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Welcome to the TMT Business Woman of the Year Awards 2017 Here at TMT News, we are excited to introduce the 2017 Business Woman of the Year Awards, recognising the talent and expertise of women worldwide, which often goes unnoticed. Women often get looked over in such a male dominated industry, which is why this year we want to put women within the industry in the spotlight and empower those who dedicate their lives to such a competitive career. With these awards, it is our priority to empower women all over the world and help transform corporate and media perceptions of females in the industry. We hope that by doing so, we can encourage woman across the globe to pursue a career in technology and prove that the efforts and intelligence of women should not be over-looked.

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Most Influential Tech Consulting Company AVP - China



Best Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency – New York

& Female CMO of the Year 2017 – Northeast USA



Enterprise Application Software Marketing Director of the

Year – Canada & Best Business Intelligence & ERP

Solutions Provider 2017


The Midshire Group

Marketing Business Woman of the Year 2017 - UK


Pro Publishing Media & Events

Most Innovative Woman in Interior Design

Publishing - UK

10. NetNumber

Telecommunications CMO of the Year - 2017

12. NuData Security

Best Behavioural Biometrics Company – Western

Canada & Biometrics Marketing Director of the

Year - Canada

14. Sky

2 TMT MAGAZINE / Business Woman of the Year Awards 2017

Best Telecommunications Businesswoman 2017



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Most Influential Tech Consulting Company AVP - China Capgemini is one of the world’s foremost providers of consulting, technology and outsourcing services. Eva Gong talks us through her role in the firm’s success. Capgemini is headquartered in Paris, France and operates in 40 countries. Focused on people, the firm has around 120,000 people in North America, Europe, South America and the Asia Pacific region. There are over 2800 FTE in CG China to provide Service on Digital Transformation for multiple industries. Eva, who has supported a range of clients including China Telecom, China Guangdong Nuclear Power Company, Lenovo, Daimler Benz and BBA, talks us through the firm and how it works to ensure that it offers clients the very highest standards of service. “Capgemini highly appreciates diversity and innovation. Personally, I have been in the firm’s China office for over 11 years, and we are motivated by Happy Entrepreneur program, which means staff can have CG as platform to establish our “own” business and share the benefits with company as well.” Looking to the future, Eva is galvanised by the digital revolution happening in the corporate landscape currently and has big plans to drive innovation in the market, as she is proud to conclude.

“Within the technology market change happens constantly, making this a great space to work. Moving forward I foresee that more AIs will replace programing and repeating operation works. Technology will become easier and user-friendly to both users and consultants. Women stand in the same line with other staff from very beginning, and I truly believe we will be fairly treated in tech industry.

“Overall, I have been in IT consulting world over 17 years, and I still enjoy of the digital transition journey fascinated by new technology. Technology has never impacted us so much as today, and I would like to lead SAP HANA/Cloud team to help our clients establish new digital framework in near future.”

4 TMT MAGAZINE / Business Woman of the Year Awards 2017

Contact: Eva Gong Contact Email: Address: Capgemini Greater China Headquarter 28F, SML Center, No 610 Xujiahui Road, Shanghai, 200025, China Phone: + 86 21 6182 2688



Best Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency – New York & Female CMO of the Year 2017 – Northeast USA fishbat is a full-service digital marketing firm that takes a whole business approach to our clients’ digital marketing programs. We spoke to Jennifer Calise to find out what makes her so successful. fishbat takes a fullservice business approach to its clients’ digital marketing programs. Staff understand the importance of business principles just as well as the nuances of the latest digital technologies. Jennifer describes the change she has seen in the attitude from women towards technology and how women are working hard to overcome the initial perception that they are not good enough for a technological role. “It has been amazing to watch more and more women become interested and encouraged to work in technology, especially as I am old enough to remember when technology was comprised exclusively of men. I think the biggest challenge has been the initial preconceived notion that woman are not as adept at math and science, and therefore could not possibly thrive in technology. What helped me overcome these perceptions of limitations were the female mentors I had. The few brave female pioneer coders that had their eyes on the CTO or CIO position inspired me to want to know more and to feel up to the challenge of being a woman in technology.”

With regard to her own career, Jennifer outlines her goals for her future and how she thinks she is going to achieve these. Jennifer is quick to praise her staff and is clearly enjoying her role as owner of fishbat. It is clear below that she is ambitious and this will only lead to a bright future for Jennifer and the company. “Ultimately, I do not think there is a job I could love more than being an owner of fishbat. So, in terms of “titles” I am at my peak.

That being said, I want to be better every day at what I do. I need to set more time aside for reading and education. It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day of running the business, I often miss opportunities to think bigger and be inspired. There are so many amazing people in this world, and there is so much to learn with digital marketing. My goal is to do one thing each day that educates me more on how to be a better CMO and digital marketing strategist.”

Contact: Lisa Giosi Contact Email: Address: 76 W. Main Street, Suite 202 Patchogue, New York, 11772, USA Phone: (855) 347-4228 Web Address:

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Enterprise Application Software Marketing Director of the Year – Canada & Best Business Intelligence & ERP Solutions Provider 2017 As a market leader in enterprise application software, SAP helps companies of all sizes and industries run better. We invited Kirsten Boileau to tell us more about her own success as well as that of the company. SAP’s vision is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives. This is the company’s enduring cause, its higher purpose. Kirsten discusses what clients look for from SAP, noting how the firm looks to connect people and technology. “Fundamentally, our customers look to us to help them run simple – to seamlessly connect people and technology in real time. We help them re-imagine business and life to drive meaningful impact globally.” Kirsten describes what challenges she has encountered as a woman working in the technology environment and how she has overcome these issues. Combining work with home life is something Kirsten has found hard but has embraced this challenge and spends more quality time with her family. “As a woman working in the technology industry, I have experienced challenges when it comes to finding harmony between work and home life. I truly love my job, and it is often difficult to balance that with the desire to be present and engaged with my family. If I can be well and truly engaged at

home, even if it is only for a short amount of time, I feel like I have achieved harmony.” Detailing her current role at SAP, Kirsten talks about her ambitions, looking to excel and grow her teams, which in turn, helps the company. Furthermore, Kirsten has worked in the past with some first-rate managers, and is able to draw on her previous experience which has helped her to become the excellent leader she is today. “Currently, I am managing the Social Selling team at SAP, along with two incredibly interesting digital marketing teams – Regional Engagement and Localization. Getting these teams off the ground and running smoothly is my immediate goal, with a future aim of looking for areas of collaboration and innovation across what, at first glance, appear to be very diverse topics. “Ultimately, I am very much enjoying my recent move into management, and I want to grow to be the best leader and manager that I can be. I have had some amazing managers to model myself after, and I look forward to growing and shaping my leadership skills.”

Contact: Kirsten Boileau Contact Email: Address: 445 Wes Graham Way, Waterloo, Ontario, N2L 6R2, Canada Phone: 519-883-6819 LinkedIn: Twitter: @kirstenboileau Website:

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Marketing Business Woman of the Year 2017 - UK The Midshire Group was established 27 years ago and is recognised as one of the UK’s leading providers of office technology solutions. Group Marketing Manager Adrienne Topping gives us an insight into the company and to what she attributes her successful. Supplying photocopiers, printers, telephone systems, superfast broadband and an extensive range of IT services, Midshire can provide the full office technology solution. The firm supports businesses of all shapes and sizes, in every industry sector, from SMEs and not-for-profits right through to schools and multisite organisations. Adrienne discusses what challenges she has encountered as a woman working in the technology environment. “Being a woman in business is challenging enough. Being a woman in business in the technology sector adds another layer to the challenge. “The technology industry is very male dominated and sales focused. There are few influential females at the top of the tree, but those that I have met have been extremely impressive, strong characters, who are worthy of the positions they hold.” Adrienne has been able to succeed in the industry, and is therefore in a position to give advice to other women looking to succeed in the technology industry. She outlines what attributes she believes are vital to reaching the top of a firm within her sector. “Determination, drive and a good sense of humour are all essential attributes if you want to be successful. My experience

has taught me that to succeed you have to be willing to stand up and be counted. You must be prepared to make your voice heard and not be afraid to make mistakes, ask questions, or challenge people on things you don’t agree with.” “Regarding my own success, my approach has always been to be upfront, open and honest. Sometimes you will need to disagree with the powers that be, but it is ok so long as you can explain your reasoning and justify your viewpoint.

“During my career, I’ve been privileged to work with some really exceptional people. I’ve collaborated with a wide variety of professionals including designers, art workers, illustrators, copywriters, printers and project managers. I thank them for encouraging me and for sharing their wisdom.” Looking ahead, Adrienne explains how development is important, no matter what stage of their career someone is at. “For me, both professional and personal development is

extremely important. Keeping pace with technology and digital marketing is essential, no matter what sector you work within. I believe this to be any marketer’s biggest challenge.”

Contact: Adrienne Topping Contact Email: Telephone: 03300 414 574 Web Address:

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Most Innovative Woman in Interior Design Publishing - UK Pro Publishing Media & Events is a bespoke media company based in Essex. We spoke to Founder, and Managing Director, Clara Perry to find out a bit more about the company and her own success. Pro Publishing publish content via various forms of media for the kitchen, bathroom and interiors sector. Its core products include two monthly magazines, Utopia Kitchen & Bathroom and Designer Kitchen & Bathroom. Clara speaks to us about what her day to day work entails and what she attributes to her and her company’s success. “As the Founder, and Managing Director of Pro Publishing Media & Events, my day to day work is somewhat challenging and hectic, but also rewarding and above all I love what I do. I feel that passion is extremely important when running your own business, you have to believe in all of your products and your employees need to see you care about the company. Running a business with no passion was never an option for me.” It is not easy to succeed in many industries as a woman and gain respect. Clara talks us through how she overcame this challenge to set up her own company including whether or not she feels her past experience helps her in her current role. “Founding Pro Publishing in 2007 was not an easy decision. After working within the publishing industry for 12 years, I took

the plunge to set up my own publishing house and launch a brand new consumer monthly magazine. Setting up a business as a 29 year old woman brings with it many challenges! In the male dominated world we lived in, it was not always easy to gain the respect I deserved as a professional business woman or to gain the acceptance I required. “Thankfully, I am an extremely determined woman and was not going to be overpowered by older male Managing Director’s or more successful business professionals. I’m not going to say this was easy, and in some instances, it was quite tricky – working with huge print companies, national distribution companies, and pitching to supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s etc. was often challenging and I was often asked if it was my Father’s business or if my Partner was involved.” Regarding the changes Clara has seen in the industry, especially concerning women, she believes that now women are being more easily accepted within a professional standing. Running a business at a young age is never easy but Clara has seemingly moved to make the company incredibly successful.

“Running a business at a young age, I was eager to present myself to appear older than I was. I found myself wishing my years away in order to be given more respect. However, I am very pleased to say that now, ten years on (and I am now approaching 40 next year), the world has changed and younger women are more readily accepted within the professional business world.” The company’s digital offering encompasses, which was launched earlier this year, and has taken the industry by storm, offering unique kitchen and bathroom content on a daily basis. With an experienced digital team and established editors, the site has the resources to provide a vast amount of content each day. Features include blogs, ideas, design tips, showrooms, industry news, people on the move, recruitment, expert advice, industry events and much, much more. In addition to delivering the freshest industry news, Pro Publishing’s established brands provide indispensable posts and content. Clara is proud of the company and all of its offerings as she explains how the company is looking to go from strength to strength. “In what is Pro Publishing’s 10th year, I wanted to launch and create a new product that utilises

8 TMT MAGAZINE / Business Woman of the Year Awards 2017

all of our strengths and brings our brands under one-roof to offer the kitchen and bathroom industry an indispensable new resource. kb-eye is effectively an ‘umbrella site’ to achieve exactly that in one easy-to-use location. “For the first time, we have drawn on the strengths of our own established products to create the first and only kitchen and bathroom portal which offers a unique mix of trade and consumer exclusive content on a daily basis. As the kitchen and bathroom industry becomes increasingly integrated with all things online, this is the perfect time for us as a publishing house to flex our considerable digital capabilities and enhance our already dominant position within the market.” Within the marketing industry, each company must work hard to stand out from other similar firms and Clara believes her company possesses a huge advantage over other companies. She believes that being a female MD helps the company as her passion for interiors and products is imprinted onto the content the company publishes. “Importantly, we are very fortunate that we have a huge advantage over our competitors – and that it is, that we are the smallest company with two direct

Contact: Clara Perry Contact Email: Address: Flight House, The Business Centre, Earls Colne Business Park, Earls Colne, Essex, CO6 2NS, UK Phone: 01787 221401 Website:

competitors. Not only that, but as a female MD working within the interiors publishing sector, I love all things interiors and am very passionate about all of our products and the content we publish. As a medium size business with a friendly team, we deliver a personal service to all of our clients, we like to remind our clients of this regularly. Also, we only operate within the kitchen and bathroom sector, our products are not diluted by owning other brands within different sectors.”

having a family and embracing it. She has a family of her own and has proved women can still be successful. “My advice for women who are looking to succeed within the business world, is to be determined, never lose your ambition (even when you have made it), always believe in your gut instinct (women are very good at this!) and never lose your identity! Be true to whom you are and don’t change. If you remain strong, you will run a stronger business.

As a successful woman running a successful company, Clara is able to pass on advice to women who are looking to succeed in the business world. Believing in yourself is a key part of Clara’s message, as is facing the fear of

“Also, if it is in your life plan don’t be afraid to have a family! I set up my business in 2007, had my first son in 2009 and my second son on 2011. Yes, I worked right up until I gave birth on both occasions, and yes I only

had 10 days maternity leave for each child – but I managed it. Now in 2017, my boys (aged 6 and 8) both go to private school which I’m proud to pay for as direct result from my earnings through running a successful business. My children also completely understand that you need to work and work hard to be successful in life. Also, my business is still growing with more new products set to launch this year.” Ultimately, regarding her plans for the future of Pro Publishing, Clara teases us by stating that there are some new launches planned for later in 2017, before going on to outline her goals for her own future career. The future is something to look forward to for both Clara and Pro Publishing.

“My plans for the future include business growth, more product launches and more digital offerings. I have a few things bubbling away right now with launches planned for later 2017 – and yes you have guessed it, they are all within the kitchen and bathroom sector! “With regards to my own career, I would like to step away from the day to day running of the business and get involved in marketing and launches. I am extremely proud of myself from what I have achieved so far, so now I plan to focus on my creative strengths.”

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Telecommunications CMO of the Year - 2017 NetNumber is a software company serving the telecom market. It is the leading provider of Centralized Signaling and Routing Control (CSRC) solutions to the global communications industry. We spoke to Kim Gibbons, Chief Marketing Officer about her success and that of the company. Signaling is critical for operators to achieve service agility to create, configure, provision and manage new digital services as well as existing services. The challenge for operators is to support service diversity, interworking and roaming requirements as well as realtime service enablement and orchestration without creating a signaling tsunami. Kim gives us more details about some of the services NetNumber provides. “Operators are solving these challenges with NetNumber TITAN. The NetNumber TITAN CSRC platform enables operators of all types to accelerate the implementation of new services across multiple generations of networks, while dramatically simplifying the core network and reducing operating costs. We are changing the way operators architect, acquire, deploy and manage their core networks with TITAN. “Through our Global Data Services business, NetNumber serves as one of the primary providers of local and global data sources that enable the accurate routing and termination of calls and messages. We have a unique solution for collecting, normalizing and distributing critical data to the industry.” Within the technology industry, it is vital the company sets itself apart from its competitors. Kim describes what she believes helps NetNumber stand out and how they use this differentiation as an advantage.

“NetNumber started as a software company, so we do not have legacy hardware we are trying to virtualize. NetNumber has been virtualizing network functions long before NFV became the buzz word it is today. Most vendors virtualize each network function individually, which provides little cost savings or network simplicity to operators. NetNumber TITAN is the only platform to enable carriers to deploy a single, common platform and add virtualized network functions as needed. Centralized provisioning and management, and a powerful distributed, in-memory database enables all signaling processing to happen at the optimal location in the network. TITAN eliminates more than half of signaling traffic with real-time distribution of policy and subscriber data to the edge. “While a few other vendors have routing and signaling platforms, no vendor can offer as many virtualized applications as NetNumber. And other vendors claim integration of network functions when they are simply virtualized functions in the same chassis and not on the same platform.” Regarding what advice Kim would give to other women who are looking to succeed in the technology industry, Kim believes that anyone, male or female should be authentic in order to succeed. “Having spent my career in silicon and telecom, and having had the opportunity to work

with strong male and female leaders, I believe the key to success for anyone in any field is authenticity. Authentic leadership is about knowing and acting on what is your true and real nature, and knowing and acting on what is true and real in the world. And this applies to people as well as to organizations. Authenticity creates credibility and trust– which determine success. “My advice to women working in telecom is to focus on being authentic–know your values, be clear about your knowledge and your limits, keep developing your interests, and stay true to your commitments. Success will follow.” Ultimately, the technology industry is always evolving and technology is always developing, and so are attitudes towards women. Kim explains what changes she would like to see within the technology landscape in the future, which will make it easier for women to succeed. “Moving forward, I would like to see changes at an early education level that make it easy for anyone to pursue and be successful in STEM careers later in the life. Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education is vital to the future of our world, and the health and economic well-being for all. “Recent research indicates that by the end of middle school, the majority of girls believe math and science are for boys, and they question their abilities to be successful in STEM careers.

10 TMT MAGAZINE / Business Woman of the Year Awards 2017

On the bright side, the research also indicates that girls who are told they are smart enough to succeed in math and science by their parents, teachers or other adults are more likely to stay interested. Exposing girls to math and science and technology, not just in the classroom but in after-school programs, during the summer, at museums and at home, can positively influence girls to stay interested in STEM. Traditional home activities such as cooking, cleaning and shopping are all opportunities to engage our children in math, science and technology discussions and foster their interest. Research also shows that girls and teens exposed to women working in STEM fields are more likely to believe they too can have such careers. “Since STEM is so important now and to our future, we have an obligation to encourage our girls and our boys to learn all they can, to tell them they are smart enough, and to foster an interest that grows into a future career.”

Contact: Kim Gibbons, Chief Marketing Officer Contact Email: Address: 650 Suffolk St #307, Lowell, Massachusetts, 1854, USA Phone: 001 978-848-2820 Website:

INTER-COM Translations is a top London-based foreign language services company, with a world-wide client base. Translations • Voice-overs • Conference / Meeting interpreting • Film / TV script editing • Subtitling • Transcriptions • Copywriting • Typesetting • Proof reading / Editing • Foreign telephone calls etc. At INTER-COM, we encourage our clients to consider us as part of their team – always there when you need us, always confident in the knowledge that we’ll take the headache out of your foreign language communications.

We offer translations in 225 languages including East and West European, Middle

Eastern, African, Central and East Asian.

Our 3,500 professional linguists work exclusively in their mother tongue and are based in their native country, ensuring they’re up-to-date with latest trends in their language. They cover any text ranging from basic correspondence and press releases, to highly technical literature, gaming websites and legal documents.

We cater for all subjects, including: • • • • • • •

Technical and Specialised: User manuals, Training DVDs and manuals, etc. Remote Gaming: Bingo, Casino, Lottery, Mobile gaming, Poker, Sports betting & Video gaming, Legal & compliance and Regulatory & marketing. Software and website localisation. Medical & pharmaceutical. Commercial, financial and banking. Legal: Gaming compliance, Contracts, Insurance, Litigation, Claims, etc. Voice-Overs: Script translation and recording. Narration for documentaries, Corporate presentations; Voice services for commercials / Video games / Advertising, etc.

INTER-COM Translations are proud to count many multinational companies and organisations as their clients. We pride ourselves in the quality of our personnel, our efficiency and high level of customer care, which is second to none. If you are looking for a professional and dependable team for your foreign language communications, then look no further!


Best Behavioural Biometrics Company – Western Canada & Biometrics Marketing Director of the Year - Canada NuData Security is an award-winning passive biometrics and behavioral analytics company that uses behavioral biometrics to detect security violations and verify trusted users. NuData’s flagship product, NuDetect, identifies authentic users from potential fraudsters based on their online, mobile app and smartphone interactions, flagging those that represent the highest risk. The technology assesses, scores and learns from hundreds of device, location, passive biometric and behavioral signals in online, native app or mobile transactions to enable merchants and issuers to make near realtime authorization decisions. NuDetect analyses 97 billion online interactions yearly and is trusted by some of the largest global brands in the world to verify users with their own natural behaviours while offering a great customer experience. Balancing strong security with optimal user experience is a major challenge for merchants and financial institutions. The pure ease of cybercriminals accessing personally identifiable information (PII) through hacking, breaches, and leads undermines security for online users. Regarding the culture at NuData Security, Lisa Baergen explains how the company ensures that all members of staff are working towards achieving the

same mission. A professional and driven culture has been developed, as Lisa alludes to, however, a strong work-life balance is encouraged, ensuring that employees are happy when they come to work. “At NuData, we have tried to foster an open company culture at NuData. We live and breathe professional development, encouraging our employees to strive for the best they can be within the organization, and aim to utilize every individual to their own strengths. We want it to be a company where people want to work - we wear shorts, we have beer Fridays, dress casually and want everyone to feel happy and secure in their employment.” “The real notable difference in our culture is there is a palpable feeling amongst the teams of a true focus on providing the best customer experience for our clients and their customers. The pace of change in our industry is frenetic. For us to maintain a leadership position, we, as a company, need to stay in front of that change, and work with our customers to stay in front of the fraudsters.” “When we work with our customers, we want to know how NuData can address

their challenges. You have to understand customers. It is really about listening and connecting the dots.” Importantly, NuData is able to set itself apart from its competitors, establishing itself as a leader in the industry. Lisa believes that the firm’s strength is its strategic model and its products, with NuDetect in particular being very successful. “NuData’s strength lies in our multi-layered model that merges four sophisticated layers of intelligence to provide highly accurate evaluation of risks associated with an online session and more importantly truly verify the good users behind a session so we can put them through without any added friction. We challenge users only if risk is presented. NuData security analyses billions of behavioral transactions a year in our real-time trust consortium and can identify fraud groups by their collective behavior. By combining known behaviors of risky interactions and the accurate identification of good users based on historic behavior, we can identify a very high percentage of risks and trigger the appropriate actions. Whether those actions are removing second factors of authentication

12 TMT MAGAZINE / Business Woman of the Year Awards 2017

for known good users or interdict those with risk, our bottom line is trust. “NuDetect cannot be mimicked, cannot be replicated even when stolen credentials, identities and clean devices are used.” Lastly, Lisa signs off by attributing the success of the company to its customers and the internal culture at the firm, stating that employees enjoy coming to work, which helps to breed a positive working environment between employees. “There is great pride at NuData, and we are thrilled to be recognized for this award. NuData Security has made some

impressive strides forward within the fraud, risk, authentication and behavioral biometric space this year. Increasing our mind share over our competitors by 300% last year was a particular high-point. We have always made it our mission to make the Internet, and its users, safe, and to be recognized for doing this successfully is fantastic.

“Ultimately, we owe our success, for the most part, to our customers and the group of incredible talent who builds our technology, and the teams of scientists and analyst the work with our customers for their continued success. When you work for company like NuData Security, it’s easy to love doing what you do, being ahead of the

curve in software development, and for providing a solution that focuses on a good customer experience as opposed to industry trends. NuData Security is a pioneering biometrics company, and to be recognized as such is incredibly rewarding.”

Contact: Lisa Baergen Contact Email: Address: #504-999 Canada Place, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6C 3T4, Canada Phone: +1 (604) 800-3711 Website:

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Best Telecommunications Businesswoman 2017 Bella Vuillermoz, Director of the Property Service Group at Sky, talks us through her role at Europe’s leading entertainment company and how she has worked hard to achieve success for both herself and the business. Sky is Europe’s leading entertainment company, serving 22.5 million customers across five countries - UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy. The company has annual revenues of £12.9 billion and is Europe’s leading investor in television content with annual programming spend of over £6 billion. From exclusive partnerships with HBO and Showtime, to Sky Original Productions, Sky offers the best and broadest range of content along with the best viewing experience to suit each and every customer. Whether that’s through the multi-award winning next generation box, Sky Q, or Sky’s contract-free online streaming service, NOW TV, customers have access to the latest movies, drama, sports and kids’ entertainment wherever and whenever they like. This is all supported by Sky’s best in class customer service. Sky’s success is not just based on what the company does but how it does it. Named as one of the Top 10 Green Companies in the World by Newsweek, one of the world’s most recognised rankings of business’s environmental performance, Sky ensures its responsible business strategy is embedded right across the group. In her role as Director of the Property Service Group, Bella

works to support the company and to offer its valued employees a supportive and invigorating working environment, as she explains. “My remit as Director of Sky’s Property Service Group is amazing; my team and I spend all day, every day making Sky a brilliant place to work, where everyone can be at their best for themselves and for the business. The role is incredibly varied; my day job includes anything from multi-million pound decisions on new developments and leases, through to ice cream tasting. “Alongside landing our big projects, a big focus for me is our Work.Life.Better approach, which helps make Sky a better place to work for all colleagues. It includes our network of gyms across the country; 26 fab restaurants and cafes that all offer great food at half the price of the high street; our onsite hair and beauty salon and nail bar, dry cleaning and cobblers services, Waitrose, Halfords and car wash.” In Bella’s previous role as Director of Women in Leadership she set the strategy for how the company will achieve a 50/50 leadership team. This work continues, as she discusses. “Gender balance is an issue that is looked at closely at Sky, where we see a clear business (and moral) case for getting it right. Two years

ago, we committed to creating a 50/50 gender balance at the top of the organisation. To understand how to achieve that, I spoke with women and men at Sky, as well as to a lot of external organisations. The challenges are clear and common, not just across the technology sector but beyond. “Currently, the market is not a level playing field, with job descriptions and adverts skewed to engage men; the issue of unconscious bias; and a failure to push until 50/50 shortlists are found. So, at Sky, we redeveloped all our job descriptions and adverts; created a new approach to unconscious bias training; and made it policy to have balanced shortlists for senior roles. “There is an issue with latent female talent not being leveraged, either due to a lack of sponsorship, or the challenge of combining work and wider life commitments. This is why we focus on supercharging Sky talent: creating a Sponsorship & Development Programme, a 12-month programme offering senior sponsorship and tailored group coaching. We want to enable people to work smartly, giving people more flexibility to enable them to step up to opportunities that might otherwise feel unworkable; and why we offer high quality family care support, such as six months fully paid shared parental leave and emergency child and elder care as standard.

14 TMT MAGAZINE / Business Woman of the Year Awards 2017

“Finally, there’s an issue of attracting great talent. When it comes to Technology, this is particularly problematic, as the pool of female talent is too small. Therefore, as well as focusing on attracting the best from industry, at Sky we are also increasing the size of the pool with high quality free training through Get Into Tech free training scheme and our Tech scholarships.” Looking ahead, Bella says there is still work to be done to get women into the technology industry, she concludes. “At Sky we continue to support women in technology, and want to make sure there are real progression opportunities for everyone. There are some great initiatives that we have in place and we can see other companies following suit. For example levelling the playing field for recruitment opportunities (balanced shortlists are crucial for this) and sponsorship to enable women to reach their full potential. The lack of women in technology is an industry wide issue but it’s great to see the work being done to encourage more women into the sector”

Company: Sky Contact: Bella Vuillermoz Address: Sky, Grant Way, Isleworth, Middlesex, TW7 5QD, UK

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