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Parker Software is a technology firm specialising in digital solutions to help their clients engage with their customers. CEO Stephen Parker explains the firm’s work and offers us an insight into the work he does to ensure the company stays at the top of its game. Company: Parker Software Name: Stephen Parker Email: stephen.parker@ Web: Address: Parker Software Limited, Victoria Business Park, Prospect Way, Knypersley, Stoke on Trent, ST8 7PL, United Kingdom Telephone: 0330 0882 943

At Parker Software we bring businesses closer to their customers by offering a comprehensive suite of solutions focused around digital engagement, sales enablement and business process automation, which together join the dots of digital communication. Our suite takes a cohesive single platform approach, synchronising a multitude of digital channels to drive operational efficiency. Communication is evolving, and we are committed to keeping customers competitive via empowering technology. As both CEO and founder, Parker Software is exceptionally close to me personally. That much is evident from my hands-on approach; I remain the lead developer of our products to this day, even with a sizeable technical team in place. To that end, I am an atypical CEO; involved in strategic company direction right down to nitty gritty development details. It is this proximity to our products that enables me to see both the bigger picture and the components that shape it – letting me lead the company with thorough, real knowledge of its operations. Our company mission is to bring businesses and their customers closer together, so it naturally follows that we have a customer-centric approach. It is a vital aspect of my role as CEO to ensure that my vision for the company is integrated into every aspect of the work we do. As our products focus on intelligent communication, and it’s important to mirror this as much as possible in my own communications. For me that’s never been about repeatedly drilling down company values and mottos into the team: it’s about engaging employees and building a single united vision that everyone can get behind. Collaboration is key, and each of our divisions is fully up to speed on the other’s current work and goals. That openness helps give the team a sense of how their individual roles interweave with the broader company

vision, so that everyone can be proud of the value of their work. It’s engagement rather than enforcement that ensures the execution of visions. As a company we aim to understand the individual requirements of our customers, and to translate those needs into powerful solutions. The very structure of the business helps us achieve that. Our priority is always the customer, and we’ve installed a professional services team with the sole focus of client care. No matter how superior the product, we know that it’s ultimately service that wins loyalty – and that’s why we focus heavily on both. Our flagship product is our WhosOn live chat software, which is now a top product in the industry. As we’ve been specialising in live chat since 2003, we consider ourselves to be frontrunners rather than late-comers jumping on the bandwagon. It’s the product itself, however, that is always the true differentiator. WhosOn isn’t just live chat software: it’s a 360° digital engagement solution. The depth and breadth of the product’s features make it uniquely advanced, and our ongoing development means that we never stop improving. For example, as part of our solution customers receive comprehensive web reports that analyse customer behaviour – helping them identify trends and optimise their site. They get sophisticated prospect detection, allowing them to pinpoint, profile and proactively engage their potential customers. Then there are aspects such as real-time language translation, intelligent canned responses, video chat, remote desktop control, campaign management, help desk ticketing, across the board systems integrations and an extensive management toolset which provide our customers Our firm provides these solutions across the globe, and are looking to expand into new and exciting markets in new markets. For the short-term, we’re keen to grow our presence in the existing regions we service, primarily across the UK and USA. We have an exceptional solution, and see no reason why we can’t continue to seize market share in the areas in which we currently operate. From a more long-term perspective, we have a truly global suite which is already mobilised in over 40 languages. East Asia in particular presents a massive opportunity, and as we continue to expand internationally it could be the next key region to crack. The future is looking bright for our firm in other areas of growth as well. For the final stages of 2015, we’ve got a new office acquisition planned, as well as further growth across our marketing, sales and technical teams. Beyond that, who knows? We’re planning to invest heavily on solutions upgrades, as well as developing a new web-based customer portal through which customers can remotely manage their deployments. The sky is the limit at this stage.

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