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Finance Awards 2016 FI160041

Company: A&B General (UK) Limited Name: Mr Chakree Chankana Email: Web Address: Address: 163 Bellville House, 4 John Donne Way, London SE10 9FW Telephone: 0203-355-9660

Best UK/Thailand Money Transfer Service 2016

A&B General (UK) Limited is an FX Broker specialist in Thai Baht, established in 2009. The firm’s clients are usually businesses and individuals of Thai descent, who wish to send money abroad, mostly to their family. Mr Chakree Chankana told us more about the unique service offering of the firm, and how this is catered to their clients’ needs.

A&B General’s mission is to provide help and support to Thai people who live abroad, as the firm understand that a large number of people have significant issues with the English language. Mr Chakree Chankana is proud that his firm are able to provide services tailored to these individuals than most high street banks and money transfer companies, as they offer a dual language (Thai-English) customer service team.

“After the harsh climate surrounding ‘Brexit’ in June 2016, I think in the near future businesses in the UK will get better over time as businesses begin to adapt. This year we have received a new title from the UK regulator and upgraded our licence to be an API, as well as the power to operate financial services anywhere in EEA countries. Our next project is to operate services for the Thai community in Sweden and Germany.”

“We provide our Thai customers with services in our mother tongue, so as to make them feel more confident and relaxed. We also like to do this so that our clients feel like they are speaking to a friend, and not a ‘Customer Service Representative’. We always make sure that we fulfil the needs of clients and meet their expectations, which has led to our firm seeing rapid growth in the first six months of the year. “The big secret behind our success in the market is actually very simple. I would say that as long as you can keep regular and existing clients happy whilst striving to add to your client base, the business will flourish, which will allow for you to continue to provide better products and services. We have a number of ways in which our clients can get in touch with us, which helps improve our customer satisfaction rates. For example, we provide a ‘Live Chat’ service where our clients can get an instant answer from one of our team members, and the company Facebook fan page, allows our clients to send us a message and have an answer within an hour, as well as the provision of review and comment boards where our clients can openly discuss our services and products amongst themselves. It is also key to make sure that the business is on the right track with regards to bank criteria and regulations.


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