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Biotechnology CEO of the Year - The Netherlands

functionality and performance to clinical diagnostic labs. Compared to today’s state-of-the-art clinical SPECT systems, G-SPECT has the potential to improves volumetric image resolution 20-fold, reduces the required radiopharmaceutical dose down to a factor of 50 and increases the image acquisition frame rate to seconds instead of tens of minutes. These capabilities have the potential to completely revolutionize clinical molecular imaging and

repositioning SPECT as a key modality for scientific clinical research as well as human diagnostic and treatment follow-up applications. G-SPECT image resolution and scan speed are similar to those that can be obtained with the best PET clinical scanners while studies at low dose levels will improve healthcare economics and be of interest to a broad community of physicians performing and ordering nuclear imaging studies.

Under Professor Beekman’s leadership the MILabs’ management team is comprised of individuals with a strong combination of technical, sales and operational experience. With a strong background in medical imaging and the general life‐sciences industry, management has bootstrapped the company to become a leading and profitable supplier of preclinical imaging equipment. Extra talent is being hired with sales and marketing experience and personnel to guide the company through the increased level of the regulatory requirements of the clinical market.

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AI magazine December 2015