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Africa on the Rise

KM Advocates and Associates is comprised of a team of attorneys with vast experience across both the private and government law sectors.

Company: KM Advocates & Associates Address: Hotel Equatorial Plot 37 / 39 Bombo Road, Level 3,Suite 356 P.o.Box 73316, Clock Tower, Kampala Phone: +256 312 109 652 Fax: +256 312 516 316 Email:

The firm was set up on the background of helping countries and private actors not so familiar with Africa, or less confident with the region to make their mark in this dynamic and growing corporate market. Previously African continent business opportunities have been a monopoly of the region’s former colonial masters, but due to the speed at which the wave of globalization is hitting the continent, other countries and private actors less familiar and less confident with the continent have started eyeing the continent closely. These are the groups KM Advocates and Associates is supporting and helping to familiarize with Africa’s investment climate, develop confidence in the continent and ultimately help them set foot on the continent’s investment climate.

The East African community and the greater Great Lakes region is our main area of focus. KM Advocates and Associates is composed of very able, professional and result oriented team embedded in ensuring that a client goes away with a smile on a face. Issues such as product standards, environmental protection are increasingly becoming a big issue on the continent and these can effectively restrict interested businesses in doing business in Africa. Therefore it is the firm’s main objective is to prepare soft landing or ease doing business for foreign actors on the African continent.

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