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New Zealand Business Awards

Sourthern Cross Cable Network Best Trans-Pacific Submarine Cable Network 2017

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Dynamic Gift

Best Promotional Products Supplier 2017 & Award for Outstanding Client Service

Chateau Waimarama Comtpany Ltd

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, 4.

Southern Cross Cable Network Best TransPacific Submarine Cable Network 2017


360 Financial Services Ltd Best New Financial Services Firm 2017 & Award for Excellence in Asset Finance

12. Dynamic Gift Best Promotional Products Supplier 2017 & Award for Outstanding Client Service 16. Chateau Waimarama Company Ltd Winery of the Year 2017 - Hawkes Bay 18. Greenwash Best Exterior Houses Washing Service - Northland 19. Nurse Call Solutions (NCS) Most Innovative Healthcare Communications Tech Provider 2017 20. Reharvested Timber Products Ltd Best Recycled Wood Products Manufacturer 2017 21. Rudolphs Best Marine Preparation & Coating Company - Northland & Award for Excellence in Health & Safety 22. The Esplanade Apartments Best Family Holiday Accommodation - Waikato

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Southern Cross Cable Network Southern Cross Cable Network owns the major telecommunications cable network between Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and the United States of America that provides in excess of an estimated 65% of all internet connectivity out of New Zealand. We invited Anthony Briscoe, President & CEO to tell us more about the company and the services it provides. Southern Cross supply capacity to the major Telecom companies in the region so that they can carry their customers’ Telecommunication needs, including telephone calls and internet data, the services everyone uses at home and work every day. Anthony outlines the firm’s overall mission and the steps that the firm takes to achieve this.

“Basically, our overall goals are to make an incremental difference every day. These goals are very realistic and tangible for us, and keep us grounded and focused on continuous improvement.” Discussing the trends that are currently developing within New Zealand at the moment with regard to the telecoms industry, Anthony explains how the requirements within the region are constantly changing, and he is amazed by how much client expectations have risen. “Even as a person who has been in the industry for many years and seen capacity growth forecasts continually exceeded, it amazes me with the sheer scale of the capacity requirements being described for our region of the World.

“Embedded in the culture of Southern Cross is our overall goal, which is to be the best submarine cable company in the world in terms of customer service, network performance, shareholder value, and long-term value. Although we are a small company, we have set ourselves big goals to strive for.

“Furthermore, the fibre-to-thehome programmes in New Zealand and Australia, and the growth of fast mobile networks has enabled a massive change in the things we can do on the internet from home and work. The Industry struggles to understand and keep up with the change in usage patterns in the last

4 OCEANIA NEWS / 2017 New Zealand Business Awards

few years let alone what the internet-of-things (IoT) might mean to growth of capacity in all telecommunications networks when almost every device or appliance is in some way connected and sharing information.” Moreover, Anthony goes on to talk about the main benefits of being based in New Zealand, and what benefits there are specific to the region. He talks about the culture of New Zealand, noting how people in the region are eager to learn, citing his own experiences as an indicator of how working in New Zealand can be beneficial. “New Zealand provides a skilled and capable workforce with an outward-looking view on the World. I see New Zealanders as being willing to experiment and learn by visiting other countries and walking in someone else’s shoes. I know this is true about me, since as a schoolboy from Rotorua in the 1970s, I went on an exchange scheme in my last year of school to a city on the northern island of Hokkaido in Japan. That student exchange was a fantastic experience and


Best Trans-Pacific Submarine Cable Network 2017

Southern Cross Cable Network, Providing Connectivity with: 9 cables stations, 12 access points 4 countries.. spanning 8 times zones

Company: Southern Cross Cable Network Contact: Anthony Briscoe, President & CEO Address: Level 5, Resimac House, 45 Johnston Street, Wellington 6011 New Zealand Phone: +64 4 496 3250 Website: www.southerncrosscables.com

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a real eye-opener, and that willingness to experiment and learn has driven me and my career.” Regarding the internal culture at Southern Cross, Anthony tells us how he ensures that all of his staff are well equipped to answer any questions clients have, and are able to provide the best service possible, guaranteeing return business for the company. “Essentially, Southern Cross is a small company of experts, but necessarily in a small company most people can turn their hands to a number of things and we use external advice as appropriate when we need to ensure objectivity. “As the CEO, I encourage everyone to do the job they have been employed to do with maximum personal accountability for the company’s best interests. This approach supports our ‘can do’ attitude which further contributes personal momentum and commitment to the achievements of our company goals. “Additionally, the people in Southern Cross are authorised to make the best decision for the client if there is ever a service difficulty. We work hard in the background in our engineering and operations to ensure our customers never notice any service interruption. That’s the real benefit of the Southern Cross for our customers, a strong customer focus and continuity of service through dedicated engineering and commitment.”

As well as its return business, experience and culture within the company, there are many other aspects which makes Southern Cross stand out within the telecommunications industry. Anthony talks about the historical nature of the firm, its proven track record and its expansion plans, all of which highlight how successful the company currently is.

(NBN)] and in New Zealand [Ultrafast Fibre Broadband (UFB)]. These programmes are changing the ways we work and play, and are greatly reducing the distance to news and events anywhere on our planet. With our customers, Southern Cross is pleased to be a part of making that possible for the people of Australia and New Zealand.”

“Southern Cross built its current figure eight cable in 1999 to provide a strong and robust connection at a time when capacity was scarce as the growth of internet traffic was in its infancy. Our north-south capacity (between Australasia and the United States of America) was only 20Gb – equivalent to twenty Gigatown 1Gb connections in Dunedin today.

In his concluding comments, Anthony signs off by telling us what upcoming projects and plans Southern Cross has, and how these developments will help the company further establish itself as a leader within the industry, in New Zealand and further around the world.

“In the intervening years, we have continued to invest in upgrades of the terminal equipment at the ends of the cables to provide greater capacity, and as technology has also developed Southern Cross has commissioned new upgrades that have progressively increased the systems available north-south capacity to almost 12Tb, or 600 times the original capacity. “Even now, we are in the midst of current expansion programme to increase capacity as we, with our customers, move to solve the demand for the ever-growing telecommunications traffic out of Australia and New Zealand. This growth in part is driven on the back of world leading fibre-to-thehome programmes in Australia [National Broadband Network

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“Ultimately, our company just completed a subsea survey for the Southern Cross NEXT project, which mapped more than 15,000 kilometres of seafloor from Sydney to Auckland, the Pacific Islands and Los Angeles. We sought to identify any and all hazards across the seabed such as seamounts, trenches and shipwrecks, and mapped the course for the new cable to avoid these potential hazards. Having done so, we can now look to the construction and deployment phases for the cable, the third of ours connecting New Zealand to the rest of the world, which we expect to finish in 2019. This third cable will add significant internet speed and capacity to New Zealand’s network while decreasing the risk and impact of a potential outage.”


Best Trans-Pacific Submarine Cable Network 2017

PhotoCredit: Southerncrosscables.com

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360 Financial Services Ltd 360 Financial Services Ltd offers a full, tailored insurance and mortgage solution for clients. We invited Nick Jan-in to tell us more about the firm and the range of services it offers. With a presence in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, 360 Financial Services is able to serve clients across New Zealand, providing them with traditional mortgage brokering services as well as more bespoke lending packages such as peer to peer, private/joint venture lending for development and commercial projects. The firm also has a passion for financing productive assets such as cars, trucks and equipment. Nick discusses the firm’s commitment to excellence and how it works hard to provide clients with the service and solutions they need.

“Here 360 Financial Services, our mission is to provide bespoke lending services by partnering with leading financial solution providers in New Zealand. We aim to advise clients with both simple and complex lending needs, advocating on their behalf to gain positive financial outcomes.

“What marks us out as the best possible option for our clients is our passion to help others find financial solutions, our ‘360 Integrity’ and high level of competency while offering transparency and keeping our clients up to date every step of the way, every day. This is very important to us along with explaining hard banking terms in simple everyday language which provides our clients with confidence throughout the entire process.” To ensure that clients receive the level of service they expect and deserve, the firm works closely with staff, and has a collaborative, supportive internal culture, as Nick showcases. “Our team is aligned to the values of 360 Financial Services and providing and achieving the very best lending and insurance solutions by being the best we can. We have colourful personalities from different cultures. We understand our customers by taking time to ascertain their needs and keeping up to date with financial trends. To be the best we ensure our team are always up to date with the latest financial news, market analysis and industry training opportunities. “When seeking to enhance our team, we hire based on an individual’s attitude and their fit with the team. Then we train for skills. We have brokers seeking to join us often; however, we are

8 OCEANIA NEWS / 2017 New Zealand Business Awards

careful who we bring on. Our training platform is generally one on one with a director, so to ensure we are adding value to the broker who joins us and therefore ensure the clients they represent are also getting great service and expertise.” The firm provides services across the country, however its base in Auckland provides it with many exciting opportunities, as Nick is keen to highlight. “Being based in Auckland, New Zealand, has provided a unique blend of authenticity and connection that meets the needs of our clients. Living and working in Auckland showcases to our clients that we understand the market we work in and share an investment in the same market as the majority of the people we represent. Auckland has become such a diverse multicultural city. We are a diverse office, and feel the mix of cultures we have makes us better as a city and a company. “Additionally, the market in the region is buoyant, as the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Policy dictates a lot of what happens to the lending and housing market here. We have also just had a change in Government from National to Labour, parties which had very different views on housing. It is our job to keep know of how these changes affect our clients. We pride ourselves on adapting


Best New Financial Services Firm 2017 & Award for Excellence in Asset Finance

Company: 360 Financial Services Ltd Contact: Nick Jan-in Contact Email: nick@360fs.co.nz Address: 300 Richmond Rd, Grey lynn, Auckland, 1021, New Zealand Phone: 0064 9 392 2360 Website: http://www.360financialservices.co.nz/

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lightning quick to market changes and still delivering positive outcomes for our clients.” With regards to the future, Nick believes 360 Financial Services will continue to offer an attractive proposition to clients thanks to its commitment to staying at the forefront of emerging market developments, as he concludes. “Recently, we have seen recently the banks relax the 10% deposit LVR speed bump from 10% of total loans to 15%. This is a sign that the Reserve bank will slowly release the LVR hand brake, as this happens the market activity will increase so will the needs of our clients and clients to be, 360 is waiting and ready. We also know the government is working towards changing legislation for advisors. We are proactively making sure we are up to speed with training and compliance so that if any changes do happen, we can quickly transition into the new legislative environment. “As such, moving forward we will use this proactivity to achieve our aim: to be the number one firm for bespoke lending needs. This can be high net worth clients or first home buyers and small businesses that aren’t getting great service from the banks and finance companies. We will aim to be the first point of call for anyone seeking a new lender, and our dedication to providing cutting edge solutions and exceptional client service will be vital to attaining this goal.”

10 OCEANIA NEWS / 2017 New Zealand Business Awards


Best New Financial Services Firm 2017 & Award for Excellence in Asset Finance

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Dynamic Gift Dynamic Gift NZ offers promotional product solutions to corporates, advertising agents, schools, government departments and general clients from all walks of life and irregardless of size. Lyn Chambers gives us an overview of the hands-on company and its resulting success. Dynamic Gift NZ has proven itself to be an exciting promotional company to work with, garnering many compliments-and gifts-from clients and suppliers alike. The small, dedicated team is duly proud of the service it provides to the industry and its clients. The ever-evolving range of locally and internationally sourced products provides clients with the best possible options for the promotion of their businesses while ensuring excellent quality, good pricing, speedy delivery with a pleasant client experience. Each member of the Dynamic Gift NZ team is passionate about what they do, with the experience and expertise to promote other companies; not only recommending the perfect promotional item but also recommending the best uses and campaign ideas to work in conjunction with that item. Lyn Chambers, the company’s director, says the overall mission of providing exemplary service and going above and beyond in satisfying clients is the core focus and being given this award is testament to the job the team does.

“Firstly, Dynamic Gift NZ is extremely pleased to have won this award; it is truly gratifying to be recognised in this way. Secondly, we strive to satisfy all clients and live by our in-house motto, which is to tell clients what we can do, not what we cannot do.”

An aspect Lyn is keen to talk about is that, although the service provided is at an exceptional pace, the quality is of an extremely high standard, a factor Lyn believes differentiates Dynamic Gift NZ from its competitors.

“The promotional market is a highly competitive one and our ability to offer exceptional service and quality products at speed, coupled with our free artwork design service, helps us to stand out in the industry.” Looking at the products currently trending within the market, Lyn points to the ongoing demand for technology-related devices and the seasonal offerings as the southern hemisphere summer begins to heat up.

“Technology products are proving very popular for conferences and as corporate gifts, particularly because most products are very practical and are a useful gift that spans gender lines and age groups. Additionally, bucket hats are trending very well with summer approaching, as are carabiner sunscreens—with protection from the sun being essential.” Along with the extended summer break on the horizon, there are plenty of other benefits to being based in New Zealand and Auckland in particular, as Lyn is keen to emphasise.

“Dynamic Gift NZ’s office and showroom is located in Newmarket, Auckland, with easy access to the northern and


southern motorways, Auckland airport and the port—meaning it is a very good place to be positioned for deliveries, along with providing access to international freight.” With customer service being such an integral part of the company’s success, Lyn tells us how she makes sure that she employs the right staff, explaining the recruitment structure and how it is outsourced to experts in order to guarantee the right people are employed.

Caps & Headwear

“Hiring new staff is left to experts in the recruitment field. I believe this to be the right approach to the employment process as we are looking for, and have had wonderful success in getting, the right fit for our company. All our staff are local people.” Furthermore, as a result of excellent employees being hired, Dynamic Gift NZ is able to foster a positive corporate culture, with staff working together to produce the best results. As such, it is of great importance to Lyn and the company that staff wellbeing is maintained.

“Regarding the internal culture within Dynamic Gift NZ, our staff are diverse in personality and backgrounds, we ensure their wellbeing is paramount from all aspects of their employment. During the hectic pre-Christmas period, we utilise the services of a local wellness company to provide massages to relieve tension from sitting at a computer for long periods of time and as a way to make our team feel they

12 OCEANIA NEWS / 2017 New Zealand Business Awards

Printed Marquees

Stubby Coolers


Best Promotional Products Supplier 2017 & Award for Outstanding Client Service

Promotional Products & Items New Zealand

Bags & Satchels

Banners & Flags

Metal Badges & Pins

Clothing & Apparel


Drink Bottles

NEW! Fidget Spinners


Pens & Writing

Company: Dynamic Gift NZ Contact: Lyn Chambers Contact Email: lyn@dynamicgift.co.nz Address: 25-27 Crowhurst St, Newmarket, Auckland, 1023, New Zealand Phone: 64 9 524 0051 Website: www.dynamicgift.co.nz

USB Flash Drives

Wristbands OCEANIA NEWS / 2017 New Zealand Business Awards 13



are valued. We care about their health at work and appreciate the effort they make for Dynamic Gift NZ.” Moving forwards, there looks to be exciting times ahead for the company, with Lyn hinting at further expansion and a specialisation in particular products which will benefit the local markets.

“Dynamic Gift NZ has experienced rapid growth and we are constantly gaining a larger market share. Product development, utilising sustainable products and partnering with companies that are ethically certified along with the specialisation of particular products within our range, is part of that success and allows us to benefit ahead of the local markets at times.” Ultimately, within the New Zealand corporate landscape there are many developments which will ultimately be crucial to the success of the company. Lyn signs off by explaining some of the extracurricular activities the company partakes in which sees is reputation expand amongst the wider industry within New Zealand.

“Dynamic Gift NZ attends several conferences annually as exhibitors, allowing us to build and maintain relationships with key decision makers across various sectors—charity, sport, business, government, education and more. Lastly, Dynamic Gift NZ also support one of New Zealand’s largest charities, and are actively engaged with their events and support wherever possible.”

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Best Promotional Products Supplier 2017 & Award for Outstanding Client Service

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Chateau Waimarama Company Ltd The Chateau Waimarama vineyard was one of the earliest plantations in Hawkes Bay in 1988, specialising in Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec. Chase Arquette provides us with a breakdown of the services that the vineyard offers, and goes into more detail about the exquisite wine produced. In 2000, the vineyard started a ten-year plan to completely replant the site, which would lead to having the correct grapes varieties in the right blocks, giving them a better chance to ripen fully, and ultimately lead to better wine being produced by the vineyard. Chase talks about the wine on an international level, alluding to the vineyard’s global reach and outstanding reputation, and what type of wine it produces.

benefits, including the freedom to do, and grow a variety of different grapes, something Chase is keen to point out.

visiting places easy as he has many clients in the region that we are able to talk with and spend time with, one on one.”

“One of the major benefits would be the freedom to do and try different things, and to grow different grape varieties. The rules and regulations are not the same as in Europe, in relation to what wineries can grow and where, but the down side to this is that if grape regions or wineries are not careful they do not become well known, or famous, for a wine or grape variety, which can give mixed signals to the market.”

Looking ahead, there are exciting developments on the horizon for the Chateau Waimarama Company. Chase talks about the future aims for the winery, and with more major investment in the winery in the next 3 years this will continue to build on the success it is currently having. “In the future, our aim is to keep improving in the vineyard with new practices and the team will adopt a more scientific approach to water management of the soil and the vines. Already, we are seeing great results with this work and that is why we are very confident with the wines we made in the previous two vintages.

Quality is vital in winemaking, therefore Chateau Waimarama focuses on producing exceptional wines thanks to its small but dedicated workforce, as Chase explains.

“All wines made are made to an international level, meaning we are making wines that will sit comfortably on a wine list anywhere in the world. We only grow red grapes, and we are not wanting to be a brand to all people, as we do not want to conform and follow others. As part of our overall mission, we are wanting to be known for the red wine that we produce.” Being based in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand, there are many

“To ensure excellence for our clients, we operate as a small team, myself as the winemaker/Managing Director and JJ Albertini as the estate vineyard manager/viticulturist. We take it upon ourselves to keep abreast of things that are happening with our chosen grape varieties. The company allows travel to Bordeaux every year to see vintage and take notes of what they are doing and trialing, and also to liaise with estate managers to see the new practices they are doing on their vineyards. Having, Ludwig Vanneron our consultant based in Bordeaux makes seeing and

“Ultimately, Chateau Waimarama’s overall aim is to be the best Cabernet Sauvignon producer in NZ and in the top 50 estates producing Cabernet Sauvignon worldwide. We feel that with the team we have in place now, that this goal is very achievable and we will be working hard over the next 5-10 years to take this a reality. Good things take time, more so in the wine growing business as you only have 1 vintage a year to try things and get them right.”

16 OCEANIA NEWS / 2017 New Zealand Business Awards


Winery of the Year 2017 - Hawkes Bay

Company: Chateau Waimarama Company Ltd Contact: Chase Arquette Contact Email: w-estate@ramhb.co.nz Address:31 Waimarama Road Havelock North 4294, New Zealand

Chateau Waimarama Comtpany Ltd

OCEANIA NEWS / 2017 New Zealand Business Awards 17


, Best Exterior Houses Washing Service - Northland

Greenwash Greenwash provides a quality house washing and water blasting service which is healthy for both the house owner and the environment. We invited Andy Edmunds to tell us more about the firm and the service they offer. Greenwash is the environmentally friendly choice for building wash and water blasting in the Rodney district of Auckland. Andy talks us through the firm’s service offering in more detail.

“Here at Greenwash, we service residential and commercial clients of all sizes. We offer building wash, roof and gutter cleans, roof treatments, patio and deck cleaning, concrete and drive way cleaning and all other water blasting services. Overall, our aim is to be the best choice for building wash and water blasting in our region. In order to achieve this, we focus on doing a top-quality job with eco products and providing the best customer experience we can. We aim to use only natural products that are biodegradable

so that we look after our planet, our client’s pets and their gardens. New Zealand is a great place to run an environmentally friendly business as Kiwi’s are very switched on to green matters.” Fundamentally, to ensure excellence for clients, staff are vital, as Andy explains in his concluding comments. “ Ultimately, at Greenwash we always seek to find new staff locally who are also keen to provide a truly exceptional service and who also place great importance on being environmentally friendly. This approach will continue moving forward as we seek to build upon our current success and providing the same exceptional service which is great for both our clients and the environment.”

GreenWash can waterblast, soft wash, clean guttering and hard surfaces around your commercial property of business. Company: Greenwash Contact: Andy Edmunds Contact Email: andy@greenwash.co.nz Address: 27 Wilson Rd S, Warkworth, 0 981, New Zealand Phone: 0064 9 425 8321 Website: http://www.greenwash.co.nz/

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, Most Innovative Healthcare Communications Tech Provider 2017

NCS NCS is a leading provider of integrated Nurse Call, Security and Communications solutions. Tony Allardyce provides us with an in-depth profile of the company.

NCS offers a variety of services to the aged and healthcare sectors and is trusted by nearly 200 retirement villages, rest homes and hospitals nationwide. Tony outlines the businesses overall mission, and what steps each member of the team takes to achieve their vision.

“The whole team work towards the philosophy of ‘Innovative Communications Technology. Better Healthcare’. We know technology helps our customers find efficiencies, optimise resources and manage risk. More than that, though, our latest developments in areas such as Wandering, Location and Duress give residents greater independence and peace of mind and, importantly, free staff up to do more of the things which give their residents a better quality of life. That drives us’. “Further, a big part of the NCS difference involves making better technology more affordable and easy to adopt. Our investment in R&D and partnerships with like-

minded organisations facilitates this and helps ensure an NCS customer is well positioned to perform better in an increasingly competitive environment.” Part of what makes a successful organisation is a happy and collaborative working environment. As a result, Tony tells us about the internal culture within NCS and details what employees get in return from the company as incentives.

“Fundamentally, our business is all about people. To lead from the front, we must employ staff with the skillsets required to be able to provide tomorrow’s solutions today. At least as important, though, is passion, a commitment to continuous improvement and a customercentric view of life. In return, we provide an environment whereby staff feel valued and included.”

innovative solutions which will add value to the organisation, its clients and their residents.

“We’re currently expanding into Australia and have opened our first branch in Melbourne. And, as always, we are working on exciting new innovative solutions. For example, there’s an opportunity for technology to let staff know a resident might be at risk before an event even occurs. Again, part of the challenge is to make that technology affordable to ensure our vision ‘Innovative Communications Technology. Better Healthcare’ becomes more real for more people, faster’.” Company: NCS Contact: Tony Allardyce Contact Email: Tony@ncsnz.co.nz Address: Auckland, 1/6 Argus Place, Hillcrest, Auckland, 0 627, New Zealand Phone: 0064 27 527 1855 Website: www.ncsnz.co.nz

Looking to the future, there is a lot to be excited about for NCS. In his concluding comments, Tony talks about expanding into Australia, and notes how the team never stops looking for

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, Best Recycled Wood Products Manufacturer 2017

Reharvest Timber Products Ltd Reharvest® Timber Products Ltd is a specialist wood product recycler based in Auckland, New Zealand. We spoke to CEO and Founder Ted Edwards to find out more. Reharvest was established to manufacture premium products from waste wood that are eco-friendly and safe for children, animals, and nature alike. Ted ensures the company is committed to excellence in every aspect of its business.

Going Bananas Show, Burn Support, Special Children’s Xmas Party, Auckland Rescue Helicopter Service, Annual Kids Autism Party, Heart Kids Day Out Variety, Auckland Manukau Dressage Group and Kidz Karts Trotting Cup.” “Fundamentally, our name says it all; we reharvest unwanted waste timber to make a variety of premium products all of which are biodegradable.” Looking ahead, the firm has a number of exciting plans which Ted is eager to share with us in his concluding comments.

“Here at Reharvest, we are the undisputed leader in the manufacture of premium mulch products from waste wood and have led the market in this area for 20 years. We offer Revegetation mulch, playground Cushionfall, Equestrian Cushionride and Enviromulch coloured garden mulch. It is our belief that the more waste wood we utilize for our environmentally sustainable product, the more we can aid in saving unnecessary landfill.” “Outside of our core woodchip mulch business, we also pride ourselves on giving back to the community currently sponsoring and donating to; Police Managers Guild Trust, Fostering Kids, The

“Moving forward, our aim is to continue to be part of a sustainable future utilising waste wood to make premium product aiding in not overfilling landfills, and rigorously test and evaluate our products to ensure it remains to be the leading product on the market. Alongside this, we are going to give back to the community with continued sponsorship and donations of our chosen groups, and further reach other community groups in need.”

Cushionride® equestrian mulch

20 OCEANIA NEWS / 2017 New Zealand Business Awards

NZ’s 5 Star Rated Playground Surfacing Cushionfall® playground mulch Company: Reharvest Timber Products Ltd Contact: Ted Edwards CEO/Founder Contact Email: info@reharvest.co.nz Address: 41a Hunua Road, Papakura, Auckland, New Zealand PO Box 97637 Manukau 2241 Phone: 0064 09 299 3999 Website: www.reharvest.co.nz Follow us on facebook


, Best Marine Preparation & Coating Company - Northland & Award for Excellence in Health & Safety

Rudolphs Rudolphs is one of the larger abrasive blasting and coating companies operating in New Zealand, working primarily in marine vessel maintenance at two primary Port Whangarei sites, and structural engineering from its Ruakaka site. We invited Karina Chapman to tell us more.

Originally formed in 1971, Rudolphs is a family owned and operated Northland business, specialising in providing abrasive blasting and application of coating systems to the New Zealand market. Karina explains how the firm has become a true bastion of excellence in the market thanks to its commitment to quality and dedication to excellence.

“Fundamentally, Rudolphs is more than just a coatings firm, we are an institution in the New Zealand marine marketplace. We have completed work on iconic boats such as the Spirit of New Zealand, or the KohuKohu Ferry which offers a vital transport link to Rawene. “Additionally, we complete major marine projects on both local and international vessels for Ship Repair NZ and smaller

marine vessels at our own Port Road Yard in Whangarei. Alongside this, we can also prepare or restore underwater hulls, topsides, bulwarks, fish wells, tanks, chain lockers, void spaces, engine rooms, wheelhouses, decks and walkways. This vast array of services ensures that our clients always receive what they need.” Thanks to the firm’s vast experience in the market, the future looks bright for Rudolphs, as Karina is proud to conclude.

“Looking ahead, we will build on our solid past stretching back over the last four decades and we look forward to an even brighter future. With technology and training opening up new opportunities, and a growing demand for high quality blasting and coating services, there are exciting times ahead for Rudolphs and we are excited about what the future holds.”

Company: Rudolphs Contact: Karina Chapman Contact Email: karina@rudolphs.co.nz Address: Port Rd,Whangarei, 0 110, New Zealand Phone: 0064 9 438 8637 Website: http://www.rudolphs.co.nz

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, Best Family Holiday Accommodation - Waikato

The Esplanade Apartments The Esplanade Apartments is a complex that provides accommodation for a variety of different guests, including overseas travellers and locals. Jenny tells us more about the modern complex which provides an assortment of offerings. Located centrally to all surrounding areas, the Esplanade Apartments is a major attraction for various guests and clients. Guests are able to walk anywhere they need, and are based close to luxurious boat trips, fishing trip chartered boats, and local restaurants, plus, the golf course is not far away. These are vital aspects of what makes this such a stunning location. Jenny explains how it feels to have won this award.

“Here at the Esplanade Apartments, we are very proud and honoured to have received this award. The reason for our success comes down to providing what the guests are expecting during their stay, as well as staff having a personality that the guests enjoy and feel comfortable with. This is all part of our mission as we aim to provide a relaxing stay for guests, and a safe and clean environment, listening to our guests, taking on feedback and improving and changing where necessary.”

Jenny comments on the tourism industry within New Zealand at the moment, noting that visitor numbers are increasing, and the country is developing its services and spaces. “Overseas visitor numbers are increasing as New Zealand provides a safe and clean environment for people to visit, New Zealand is developing with this trend and upgrading walking tracks, Rail bike tracks for visitors to enjoy our open spaces.”

The Esplanade Apartments

Another attribute of the accommodations’ success is the internal culture and working environment. Jenny mentions that staff are provided with all the knowledge possible required to assist guests with their questions and recommendations. “Regarding the Internal Culture for our staff, we aim to ensure they are provided with all the knowledge required to assist Guests with their questions and recommendations, holding regular reviews, and discussions take place to ensure any changes required are completed.” Going forward, The Esplanade Apartments appear to have a bright future ahead of them, as they aim to ensure that they continue to provide a secure and safe environment for its guests, watching what new trends people are looking for and require, and implementing them accordingly.

22 OCEANIA NEWS / 2017 New Zealand Business Awards

Close-up: The Esplanade Apartments

Company: The Esplanade Apartments Contact: Jenny Contact Email: info@theesplanade.co.nz Address: 8 Esplanade, Whitianga, New Zealand Phone: 0064 07 869 5124 Website: www.theesplanade.co.nz

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Oceania 2017 New Zealand Business awards  

Oceania 2017 New Zealand Business awards  


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