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Company: DKLM LLP Name: Patrick Gilmour Email: Web: Address: City House, 3 Cranwood Street, London, EC1V 9PE Telephone: 0207 549 7888

Sound Corporate Governance: The Key to Business Success DKLM LLP is an established central London law firm with a strong international focus. Situated in EC1, our expert legal team offer a complete range of legal services to our private and commercial clients. We have a strong expertise in our core areas of: Business Immigration, Commercial Property, Corporate and Commercial, Commercial Litigation, Employment law, Private Client, Estate Planning, Estate Administration, Property Litigation and Residential Conveyancing. We also provide specialist services for Mediation/ ADR, Licencing and Tech law.

I am head of Company/Commercial with a strong focus on transactional work including buying and selling companies and businesses, dealing with investments and related agreements and articles of association and often dealing with lending and security documentation in connection with these deals. It is often necessary to co-ordinate teams of lawyers on larger deals from both my department, property and employment. DKLM was formed in 2004 by the four founding partners leaving the firm they then worked in, and it has doubled in size in the last five years. The name DKLM is formed from the initials of our four founding partners: Alan Dixon, Jeremy Kleinfeld, Philip Li and Kiran Morzeria. In our 11th successful year we are expanding faster than ever. Each founding partner comes from a very different community and has a very different background. From its inception the foundation stone of DKLM has been the diversity of its clients, partners and staff. We have a Managing Partner, Alan Dixon, who deals with day to day decisions quickly. We have both monthly and weekly partner meetings which all partners and the Finance Director are welcome to attend to discuss management issues. In addition we have an annual strategy weekend to review longer term goals out of which we update the business plan and marketing plan with input from all partners (and indirectly from all staff). We seek consensus, but will make decisions by majority vote to avoid paralysis. We are based next to Old Street Station (otherwise known as Silicon Roundabout) and are keen to build relationships with the tech businesses who are our immediate neighbours. This is a fast moving environment with clients who have a strong sense of value, so we need to demonstrate real added value to maintain their confidence in us. Property prices are rising and with that, the cost of doing business in this area is too. The start-up community are increasingly looking east for their new homes. We have made the decision to stay in this area and to grow with our clients while trying to maintain relationships with the tech start up world.

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We have a number of people following different strands of our business interests and updating others in the firm with anything which may be of interest. Our Property colleagues have six meetings a year to discuss changes in the law in their areas and to spread knowledge amongst themselves. The firm also has firm wide meetings to discuss wider issues relevant to all fee earners and staff. We follow industry specific information on Twitter and LinkedIn and through various knowledge subscription services (such as PLC). We spend a lot of time on keeping up to date. In terms of our overriding philosophy we provide a good service (as defined by the client) at a price point which the client perceives as giving good value. We do not wish to cut corners or be seen as cheap (all lawyers are seen as expensive, so maybe we should attempt that unlikely task) and our particular market focus does mean that we have a hard time meeting these expectations. Chinese clients looking to invest in the UK will often be shocked by our fee rates. Nevertheless, we are building our practice based on our relationships with clients. So we are clearly doing something right. As for the culture within our firm diversity is the buzz word. We have Jewish, Indian, Chinese Malay and English staff and partners and one of the partners is a Cornish Celt. Our strap line is: “Our differences are our strengths”. We believe that mutual respect and seeking to look at the World through a different lens can aid understanding and improve decision making. Our clients are equally diverse and in the cultural melting pot which London in particular is we see many success stories of second generation immigrants building successful businesses often having arrived in this country with little more than the shirts on their backs. Today the client base is attracting overseas connections with whom we are building relationships. In 2012 DKLM signed a Strategic Association with Zhongli W&D Law Firm one of mainland China’s largest and highly regarded law firms. The alliance

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AI magazine December 2015