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Deal of the Year - Sweden, TMT

Netsafe International is a system integrator of network services and advanced security services. We speak to Emanuel Lipschütz who talks us through how takeover by Conscia AS has helped the firm to expand in their market.

Company: Netsafe International AB Name: Emanuel Lipschütz Email: Web Address: Address: Kungsholmstorg 16, 112 21 STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN Telephone: +46-8-765 53 00

Netsafe International, which services clients including EVRY Integration AB and SF Bio, provide networking solutions with networking equipment and knowledge and best practices. We normally speak with the CxO level management of the customer companies, and we always engage using our own developed design process in order to build technology solutions based on business and functional requirements.

Magnus Penker

Therefore as a firm we were a very desirable prospect for Conscia AS. At the time of our takeover Netsafe was a fast growing profitable system integrator of network services and advanced security, and has over the years worked very structured with go to market strategies, innovative business modelling development and the development and establishment of an innovative organization able to repeatedly launch new solutions keeping the margins and growth up at the same time.

Peter Bengtcen Hummelblad

As a company we have invested heavily in training of our professional consultants, which resulted in many of the top networking engineers in Sweden are working for Netsafe.

Conscia was searching for a company in Sweden that was in line with their business model and could allow Conscia to grow outside of their home market in Denmark. There was a strategic fit between the two companies and their agendas which also was the rationale behind the transaction. The firm had a turnover of around 550 million Danish kroner and 80 employees, but were keen to expand into new markets. The parties involved in the deal were the purchasing company Consica AS and their Owners, a Danish VC firm, and NetSafe represented by the founder and CEO Emanuel Lipschütz, Magnus Penker Chairman and strategy consultant from Innovation 360 Group, as well as the lawyer Peter Bengtcen Hummelblad from the Swedish law firm Wåhlin. As device connectivity increases the need for services such as those Netsafe provides is growing rapidly. This is both a challenge and an opportunity, as network and security systems must be adjusted to handle this change. The transition to cloud services can lead to complex dependencies between several suppliers, as it often requires an outside expert analyse the security measures and explore whether they are suitable. An example is OT (operational technology) systems that has not been connected in the past is now being connected to the enterprise network. Security is even more important with more systems being interconnected. Our industry is all about innovation, from a strategic point of view as well as organising for sustainable innovation thinking and execution. With these growth opportunities in mind, Conscia’s acquisition of Netsafe ensures that we are able to grow alongside our client’s needs, enabling us to better meet them. Following the takeover we have hired many new professionals in order to allow the business to grow significantly and continue to build on the current momentum. Additionally the takeover has helped us to expand, both through size and access to more customers. Also we now have a stronger relationship with key suppliers. Overall Conscia acts as the partner we need to achieve global success, and the size of Conscia has helped Netsafe to win new large enterprise accounts which we could not have achieved alone. A really successful deal involves all parties coming out stronger, which is precisely what has happened here. Moving forward we are keen to keep innovating and develop our business offer to stay very competitive in the market, and to continue to invest in training to ensure our clients receive the best quality service.


AI Deal of the Year Awards 2015