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www.wealthandfinance-intl.com WM16022 Company: Keeler Financial Planning – Manulife Securities Incorporated, Name: Tim Keeler Email: timothy.keeler@manulifesecurities.ca Web Address: www.theburleyformat.com Address:390 Brant St, Suite 400, Burlington, Ontario, L7R 4J4 Telephone: 289-245-1003x200

Best Retirement Planner 2016 - Ontario Keeler Financial Planning is a comprehensive Financial Planning business that offers investment products, advice and financial planning services. As a Senior Financial Advisor Tim Keeler provides stocks, bonds and mutual funds through Manulife Securities Incorporated and is one of the largest investment dealers in Canada. As a Life Insurance Advisor, Tim Keeler also provides life insurance products and services through Manulife Securities Insurance Inc. We spoke to Tim Keeler to find out more. Keeler Financial Planning provides its investment offering through Manulife Securities Incorporated which provides mutual funds, stocks, and bonds and is one of the largest investment dealers in Canada. The life, disability and critical illness business is contracted through a further separate business entity called Manulife Securities Insurance Inc. Tim, who operates across the brands, talks us through the services they provide, with a particular focus on his innovative retirement planning program, The BURLEY Format.

product approval team. The universe of investments is still overwhelming so I have developed a series of model portfolios that act as a primary core investment. These portfolios took months to fine tune into what we have today and it is regularly compared to alternatives and benchmarks to ensure that we continue to offer best in class. Even though the portfolio is comprised of several different investments, it is not simply the individual pieces that are scrutinized. More importantly is how the portfolio balances out market volatility to maintain positive momentum. Depending on the client, market circumstances and stage of investment cycle I also allocate from a list of more company or sector specific investments to augment the core portfolio. Each one of these investments is owned by a member of my family, so I am personally invested in making good recommendations.

“My specialties lie in retirement planning and I use a program exclusive to Keeler Financial Planning called the BURLEY format. The BURLEY Format was built upon the strategies and methodologies of the most successful investors around the globe. The process uses discipline and patience to achieve the goals that we are working towards. The main goal I help people reach is a finically secure retirement.

“Each investment is then monitored daily, weekly or monthly depending on its category and I hold regular update meetings with each one of the managed money providers in person. Reading an analyst report is very different than meeting a manager or vice president face to face and asking the tough questions. I only do business with people that I trust and that trust must be earned.

“The BURLEY Format acknowledges that different stages in life require different strategies and investments. By monitoring client progress, we ensure that we are prepared for each stage and that each stage is navigated appropriately and prepares us for the next. For example: clients that have been with me for 20 years or more have started as savers and accumulators, where we had investments that grew by capital gains. Their children and liabilities were insured against loss or income interruption.

“As a comprehensive financial planner it is my aim to be able to offer my clients everything they need.” In conclusion Tim talked us through the developments which have occurred in the industry over the past twelve months and how his firm has adapted around these.

“As we move to the preretirement stage, the temporary insurances give way to permanent needs, estate planning and long term care so they are well prepared in advance of retirement. In retirement, we like low volatility tax efficient portfolios that produce income for the family and at this stage we make sure they are prepared for the legacy stage. We like to bring in the next generation and make sure they are on track with their plans as well and prepare them for what is to come.”

“During 2016 the rules around investment fees and compensation become more transparent across the industry. We have always been fully transparent and find the lowest cost option for clients so we welcome this regulatory change and believe our clients will be well informed and others who may be disappointed with a previous high fee relationship will join our business family.”

Alongside BURLEY the format, the firm also offers a wide range of additional investment solutions which Tim is also keen to showcase.

“Ultimately, our clients are the most important part of my business and we are very hands on, providing them with the support and advice they need. Moving forward this will continue to be the focus of the business.”

“In addition, we offer a full suite of Investment and insurance products. Including individual securities of stock and bonds as well as mutual funds and ETFs and GIC`s. On the insurance side, I am contracted with almost all of the major insurance firms in Canada and provide life insurance, disability insurance as well as critical illness, long term care and travel insurance and annuities.

Manulife Securities and the block design are registered service marks and trade marks of The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and are used by it and its affiliates including Manulife Securities Incorporated.

“All of the investments I recommend are well researched. First of all, they need to be approved by the Manulife Securities compliance and

Manulife Securities Incorporated is a member of the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.


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2016 Wealth & Money Management Awards  

2016 Wealth & Money Management Awards  


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