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IT CEO of the Year - South Africa Enterprise Outsourcing is a leading Global Managed IT Services and Cloud Computing professional services company, providing a broad range of services and solutions around information technology. CEO Pedro Viudez provides us with a unique insight into his firm and the role it plays in the industry.

Company: Enterprise Outsourcing Limited. Name: Pedro Viudez Email: pedro.viudez@ Web: Address: 114, Katherine & West, West Street , Sandton, South Africa Telephone: 27 11 506 8600

At Enterprise Outsourcing it is our aim to radically simplify technology deployment, maintenance and upgrades by which we release management of our clients to focus in their business “core competence” while we provide them with the IT platform that support their “core business processes”.

team member in operations ensures clients always receive a superior service.

Combining sound infrastructure, skills and knowledge, Enterprise Outsourcing has positioned itself as a leader in quality, cost effective IT and data processing solutions. We implement technology solutions that increase our clients’ productivity and efficiency. Ultimately, we assist our clients in reaching their true potential or core business competence.

As CEO it is my role to set the strategy and direction for the group and ensure this is adhered to at all times. Creating a company’s strategy and vision is hard work, but not nearly as hard as implementing it.

With this aim in mind it is our mission to “Deliver quality, cost effective IT and Data Processing Solutions to our selected industries”. To achieve this mission we have in a place a continuous improvement process to increase our capabilities and constantly reduce our cost. Additionally we constantly benchmark our services and cost to the best in class in the industry to ensure we are at the top. Here at Enterprise Outsourcing, we also understand that keeping abreast with the latest technology trends is vital for us to stay ahead in a fast paced, challenging industry. Keeping abreast with the latest technology trends also helps us stay ahead of our competitors. Keeping in mind the current economic climate and offering them these complex solutions at a reasonable price has allowed us to maintain ourselves as a successful company. Therefore we always work closely with our clients and peers in the industry to stay ahead of our competitors. Overall what makes us truly standout from our competitors is the individualised attention we give our clients. The IT sector suffers from a bad reputation when it comes to satisfying customer needs. Unfortunately, it is often well deserved. Too many times, the work is done incorrectly or not to the customer’s requirements — and it is the customer who ultimately determines what good customer service is and what it is not. Our unique approach to delivering IT solutions by which we take on the risks with our clients on a daily basis and the direct involvement of every executive 24 Acquisition International - December 2015

Alongside this we understand that our clients are not all the same. Computer protection policies and procedures form part of our strategy for our clients.

Vision is, first and foremost, the responsibility of myself and the leadership team. This top-down requirement is made all the more difficult because the leadership team has to learn how to walk-the-talk of the vision before it can be completely understood by the team. This is like learning how to ride a bike and, at the same time, riding it well. This is the most crucial step, and weakest link, in becoming a visionand values-based enterprise. Modelling and setting the company’s culture is also a vital aspect of my role and something I take very seriously. Within my firm we have a strong culture and we continue to nurture our culture every day as this is what makes us different. However, combining skills with cultural fit is our daily challenge. We try to understand each candidates “value system” and “skills set” when we are hiring staff, as bringing only skills to our organisation will destroy our culture. All candidates go through a rigorous process of at least three interviews before they are considered for a position. Looking to the future, we are looking to significant growth of our US and Australian operations. Currently the collapse of resources prices is negatively affecting company’s profitability and IT budgets in Australia but despite this challenging environment we are keen to continue to move into the region, and we are excited for the challenges it poses. Our work in the US market is more encouraging and we are experiencing positive recovery of IT investments in the North American market which will help us as we look to grow further in this region. In order to ensure these expansion plans are a success we are going to continue fine tuning our business model and approach, to allow us to increase our ability to deliver IT solutions with greater levels of robustness, effectiveness and risk management.

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