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Outsourcing: Helping Businesses Achieve More for Less in the UK

Future plans Bringing the interview to a conclusion, Cobbaert says that, “Conectys will continue to expand geographically in order to further strengthen its language coverage and, at the same time, gain access to regional markets. As a company, we will continue to invest aggressively in our ConectysOS cloud-based BPaaS platform, a platform that is seen as instrumental to our continued success and a very strong business differentiator for Conectys and its clients. “We will also focus on deepening industry vertical knowledge in order to offer unique, industry-specific, full-stack People-Process-Technology solutions. At the same time, we will continue to innovate as we near our BP-as-a-Service ideal of simplicity, automation and cost efficiency. “We notice that the outsourcing industry is still composed of the incumbent, bloated players with size and scale as their primary differentiators. They continue to operate along legacy business models and seem to bank on the fact that trend adoption is slow in the sector. “However, the outsourcing industry is not immune to disruption. Fast and nimble players are quick to seize the changing dynamics of the global business ecosystem and use their newly-gained knowledge to push the boundaries of business and rewrite the trajectory of outsourcing partnerships toward valueadded, gain share models. “We see Conectys as belonging to the second category of future-oriented companies, and we will continue to invest valuable resources into developing the best teams, processes and tools to create sustainable innovation that will support our clients as they take on the global market” Cobbaert concludes.

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