatments for patients suffering of diseases with unmet medical need. Every day, their scientists have the opportunity to put their experience and expertise at the service of many research and development projects, to treat serious illnesses, such as resistant infections, CNS diseases, cancer, rare diseases. Goldman has been CEO of the company for two years, and firmly believes that his experience prior to becoming CEO has brought added value to his current role. “Before working at Aptuit, I held several positions at ICON Plc, which is a global contract clinical research organization,” says Goldman. “This included three years as global head of Business Development, as well as other senior roles in operations and in medical imaging. Throughout my role as CEO, I have been able to leverage on my previous working experience to make sure we can support our customers in the discovery and development of new medicines. “Another key element of my role is ensuring that we, as a company, grow our profits and become fully sustainable,” added Goldman. “At the same time we must retain our core competences and our key scientists and nurture the new generation of collaborators, which will ensure that we remain at the forefront in the relentless competition that we face.” According to Goldman, communication is key to leading a successful business. Across all sectors, Goldman believes that both a high level of transparency and trust are needed in order ensure that they reach their prospective goals. “I like everyone in Aptuit to be clear of our mission and aware of our strategy and objectives, and I strive to share them with everyone in the organisation,” says Goldman. “I want to meet and know as many collaborators as possible and spend time with them in the laboratories. In this way, I can become aware and knowledgeable about their daily activities and their challenges.” Despite their success, Aptuit also face a number of challenges in the pharma industry, particularly its ability to deliver cost-effective new treatments that justify high prices and allow covering skyrocketing costs of the development of new drugs. “Today, the required safety and efficacy standards are now incomparably higher than those that former blockbusters had to meet in the past,” says Goldman. “As such, a new model of drug discovery and early development is establishing worldwide. The presence of new scientific service providers has lowered the barrier to access to modern drug discovery and new actors like academic or not for profit institutions are also coming on the stage.

These new players need to be able to tap into other competences and capabilities they do not possess, and test their ideas and evaluate the potential to become effective and safe new medicines. From our perspective, this provides us with a terrific opportunity.” As a company working in an industry that is constantly evolving, Aptuit always ensure that they keep abreast of any emerging development and trends. “Thanks to the fact that some of our clients are also academic groups, we are very often exposed to the new research ideas and methodologies, and we strive to keep up with this progress,” says Goldman. “Of course we cannot master all of it, and need to be selective in the key areas for us. We regularly attend the relevant scientific congresses and pay attention to public funding opportunities, such as European programmes, to stay at the forefront of the science and develop new competences and capabilities. “Across our industry, Aptuit is known in the industry as leaders in scientific integrated services because of the depth of scientific and operational talent we have. Our reputation is one of the major attracting factors for young talents and expert scientists we hire, to ensure our long term sustainability and continue to grow the organisation with the right mix of scientific and industry experience.” What has led Apuit to their success, according to Goldman, is that they have repositioned themselves as the leading provider of integrated discovery and development services rather than standalone services. “While we still provide one-off services as requested, we find that we offer the most value to our customers when we combine them into one integrated program. A former GSK R&D Center of Excellence, Aptuit Verona has the unique ability to perform all of the services needed to bring a drug to IND all under one roof. Aptuit also supplements its discovery and development services in Verona with Active Product Ingredient development and manufacturing capabilities in Oxford.” Looking further down the road, Goldman is optimistic about that Aptuit will continue to grow and expand. “We are committed to continue our exceptional growth path, both in sales and revenues and to increase our profitability. This will ensure we can also implement and further our investments for expansion and to be able to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. “This will mainly be done organically, but we do not exclude some growth by acquisition in some other key strategic areas we have identified, such as biologicals. I am very confident we will be able to deliver on this in 2016 and beyond.” Acquisition International - December 2015 27

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