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Wealth & Finance International - Business Awards 2016

Raising the Bar Phipps Reporting offers a complete array of services including finalized daily copy in under an hour, high-quality completely readable real time, large case management, in-house certified videographers and interpreters. We invited President Christine Phipps to tell us more about the firm and the wide range of services it offers.


Business Awards 2016

Welcome to the 2016 Business Awards It goes without saying that, the team at Wealth & Finance International encounter many well-run, successful and well-respected firms each and every day, across all regions and too many industries to mention. However, once in a while, something comes along that makes even our team of seasoned professionals sit up and take notice. It could be a new firm making waves in its industry, an established company raising the bar in its sector or even the announcement of a business’s latest round of results that have seen them surge ahead of the competition, all we know is, we recognise something truly special when we see it. The 2016 Wealth & Finance Business Awards have been set up to bring these truly special firms, their work and their people to the wider audience they deserve. We are recognising the firms that, through their innovative methods and outstanding results, are changing the way we view their industry and seeing them surge ahead of their competition.


4 Bioclinica Czech Group Best Specialized Outsourced Clinical Services Provider 2016 6 Bluewater Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Best Independent Plumbing & Heating Repair Firm - New York 8 Coinpayments Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway - Canada 10 Phipps Reporting Best Reporting & Transcript Services Company 2016 - Florida 12 Ascendant Group Corporate Brand Strategy Firm of the Year - USA & Award for Excellence in CEO Branding - USA 13 DERMALOG Best Biometric Identification Company 2016 - Germany 14 Eze Castle Integration Inc Best Financial Cloud Provider 2016 & Award for Excellence in Client Service 15 Faircom New York Best Non-Profit Marketing Agency 2016 - New York 16 Frama Ltd. The Corporate Transformation Award for Market-Led Solutions 17 Graham & Co Estate Agent of the Year - Hampshire 19 Harthill Marketing Services Best Full-Service Shopper Marketing Agency 2016 20 Katjes International Sweet Production Company of the Year 2016 - Germany 22 Lloyd Platt & Co Ltd. Best Family & Divorce Law Firm 2016 - UK 23 Multiphoton Optics GmbH 3D Printing Equipment Provider of the Year 2016 - Germany 24 The Scotch Whisky Experience Best for Private & Corporate Events - Edinburgh 25 Turner Little Limited Company Formation Specialists of the Year - UK & Award for Excellence in Offshore Banking 2016 26 Waha Capital Best Asset Manager 2016 - MENA


Business Awards 2016 BU160026

Company: Bioclinica Czech Group Name: Tomas Hala, M.D Web Address: Email: Telephone: +420 776 807 304

Best Specialized Outsourced Clinical Services Provider 2016

BIOCLINICA CZECH GROUP CCBR Czech Pardubice CCBR Prague CCBR Brno CCBR Ostrava CCBR Clinical Research is a science based company which is entirely dedicated to conducting clinical trials between Phase Ib to Phase IV. CBBR has the capacity and knowledge to offer their partners in the pharmaceutical industry all the services which they may require within clinical trials. We invited MD Tomas Hala to tell us more.

Clinical trials are complex, multi-national operations. There are innumerable logistical challenges involved with recruiting patients, collecting high quality data, and meeting regulatory requirements.

“Fundamentally, Quality is at the center of all we do. Partners benefit from our professional Quality Assurance organization, which oversees all operations to confirm the highest-quality data for your study. All sites follow validated SOPs and detailed training programs so that clinical research is conducted to the same high standards of quality and compliance across the globe.”

The Bioclinica Czech Group simplifies the complexity and solves the challenges associated with clinical trials through a network of established and readily-available investigator sites. The group is among the fastest growing companies in the field of clinical research in Europe and its structure are among unique in the region.

The high performing clinical trials conducted by CCBR allow the team to develop study specific strategies for patient recruitment, including direct contact with potential participants through their long established database, which ensures that they can always meet or exceed their enrolment targets. From screening to randomization, visit management and follow up, CCBR conducts all the clinical procedures required by protocol. Their standards of patient care ensure that patient retention rates are consistently high. In addition, the team’s proven performance in the delivery of compliance with protocol results in quality and consistency of data that is unmatched in the industry, as Tomas emphasises.

The sites are unified by best-in-class recruitment practices and globalized standard operating procedures (SOPs) and quality systems, yielding the highest quality of data. Each site is staffed by medical experts and trained professionals – therapeutic area specialists, physicians, nurses, study coordinators, and technicians – and has a full array of medical testing equipment. Tomas outlines how the firm’s sites make the process easier and more efficient. “Our innovative technologies enable us to reduce trial complexity, increase efficiency, and provide greater clarity around the effects of the drug being researched so that you can achieve your scientific and business objectives as swiftly as possible. All our facilities have access to the equipment needed to run various tests, including imaging machinery. Each of the investigator sites in the Bioclinica Czech Group is structured to optimize the conduct of clinical research, and is strategically located to take advantage of access to patient populations.

“Bioclinica Czech Group maintain an extensive and dynamic patient database as well as multi-faceted patient communities – all of which can be expertly tapped through our propriety applications and our unique online and social media strategies. We have recruited and managed patients for multiple large studies, and can uncover the right patients for clinical trials rapidly. “Clinical trials depend on the long-term retention of patients to ensure high-quality data and successful outcomes. You simply cannot afford to have high percentages of patients lost to follow-up. We have extensive experience retaining patients in studies for up to 10 years. Due to the systematic processes and patient-centric care we have in place, more than 90% of the patients we recruit remain active throughout the course of the study.”

In addition, each site is outfitted with state-of-the-art medical testing equipment and is staffed by physicians, nurses, study coordinators, technicians and other medical professionals and personnel with therapeutic area specialization.


This consistent success in the enrolment and retention of high numbers of patients at their dedicated clinical research sites has demonstrated that CCBR is able to perform at lower costs per patient. At the country or study level, sponsors and CRO’s can complete clinical research with fewer sites and reduce overall costs of the study delivery. However, although focusing on cost is important, CCBR also recognize that the patient is the priority, and they engage with the patient throughout the clinical trial. From recruitment and enrolment through to the end of the study, CCBR’s dedicated clinical research staff are focused on ensuring that the patient is treated, not only in compliance with the defined protocols, bur with the care and respect they deserve. CCBR project managers are all trained in clinical development and provide a central point of contact for sponsor and CRO clinical operations. From contracting, study start up and ongoing management of clinical site activities, CCBR works hard to reduce the burden of site management for clinical study teams. Dedicated CCBR sites are located, resourced and equipped for the enrolment and treatment of large numbers of patients who are taking part in clinical research. The firm invests in facilities that are strategically located to take advantage of significant patient populations. CCBR’s research centres are dedicated to clinical research and are configured, equipped and staffed to optimize the work of recruiting and treating patients. All CCBR Clinical Research staff are part of the CCBR organization and dedicated to clinical research. Therapeutic Area Specialists, Physicians, Study Nurses, Study Coordinators and Technicians from around the world are recruited, trained and managed to the same high standards which are required of all who work for CCBR. CCBR has developed a quality in processes and procedures that are standardized and validated throughout their network of clinical research centres. Their clinical research is conducted to the same high standards of quality and outstanding compliance across the globe. The firm’s quality driven approach to the standardization of processes, systems and training results in predictable and reliable investigator site performance and world class data integrity. The CCBR ‘blueprint’, as it is known, enables sponsors to bring new drugs faster to market. For more than two decades, CCBR Clinical Research has been participating in the development of new medicines for different diseases including Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Alzheimer’s Disease, Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Hypercholesterolemia, Gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, respiratory diseases, vaccines, asthma and pain. With Research Centers located around the world, the firm have grown from being a small Danish company to become one of the world´s leading organizations within clinical research. The team are able to contribute to the approval of new and better medicines for the treatment of a wide range of diseases, thanks to the people who throughout the years have volunteered to participate in clinical trials. These medicines are now improving the quality of life for thousands of people all over the world, and moving forward the aim is to continue with this vital work, as Tomas concludes. “Looking ahead, our goals are to ensure high quality site performance, provide high quality patients, provide patients with treatment choices, increase patient engagement and retention, get derailed trials back on track and, ultimately, achieve cost-efficient results. We look forward to the opportunities that achieving these ambitious goals will provide us with in 2017 and beyond.”


Business Awards 2016 BU160017 Company: Bluewater Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. Name: Roger A. Macaluso Email: Web Address: Address: 64-00 Metropolitan Avenue, Middle Village NY 11379 Telephone: 718-386-3088

Best Independent Plumbing & Heating Repair Firm - New York

Bluewater Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. are a NYC based plumbing and heating company specializing in high end residential construction, medical and hospitality projects. Founder and Principal Roger Macaluso talks us through the firm and the range of services it provides.

Bluewater Plumbing serves a wide range of clients, from single restaurateurs to some of the largest medical service providers in the world. Roger, who established the firm using the $2,500 deposit from the firm’s first project, explains how he has built the firm into the strong competitor it is today.

motivated to circumnavigate dealing with regulatory agencies. This leads to illegal acts by those not willing to deal with the regulation as well as poor quality of work. This in turn leads to danger to the public and unfortunately the loss of life and property. “To work around this, our culture is based on “whatever it takes to get it done.” The idea of flexibility within our staff is what allows us to pivot to the changing needs of projects and ultimately our clients. We nurture this by promoting discussions on strategy and planning when an issue presents itself. Collecting information before finalizing a strategy is also key, many times once all of the information has been collected the strategy is obvious. With regards to hiring new staff, we do not just look for people with a good skillset; it is about the person as a whole. We look for people that can be flexible and that are looking for a company they can grow with. Skills can be taught and learned but you cannot teach someone a new personality.”

“Like any other new company, Bluewater Plumbing made mistakes in the beginning but we were fortunate enough to learn from them in leaps and bounds. Now we make strategizing and planning a fundamental part of how we provide services on our projects. This has led to us being able to set ourselves apart from competitors in our market through our commitment to adapt to the changing landscape of our industry. In addition, our investment in new technologies to improve the quality and accuracy of our work, our ability to streamline our processes and the dedication of our staff all play a part in ensuring that our clients know that we are the best option for them.” Technology in construction has allowed builders and sub- contractors to gain more control over a project with the use of 3D imaging. This technology allows Bluewater Plumbing to coordinate all of the materials and systems in a project in a controlled environment, allowing for more productivity, less waste and ultimately better margins for everyone.

This is particularly vital, companies in the construction market need to have a range of talent in their staff from different sectors within the industry as well as other industries and their sectors. This gives the company internal resources to tap for strategy and innovation. Roger outlines how innovation is the backbone of every project Bluewater Plumbing undertakes, with the firm’s approach revolving around providing the solution that suits the client.

Whilst technology is vital to the workings of the company, one key challenge is the shortage of skilled labour. Roger explains what the skills shortage means for his company and how his firm aims to avoid these issues.

“When we first start working with a new client, the first step is to truly understand the client as well as their needs and expectations. This allows us to manage their expectations through the course of the project and deliver what they want when they want it. Explaining to the client what we need from them in order to be successful allows us the opportunity to be more effective and ultimately makes them more successful.”

“Fundamentally, a talented work force is something that can bring a company to the next level. Unfortunately, we see a move away from the skills we need future staff members to have. Another factor is continual scrutiny by regulatory agencies. We have noticed that the more scrutiny and regulation in our industry the more people are


Working with a wide range of clients offers Bluewater Plumbing a great vantage point to from which to view the overall plumbing and construction markets. Roger concludes by discussing the future developments for the industry and how his firm will be working to adapt around these.

“Despite the potential challenge this poses, our aim is to grow 150200% over the next five years and we look to be a leader in our market with the use of the latest building technology and software as well as investing in our staff, ensuring that they have the skills to offer the very best service to our clients. The constant need for new and modern housing in New York City, as well as updated spaces for businesses creates a local market with consistent opportunities. Because of demand, builders and developers are able to invest in new projects and building owners and managers need to reinvest in order to keep their space relevant for today’s needs.”

“Looking ahead, we see an increase in interest rates as well as over building as being a potential catalyst for a softening market. Our hope is these two key factors affect our market gradually, however we are looking for new ways to diversify our services to protect against a softening market.


Business Awards 2016 BU160016

Company: Coinpayments Website:

Best Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway - Canada

Coinpayments is an ecommerce firm that provides an integrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. We explore the firm and the innovative solutions it provides.

Established in 2013, Coinpayments has grown alongside the online payments market, diversifying into new currencies including bitcoin, Dash, Maxcoin and GameCredits. Payment diversity is crucial to the firm and as such it is always seeking to offer new coins, and is currently the largest Altcoin payment processing company on the market currently. With over 89,500 vendors across 182 different countries, CoinPayments is also the first and largest payment processor of over 55 cryptocurrencies

In order to stay relevant, Coinpayments firmly believe that firms need to embrace constant change and we have built our platform on this core business philosophy. Closed systems stagnate quickly in times of rapid change and are prone to being overtaken quickly by innovators. Therefore, as part of the firm’s service offering there is a coin vote, which allows clients to vote for a new currency which will be integrated onto the platform; the votes are paid for and the proceeds go to charity, offering clients a means to give back as well as providing a democratic means for clients to receive the services they need.

In addition to supporting payments through numerous alternative internet currencies the firm also provides a wide range of merchant services, including shopping cart plugins and buttons; point of sale interfaces; and an invoice builder. There is also an API for custom integrations, allowing users to customise the firm’s services to suit their needs. Other innovative features include supporting BitGo Instant, making Bitcoin payments faster than ever before and an online vault where clients can protect their coins, requiring a time amount specified by the client before they are able to spend them.

Operating in such a fast paced, dynamic industry means that adapting to clients’ needs is vital for success, which is why Coinpayments are always looking for the best ways to support users and ensure that the currencies and services they need are available. The latest developments for the firm include the raising of over $100, 000 in investments on the first day of their initial seed funding round in 2015, which paved the way for major investment in infrastructure and service offering. The money is being invested in expanding both the platform and the team, as the company looks to grow following the securing of over 18,000 merchants, leading them to process over $50 Million USD in transaction for their clients.

Clients range in both size and industry, and include games websites, travel companies, charities and online stores selling everything from gifts to groceries. These clients rely on Coinpayment’s reliable platform and dedication to development which allows them to take payments across a wide range of currencies quickly and efficiently.

Alongside this the firm has also developed mobile apps for both android and IOS systems which allow clients to easily access their CoinPayments account to send and receive coins, accept POS payments in person, and exchange many of the firm’s coins anywhere that they have internet access.

The firm’s payment technology allows businesses to process over 100 currencies with fully automated security features. They receive the money how they choose and we can exchange many of them for another currency instantly. This means customers can spend whichever coins they have and businesses can receive payment in their preferred currency without the need to integrate with hundreds of different payment processors for every currency- saving merchants time and money. As an additional level of security most of the supported altcoins can be exchanged into other currencies instantly, protecting merchants from any currency volatility during or after the transaction.

As such the future is an exciting time for Coinpayments as the company seeks to build upon its current success and develop around the ever evolving online payments market.



Business Awards 2016 BU160024

Company: Phipps Reporting, Inc. Name: Christine Phipps Email: Web Address: Address: Corporate Headquarters: 1551 Forum Place, Suite 200E, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 Telephone: 888-811-3408

Best Reporting & Transcript Services Company 2016 - Florida

Phipps Reporting offers a complete array of services including finalized daily copy in under an hour, high-quality completely readable real time, large case management, in-house certified videographers and interpreters. We invited President Christine Phipps to tell us more about the firm and the wide range of services it offers.

Phipps Reporting has been providing exceptional service to the legal community for more than 26 years, and is now one of the largest independent court reporting firms in the Southeast, with offices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa. Operating globally, the company is a stenographic court reporting agency working principally with lawyers to make a verbatim record of legal proceedings such as depositions, trials, and hearings. Christine, who has been working in this market for over 25 years, discusses the firm’s service offerings and explains how it aims to make client’s lives easier.

Currently technology is a key focus in the market, and Christine is proud to state that her firm takes a proactive approach to staying at the forefront of emerging developments. “The impact of technology on our market has presented challenges for our industry, as many products are significantly inferior to the spoken word that is simultaneously taken down by a stenographic reporter, a human element that will never be able to be replaced. However, people that do not stenographically write do not always have a profound appreciation for what it is we do, the simultaneous decisions that are made that only the human brain will ever be capable of, handling people that mumble or speak softly, or very thick accents, noise interruptions, people speaking simultaneously. The only way to deal with this is through a consistent education effort to all consumers of our services.

“At Phipps Reporting we stream in real time everything that is being said, transferring this data to anywhere in the world and provide daily copy of a day’s proceedings in just one hour. We also work with companies to provide a written record of board meetings or conventions. Phipps provides broadcast captioning to news stations and captioning for live events so that the audience can read along with a speaker or can provide in different languages to individual persons. In addition, we also provide CART, computer aided real time translation for hearing impaired, so they can read along or speak to their lawyer or aid them in traditional classrooms. Finally, we also manage litigation throughout all phases, document management in all aspects from organization to data collection. In addition, we also provide certified legal videographers and interpreters for live translation or document translation.

“Alongside this, we also have to remain innovative and continue to embrace technology where necessary. We are a nimble company with very personalized customer service, enabling us to make quick decisions and implement new technology very quickly. I am technologically savvy and embrace all the latest technologies. I have performed this job in all aspects and at the highest levels and now bring everything I have learned to all my stenographic reporters. We work together as a team, from receptionist, to managers, to independent contractors to strive to always be the best in everything that we do, and ensure that technology which will support our clients is implemented promptly and properly.”

“In order to ensure that we provide our clients with the best possible service which exactly meets their needs, we work closely with them to figure out how they are processing information so that we can establish how to best integrate what we do with what they are trying to accomplish and then work towards that goal so they are maximizing the use of our services.”

As part of this collaborative, client-focused approach the firm has to have a strong, supportive internal culture and dedicated employees, as Christine highlights.


“Integrity and reputation is everything, and as such how we treat people travels throughout the industry. We constantly aim to ensure that it is an honour and a privilege to work for Phipps Reporting. “Our internal culture can be likened to the Ritz Carlton of court reporting. We teach staff to go above and beyond always, be a problem solver and make people feel special. This is our brand and we try to stay true to it in every aspect whether it’s in the look of a promotional item, the way offices are built, the way we dress, it’s engrained in every fiber of what we do. We always focus on what we can do, what we can change, because that is in our control, anything else other than that is just wasted effort. Being positive and staying in the positive, working towards being the best we can be every day is central to our philosophy and everyone on our team embraces this.” Looking ahead, Christine is optimistic about the future as she outlines the firm’s continued focus on growth and expansion. “Our future has infinite possibilities. We have been in a growth mode since inception with zero sign of slowing down. We plan to expand our litigation support services and to continue acquiring companies so that we can continue to expand and offer the most client-focused solutions in the market. Ultimately we look forward to the opportunities this approach will bring.”


Business Awards 2016 BU160010

Company: Ascendant Group Name: Raoul A. Davis Email: Web Address: Address: 2035 Sunset Lake Rd, Suite B-2, Newark, DE 19702 Telephone: 302.450.4494 ext 202

Corporate Brand Strategy Firm of the Year - USA & Award for Excellence in CEO Branding - USA

Ascendant Group is the global leader in the field of CEO branding. We invited CEO Raoul Davis to share additional details about this award winning company.

Established in 2004, Ascendant Group have worked with CEOs for more than a decade, helping leaders develop a strong CEO brand. Raoul explains the niche that the company has carved for itself in this market.

monetize brand exposure and we offer our clients metrics because we realize that many people are distrusting of PR and branding firms. We have created a more tangible model where people have more predictable results and this increases their level of comfort. We also offer a guarantee that if we have not hit the metrics we laid out at the beginning of an engagement we will work on our dime until we do.”

“While other agencies only focus solely on media strategy, at Ascendant we interweave six subcategories; brand strategy, public relations, social media, book deals, brand management and awards, into our strategy to accelerate a CEOs brand and help them grow their firm’s top line revenue.

Ultimately, as one of the first entries into CEO branding the space Ascendant Group has seen the industry flourish since its inception, with new entrants making an appearance as clients saw the benefits of creating their own unique CEO brand. As such the firm has to work hard to remain the market leader, a challenge which it relishes, as Raoul concludes.

“We specialize in CEOs of mid-size companies, executives at Fortune 500 companies and retired athletes interested in launching business ventures. We are a founding member of the Forbes Agency Council, an honor designed for the top PR and advertising agencies in the world.”

“Moving forward, the future looks bright for our firm as we unveil a number of new developments which will help us as we focus on remaining at the forefront of our industry. We will be prominently featured, with our CEO speaking at the Sports and Business Synergy Conference at the New York Stock Exchange in spring 2017.

With offices in Newark, Delaware and Cairo, Egypt, the firm has a truly global reach, and draws upon its vast experience to offer a great service, which is backed by professional, dedicated staff and an internal culture which revolves around client support, as Raoul describes. “Ascendant Group blends an innovative approach with an old-traditional focus on caring about the clients. We have a company encouragement officer who works hard at maintaining a culture that demonstrates empathy and engagement among our staff members, freelancers and clients. We continually emphasize fresh perspectives too. While we are very professional in our delivery to the client, we also maintain an optimistic atmosphere among our staff. This is a great combination that works well for our company environment.”

“In addition, we have plans to formally launch new offices in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and a middle eastern country in 2017, because we recognise the importance of remaining ahead of the curve. When we first moved into the CEO branding space we were one of the first two entries into the category. When we opened an office in Cairo we became one of the first global players in the space. When we began working with Chinese companies, we became one of the first companies to offer CEO branding in that part of the world. By 2018 we anticipate having locations in South Africa and a Latin American country as well, in order to retain our status as the leading industry innovator.”

“The real differentiating factor for our business is that we offer a fully integrated model, which includes brand strategy, brand design, brand management, PR, social media, book deals and award procurement. We also think in terms of building business models that further

12 BU160020

Company: DERMALOG Identification Systems GmbH Email: Web Address: Address: Mittelweg 120, 20148 Hamburg Telephone: +49-404132270

Best Biometric Identification Company 2016 - Germany

DERMALOG Identification Systems offers Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems, Fingerprint Scanners and customized biometric solutions. We invited Chief Executive Officer Günther Mull to tell us more about the firm’s innovative approach and dedication to creating the most creative solutions to meet the ever evolving needs of its clients.

Established in 1995, DERMALOG has been a pioneer in the development of biometric products and solutions for almost 25 years. For the past 14 years the firm has achieved double-digit growth year on year, as firms from around the world draw on its expertise, including leading banks and authorities. Günther Mull talks us through the firm’s service offering and how it aims to ensure that every one of its solutions is delivered to the highest possible standard.

“Operations and management, including senior management, the research and development, support and marketing departments are all located at our headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. Our marketing is organized worldwide but coordinated from the Hamburg head office by means of strategic alliances with representatives, system integrators, local software companies or general contractors.” As DERMALOG is an owner-managed company, decision-making channels are short and fast, which helps promote a supportive and collaborative internal culture according to Günther.

“DERMALOG’s expertise is defined by our verifiably high quality solutions and consistently innovative technology concepts. As such we have developed he widest product range of deployable techniques and the largest number of biometric patents on the market”.

“Strong communication and cooperation between departments is highly valued and promoted at DERMALOG, therefore we aim to keep our hierarchies flat and our lines of communication short. Our experts from various specialist fields work together in an interdisciplinary fashion, which gives us the ability to assign individually assembled teams consisting of experts from different departments to each project. Through this approach we are able to maintain our flexibility, create innovative solutions for our customers and guarantee successful installations and ideal services.”

“Our innovative, creative approach is particularly vital for a firm in our sector because every day, new developments in the biometric sector are appearing. In order to remain at the forefront of innovation we are constantly developing our applications in order they fulfil our customer’s needs. All of our biometric systems are fully certified according to international standards and meet the highest and latest certifications regarding security and quality.”

Looking ahead, development remains the firm’s core focus as it seeks to build upon its current success, as Günther describes in his concluding comments.

Operating globally, DERMALOG has its headquarters in Hamburg with 160 employees, and additional 20 employees in two Branches in Malaysia and Singapore, which offers technical support for many customers in Asia. Günther Mull explains how the firm aims to provide excellence to its clients wherever they are based.

“DERMALOG is currently evolving from the provider of fingerprint biometrics towards its overall aim, which is to become the total biometrics provider for all biometrics. In order to achieve this, we are working towards creating facial and iris recognition technology this year, with a view to exploring other biometrics technology in the longer term.”

“Our Sales Team travels all around the world in order to have a face to face contact with our clients. In every country where we work, we have a partner who helps us with our customer and also through the whole project. After this, every project gains its own project Manager who is in charge during and after the project has been done, ensuring that clients have dedicated support from a single point of contact.”

“Essentially the key to achieving these new developments and creating this technology is heavy investment in research and development, which is also supported by the Hamburg City and IFB Hamburg. Every year DERMALOG invests 30% of its revenue into research and development, as this will help us become the leader in the biometrics industry.”


Business Awards 2016 BU160018 Company: Eze Castle Integration Name: Mary Beth Hamilton, vice president of marketing Email: Web Address: Telephone: US: +1 800 752 1382 UK: +44 207 071 6802 Singapore: +65 6622 2345 Hong Kong: +852 3189 0101

Best Financial Cloud Provider 2016 & Award for Excellence in Client Service

Eze Castle Integration Inc Eze Castle Integration is a global provider of private cloud solutions, technology and cybersecurity services to more than 650 alternative investment firms worldwide. The firm’s VP of Marketing Mary Beth Hamilton talks us through the solutions which have changed the investment technology market for the better.

From delivering fully-managed IT solutions for new fund launches to supporting multi-billion dollar funds, Eze Castle Integration’s team is experienced and 100% focused on great client experiences. With presences in major financial centres around the world including New York, Hong Kong and London, the firm offers a truly global reach, which is key to achieving its ongoing mission; to provide the highest possible quality of client support, as Mary Beth outlines.

simplified IT operations. The hosted IT solution combines a robust, highly secure private infrastructure with key business applications and professional IT management. “In addition, firms also use the Eze Private Cloud infrastructure for hosting of critical business applications from order management systems to accounting and CRM systems. Eze Castle’s private cloud infrastructure provides clients easy access to an enterprise-grade private environment with the latest hardware and software without capital expenditures, expensive upgrades or ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

“Part of Eze Castle’s ongoing mission is providing every client with dedicated account management. This service not only builds strong relationships and trust with our clients, but also ensures their businesses continue to thrive and IT environments remain secure, resilient, available and robust. Additionally, the company offers consulting as a service and a year round, 24/7 Global Support Desk, which is managed by IT experts, not machines.

“Fundamentally, technology is not just what we do, it is who we are, and we keep our clients at the core of our business plans. What separates Eze Castle Integration from its competitors is the multifaceted suite of services we have built within the Eze Private Cloud, coupled with our unparalleled client service and robust thought leadership program.”

“Overall, it is our outstanding reputation, commitment to the customer’s mission as our own and focus on both the immediate and long-term needs of a firm that attract and retain clients.”

Moving forward, Mary Beth emphasises the firm’s focus on staying ahead of trends in the industry in order to offer the most relevant, innovative solutions.

Alongside their client focused approach, it is the firm’s technological offering which draws clients to the company according to Mary Beth, who provides more detail on the solutions Eze Castle Integration offers.

“The trend of cybersecurity has impacted and will continue to impact on our business offerings such as the recent launch of our new service Eze Managed Phishing and Training. The Eze Phishing & Training Service is a fully-managed cybersecurity training solution. Through controlled phishing simulations, the program tests employees’ responses to phishing attacks and provides ‘in-the-moment’ security education.”

“Eze Castle Integration has successfully built a world-class reputation upon our customer centric approach, tailored solutions for the financial sector and team of IT experts. “Our Eze Private Cloud is built to deliver the high performance, applications and exceptional user experience demanded by hedge funds, private equity firms and the greater investment industry. Solutions delivered via the Eze Private Cloud include the Eze Managed Suite, which is a fully managed IT solution that provides flexibility and

14 BU160012

Company: Faircom New York Address: 12 West 27th Street, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10001 Phone: 212.727.3876 Fax: 212.727.7954 Website:

Best Non-Profit Marketing Agency 2016 - New York

Faircom New York Faircom New York is an international fundraising and marketing agency that works with non-profit organizations of varying breadth, depth, mission and size. President Corinne Servily fills us in on the latest developments for the firm and what the future has in store.

With over 20 years of experience in fundraising and marketing, Faircom New York is committed to helping charitable organizations extend their reach through an integrated and innovative approach. While most firms work with non-profits in just one area of fundraising, Faircom New York is equipped to work with organizations through all channels- direct mail, social media, large donor and events, and face to face. Corinne explains the firm’s approach to working with clients and how it aims to ensure that the overall outcome of every project meets their individual needs.

in international fundraising. With clients spanning the globe, the agency helps international non-profits build visibility and support in the United States by providing each of its clients with high-level market analysis relevant to their cause and goals. Once potential donors are identified, the company then facilitates the necessary introductions to cultivate, solicit and maintain these relationships, which is of vital importance to them, as Corinne is keen to emphasise. “Faircom New York is a boutique firm, large enough to cover all channels of integrated fundraising, but small enough to not be sidelined, by channel or by client. Our teams meet constantly, either at regularly scheduled times, or on the fly in our kitchen or somewhere in our open floor plan to discuss client projects. No team proceeds on its own. When the direct mail team launches a campaign, they confer with the online and data teams. Account directors are always encouraged to share success stories for testing with other clients. We want to maximize learning and lesson distribution to all team members so as not to reproduce failures and to multiply successes. Our team is collaborative and clients love to come into our friendly office and communicate with our approachable, likeable staff, which helps us to understand and meet their needs.”

“When we initially start working with a client on a new campaign we always examine all historical creative elements and associated campaign data to learn from past successes and failures and to give us fresh ideas to pursue, because we never want to repeat an error or imitate a success without seeing how we can improve upon it. We leverage as much data as we possibly can when deciding who to target and how to segment and what channels to use. “Most often this data can be provided by the client, sometimes we must append data from external sources to bolster our targeting or our channel proliferation (for example, we may append email addresses to the client’s file). With creative ideas and data to support them, we prepare a creative brief replete with production specifications and segmentation matrices for our clients and projected costs, revenues and ROI per segment.

Moving forward, new projects and innovative initiatives look set to provide the firm with many exciting opportunities as Corinne concludes.

“Once we receive approval from our client, we have a roadmap to follow. We start by issuing a production calendar, and from then on we manage the process, ensuring all the while that it stays on message, on budget and on schedule. We are very mindful that while the first and foremost goal is to meet our clients’ revenue and ROI goals, we must also respect their schedules, their time and their resources. In this spirit, we take the pre-production process very seriously so as to mitigate any potential budget or time overages on either end, ours and theirs.”

“Currently we are about to launch two campaigns for two new African clients. One is a project to locate US based alumni from University of Cape Town and commence a hard hitting fundraising campaign for the University here in the States. The other is to raise money in the US for a new hospital in Malawi, to be designed by the famed architect, Steven Holl. From an internal growth vantage point, our response model building capacity has just been launched and we intend to grow this portion of our business substantially in the next year. This is linked to a strategy to help non-profits grow their mid-level donor bases, a segment we feel has been ignored while development directors focus on small, direct mail donors and large donor face to face relationships.”

Apart from being a fully integrated direct marketing agency specializing in cross-channel fundraising, Faircom New York also leads the market


Business Awards 2016 BU160003

Company: Frama Ltd. Address: 15 Limes Court, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 8EP Phone: +44 1992 45 11 25 Fax: +44 1992 46 64 53 Email: Website:

The Corporate Transformation Award for Market-Led Solutions

Frama is an international company with its headquarters in Switzerland providing solutions for the secure handling of sensitive and financial data. We invited Lenny Wood to tell us more.

Since it was established more than 45 years ago, the Frama Group has been providing innovative solutions for the secure handling of sensitive and financial data. The firm’s hardware and software applications are used in a broad spectrum of applications worldwide. Examples include the management and flow of postage funds between Royal Mail, customer bank accounts and the Frama Online management system. In addition to franking systems, the extended Frama mailroom offering includes letter openers, folder inserters and MailTrace tracking software.

Efficiency is also of vital importance to the firm, and as such technology plays a key role in both internal and external processes, as Lenny is eager to emphasise. “Technology is a key part of our product offering but also for our internal workflows. Frama have completed a process of converting all physical documentation to digital format and now employ the RMail service to send and receive all sensitive communication via registered, encrypted service.”

Frama also offers a suite of digital solutions including RMail: a registered email platform offering encryption, e-signature, large file transfer and legal, verifiable proof of delivery and content, digital document handling and security systems: High security shredding and X-ray scanning. Using a combination of physical and digital products, Frama are able to offer a complete end-to-end document handling solution. Lenny explains the firm’s approach to working with new clients and how it aims to secure a good outcome right from the start.

The core business for Frama has historically been franking. Due to the continued decline in the number of physical letters being sent, the franking industry is shrinking at a rate of 4% p.a. The logical replacement to letters is email. To this end Frama have introduced a suite of products designed to provide legal, verifiable proof of delivery and content for sensitive messages. Therefore, looking forward the firm has a number of exhilarating developments which Lenny is keen to outline in his final comments.

“Here at Frama we offer all customers a consultative approach through our network of account management professionals. During the consultation process we will discuss all current processes and expenditure and look to make improvements in efficiencies as well as cost savings. Frama excel at customer service and this has been a great differentiator for us over the years. In addition, our new offering provides a one-stop shop for potential customers, providing all aspects of document handling in one place.”

“The future for Frama is very exciting. A wholesale change in products from traditional “boxed products” to digital security and document handling represents a huge cultural shift for Frama and will see many internal changes in sales, marketing and product development. We look forward to the opportunities this will bring and hope to build upon our current success.”

In order to ensure that all staff are able to provide the high level of client service the firm prides itself on Frama UK employs an initiative called FramaCareS. This initiative ensures that all internal staff are highly trained in customer service and teamwork to provide the best possible service and aftercare to the firm’s customers. Regular training workshops are carried out to cultivate the required level of interaction.

16 BU160022

Company: Graham & Co Phone: 01264 356500 Website:

Estate Agent of the Year - Hampshire

Graham & Co are a family run business covering estate agency and lettings. The friendly and dedicated service they provide is what sets them apart from their competitors and has marked the firm out for success in this prestigious awards programme, as Wayne Turpin highlights.

Established in 2003, Graham & Co has worked hard over the years to build a reputation for being the most successful and trusted property professionals in Andover and Whitchurch. With prime, central locations in both towns the firm offers great exposure and a dedicated team to help clients with both lettings and sales, as Wayne outlines.

whether buying or selling, the highest level of service with fantastic feedback with existing sales, buying, selling or letting.” The firm’s lettings department was formed in 2009 and is now a major force in the local lettings field. As Wayne discusses, ethos Graham & Co have used in sales has been mirrored in lettings with a strong emphasis on customer service level and being the only lettings company open seven days a week, providing additional marketing, and customer support.

“Here at Graham & Co we work on a high level customer service level and have managed to build the business over many years to be the dominant agent within the area, selling three times as many properties as our nearest competitor. Sales and lettings focus heavily on customer service and have built a strong rapport which encourages repeat business.

“Graham & Co’s lettings and property management department offers all Landlords an unrivalled level of customer service. The business has gone from strength to strength in recent years, largely based on recommendations from satisfied clients. We are an independently owned company which allows us to be flexible in order to cater to your individual requirements.

“Fundamentally, we believe our fantastic track record is down to our professional frank approach to property, commitment to customer service combined with an experience and knowledge of the local area which is second to none. Above all we really do care and love what we do, because finding our customers a property to call home is incredibly rewarding.”

“Our dedicated lettings team are experienced property professionals who are able to guide you through the process of letting your property. They have a wealth of local knowledge which is invaluable to both Landlords and Tenants alike.

Technology is a key part of the firm’s service offering, and as Wayne emphasises, it is central to ensuring the firm’s continued success. “In order to meet our clients’ needs in the ever digitalised marketplace, we use the latest technology with an excellent computer package which ensures that all clients are kept fully informed if they wish by email or text, and we have a town centre office which is open seven days a week and still advertise heavily within the local paper and local community. Our cutting edge Team computer package will help move the business forward and provide a slick marketing service for vendors and purchasers alike with innovative email and mail alerts giving their vendors the edge over their competitors.

“Additionally, we use a range of effective marketing tools to ensure that a Landlord’s property is exposed to the widest possible market. This includes extensive on-line marketing; advertising in local newspapers; marketing from our smart readily accessible office’s including advertising your property with our; eye catching lettings boards; and of course our famous brightly coloured Smart cars, which renowned in the local area.” As 2017 looms and the firm looks towards the future, Wayne is keen to discuss the Graham & Co’s focus on evolving whilst at the same time retaining the same high standards of service which it has come to pride itself on.

“Whilst it is a well-known fact that internet marketing is very important but 42% of all buyers come via office visits or phone calls proving that the modern agent cannot rely on internet marketing alone. As such we are also committed to excellence in client service at all times. Our team have worked together for many years and are able to offer our clients,

“Ultimately we are always looking at new marketing strategies to make sure that we adapt to changes in the market climate, whilst at the same time remaining dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the highest possible level of service when they work with us.” 17


and keep up to date with the latest industry news across both traditional and alternative investment sectors. Distributed each month to more than 130,000 high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals, fund managers, institutional investors and professional services firms, Wealth & Finance INTL has rapidly become the go-to resource for those looking to make the right decisions when it comes to securing and growing their wealth. BU160013

Company: Harthill Marketing Services Name: Michelle Harthill Email: Web Address: Telephone: 949-353-4189

Best Full-Service Shopper Marketing Agency 2016

Harthill Marketing Services is a solution oriented marketing company that strives to build a long-term relationship with each client, working diligently to ensure that their individual needs are met. We caught up with Founder Michelle Harthill to learn more about this collaborative approach and how it has ensured the ongoing success of both the firm and its clients. Established in 1999, Harthill Marketing Services is a time-tested organization with over 20 years of combined experience. Michelle, who founded the business, discusses how she took advantage of a gap in the market and used this to form the foundations of the agency.

“Unlike many larger agencies, here at Harthill we do not over charge for our time. My account managers are very conservative when estimating a project and how much account personnel time will be used. They are also very good about staying within a given budget, and in most instances, staying way under budget. I understand the importance of saving marketing dollars because it only allows us to ‘do more’. If one brand is given $100K budget, I do not want to use it on one program, I want to use it on as many programs possible, giving that brand more presence in the marketplace, therefore driving higher sales.

“Harthill Marketing Services began after I identified a need for a full service-marketing agency in a niche channel. My business model included offering CPG (Consumer Product Goods) organizations a full line of marketing services and solutions tailored to drive business in the Military resale channel to include 275 stores worldwide.

“Everyone at Harthill strives to give the best customer service possible through collaboration and strong relationship. We make ourselves a part of their internal team by offering ideas, implementation and solutions that best drive their business to success. When our clients are successful, we feel successful. Building a strong relationship through trust is the foundation of Harthill Marketing Services – internally, with our vendors and most importantly, with our clients- and it is this approach which ensures that our clients understand that we are the best possible option for all their marketing needs.”

“My approach to working with any client revolves entirely around them and their needs. The first step I take is to identify the marketing objective or need aligned to driving sales of that brand or category. Once the objective is determined, I then strategically develop a sales promotional campaign that will meet that objective. Most will include several elements- in store plays a huge portion as most customers make their buying decision ‘at the shelf’. However, advertising is also key in communicating and providing a ‘reason to buy’ given product. “Fundamentally the key areas of development for both my clients and my agency revolve around knowing what we need to stay ahead of the competition and what customers are responding to, and as such there are many variables to consider when putting together a marketing strategy that will work. If I am working with an organic product, for example, I want to target both the customer purchasing this type of product and the retailer who can sell to that customer; bringing the two together to create a marketing synergy that creates selling power. Marketing must always align with both in order to build awareness and drive sales on a consistent base. Because the grocery industry is constantly changing and customers are shopping multiple locations, Harthill Marketing Services must always be stay ahead of these changes in order for our promotional campaigns to be effective.”

Ultimately, Harthill Marketing Services has been built on developing and implementing in store shopper-marketing programs, but the future will revolve around social media as Michelle looks to usher in the digital age of product marketing. “Moving into 2017, Harthill Marketing Services are going to start offering more digital solutions in the social media platform. As an increasing number of shoppers are engaging in social media, and will continue to over the next five years, it is important that all businesses ‘be seen’ through social media channels. “Engagement through social media will be higher than in store as we move forward and I think we can drive sales more effectively through this method. In some instances, I would even suggest a combination of in store and social media. With that said, Harthill Marketing Services will start developing shopper marketing programs aligned with the various social media channels using our same strategic approach.”

Working in such a competitive market, standing out from the rest of the market is crucial, and Michelle and her team at Harthill achieve this through a combination of client focus, dedication and cost efficiency, as she explains.


Business Awards 2016 BU160007 Company: Katjes International Name: Tobias Bachmüller, Managing Shareholder, Katjes International Email: Web Address: Address: Dechant-Sprünken-Str. 53-57, 46446 Emmerich, Germany Telephone: +49 (0) 2822/ 601-700

Sweet Production Company of the Year 2016 - Germany

Katjes International GmbH, part of the Katjes Group, is a strategic advisor, supporting the firm’s work in the confectionary market. We invited Managing Shareholder Tobias Bachmüller to tell us more.

Please tell me about Katjes International, the work you do and your overall strategy. Tobias: “Katjes International GmbH & Co. KG together with its legally independent sister company Katjes Fassin GmbH + Co. KG, is part of the Katjes Group. Katjes International is a strategic holding with participations in companies operating in Western Europe and focusing on the sugar confectionery market.

confectionery has been the core of our business since the foundation and as a strategic investor we focus on what we know and what we do best. This allows us to minimize risks within our strategy to grow through acquisitions. Secondly, Western Europe represents approximately two thirds of the population, 70% of the GDP and 70% of the confectionery market of the EU. Hence, it is a very large market offering sufficient opportunities for further growth. Thirdly, operating mainly in the single currency Euro area removes foreign currency risks from our business and provides a familiar legal framework for our operations.”

“As a strategic investor we pursue a buy-and-hold-strategy with a long-term view. The goal is to leverage synergy effects within our group, increase the operating performance, further develop and strengthen our brands and support our participations in entering new markets. In addition, we aim to use cross-selling potential across our group in areas like product development and sales. Through the implementation of this strategy we create long-term value, sustainable growth and further strengthen our well-known brands.”

What differentiates your firm from your competitors and marks you out as the best option for your targets? Tobias: “As a family-owned company we have higher flexibility compared to other corporations. This allows us – together with our lean management structure – to take fast decisions when needed. We take a comprehensive look into each target to ensure that it fits into our strategy. As a family-owned company, we also believe in our policy to continue an acquired business with existing local management in order to limit business disruptions and provide stability both for the employees and our clients to ensure long-term success. Another important factor is our success and our market position. We have a strong M&A track record making us one of the most acquisitive companies in our industry by number of successfully closed transactions.”

Talk me through the confectionary market currently. How is your firm adapting around the latest developments? Tobias: “The confectionery market in general is characterised by its resilience and non-cyclicality. Even during the last financial crisis our market showed a very stable development. Nevertheless, there is an active consolidation process in our market, which we actively take part in. For example, in 2016 we successfully bought the remaining 50% stake of the Dutch liquorice producer Festivaldi, the best-selling liquorice product in the Netherlands by volume. Secondly, we address the increasing demand for sustainably produced products through continuous developments of our processes and product portfolio.”

Operating in such a dynamic industry, how do you ensure that you remain at the forefront of emerging developments? Tobias: “The most important factor in this context is that we are an investor with a clear strategy focussing on established brands in specific markets. With our highly experienced management team we are able to identify interesting acquisition targets, followed by a comprehensive examination by the experts of our group and advisors. We are also constantly seeking to improve our own processes, detecting opportunities for innovation within our own companies and analysing any possible future developments in order to stay ahead of things.”

Why do you focus on the Western European market? Are there any key factors which led to your specialising in operating in this region? Tobias: “Katjes International is the second largest producer of sugar confectionery products in Europe. We focus on the sugar confectionery market in Western Europe for a number of reasons. First of all, sugar


What does the future have in store for Katjes International? Are there any particular plans which you are keen to share with us? Tobias: “We achieved a dynamic growth in the last five years, with a revenue increase from nearly zero to more than €200 million. The goal of Katjes International is to further extend its growth and market position by acquiring strong brands with a focus on the sugar confectionary market in Western Europe. The company continuously examines suitable opportunities that fit the company’s product range, market position and production process.”

Katjes International is the holding company of strong, well known brands in Western Europe, e. g. Piasten with its famous product “Schoko Linsen”, Lutti which increasingly focuses on sour jelly sweets, Dallmann’s with its famous sage cough candy, which is the No. 1 cough candy in German pharmacies (by number of sold packages), and Festivaldi which sells the best-selling liquorice product in the Netherlands (Harlekijntjes) by volume.


Business Awards 2016 BU160008 Company: Lloyd Platt & Co Ltd. Address: Third Floor, Elscot House, Arcadia Avenue, London, N3 2JU, DX 57274 Finchley 2 Phone: 020 8343 2998 Fax: +44 (0) 208 343 4950 Email: Website:

Best Family & Divorce Law Firm 2016 - UK

Lloyd Platt & Co is one of the UK’s leading firms of family, divorce and criminal solicitors. We caught up with Proprietor Vanessa Lloyd Platt to learn more about the services the firm provides.

Established in 1992, Lloyd Platt & Co offers a wide range of services in the divorce and matrimonial law practice areas, as well as white collar crime. As one of the country’s leading divorce law specialists and a freelance journalist Vanessa has been called upon to provide her expert opinion on a number of high profile divorce cases, including the Paul and Heather McCartney case, as well as commentating on the latest industry developments for media outlets around the world.

“Offering a mediation service helps to reduce conflict and ease the path towards a mutually fulfilling arrangement. One key issue we notice increasingly is divorced partners with children trying to cut out one or both sets of grandparents, who are often the most unsupported party in any divorce case, and as such we work hard to ensure that everyone involved with the child’s wellbeing is supported and allowed equal access.”

As such it is imperative that she remains at the forefront of the latest changes in the market, which also helps Lloyd Platt & Co to offer the most creative services to clients. Vanessa explains how the firm, which prides itself on offering innovative and unique divorce solutions to meet client’s ever changing needs, stays one step ahead of the latest industry evolutions.

Moving forward, one key trend which Vanessa believes will only get bigger and more relevant is the rise in ‘Silver Splitters’; clients getting divorced in their 50s and over. As such this poses a challenge for their children, who are often relying on their parents to support them financially due to the rise in house prices, as Vanessa is eager to emphasise.

“Here at Lloyd Platt & Co we take great pride in our innovative divorce solutions, which include being the first firm to offer ‘Divorce Vouchers’ for Christmas. These unique gifts allow friends and family to support those going through a divorce by paying part of the cost in the form of a gift voucher similar to those offered by many high street chains.

“Looking to the future our focus will be firmly on raising awareness of the impact which the rising age of divorcees will have on their children and grandchildren, as they are often financially dependent. This will affect the housing, private school and luxury goods markets, as many younger people will be unable to afford these expenditures without support from their parents, who are increasingly focusing on using their money to fund their own lifestyles rather than supporting the younger generations.

“More recently we have just worked closely with the Blue Cross animal charity to create the industry’s first pet pre-nuptial agreement, which ensures that spouses looking to buy a pet together can safe guard to welfare of the animal should their relationship fail, as well as enabling those who already have a pet to ensure that it remains in their possession should their marriage break up. Pre and post-nuptial agreements are a core staple of our work and have become increasingly popular in recent years.”

“Another area which we are keen to raise awareness on is the shift in recent years away from lifetime maintenance for divorced couples. Women are now expected to work longer and take less compensation from their former husbands, and as such we are working to raise awareness to our clients, both men and women, on how this new development can affect them.”

Mediation is also a cornerstone of the firm’s service offering, which helps to ensure an amicable arrangement, particularly where children are concerned, which Vanessa is particularly proud of.

22 BU160015

Company: Multiphoton Optics GmbH Name: Dr. Ruth Houbertz Email: Web Address: Address: Friedrich-Bergius-Ring 15, 97074 Würzburg, Germany Telephone: +49-931-2999-5890

3D Printing Equipment Provider of the Year 2016 - Germany

Multiphoton Optics GmbH is a leading supplier for high precision 3D printers, software, prototyping and engineering. We caught up with CEO and Managing Director Dr. Ruth Houbertz to learn more about the firm’s innovative product offering.

Multiphoton Optics support a range of industrial customers with everything from small volume prototyping capabilities for first product prototypes, ramp-up at customer’s site, through to long-term support of processes for novel products. The high-precision 3D printing processes provided by the company ideally fit into standard process environments used to manufacture products for many different markets, with the firm addressing a range of application including optical interconnects, microoptics, and biomedical. In order to meet clients’ individual needs, Ruth believes that it is vital that the firm closely cooperates and communicates with them in order to gain the best insight into what they require.

“There are many ways to keep up with the ongoing, but particularly emerging developments which might impact our decisions and set the course for the company’s development, and staying at the forefront of these developments is crucial to our firm’s continued success. Being interested and informed about what is going on, also keeping a much broader view is very important to achieving this aim, and the most important factor is working with people with the right mind set. We are very lucky to have a workforce that supports the latest developments, and the manager as integral part of every team, providing the environment for free thinking and fulfilling the tasks and succeeding the challenges.”

“Understanding of our customer’s requirements is one of the prerequisites to ensure that the overall outcome meets the expectations. This is facilitated by our broad expertise in many different areas, ranging from materials via processes to technology, hard- and software, and application. An open, trustful, and well-founded communication and exchange of information on a regular basis with the customer is very important to ensure that we achieve the optimum output for the customer’s project.”

Moving forward, the firm aims to remain at the forefront of innovation in the industry, and has a number of exciting plans for the future. “Ultimately our expertise is based upon our background of more than two decades’ experience in materials, processes, technology, hardware and software which we can access in our daily work, particularly in the markets and applications we address. Looking ahead we will continue to draw upon this vast expertise, as well as seeking to embrace and expand our already substantial network of industry contacts as we seek to create the very latest technologies which meet the needs of our clients. Through our high precision 3D printer platform we will be part of a huge change in how products are manufactured.”

Within the 3D optics market there are many interesting developments which could influence the firm’s work on a technical level, acting as enabler. One industry which significantly impacts Multiphoton Optics’ developments is 3D printing in its original sense which already is accepted by customers, as Ruth emphasises. “When it comes to high precision 3D printing, our company has a quite different approach to adapting to its challenges in the industrial sector. We address the tasks completely differently which is the secret of our success. People tend to do always the same things for some reason, and that is what we avoid, particularly if very challenging tasks are on the plate. We find creative solutions even for the most demanding tasks, and are always looking to strike a new path.”


Business Awards 2016 BU160011

Company: The Scotch Whisky Experience Name: Wendy Neave Email: Web Address: Address: 354 Castlehill, The Royal Mile, Edinburgh, EH1 2NE Telephone: 0131 220 0441

Best for Private & Corporate Events - Edinburgh

The Scotch Whisky Experience The Scotch Whisky Experience is a visitor attraction with private events facilities, proving an entirely unique venue to corporate and private clients. We spoke to Wendy Neave to find out more about this one-of-a-kind venue.

The Scotch Whisky Experience is the only business in the world which is owned by, and represents the Scotch whisky distillers, providing access to unrivalled industry-wide knowledge and expertise. Wendy is keen to talk us through what sets the company apart and makes for a truly remarkable experience.

wide range of different whisky themes offers over the years to enhance a conference, meeting or dinner booking. This range now perfectly accommodates differing group sizes, differing levels of Scotch whisky knowledge and specific luxury products, in addition to becoming more accessible from a physical and language point of view.

“The Scotch Whisky Experience is an entirely unique venue for a number of reasons. Firstly, as the only business in the world which is owned by, and represents the Scotch whisky distillers we are truly the expert home of Scotch whisky.

“Another recent development for the Scotch Whisky Experience is that we also expanded our partnership with the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo to offer an additional fully integrated hospitality package to meet increased demand. This now gives us an increased capacity every evening over three unique dining and whisky tasting packages prior to each performance.”

“All aspects of the business reflect the globally renowned, quality product at the core of our business, including our location, as we are situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s Old Town world heritage site, providing a wonderful arrival up the cobbled Castlehill, beneath the shadow of Edinburgh Castle. Additionally, we are a multi-faceted venue allowing clients to enjoy a private meeting and experience a range of whisky tour and tasting options, followed by either private or restaurant dining and even retail and personal shopper options.

Operating a personal and individual approach to each and every event is a strong part of the Scotch Whisky Experience ethos. No two events are ever alike and the feedback which the venue receives from clients strongly reflects this, ensuring that everyone who books an event there can be assured of a truly unforgettable, unique experience tailored to their individual tastes and preferences. Ultimately, the Scotch Whisky Experience has seen strong growth since its refurbishment, and is keen to capitalise on this and continue to grow and prosper in the months and years to come.

“Alongside the experience itself, we offer excellent catering provided in-house by the team in Amber Restaurant, and guests can choose to dine in the restaurant itself or within one of the private dining spaces. Amber’s locally sourced, seasonal produce is accredited with the “Taste our Best” award.”

“In the past twelve months we have seen an exceptional uplift in business, however perhaps the best benchmark of the success of the full service offer is measured by the extent of both new and repeat business. We have seen an increase in revenue year on year of 27%, of which 60% was repeat business, as many clients who had booked with us in past years have returned and booked regularly since our refurbishment.

The venue, which is fully accessible, has recently been refurbished, with a £484,000 investment on the venue’s top floor private events suite. This rejuvenation has helped the company to work around the various developments that Edinburgh’s tourism market has seen in recent years, as Wendy outlines.

“Moving forward we are keen to continue to build upon this success and continue to offer our unique packages, with our PR campaigns focusing on attracting new bookers to our innovative events and package options.

“There is exceptional growth in the Edinburgh tourism sector and with our varied business offering our biggest challenge is being able to accommodate the variety of requests and fitting with our availability. Managing the visitor attraction side of the business in balance with the unique private event offering is our strength. We have developed a

“Fundamentally, Scotch whisky is an icon of Scotland and on the ‘must see’ list for almost all leisure and corporate visitors. Our location, range of experiences and language provision is the perfect blend.” 24 BU160014

Company: Turner Little Limited Name: James Turner Email: Web Address: Address: Regency House, Westminster Place, York Business Park, York, YO26 6RW Telephone: 01904783101

Company Formation Specialists of the Year - UK & Award for Excellence in Offshore Banking 2016

Turner Little are established UK based professional company registration agents, registered bank intermediaries and business consultants as well as trust providers. We caught up with James Turner to learn more about the solutions the company provides in these specialist areas.

Founded in 1998, as a specialist UK banking and corporate services provider Turner Little rapidly expanded to provide services offshore as well as in the UK and provide a service second to none by concentrating their attention on a limited number of overseas jurisdictions especially chosen to provide the fullest possible range of benefits to their extensive client base.

involved in this area must be up to no good; that is not the case. Additionally, governments across the world, sometimes as a result of media attention, often make changes which are ill-thought out and which are intended to prevent fraud and tax evasion but which sometimes prevent legitimate operations being carried out effectively internationally. The overall effect of these is to make structuring effectively more complex and difficult. More recently, the effect of Brexit in terms of exchange rates has added considerable bottom line costs to businesses such as ours based in the UK and who transact significantly with overseas territories and usually in US$, Euros or a currency with a rate fixed to the US$, Hong Kong dollars, Singapore Dollars, Belize Dollars being some examples.

As his opening comments James is eager to highlight the fact that the firm’s excellent reputation is built on the integrity of its founders and the dedication, honesty, integrity, professionalism and focused commitment of its staff. “Turner Little is a small firm with an established friendly workforce who are confident in their own responsibilities whilst being aware of those of colleagues. Regardless of the service being provided, Turner Little always discuss at length the client’s requirements and will advise clients at a very early stage on the feasibility and practicalities of what they are seeking to do and whether it will achieve the client’s objectives. Operating in a heavily regulated sector means that we are obliged to know more than most about our clients and it is the combination of friendliness and professionality imposed by regulation that ensures that our clients receive the best possible level of service.”

“As such in order to support our clients we maintain an honest approach. Even if the news is bad, we will tell them the truth and work with them to find a solution. It is this strategy that has helped our firm to become the success it is today.” Providing an extensive, comprehensive range of services, the company is proud that a large part of its business is generated from an existing customer base as well as customer and professional referrals particularly from accountancy and legal practices. The company’s extensive client base covers virtually every country in the world making Turner Little a truly multi-national service provider. Looking ahead, James emphasises the need to be even more international, as the company aims to expand its global reach in order to avoid the challenges caused by Brexit.

Operating in an industry dominated by changing media perception and frequent regulatory change, James explains how his firm is constantly seeking to adapt around the major changes and ensure it offers clients the very best services which meet their needs. “As with any other industrial sector, computerisation is now dominant in the company registration sector, and therefore Turner Little use a range of computerised systems, many written and developed in-house, to ensure the efficiency of operations in the business.

“There are difficult times ahead caused by exchange rates in particular, and the uncertainty with Brexit merely adds to the problems. In this respect however we had already made some moves prior to Brexit to ensure that we will continue to support the EU member states no matter what. To do so we created Turner Little (Cyprus) Limited, and that firm, registered in Cyprus, will shortly become a licensed firm in the country for the purpose of forming companies there and acting as banking intermediaries.”

“In addition, our market is subject to constant changes. Because fraudsters and tax evaders often use complicated offshore and UK structures to achieve their ends, there is a misconception that anyone


Business Awards 2016 BU160006

Company: Waha Capital Name: Amer Aidi Email: Web Address: Address: Waha Capital, Etihad Towers, 42 Floor, P.O. Box 28922 Telephone: +97126677343

Best Asset Manager 2016 - MENA

Waha Capital is an Abu Dhabi-listed investment company that offers shareholders and third-party investors exposure to high-potential opportunities in diversified asset classes. Alain Dib, Chief Operating Officer discusses the firm’s service offering and how it aims to provide strong return on investment to clients.

Waha Capital manages assets across several sectors, including aircraft leasing, healthcare, financial services, energy, infrastructure, industrial real estate and capital markets.

to make business connections. To build industry champions that can expand beyond national borders, investors need to be well-established with strong regional connections.

Through its Principal Investments unit, Waha Capital has established a strong investment track-record, deploying capital in sectors that display strong fundamentals and that have been prioritised by governments in the Middle East and North Africa region. These opportunities are now being offered to third-party investors through a private equity platform. These third party investors are buying into the firm’s strategy and are attracted by its consistent positive performance. Over the last few months, the firm have successfully managed to attract high profile regional and US based institutions with its equites and fixed income funds. The Capital Markets unit has also built a strong capability in managing global and regional credit and equity portfolios.

“Finally, sectorial expertise within your investment team is vital. If you are focused on value creation through operational improvements, you really need to understand the sector at a micro-level, and you need to install a management team that understands how to overcome the challenges of working in the regional business and regulatory environment.” Waha Capital is a meritocracy built on the belief that collaboration, teamwork and integrity create the right environment for our people to deliver the best possible results for its clients. Alain is eager to emphasise that the company offers a highly supportive internal culture based around support and collaboration.

Alain talks us through the firm’s investment offering and provides and insight into the three pillars of the company’s success.

“At Waha Capital we talk a lot about teamwork. Our people come from different backgrounds and different cultures, and bring different areas of skill and expertise. What brings them together is Waha Capital’s ambition to grow and to diversify our business. We work flexibly and collaboratively. Everyone’s point of view is valid, and we know that ideas can come from anywhere and therefore we offer a space where everyone will be listened to and supported.

“Waha Capital offers its expertise in capital markets and direct investment to third party investors through public equities, public bonds, private lending and private equity funds targeting institutional investors and high net worth individuals. “Our success is built on three elements: patience, networks, and expertise. We have found that patience is vital to good decision making. For example, Waha Capital examined the healthcare sector intensely for a couple of years, and looked at various options before moving. Once we invest, we take a long-term view. Building a business properly and creating value through operational improvement takes time.

“Ultimately we believe that our distinct corporate culture is one of the things that set us apart from other firms. We expect everyone at Waha Capital to contribute to our success, and to join us on a journey which is gathering momentum. This is why we make such an effort to ensure that our people are not only among the best in their field, but also that they share our commitment to leadership in business and to contributing to the communities where we work and live. At Waha Capital, everyone has a place at the table.”

“In addition, we believe that to be a successful investor in the Middle East and North Africa region, you need to have the regional networks


In his concluding comments Alain outlines the firm’s future plans, which revolve around continuing to offer the very highest quality services to clients. “Going forward we will continue to focus on delivering value to our shareholders and our investment partners, by sourcing the most attractive investment opportunities, and deploying capital in a disciplined and professional manner. Thanks to a very strong balance sheet, we have the financial strength to take advantage of new opportunities in both direct and capital markets investments in the coming years. We are now offering our investment expertise to thirdparty investors, and aim to deliver high quality, and high performance investment platforms to the market.�


2016 W&F Business Awards  
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