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Innovation Impact Beyond a Billion In conversation with Jeffrey Heenan Jalil, the Global Head of the Healthcare & Life Sciences SBU at Wipro on how they are helping their clients change the lives of millions of people each and every day by enabling them to build breakthrough patient centric business models that drive better health and transform care delivery.

Best Life Sciences Safety & Risk Management Company

Best WBE Life Sciences CRO+ - USA

2016 International Life Sciences Awards Welcome to the 2016 International Life Sciences awards. Life sciences have a global impact and implications for a multitude of different industries, covering the most challenging and dynamic subjects in the global market today. With breakthroughs occurring almost daily, life sciences have become an impressive and rewarding industry, and previously the market was dominated by multinational corporations, but SMEs and dynamic individuals are now steadily driving and growing much of today’s activity. The 2016 International Life Sciences Awards are our way of celebrating what is undeniably a truly unique and critical field. We are devoted to giving this captivating and fundamental industry the recognition it truly deserves.

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Best Life Sciences Safety & Risk Management Company Sciformix Best WBE Life Sciences CRO+ - USA Technical Resources International, Inc. (TRI) Best Global HLS IT Consultancy & Outsourcing Company 2016 & GHP Product Innovation Award: Wipro 360 Digital Patient Centricity Suite Wipro Best Human Biopsied Tissue Preservative Solution: AQIX® RS-I AQIX Best Mid-Sized Pharmaceutical CRO 2016 ClinTec International Best Life Sciences IP Law Firm - New York Frommer Lawrence and Haug LLP Best Pre-Clinical CRO - California PMI Best International Life Science Company & Most Innovative Inflammatory Condition Treatment: Curcumin C3 Power Chewable Natural Immune Booster Sami Labs Limited Best Life Science Compliance & Validation Services Company Stericycle GxP Solutions Best for Phase I-IV Clinical Trial Management Services Vantage BioTrials Best Lab Relocation Company - USA Aport Global Laboratory Relocation Best Life Sciences Community College Baltimore City Community College Baltimore City Community College Best European Academic Biobank Biobank Graz Best Life Science Real Estate Solutions Provider - UK & Award for Innovation in Creative Laboratory Design - UK BioMed Realty Best Translational Clinical Pharmacology Company 2016 Celerion Best Sensitive Skin Treatment Solution: Dr Mist & GHP Women in Life Sciences Excellence Award 2016 Distri-beaute – Home of Dr. mist Most Innovative Heart Failure Technology Manufacturer EBR Systems Best Modular Systems Solutions Company – Canada ExpoSystems GHP Academic Excellence Award in the Field of Dietetics FH Joanneum

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Best for Clinical & Veterinary Disease Assays 2016 Fuller Laboratories Life Sciences Strategic Consultancy Firm of the Year - USA Health Advances Best in Medical Device Commercial Strategies – USA Health Advances Best Full-Service Life Sciences B2B Marketing Agency 2016 kdm communications Best Life Sciences Research Facility - South East England Kent Science Park Most Innovative Vascular Access Device Manufacturer & Best Oncology Medical Device: AngioGate® Vessel Dilator Introducers Kimal Best Plastic Welding & Hot Air Equipment Manufacturer Leister Technologies LLC Best Blood Sugar Technology Company - North America MediSure Canada Inc. Best eClinical Solution 2016: iMedNet™ & Recognised Leaders in Healthcare Data Solutions MedNet Solutions Best Forestry Academic 2016 Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM) Best Probiotic Supplement Provider - Canada NOVA Best Nutritional Supplements Provider - British Columbia NutriStart Best Orthopaedic Research Body 2016 – UK Orthopaedic Research UK Global Leader in Plant-Based Compounds & Pharmaceuticals & Best Natural Pain Reliever: Phynova Joint and Muscle Relief Tablets™ Phynova Best Life Sciences Industry Development Agency 2016 – Canada & GHP Excellence Award for Life Science Business Development Québec International Best in Mental Health Rehabilitation 2016 - UK Rushcliffe Care Ltd Best Medical Implant & Technology Research Group & Most Cutting-Edge Skin Scaffold: SmartMatrix® Smart Matrix Limited Best for Life Sciences Business Growth - North America Toronto

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Best Life Sciences Safety & Risk Management Company

Sciformix Corporation is a leading global Scientific Process Organization (SPO), providing science-based services to biopharmaceutical, generic pharmaceutical, consumer products, medical devices and other healthcare companies. Our mission is to partner with life science companies to provide high quality scientific expertise that delivers better quality outcomes and improved efficiencies across the entire product lifecycle with the ultimate objective of improving quality of healthcare for patients worldwide. Key capabilities and areas of collaboration include safety and risk management, clinical development, post-approval support, medical affairs, regulatory affairs & operations, scientific writing and technology services.

Trends and Opportunities In today’s global economy, traditional business models are being pushed to the breaking point and the challenges are great. With these challenges come significant opportunities and where successful organizations can differentiate themselves from the competition. Organizations are having to find new revenues streams and are facing fierce competition from generics and biosimilars. They need to expedite time to market, maximize product longevity, support global distribution models, all while staying on top of the ever growing complex global regulatory environment and internal cost pressures.

SPOs execute processes which are at the highest end of the spectrum with respect to scientific content, while using analytics and processes as enablers. SPOs primarily have exceptional scientific depth by applying science based processes to the entire product lifecycle. SPOs attempt to provide a fit-for-purpose blend of process excellence, analytical skills for making business decisions and maturity of infrastructure and technology, thereby providing the benefits of partnering with a BPO (business process organization) and a KPO (knowledge process organization) to the client.

To counter these trends, organizations are expanding into new markets and looking to have a mixed portfolio of generic and innovative products. There are opportunities to optimize studies and processes to facilitate proactive insight and derive significant operational efficiencies and quality improvements. To stay ahead of the game and meet these opportunities head on, collaborations and partnerships are critical to an organization’s long term stability and success. This is the key aspect of how Sciformix came to be. We understand our client’s needs and provide solutions that benefit them and enable business transformation. The SPO Difference: SPOs as Partners of Life Science Organizations Scientific processes or science-based processes can be defined as domain-intensive processes in a scientific area where the achievement of objectives is highly dependent on the subject matter knowledge and experience of the people carrying out the activity. SPOs create value for their clients through their singular industry focus, strong domain competency, exceptional subject matter expertise, and uncompromising focus on quality.

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Global Pharmacovigilance System Globalization of the marketplace and the impact of the latest technologies on healthcare delivery will create significant challenges and opportunities for all stakeholders in the life sciences. Pharmacovigilance (PV) is in transition, with new sources of medical information and methods for its analysis being explored that will transform the current reactive system into one that is proactive. Regulations across the globe are also evolving towards a more proactive approach, but continue to be largely procedurally focused. Furthermore, the technical resources required for effective benefit-risk assessment are still at an early development stage. Greater public awareness of drug safety issues and emerging informatics-based methods for acquiring and analyzing medical information, have sparked global initiatives to transform the current largely reactive safety system into one that is proactive, robust, and more useful clinically. In addition, the emerging importance of patient centricity and increase in publically available safety data are also driving this change. For organizations to be successful in today’s environment, it is critical that they ensure all safety systems and PV practices employed are firmly tied into a truly global PV framework. Establishing such a framework requires a carefully thought out strategy that takes into consideration the accountabilities and responsibilities of all entities, how they relate to safety directly or indirectly and the harmonization and standardization of processes that may be required. Establishing a global PV system poses many challenges to organizations of all sizes although they may vary by the type of the organization. For a small company with only a limited number of products, the risk of non-compliance and in-house availability of safety expertise may be a big challenge. For a generics manufacturer, the focus and diligence on product safety and the number of distributors and business partners could be the major challenges. For large companies that have a diverse product mix and vast global reach, ensuring standard global SOPs related to safety and risk management across product categories and regions, and effective oversight of all parties may be the most important challenges.

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Best Life Sciences Safety & Risk Management Company

Life Sciences organizations partner with SPOs for such high-end science-based activities to derive value from access to a highly skilled/talented workforce, innovative technologies and optimized processes, resulting in improved quality outcomes, operational efficiencies and cost optimization. In today’s competitive environment, life science organizations must identify and focus on their core competencies and outsource non-core activities in order to achieve the ultimate objective of delivering high quality healthcare and healthcare products. Many companies have come to realize that by outsourcing these activities, not only are efficiencies improved and costs optimized, but the total business also improves because the focus of the internal experts shifts to the key growth areas of the organization. Ensuring Product Safety and Regulatory Compliance in the Ever Growing and Complex Life Science Landscape Emerging market expansion, growing regulatory pressures, the ever increasing complexity of managing the product lifecycle, the volumes and sources of various data, coupled with patient and payer pressure to get the safety, efficacy and value of the product right are some of the challenges our clients face. The highly dynamic processes that support these activities must be optimized to deliver accelerated timelines during the development, approval and commercialization of the product. At Sciformix, we create value by employing efficient and mature processes, robust metrics, state-of-the-art technology and scientific expertise to deliver consistent, compliant and high quality results. By providing access to reliable real-time data and comprehensive analyses, we enable our clients to make swift decisions. The Greatest Barrier and Opportunity to Innovation Lies in Technology Technology has forever transformed the entire healthcare continuum and has ushered in new and revolutionary ways to ensure patient and consumer safety. Technology has also enabled organizations to achieve higher levels of compliance and quality, to derive better insights, and also to increase efficiencies by driving down operational costs. With this said, one of the biggest challenges organizations face is how to effectively integrate the science behind all aspects of the product lifecycle with the technology know-how behind IT. Companies that recognize the importance of an integrated strategy that takes these two elements, along with the changing global regulatory landscape, into consideration will see greater success in managing the lifecycles of their products.

entire drug product life cycle. This integrated approach to business operations based on a unified platform helps organizations to be more pro-active in their ability to respond to problems and business needs.

Patient Centricity in Pharmacovigilance The importance of Pharmacovigilance (PV) as a science is critical to both effective patient care in clinical practice and public health. Patient-centeredness and patient safety have emerged as core elements in today’s interactive and responsive healthcare systems. As patients take more interest in their health and healthcare, they support the maxim of ‘‘Nothing about me, without me’’ and expect caregivers to engage in shared decision making, so that the patients’ voice is always included. Patients usually report adverse drug reactions (ADRs) to their doctors. However, since only 5% of doctors are estimated to participate in PV, traditional mechanisms may not be efficient in ensuring adequate safety reporting. Data from studies indicate that systems which enable direct recording of patient concerns may identify new drug safety signals earlier than professional reporting systems alone. This emphasises that the patients’ role in actively reporting ADRs is key to building a better PV ecosystem. Patient-centric innovation will be at the heart of the transformation of PV over the next couple of decades and this will likely forever change PV as we know it today. But are we really prepared to implement patient-centric approaches in PV? What steps are required to bring safety to patients, as opposed to bringing patients to safety? PV organisations that incorporate the patients’ “voice” in PV systems and processes would be better positioned over the long-term to ensure patient safety and add real value back to the patients by enhancing product benefit-risk profiles. Overall, adopting a patient-centric approach and partnering with patients and public for reporting, analysis and communication of safety data seems to be the way forward. Company: Sciformix Corporation Website: www.sciformix.com

As one of the leading global providers of Safety & Risk Management and Regulatory services, Sciformix is uniquely positioned to combine this rich knowledge with our customized IT solutions. Our integrated drug safety solutions help life science companies build Pharmacovigilance IT reference architecture, deploy signal detection applications and create enterprise portals for safety analytics. Additionally, we also provide solutions for business intelligence, analytics, querying and reporting, validation and regulatory compliance and data migration. By combining our strength in the drug and regulatory safety space with IT technology solutions and services, we offer companies a cost-effective global model that ensures the highest standards of compliance, quality and agility in reacting to change. Our solutions enable innovation and continuous improvement across the

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Smart Sourcing Strategy: Risk-based Outsourcing Approach and its Evolution Strategic planning, sourcing and implementation of safety and risk management operations are multi-dimensional activities that require consideration of a multitude of factors. Compliance, quality and efficiency of safety processes being outsourced is a basic expectation now for more tactical areas of pharmacovigilance (PV) such as call center and case processing due to the maturity of the outsourcing and offshoring environment and processes. This trend helped sponsors to focus their in-house resources on the strategic elements of safety and risk management while leveraging the service provider’s capabilities. Over the past few years companies (large and small) are seeking more strategic partnerships with vendors who have additional specialized capabilities such as safety consulting, medical review, aggregate reporting and signal detection. Furthermore as companies are expanding into new geographies, markets and regions, or consolidating operations due to mergers and acquisitions, specialized capabilities and regulatory knowledge are a critical consideration of a company’s outsourcing strategy and decisions. An organization’s sourcing strategy would vary based on its product portfolio, stage/phase in the product lifecycle, therapeutic areas, internal capabilities, expected case volume, expected complexity of cases, geography of product sales and risk management requirements. By applying our Partner Assessment Framework in the context of each client’s unique outsourcing needs, we help our clients make the right decisions and implement the right solutions. The approach to outsourcing depends on the sponsor organization’s business model, current status and future plans. When it comes to safety, companies are especially risk-averse in their outsourcing decisions and the outcome of a riskbased approach to outsourcing safety services could lead to very different outcomes for different companies. A risk-averse approach for a company which has an in-house PV operations and safety team could mean that they gradually transition activities and/or products to a PV service provider and it may not be critical for the provider to have the scale and all expertise from the start. On the other hand, small companies which don’t have any capability in-house, would look to partner with a provider who has the wherewithal to set-up the entire safety system and operations for them, inclusive of people, process and technology. Download the Whitepaper: http://www.sciformix.com/smartsourcingstrategy/

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Best WBE Life Sciences CRO+ - USA

Technical Resources International, Inc. (TRI), provides a unique range of support services to private industry, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Nora Lee, President and CEO, talks us through the firm and its innovative service offering.

Founded in 1979, TRI is a certified Hispanic woman-owned full service contract research organization plus. Nora outlines the firm’s service offering and how it aims to support its clients through every stage of the research proves. “Here at TRI we provide product development support services to the global drug, biologic, and medical device community through the effective combination of scientific, clinical, information technology, and communication services. The firm has provided high quality services to clinical trial sponsors in the public and private sector for 36+ years. We possess the customer focus of a mid-sized company, the adaptability of a seasoned contractor, and the global footprint of a large CRO. TRI’s success is based on the competence of our staff denoted by their qualifications and experience; and the high level of client satisfaction as evidenced by our number of repeat business. We also possess an excellent regulatory track record having gone through unannounced FDA audits with no findings. TRI has developed new services and products that address pressing needs in the industry for predictive information and analytics. We offer next generation Risk-Based Monitoring support and cutting-edge Business Intelligence (BI) solutions to assist clients, sites, and partners in identifying, correcting, or avoiding problem areas within and across clinical programs.” Nora explains that the firm is composed of three main divisions: Communications, Health, and Information Technology. “Our Communications services cover the full spectrum from strategy development through plan implementation. Specifically, these services include Marketing & Communications, Patient Recruitment, Event Planning & Management, Design & Multimedia, and Training. We also offer Clinical Research Services which include Bio-Pharmaceutical Development Support, Health

Information Services, and Health & Environmental Assessment. Finally, our Information Technology division offers a diverse range of IT services, including Clinical Data Management, Clinical Data Management Portals and Collaboration, Document Content and Management, Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety Systems, Regulatory Publishing and Submission.” Working in such a competitive industry, Nora emphasises the firm’s need to differentiate itself, and states that it does this by offering high quality services which cannot be found elsewhere on the market. “We ensure we offer the very best service through excellent customer service and careful listening. TRI has developed an acute understanding of industry needs and challenges. Our knowledge combined with investments in talent and technology keep us at the forefront of the industry. TRI’s strategy has been to organically grow at a measured pace to ensure that we offer our clients accessible staff, transparent procedures, and consistently high quality and reliable services, ensuring milestones are always met and expectations are often exceeded. At TRI, we understand that one size does not fit all, especially when it comes to clinical research projects. We are flexible and adapt our services and processes to best address each client’s needs. We integrate technology in all our services and processes including project management and functional services such as clinical operations, data management, regulatory affairs, safety and pharmacovigilance, and communications. This approach ensures that we offer customized solutions for our clients. We have experts who have extensive experience working with the leading software in all our service areas and defining strategies and plans to best incorporate technology solutions. We also have our own IT department that thrives in developing custom applications,

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systems integration, business intelligence, and performing systems validation.” As a final comment Nora makes it clear that the firm, part of a vibrant and innovative cluster, will continue to provide high quality services going forward.

Company: Technical Resources International, Inc. (TRI) Email: TRI@tech-res.com Web Address: www.tech-res.com Address: 6500 Rock Spring Dr. Suite 650, Bethesda, MD 20817 Telephone: 301.564.6400

“TRI is part of the Greater Washington DC area cluster composed of 800+ life sciences companies as well as clinical research federal agencies, legislators, academic institutions, and service providers located in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Our dynamic cluster paves the way for innovation, contributes to the development of best practices, and attracts some of the best talent in the industry.”

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Best Global HLS IT Consultancy & Outsourcing Company 2016 & GHP Product Innovation Award: Wipro 360 Digital Patient Centricity Suite

In conversation with Jeffrey Heenan Jalil, the Global Head of the Healthcare & Life Sciences SBU at Wipro on how they are helping their clients change the lives of millions of people each and every day by enabling them to build breakthrough patient centric business models that drive better health and transform care delivery. On Wipro & HLS Wipro Ltd (NYSE:WIT) is a $7.6 billion global information technology, consulting and outsourcing company with a workforce of 160,000+, serving 1050+ clients in 175+ cities across 6 continents. It is, or Wipro is globally recognized for its innovative approach toward delivering business value and its commitment to sustainability. At Wipro Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) we are dedicated to evolving and building a thoughtful, patient-centric connected health experience across payers, providers, e-health and government funded programs, bio-pharmaceutical and medical devices. HLS serves • Nearly 200 Healthcare & Life Sciences clients in over 50 countries • 8 of the top 10 global pharma companies • 9 of the top 10 medical device firms • 2 of the top 5 US health systems • The top 2 diagnostics labs • 3 of the top 10 commercial plans • 100+ US Medicare Advantage plans On our specific focus Building connected health experiences. Healthcare today is fragmented, reactive, unintelligent and disconnected. There is considerable scope to improve healthcare through increasing patient engagement and quality, reducing cost, and improving the patient experience and clinical research effectiveness. In our view, it requires a mindset-shift throughout the healthcare universe. To thinking that’s holistic, and synergistic. Adopting creative digital care models that are fully open, integrated, and interconnected everywhere; with the patient at the absolute core. And, cross-collaboration among different entities; sharing strategies, technologies and best practices for a common good: improving the health and lives of individuals…and the wellness of entire populations. Whether the concern is a child’s first vaccine or a parent challenged by chronic illness, a hope exists that the medical need— both physical and emotional—can be met with just the right care, medicine and technology. We aim to do just that. For eg by empowering patients to use digital technology like augmented reality and self-learning BOTs we can improve chronic disease management; use gamification to improved patient

adherence and understanding of better care options; use predictive modelling that drives patient care by lowering disease progression and encouraging high quality of care. Differentiation & Recent projects HLS’ recognition throughout the industry comes from a dual-focused “drive the future” strategy: To capture disruptive ideas we combine the thinking approaches of innovation and design with strategic investments in new-age early-stage ventures. Here’s a real-world example: For a top medical devices business, we used technology, IoT and connected computing to help them realize their vision of developing a smart drug dispenser to help senior citizens take their medicines on time. The device provides reminders if the medicine is not dispensed, and an ordering mechanism to refill their prescriptions when supplies run low in the dispensing device. What developments do you foresee and how will your firm adapt to these? We believe that one day all healthcare providers will be able to prescribe solutions that not only manage diseases, but improve health. We will enable more elegant, brighter work in a collaborative care environment. The Life Sciences world will continue to enrich patient lives, while at the same time cutting costs. Through collaboration and shared innovation, we’ll lengthen life expectancy. Most exciting of all, technology will distinguish itself as a form of treatment and a vehicle for wellness through the experience of connectedness. Our 360 Patient Centricity Suite is an effort in this direction. Through this suite, Healthcare & Life Sciences organizations are able to empower their patients with health information so they are more involved in the decision-making of their well – being and provide them an experience of connectedness through a collaborative care platform. Company: Wipro Ltd. Name: Jeffrey Heenan Jalil Email: Health-Sciences@wipro.com Web Address: wipro.com

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Best Human Biopsied Tissue Preservative Solution: AQIX® RS-I

Aqix Ltd is an R&D company incorporated in the United Kingdom which has patented/trademarked AQIX® RS-I, a simulated, human interstitial fluid that can be used under both ‘cold’ and/or ‘body’ temperature conditions – one unique feature not available with other comparator solution formulations. We invited Dr. Douglas Rees, himself an elected member of the Rockefeller Academy of Sciences of New York and of the New Zealand Royal Society, to talk us through this exciting development.

Aqix Ltd provides the basic formulation for trials being conducted by the Consortium for Organ Preservation in Europe (COPE) in order to better improve the donor organs prior to transplantation because, historically, donor graft function after transplantation has not been totally successful to improve the quality of the recipient. The company focuses on the research and development of the product formulation for preservation of biopsy and cell samples plus a variety of other uses too including donor organ transplantation, body fluid replacement and the intravenous administration of drugs and stem cell therapies. Dr. Douglas Rees outlines the firm’s mission and explains how this latest innovation will help to achieve it. “Aqix Ltd’s mission is to provide a simulated human interstitial fluid formulation that can be used for the betterment of patient management in a clinical situation and optimise the various demands of personalised medicine, especially correct diagnostics. The author and inventor of this AQIX® RS-I formulation has spent some 40 years developing the technology during his career at international universities. “The firm has been an acknowledged vendor in the industry since 2003 providing this formulation for applications involving biopreservation of human cell types, solid/liquid biopsies, donor organ functional evaluation prior to transplantation. The unique attributes of the formulation that have not been matched by our competitors.” The major drivers for the biopsy market include increasing healthcare expenditure, growing demand for preserving human stem cells, increasing R&D spending on research, and increasing demand for regenerative medicine. However, high cost of tech-

nologically advanced products and stability issues of biospecimens acts as a restraint for new entrants in the market. Douglas explains how developments in the market have affected his firm and how it is adapting around these to ensure its continued success. “The drivers for the increasing demand for intact biopsy and cell samples are in enabling precise diagnostics in general and specifically a necessity for the emerging “personalized medicine” field, reflected in the growth (15% CAGR) of the biopreservation market, which is expected to reach €410m in 2017. Whereas competition would offer preservation for up to 24 hours, AQIX® RS-I provides for up to 72 hours. This has important advantages both for the logistics and diagnostics of samples within an institution and even more so when shipping of samples across international distances is required.” Moving forward, Douglas outlines the latest developments and how these will impact on the firm and its latest innovation. “Looking ahead, we are embarking on a major marketing initiative to cover EU/USA/RoW so that all procurement agencies will be able to enjoy this advanced technology in the management of sample biopsies for better diagnostic outcomes.”

Contact Details Company: Aqix Ltd Name: Dr. Douglas Rees, PhD MRSNZ Email: doug@aqix.com Web Address: aqix.com Address: London BioScience Innovation Centre; 2 Royal College Street, London NW1 0NH Telephone: 07929460267

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Best Mid-Sized Pharmaceutical CRO 2016

ClinTec International is an innovative medium-sized Contract Research Organisation providing global clinical support services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. We profile this entrepreneurial firm and explore the solutions it provides. Global CRO with a Fast, Flexible and Focused approach Established in 1997, ClinTec International is a multiaward winning and privately owned Clinical Research Organisation (CRO), which was formed nearly 20 years ago by its Founder and CEO, Dr Rabinder Buttar who is a globally recognised entrepreneur. With capabilities in over 80 countries, ClinTec delivers innovative, customised clinical research solutions and talented personnel resourcing to the clinical development sector in a fast, flexible and focused way. ClinTec provides services to 7 of the world’s top 10 pharmaceutical companies, leading mid-market biopharmaceutical organisations, as well as small and medium-sized biotechnology companies. These services comprise customised clinical research solutions and access to highly talented personnel as a means to progress drug development in a fast, flexible and focused way. Expertise in Oncology, Rare Diseases and Emerging Markets ClinTec has a wealth of expertise in managing clinical trials in all major therapeutic categories, with specialist experience in Oncology, Rare Diseases and Emerging Markets. ClinTec’s tailored and customercentric approach from study planning and start up, right through to completion has enabled the firm to become the most geographically diverse mid-market CRO, with an operating platform comparable to its multi-million dollar competitors. Dr Rabinder Buttar, CEO is the dynamic, inspirational and entrepreneurial leader who founded ClinTec nearly 20 years ago. Her vision and drive has created an exponentially growing global and innovative enterprise that has evolved into a recognised global player within the clinical research outsourcing services arena. Focus on employee development and retention Dr Buttar’s ongoing strategic commitment to nurturing talent, supporting new ventures and celebrating success, has resulted in a highly-skilled and motivated workforce consistently providing customer-centric services. Ongoing employee development also aids staff retention in this competitive sector. In addition, ClinTec boasts an experienced, dynamic and multi-disciplinary Executive Management Team who continue to deliver on ClinTec’s ambitious plans of organic growth over the next 12-18 months.

Woman-owned, organically grown entrepreneurial company What sets ClinTec apart, is the fact that it is a privately owned company in the life science sector in comparison to other global CRO’s which are public or investor driven with consequent emphasis on investor requirements. In contrast, ClinTec continues to be developed on its successful founding principles and client-centric approach which ensures high-quality communication from the beginning and delivery of the desired customised solution. Swift access to high recruiting sites globally and local teams Its operational model ensures swift access to high recruiting clinical trial sites in all major therapeutic areas, supported by regulatory expertise at a local level and the rapid assembly of highly experienced, dedicated project teams. ClinTec’s management purposely remain visible, available and close to its clients to ensure rapid decision-making and ultimate project success. Global Functional Services Provider ClinTec provides a functional outsourcing capability across all key functional areas, which is delivered globally and differentiates the company further within the mid-market CRO space. The firm has demonstrated value for existing clients, who are impressed with the client service model, quality and metrics, on a like-forlike comparison with their global CRO partners. Innovative and entrepreneurial ClinTec has a demonstrated ability to innovate and to address certain highly-complex client requirements which CRO competitors did not have the ability or willingness to address. These include, for example, the conduct of specialist infectious disease trials in Africa (e.g. malaria, TB) with some of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies. This client centricity is truly appreciated by ClinTec’s global pharma clients and also its smaller biotechnology clients who require support they can trust at all levels within their clinical programmes. ClinTec’s Academy of Clinical Research Excellence Within the wider market, it is generally acknowledged that, over the past five years, there has been a global shortage of Clinical Research Associate (CRA) talent.

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The competition to hire the best CRAs for conducting clinical research is therefore fierce. One innovative solution from ClinTec has been the development of a global academy of clinical research excellence (ACRE). Recognised by a world-class university, courses are delivered globally and including ClinTec’s MSc in International Clinical Research and Technology. This centre (ACRE) allows the firm’s CRAs to learn accredited best practices in clinical research, with

some CRAs undertaking the MSc course option. Furthermore, ClinTec undertakes many different developmental initiatives, so as to ensure its employees have a long and productive career at ClinTec.

growth plans, it will be able to leverage on its enhanced global and e-clinical platforms to drive additional scale and new innovative service offerings.

ClinTec’s success lies in a twofold approach through providing flexible, customised solutions which meet its clients’ needs, whilst at the same time creating an excellent working environment that supports and nurtures its staff.

Company: ClinTec International Email: info@clintec.com Web Address: www.clintec.com Address: 133 Finnieston Street, Glasgow, G3 8HD Telephone: 0044 141 226 1120

Significant growth plans ahead ClinTec’s growth strategy to date has been organic and, as such, the clinical research platform is very well integrated and cohesively underpinned by consistency of its organisational culture. As the firm continues to successfully deliver on its ambitious

Gavin McKenzie (Chief Financial Officer), Bindhya Cariappa (Chief Scientific Officer and Executive Vice-President Turkey, MEA and APAC), Dr Fraser Smith (Chief Quality and Compliance Officer), Dr Rabinder Buttar (Founder and CEO), Dr Robert Reekie (Chief Operating Officer and Senior Executive Vice-President), Bobby Bal (Chief Commercial Officer and Executive Vice-President) and Dr Harley Simon (Chief Medical Officer and Executive Vice-President Client Relations)

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Best Life Sciences IP Law Firm - New York

Frommer Lawrence and Haug LLP (FLH) is a full-service intellectual property law firm with more than 70 lawyers and scientific advisors in offices in New York and Washington, D.C. We invited Kyle Haug to talk us through the firm’s work in the Life Sciences market.

FLH has worked with clients in diverse industries from around the world. Whether representing global brands, such as Shire Pharmaceuticals, The Medicines Company, Celgene, Chiesi and Supernus, or start up entrepreneurs and inventors, the practice understands the value and importance of each client’s unique business needs. Kyle outlines the services the firm provides in the Life Sciences space. “Our firm specializes in counseling clients on how to obtain intellectual property protection on pharmaceutical and biological products in the research stage and how to strengthen that protection throughout development, product launch and beyond. With attorneys who focus on patent prosecution, transactions, antitrust counseling, FDA law and litigation, FLH can deliver the highest caliber of service to our clients throughout the life cycle of their products. “We offer our Life Sciences clients a multi-prong approach to protecting their intellectual property through our innovative patent infringement, validity and enforceability work. For example, we help shape the law to protect innovator companies’ patents, as demonstrated by our client The Medicines Company’s recent en banc Federal Circuit victory that permits stockpiling and allows products to be developed using contract manufacturing services without facing the prospect of potential invalidation under the on-sale bar. Our patent prosecution services protect a range of products, including pharmaceuticals, biologics, diagnostics, and medical devices. We also offer our clients complementary transactional, antitrust, and regulatory services. Our transactional attorneys negotiate and prepare all types of agreements, including customized nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements, complex licensing agreements, nuanced settlements and product acquisition agreements. Frequently, the completion of complex deals includes sophisticated counseling by the FLH antitrust practice, which is situated in our D.C. office. “What sets FLH apart is our multidisciplinary, integrated approach to legal issues and business challenges involved in maximizing the value of our clients’ assets.

Our size, structure and technical capabilities allow us to seamlessly integrate our various specialties, affording our clients a unique way to create, expand and protect their intellectual property.” Today, the Life Sciences industry is facing more difficult challenges than ever: before companies can market their innovations, they must devise strategies to protect them from a range of risks, whether stemming from evolving intellectual property laws or a host of federal regulations. In addition to these challenges, the industry must handle pressures on multiple fronts, including shareholders who expect an ever greater return despite the rising costs of research and development, generic drug manufacturers that develop competing products and diminish revenue streams and health-care payers who demand lower prices. Kyle outlines how these changes will affect the industry and how his firm is adapting around these challenges. “Currently the Affordable Care Act is having an immeasurable impact on the life sciences industry, and we anticipate a continuing surge of patent cases as more companies develop biosimilars. We are also seeing a greater emphasis on digital health, as companies increasingly use data from sources such as social media, wearable devices and mobile health apps to create therapeutic digital health products. We also expect government agencies to take a greater interest in personalized medicine and devise a better framework for the approval process for these drugs. “Having top global clients with cutting-edge inventions and ideas demands not only that we stay up-to-date on laws such as this but also that we anticipate our clients’ needs and potential obstacles. To that end, we actively participate in many organizations that monitor emerging laws, regulations and industry trends so we can advise our clients of critical developments that could affect their operations. “For example, many of our attorneys are members of the Federal Circuit Bar Association (FCBA), a leading bar association within the practice of intellectual

16 | ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards

property. Several of our attorneys are involved in the FCBA’s committees, and our Managing Partner, Edgar Haug, is currently the Immediate Past President of the FCBA. Our attorneys also play key roles in organizations that facilitate discussion between the legal and business communities. FLH has sponsored and contributed speakers for numerous organizations and events worldwide, including BIO International, the Licensing Executive Society, the National Association for Women Lawyers, the Food and Drug Law Institute, the FCBA International Series and many others. This involvement allows us to help shape the future of intellectual property and technical innovation.” Ultimately, Kyle believes that the firm’s main advantage is its highly qualified staff, which ensures it is always able to offer clients the very highest quality of service.

“Our firm’s strength rests in the quality and experience of our 130 dedicated partners, associates, scientific advisors and staff. With advanced degrees from top universities in complex technical fields ranging from engineering and computer science to molecular genetics and pharmacology, the professionals at FLH stay on top of the ever-evolving landscape of technological innovation and apply their understanding to our clients’ unique business goals. The vast majority of our professionals have a deep background in engineering or the hard sciences: our lawyers and scientific advisors boast over 30 degrees in biology, chemistry, pharmacology, or physics; over 15 degrees in engineering; 15 master’s degrees; and 8 doctorate degrees.”

ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards | 17

Company: Frommer Lawrence & Haug LLP Name: Kyle Haug Email: khaug@flhlaw.com Web Address: www.flhlaw.com Address: 745 Fifth Avenue, Floor 10, New York, NY 10151 Telephone: (212) 588-0800


Best Pre-Clinical CRO - California

PMI (Preclinical Medevice Innovations) is a preclinical CRO that specializes in medical device research and experimental surgery. We invited Brian Diethorn to talk us through how the firm strives for excellence when undertaking its vital work.

PMI provides a contract research service where clients can test their medical devices in the in vivo models. The firm provides facilities including operating rooms, imaging equipment, surgical expertise and a high level of animal care delivered by our on-site staff. In addition, it also supplies pharmaceutical product development and has a bio skills lab for physician training and cadaver studies. Brian outlines how the firm came to focus on this service offering after having seen a gap in the market. “Our specific focus is to help our clients get their device to the market as effectively and efficiently as possible. PMI saw a need early on to provide an experimental surgery service for medical device clients that allowed clients to keep their intellectual property, work with qualified individuals familiar with animal to human anatomy, and to do research at a faster pace so they could submit data to the FDA in a timely manner.” “We always strive for excellence throughout our approach. PMI wants to ensure client experiences are at least satisfactory, but we really strive to go above and beyond expectations when working with our clients. When taking on a new client, PMI prefers to have a conference call or in person meeting to familiarize ourselves with client needs and details of a project. We also like to connect with the client on a more personal level and make them feel like our team is just an extension of their team. Once we have all the information in place, it is extremely beneficial for both parties to perform a pilot study and develop a working relationship.”

tions and incorporate feedback surveys which provide a level of transparency between PMI and client satisfaction. We also hold ourselves accountable and take pride in seeing our client’s achievements in their studies.” “Overall what sets us apart is the fact that we adapt to our client’s individual needs. We don’t require clients to conform to specific protocols; we look at their specific needs and assist them based on those requirements. We also value our clientele’s commitments and provide them with excellent customer service and accessibility to all levels of staff.” PMI is located right next to Silicon Valley, the heart of innovation, and its base is also in very close proximity to UCSF and Stanford which affords the firm easy access to researchers, doctors and surgeons that have experience in a wide variety of areas. Brian describes how technology is vital to the firm’s operations, as well as high quality, professional staff. “Technology is a vital part of our operations, and here at PMI we have the ability to stream live procedures into our conference rooms and offsite to other locations. We also provide our clients with DVD’s of their fluoro, endoscopy, laparoscopy or ultrasound procedures. By incorporating state of the art technology at our facility, clients feel confident with our capabilities and service offerings.”

This collaborative, client centred approach is crucial to the firm’s strategy and enables it to easily understand the client’s objectives and therefore aim to meet them, as Brian explains.

“Our dedicated and hardworking employees are also key to the firm’s success, and we pride ourselves on having a healthy work culture where employees are encouraged to discuss ideas, make suggestions, work as a team and acknowledge a job well done. We inspire collaborative efforts and brainstorming sessions with our employees, in order to maintain open lines of communication on all fronts.”

“We pride ourselves on maintaining open lines of communication with our clients. It is very important to make sure that the service and procedures meet and/ or exceed expectations. We have follow up conversa-

As his concluding comment Brian makes it clear that his firm has a passion for its work and is committed to supporting clients through whatever challenges the market may provide.

18 | ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards

“In today’s preclinical research climate, funding can be competitive and difficult to obtain. PMI understands these struggles and does our best to work with clients on budgeting or finding ways to be more effective and efficient with funds and study designs. Going forward, our focus will be firmly on continuing to provide this high quality of client care and support so that we can build upon our current success and achieve even more in the coming months and years.”

Contact Details Company: PMI Preclinical Name: Brian Diethorn Email: bdiethorn@pmipreclinical.com Web Address: www.pmipreclinical.com Address: 1031 Bing Street, San Carlos, CA 94070 Telephone: 510-704-0140

ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards | 19


Best International Life Science Company & Most Innovative Inflammatory Condition Treatment: Curcumin C3 Power Chewable Natural Immune Booster

Sami Labs Limited is a research oriented Indian multinational health science company, and a leading producer of nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, standardized herbal extracts, fine chemicals, specialty chemicals and probiotics. We spoke to Shaheen Majeed to learn more about the company and the products it creates.

Over the past 27 years, Sabinsa has brought to market more than 100 standardized extracts, many of them with multiple patents in a number of countries, and privately funded clinical studies in conjunction with prestigious institutions in support of these products. The group of companies has launched an ambitious cultivation program to ensure a supply of fine quality raw materials for some of the top ingredient products, and has opened offices across the globe. The company’s independent research divisions include Natural drugs, Phytochemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, Tissue Culture, Biotechnology, Analytical R&D, Biological Research, Microbiology and Formulations R&D, all of which coordinate in a synergistic work model to create products meeting international standards. With 120 full-time scientists conducting ongoing research in India and the United States, the Sami-Sabinsa group continues to develop, patent and manufacture phytonutrients for the world market, with ingredients that are both Halal and Kosher certified. In the years since Dr. Muhammed Majeed founded the Sabinsa Corporation, the company has consistently exemplified the ideal best practices in the herbal ingredients industry. The company’s demonstrated commitment to quality, science and innovation serve as an example of how companies should conduct themselves, with an eye to long term growth, producing safe and efficacious products. This included funding clinical studies on their own products and censuring “borrowed” science and intellectual property theft that has eroded industry credibility. Sami-Sabinsa has always emphasized branding and standardization to ensure safety, efficacy and consumer confidence. Shaheen Majeed, son of Dr. Muhammed Majeed outlines the history behind the firm and its innovative product offering. “Sami-Sabinsa group founder, Dr. Muhammed Majeed, a long time pioneer in validating India’s traditional herbal medicine through modern science, has emerged as a proactive protector of India’s herbal heritage. With demand for Indian herbs growing rapidly as products based upon India’s ayurvedic medical system gain in popularity worldwide, maintaining a

steady supply of raw material while protecting the viability of herbs viewed as having the potential to become endangered increases in priority. To that end, Dr. Majeed initiated an aggressive “backward integration program” to expand the company’s existing cultivation program. Sami-Sabinsa group has been supporting and promoting the concept of Make in India for more than two decades now. “The science of well-known plant extracts has been re-evaluated by the Sami-Sabinsa scientific team to offer innovative phytoextracts with proven efficacy. From raw material cultivation, extraction, and standardization to biochemical pharmacology, formulation development and clinical validation, every step includes in-house facilities available under a single roof at Sami-Sabinsa to complete the cycle from bench to bedside. We are catering to categories such as joint health, brain health, energy, antioxidants, metabolic health syndromes – all from proven Ayurvedic extracts that the Sami-Sabinsa group has researched.” Research is a vital aspect of all life science firms, and, as Shaheen emphasises, Sami-Sabinsa group takes this very seriously and passionately. “The ultimate goal is producing and selling quality ingredients, backed by science; our protocol to achieve that has long been established. “Innovation is a Tradition” for the Sami- Sabinsa group. Our research laboratories tap the immense natural potential documented in ancient literature to bring out top quality products with the goal of “Design to Delivery.” “Our corporate research and development centre in the heart of Bangalore City houses a number of independent research divisions that work with a synergistic approach and help profile standardized ingredients to meet international standards. The concerted efforts of over 200 scientists has led to the identification, isolation, and characterization of the bioactives, and optimization of the extraction methods which form the core activities of these divisions.

20 | ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards

“The award winning Analytical R&D facility, which rivals European and US laboratories, is a stateof-the-art facility, equipped to meet international standards. Research & Development plays a pivotal role in setting product standards and ensuring the adherence to the set qualities. “Research is not limited to the development of standardized extracts, but comes full circle by the establishment of safety and efficacy of the ingredients. Innovative in-house methodologies generate data that substantiate the use of these ingredients for various health and wellness applications in countless dosage forms across the world. “Our labs are constantly researching newer methods for testing, allowing a greater confidence of our material in finished formulations. Our R&D team continuously improves upon processes that our products undergo, making them affordable and safer each time. Our testing labs takes it to the next level by understanding the formulas in which our customers would use our type of ingredients and giving our customers formula ideas and results that our customers can quickly use.” As his final comment Shaheen outlines the firm’s focus for the future and its upcoming projects. “While the introduction of new ingredients with relevant scientific validation is a continuous process, and as such our future projects also promise new dosage forms, which will provide us with exciting opportunities to grow our knowledge in the future. Understanding the need for improved bioavailability of natural ingredients, in convenient dosage forms, is one area to watch coming out of Sami-Sabinsa in the coming months.”

Company: Sami Labs / Sabinsa Corporation Name: Shaheen Majeed Email: shaheen@sabinsa.com Web Address: www.sabinsa.com Address: 750 Innovation Circle, Payson, Utah 84651 USA Telephone: (801) 465-840

ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards | 21


Best Life Science Compliance & Validation Services Company

Stericycle GxP Solutions provides validation, quality, compliance and engineering consultancy services to multinational clients in regulated industries. We invited Damien Hanley, Marketing Manager, Stericycle GxP to talk us through the firm and its service offering.

Established in 1997 as GxP Systems, the firm became part of the Stericycle family in 2015, and has, since inception, worked on projects with 20 of the top 25 largest pharmaceutical, medical device and biotech companies in the world across multi-site locations. Damien provides an in-depth overview of the firm’s history and how its experience has helped it to define its current service offering. “Stericycle GxP Solutions provide validation of equipment, CSV, facilities, processes, supply chain along with quality, serialization and remediation activities focusing on improving operations at our customers’ facilities and enabling them to stay compliant in a challenging regulatory environment. We began life in 1997 offering software development & validation solutions, including CSV. Naturally, this progressed to providing other forms of validation and automation services, which in turn led to other opportunities in quality and large scale remediation projects. “What sets us apart from other consultancy firms is the fact that we ensure our customers teams understand and appreciate the significance of their daily approach to quality. We make sure that their teams have the knowledge they need to keep systems and processes fully compliant. Our senior project managers provide an after care service where they are available to address any additional concerns our customers may have. “We also provide valuable metrics to our customers to measure the success of all our services. Not only does this measurement system enable us to identify and eliminate inefficiencies and associated costs, our approach enables us to methodically improve our service and deliver sustained year-on-year cost savings to our customers.” The firm, which has been affiliated with Stericycle since last year, has gained a number of capabilities since this transaction, as Damien was keen to highlight. “In conjunction with our sister company Stericycle Expert Solutions, we can now offer a full Product Recall Solution to companies in the life science industry.

Product recalls and withdrawals impact thousands of companies every year – putting both people and brands at risk. If managed poorly, a recall can have devastating consequences on a company’s reputation, market share and bottom line. “We can audit against existing recall policies and procedures and conduct an entire product recall campaign from an initial notification and response, through to processing and remediation activities including collection, storage and disposal of the recalled products.” The life science industry is constantly in a state of change. Evolving regulations and good practices, together with technological improvements and new advances in treatment and patient care mean that organizations find it challenging to keep adhering to complex regulations and standards. Damien explains that his firm stays ahead of these developments by employing top quality staff who are able to adapt around these changes. “In order to offer the very highest quality service to our clients, which meets their needs and complies completely with the very latest industry regulations, we conduct regular customer review meetings to ensure that each project remains on schedule. Our Account and Project Managers are available 24/7 to address any issues that may occur in order to avoid or minimise any impact on the project. “Additionally, our engineers are consistently recognised by our customers for providing efficient and expert validation & compliance advice. Our expertise and awareness gained during our daily work has led to significant financial savings for our customers, giving them a competitive advantage by improving the cost of their product. “Each project site has an appointed culture ambassador, who shares company updates and initiatives to ensure that everybody knows which direction the company is headed. Each ambassador participates in a monthly culture call to get the latest up to date information. Regular company-wide activities are held, including an annual charity cycle.”

22 | ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards

As a concluding comment Damien depicts the firm’s up and coming projects and how this will provide numerous opportunities for the firm. “Looking ahead, we have a number of projects in the pipeline across Europe and USA that will result in numerous additional jobs being created over the next few months. We are excited for the opportunities that these will bring and look forward to building upon our current success.”

Company: Stericycle GxP Solutions Name: Damien Hanley Email: damien.hanley@gxpsystems.com Web Address: www.stericyclegxp.com Address: (formerly GxP Systems) The Atrium, Blackpool, Cork Telephone: 00353 21 4215 050

ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards | 23


Best for Phase I-IV Clinical Trial Management Services

Vantage BioTrials is a leading Canadian contract research organization based in Quebec. We spoke to the firm’s President Vatche Bartekian to learn more about the firm and the research it conducts.

Vantage BioTrials provides phase I-IV clinical trial management services to biopharmaceutical, biotechnology, generic pharma and medical device clients within North America and Europe. Vatche makes it clear that the firm’s innovative management style sets it apart from other, similar organisations. “At Vantage BioTrials, our lean management style and business model translates into an efficient and cost-effective realization of project goals for our clients. The previous experiences of our Founders working in both the “big CRO” and “big Pharma” side of the clinical trials industry, helped define the unique lean operational and management business model that Vantage BioTrials is now recognized for. “This business model relies on the use of strategic alliances with technology vendors such as EDC service providers, eTMF solution providers and even companies which manufacture and offer wearable devices and health monitors for use with patients in our clinical trials, effectively making the studies more patient-centric. Our amazing network of collaborators ensures that we always provide the best technology solutions for each project.” Canada is a global leader for pharmaceutical and medical device companies to conduct their clinical trials. Life Science organizations visit Canada to conduct their trials based on its unique combination of quality and efficiency. Canada also has the highest number of active clinical trials per capita among G7 nations, of which about 40% are complicated oncology trials. The quality of Canadian clinical research is also outstanding, thanks to several unique assets stemming from its demographics, labour force and health care system. Vantage BioTrials has been at the forefront of recent developments in the sector, as Vatche highlights.

“Vantage BioTrials has recently been involved with several national Canadian initiatives to attract more clinical trial business as well as improve the clinical trial landscape as an advisor to the Canadian Clinical Trials Coordinating Centre (CCTCC) and BioQuebec. We have also recently organized and successfully completed a unique clinical trials conference called “Canada Talks Pharma 2016: A New Way Forward in Clinical Trials”, which took place in Montreal on May 25-26, 2016 with over 35 speakers and 200 delegates in attendance. “This involved bringing together experts from sectors of technology, media, law, regulatory and patient groups to discuss new ways of running clinical studies. The success of this conference has prompted us to continue our efforts in bringing quality educational and networking events to all stakeholders involved in the advancement of research efforts to bring new therapies to patients in a more timely fashion. As a result, the Canada Talks Pharma series of conferences will be held annually and more information can be found at www.canadatalkspharma.com. As a clinical-stage CRO with international operations, we are uniquely positioned to bring the best relevant content and connect Sponsors, Investigators, Clinicians, and Patients with each other to discuss what keeps them up at night and propose solutions to move forward together.” “On our operational side, we continue to manage phase I-IV drug studies, however we have also significantly increased the number of medical device projects we manage for innovative manufacturers of cutting-edge class 3 & 4 diagnostics and implantables. We are now established as key leaders and experts in running medical device trials in Canada.” Looking to the future, Vatche expresses his anticipation for an opportunity laden future for his company.

24 | ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards

“Going forward, we are excited about the future of clinical trials with more adoption of “patient-centric” models and methods and bringing them directly to the patients. Vantage BioTrials is at the forefront of such initiatives and we are exploring numerous ways of lessening the often burdensome criteria for patients to participate in research studies. Site-centricity is also very important to us as we work closely with investigators to make them true partners in the whole process; support is what they need and that’s what we provide.”

Company: Vantage BioTrials Inc. Name: Vatche Bartekian, President Email: vatche.bartekian@vantagebiotrials.com Web Address: www.vantagebiotrials.com Address: 100 blvd. Alexis-Nihon, suite 405, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H4M 2N9 Telephone: 514-564-3466

ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards | 25

From left to right, Vantage BioTrials’ founders; Vahe Bartekian, Viken Bartekian & Vatche Bartekian


Best Lab Relocation Company - USA

Aport Global Laboratory Relocation is a world-first in providing integrated laboratory relocation services that deliver fully compliant turnkey solutions across the globe. We invited Managing Director Tim Aspey to explain just what the firm’s work entails.

Aport is a specialist in the management of complex and business critical laboratory relocation requirements including end to end project management all of which is performed to industry recognised GxP standards. Tim outlines the firm’s overall aims and specialist experience. “As an organisation, Aport is committed to delivering world class support to its customers through continuous training of its employees. A focus on ensuring knowledge of global regulatory standards is constantly maintained and investment in product and service leadership is made to ensure our solutions remain relevant, technically superior and innovative. “What sets the firm apart is our integrated approach, incorporating all aspects of the physical move, as well as relocation of laboratory equipment, data, samples, dangerous goods and cold chain and IQ/OQ/PQ understanding and ability to work alongside or manage OEMs and ven-dors for these purposes. “In addition, our commitment to all aspects of regulatory adherence, with all our work carried out to GxP standards and project management provision, both see us take a skilled and time consuming job out of our clients’ hands for added peace of mind. We are also able to offer global service delivery of any aspect of our services, which many of our competitors are unable to achieve.”

consistent levels of service. This is a vital aspect of the firm’s service offering, and moving forward Tim states that the emphasis will be firmly focused on growing globally in order to provide extend its global reach, particularly in Asia. “Currently we have plans to increase our market share within Asia, given their continued in-vestment within the healthcare and life science industry. We are extremely excited of our re-cent tie with a large Asian relocation company which will help strengthen our offer within the continent.”

Company: Aport Global Laboratory Relocation Name: Tim Aspey Email: aspeyt@aportglobal.com Web Address: www.aportglobal.com Address: aport (Europe), Porter House, Huyton Road, Adlington, Lancashire, United Kingdom, PR7 4JR aport (North America), Kendall Square, 245 First Street, Riverview II (18th Floor), Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States Telephone: +44 (0)1257 482398 +1 617 444 8708

Headquartered in the UK, Aport has offices in the USA and Singapore, but has the ability to work seamlessly throughout all continents to provide laboratory relocation services of any size, offering customers with multiple global facilities access to standardised and

26 | ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards


Best Life Sciences Community College Baltimore City Community College

Baltimore City Community College (BCCC) is in the city of Baltimore, Maryland, United States. We spoke to Dr. Malathi Radhakrishnan, Ph.D, to find out more about her work at the college.

BCCC was founded in 1947 and offers educational opportunities that enable students to obtain good jobs, transfer to four-year colleges, or take short-term training to upgrade their skills or acquire new ones. It is a State-sponsored, urban, degree-granting community college with one main campus and satellite locations throughout the city with its broad range of degree and certificate programs, affordable tuition, small class sizes with more faculty - student interaction and extensive outreach. It is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). Malathi talks us through the work her department undertakes and how it aims to provide the very highest standard of teaching and inspire the next generation. “My department focuses on providing rigorous science foundation necessary for students to achieve the skills, knowledge and scientific literacy essential for a wide range of professional or technical careers. It provides support to academic education, hands on laboratory and critical thinking skills. It offers transfer level courses designed to satisfy the needs of not only the science majors and allied health majors but also other science related programs and college general educational requirements.

it clear that improving the student experience is the ultimate goal in order to help them carry on this legacy of excellence. “In the future the focus will firmly be on making students’ understand science better - through open labs, summer internship-programs, collaborative research projects, guest lectures and field trips . I will be looking into a wide variety of ways to enhance teaching-learning process.”

Company: Baltimore City Community College Name: Dr. Malathi Radhakrishnan, Ph.D. Email: mradhakrishnan@bccc.edu Web Address: http://www.bccc.edu Address: Natural and Physical Sciences Department, Baltimore City Community College, 2901, Liberty Heights Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21215 Telephone: 410 – 462 – 8428

“My research field of study is in Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry and Pharmacology, and I specialise in identify medicinal plants having compounds to cure aliments, isolate the active principles present in them and conduct clinical trials for anti- cancer, CNS depressant, anti- inflammatory, ant- pyretic, anti-coagulant and analgesic activity. I then test whether these medicinal plants are commercially viable, so that the compounds isolated can replace the allopathic drugs. “In my class, students know upfront what they need to learn and what they are expected to do with what they know. I create learning tasks suitable to their level of understanding. I engage my students not only by presenting the course material but also providing them the skills to do their best work. I design clear goals and intellectually challenge them by setting high standards.” Malathi is the winner of many excellence awards, highlighting her dedication to quality across every aspect of her work. Moving forward, Malathi makes

ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards | 27


Best European Academic Biobank

The Biobank Graz is one of the largest academic biobanks in Europe. We caught up with Karine Sargsyan to learn more.

The core asset of Biobank Graz is a large collection of clinical samples – actually one of the largest in Europe – comprising millions of well organised tissue, blood and DNA samples. In addition, Biobank Graz provides powerful logistics and infrastructure enabling prospective collection of samples and data designed according to the needs specified by its customers. Karine explains about the firm’s approach to biobanking. “Biobanking is the specific focus of the Biobank Graz. In general biobanks are collections of biological samples and their associated data, organised in a structured, readily analysable format. Academic biobanks for medical research typically contain tissue samples, blood and other body fluids, as well as cells and DNA samples of human origin. As research data from these samples can be linked with data from medical records, environmental exposure, lifestyle information and other medically relevant information, biobanks are considered invaluable resources for medical research.”

“The Biobank Graz offers the first distance learning master course in Biobanking in English. This university course, “MSc in Biobanking” is organised to be completed within four semesters (90 ECTS Credits) and the curriculum is comprised of 13 modules. After writing a master’s thesis you receive a Master’s degree in Biobanking. At the same time, it is possible to book a single or several modules for further education and to receive a certificate of attending the module. This can all be done at home worldwide without the need to stay in Austria for the whole duration of the module/ course.”

Company: Biobank Graz Name: Karine Sargsyan, MD Email: karine.sargsyan@medunigraz.at Web Address: www.medunigraz.at/biobank Address: Neue Stiftingtalstraße 2 /Eingang B/ 2. Stock Telephone: +43(0)316/385-72716

The mission of the Biobank Graz, a central facility of the Medical University of Graz, is to support research on the cause of diseases and the development of improvements in disease diagnosis and treatment, as Karine explains. “The Biobank Graz is a publicly-owned non-profit organisation that is supported by public funds. It is committed to handle the available biological material in a responsible manner and protecting the personal rights of sample donors. Our goal is to contribute an improved and sustained healthcare for the general population. “The firm provides the logistics and infrastructure to offer optimal support for research teams at the Medical University of Graz in the collection, processing and storage of biological samples and their associated data. In the course of this, special attention is given to sample and data quality and to the protection of the individual rights of patients.” As a final comment, Karine explains how the increasing demand for the firm’s services has led the company to create an innovative course.

28 | ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards


Best Life Science Real Estate Solutions Provider - UK & Award for Innovation in Creative Laboratory Design - UK

BioMed Realty is the leading provider of real estate solutions to the life science community. We invited Director Doug Cuff to talk us through the firm and the services it provides.

Established in 1998, BioMed Realty is focussed on providing tenants with world-class facilities that offer a wide range of options from traditional office space to small lab space to build-to-suit life science properties. Doug explains how the firm has developed its solutions since inception. “When BioMed Realty began we recognised the need for controlled environments, state-of-the-art facilities and creative flexibility. As such, we acquired and developed a world-class portfolio to support tomorrow’s innovations and used this experience in innovation districts across the United States before bringing our singular focus, experience and expertise to Cambridge in the UK with the acquisition of Granta Park in 2012. “Fundamentally, BioMed Realty has spent years perfecting the infrastructural challenge of housing biotech companies in a scalable manner. As these companies grow from start-ups to large biotechnology companies, we provide countless opportunities for collaboration and innovation through its spaces. The next challenge for the growing biotech space is moving from research and development to commercialization. As treatments become more prevalent, life science real estate and work spaces need to evolve for researchers to create the most efficient models to not only find the next generation treatments, but also to obtain the necessary approvals and deliver them to the market.”

Looking forward, Doug outlines the firm’s future plans and how these will provide it with exciting chances for growth. “Coming in the spring of 2018 will be a new state-ofthe-art amenities building, which will offer a new café, juice bar, full-service gym, swimming pool, tennis courts, squash courts, and a climbing wall. This will provide us with unique opportunities to target new markets, and we look forward to expanding our ability to serve the unique needs of the life science industry by creating optimal environments that support transformational research and groundbreaking science.”

Company: BioMed Realty Name: Doug Cuff Email: doug.cuff@biomedrealty.com Web Address: http://www.biomedrealty.com/ Address: Granta Park, Great Abington, CB21 6GP Telephone: (44) 01223 893 710 Cambridge amenity building

Across the core markets of the industry, BioMed Realty supports a deep and varied roster of life science organizations, from early-stage companies with only a few employees to research institutions to A-rated, global pharmaceutical companies with thousands of employees. Doug explains how the firm supports this wide range of clients. “Leading life science companies depend on our expertise to identify new opportunities for growth, enhance and modify environments to accommodate new research and manage the day-to-day operations for their office and laboratory space. Our unmatched reputation and industry relationships ensure that we are able to secure the best architects and construction teams for each project.”

ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards | 29


Best Translational Clinical Pharmacology Company 2016

Celerion is a market leader in early clinical research, supporting clients around the world. We interviewed Bruce Morimoto PhD, Executive Director of Applied Translational Medicine at the firm to talk us through its service offering.

Celerion has been awarded Best Translational Clinical Pharmacology Company, recognized for their innovative approach to translating science to medicine. The awards panels based their decision on a number of factors including leadership in innovation, excellence in products and services, success stories and client testimonials. Celerion is a global contract research organization specialising in early clinical studies. Serving clients of all sizes in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, the firm focuses on clinical pharmacology Phase I and II trials. “The company’s focus is on translating science into medicine via innovative strategies to generate key data very early to enable clients’ go/no-go decisions in drug development. With a large global clinical capacity of more than 600 beds (24 in-hospital), efficient bioanalytical laboratories and experienced scientific staff, the firm offers one of the most experienced clinical pharmacology research networks in the industry.” Working in such a vital industry means that the firm has to be vigilant and ensure that every trial is conducted to the highest possible standard. Dr. Morimoto outlines the firm’s approach to achieving this. “Early clinical trials are a vital part of the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries, as without them drugs cannot be approved. With such an important role we work diligently to ensure that our trials are safe and provide accurate results.” “The various governing bodies which regulate our industry provide guidelines and legislation, which we follow to the letter, as well as implementing our own standard operating procedures, which are the by-product of our many years of experience working in this field.” Dr. Morimoto shared that “our staff are a key part of our business, and we offer a supportive internal culture. We firmly believe that our mission permeates from the top, and as such our leadership team works hard to ensure that every member of staff works as a team.”

Technology is the key differentiator for Celerion, as Dr. Morimoto is keen to emphasize. “Celerion is constantly innovating, creating and utilizing technology to benefit our clients. For instance, Clinquick®, is a totally unique electronic data acquisition platform that captures data directly from the clinic, minimizing human error and ensuring quality and speed. This validated system is one of the few truly source-free systems in the space and has been included in hundreds of clinical trial submissions and the subject of many regulatory audits over its decades-old lifetime.” “Another recent development is our remote global access service, Celexus®, an interactive portal where clients can view and analyze their clinical trial results no matter where they are in the world. Celexus is a custom tool created at Celerion specifically so our clients can evaluate a wide range of variables, including adverse events, clinical and bioanalytical data, and assess trends in real time. This innovation provides pharmacologists the ability to make informed decisions faster to maximize their study designs and ultimately speed development of new products.”

offers via hospital-embedded clinical pharmacology units (CPUs) in both South Korea and Singapore for early phase research.” “Our global growth and strategic focus in early clinical research supports our clients’ needs to translate science and the discovery and early safety data from preclinical studies, into the first human medical applications of new chemical and molecular entities.” “Progressing into early patient studies in Phase II now demonstrates Celerion’s strengthened service offerings for clients who need to reach a faster go/no-go development decision on new drug candidates. This new market brings opportunity to both Celerion and our clients and we look forward to the challenge!”

Company: Celerion Website: https://celerion.com/

In recent years the clinical trials market has changed dramatically. Although smaller pharmaceutical firms have always had to rely on outsourcing, larger firms have come to embrace outsourcing as a model for conducting clinical trials. It is this that has helped Celerion to grow and become a leader in this field, according to Dr. Morimoto, who added that despite the success the firm has seen in recent years it has no plans to rest on its laurels. “The future looks bright for Celerion as we aim to move into a new market and expand our service offering. At the beginning of this year we acquired Assign Clinical Research, an Austria based company which conducts specialized clinical studies across a broad range of therapeutic areas with a particular focus in oncology, vaccines, cancer immunotherapy, personalized medicine and autoimmune disorders. This adds to the already existing capabilities Celerion

30 | ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards


Best Sensitive Skin Treatment Solution: Dr Mist & GHP Women in Life Sciences Excellence Award 2016

Distri-beaute specialises in supplying Dr. Mist, a range of highly effective, natural hypoallergenic deodorant products. We spoke to the firm’s Owner Claudette Leduc to find out more.

Here at Distri-beaute, we market the multi-award winning Dr. Mist range to health stores, food and pharmacy chains as well as naturopathic doctors, vets and spas across Canada. We have also begun penetrating the USA market as word of Dr. Mist spread. . We are dedicated to providing clients with excellent customer service, and respond to all inquiries within one to two hours. Dr. Mist is based on a 7-year Dead Sea study which resulted in a breakthrough in physics. It is the only deodorant/multi-hygiene spray that is harmless to the skin. Even breast cancer patients, who would not otherwise be able to use deodorants, are able to use Dr. Mist. Although marketed as a natural aluminium free, oil free, stain free deodorant, because of its’ healing properties, Dr. Mist works on a variety of health issues including acne (with visible results in 24 hours), ec-

zema, athletes foot, cuts, razor bumps, itchy skin and anything bacteria related conditions. Lab reports have shown that Dr. Mist kills surface bacteria 99.99%, all while being completely harmless to the skin. Looking to the future, we are keen to expand into the USA as well as Europe in order to provide our quality products and dedicated client service to a greater client base.

Company: Distri-beaute – Home of Dr. mist Name: Claudette Leduc Email: ceo@drmist.us Web Address: www.drmist.ca Address: 2120 Darling, Montreal, Quebec H1W2W8 Telephone: 514-469-0370

ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards | 31


Most Innovative Heart Failure Technology Manufacturer

EBR Systems is dedicated to delivering quality treatment for the millions of patients suffering from cardiac rhythm diseases by developing safe, clinically superior, cost effective and reliable therapies using wireless cardiac stimulation. Allan Will, CEO of EBR Systems, talks us through the firm and the crucial solutions it develops.

Approximately 26 million people worldwide are living with heart failure with poor patient survival rates. Heart failure often occurs when electrical signals within the heart are disrupted, causing the heart’s ventricles to beat in an uncoordinated or unsynchronized pattern, which in turn enlarges the left ventricle and makes the heart less efficient. Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy, or CRT, is intended to resynchronize the left and right ventricles to improve the heart’s efficiency.

“The WiSE CRT System is an innovative wireless technology that delivers pacing stimulation to a customized location inside the left ventricle. This is referred to as endocardial stimulation. The WiSE CRT System is unique in using an ultrasound based technology to transfer energy from a small transmitter placed underneath the skin in the chest area to a small receiver-electrode, the size of a large grain of rice, implanted inside the heart.

Over 200,000 patients worldwide are estimated to receive a conventional CRT device each year. However, limitations prevent some patients from benefiting. In a conventional CRT procedure, a pacemaker is implanted under the skin. Two wires, referred to as leads, are typically placed inside the right heart with a third lead placed in a vein called the coronary sinus on the outside of the left ventricle. The leads carry electrical pulses to synchronize the heartbeat. Pacing from the outside of the heart is called epicardial stimulation. In some patients, due to its epicardial placement, the coronary sinus lead does not adequately synchronize the heartbeat and patients don’t realize the benefit of CRT. In fact, approximately 30% of patients who receive a conventional CRT device do not benefit and are classified by physicians as “non-responders”. This along with other adverse events have led to reluctance on the part of the physicians to fully adopt conventional CRT.

“A built-in anchoring system secures the electrode in place until the body’s natural healing response completely encapsulates it within 30 to 45 days. The electrode converts ultrasound energy into electrical energy to pace the left ventricle from the inside, a more natural location to initiate a heartbeat.

The lack of therapeutic alternatives for the growing heart failure patient population and the lack of noteworthy innovation, coupled with recurrent product recalls has also marred the growth of this industry. To stay competitive, companies are now investing in R&D to introduce new products such as leadless pacemakers. Companies are also showing an increased interest in inorganic growth through acquisitions of smaller players in this market. EBR Systems developed the WiSE™ (Wireless Stimulation Endocardially) CRT System, which launched in Europe in September 2015 and is designed to be an alternative to conventional CRT. Allan outlines what sets the solution apart and makes it a better alternative.

“What really sets the WiSE CRT System apart is that it enables pacing stimulation at a customized location inside the left ventricle. Endocardial pacing is considered more physiological, delivering improved electrical and hemodynamic response benefits over conventional CRT’s epicardial coronary sinus lead pacing. Because the WiSE CRT system can be placed in any endocardial location, areas of ischemia (dead tissue due to myocardial infarctions) can be successfully avoided.” As a start-up venture that cares deeply about clinical outcomes, every single patient implant is vitally important, as Allan emphasizes. “EBR Systems’ goal is to offer superior clinical outcomes and performance for the right price. This philosophy is not only built into EBR Systems’ corporate mission, but also is built into the design of its products.

perience costly hospitalizations. Eventually, these patients either receive an LVAD (costing well over $100k) or pass away. The WiSE CRT System is being targeted to address conventional CRT failures while containing costs through improved outcomes. EBR Systems’ launch of this new innovative offering is targeted at an important gap currently existing between the currently used conventional CRT and end-stage heart failure with left ventricular-assisted devices (LVAD). With its WiSE CRT System, EBR Systems is working towards filling this gap, and is positioned to effectively tap into this huge market opportunity.” Looking to the future, Allan believes that the success of the WiSE system will help EBR Systems bring to market additional solutions which will ultimately change the lives of patients around the world. “While EBR Systems works to commercialize its first generation WiSE CRT product, the R&D team has been diligently working towards developing an improved second generation system. A smaller, less invasive, more efficient implantable Transmitter along with a larger capacity battery is soon to begin clinical trial in Europe. Also being pursued is a U.S. clinical trial for the WiSE CRT system. Finally, EBR Systems is also exploring the use this wireless technology for other clinical applications, such as bradycardia and neural stimulation.”

Company: EBR Systems, Inc. Name: John Layton Email: jlayton@ebrsystemsinc.com Web Address: www.ebrsystemsinc.com Address: 686 W. Maude Ave., Suite 102; Sunnyvale, CA 94085 USA Telephone: +1 (408) 720-1906

“As an example, limitations with conventional CRT devices cost the healthcare systems billions of dollars annually due to failed therapy, patient rehospitalization for heart failure and repeated interventions to reposition or replace the wired leads. In addition to a $20k device and procedure-related costs, failed conventional CRT patients repeatedly (once or twice per year) ex-

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Best Modular Systems Solutions Company – Canada

ExpoSystems is the largest tradeshow display manufacturer in Canada. We profile the firm and explore the services it provides.

ExpoSystems provides amazing exhibit design solutions for all industries and business models. With more than 40 years of experience, the firm’s exhibit design company offers a complete range of trade show display solutions and services; from no-charge exhibit design and trade show booth re-design, inhouse large format graphics production and display manufacturing to all show services. Rental and storage options are also available. ExpoSystems trade show displays are known for their unmatched quality. Through ongoing research and development, the company’s products continue to evolve and remain at the forefront of trade show display technology. They are the best available in the market and all are covered under a lifetime warranty. With offices in Canada and the United States and having an extensive dealer network around the world the firm are able to support any trade show display and exhibit needs globally.

The company’s specific focus is ensuring all of its customers brands, products, unique attributes and more, are all the main focus and are clearly displayed when executing any booth for their respected tradeshows. The firm are committed to ensuring we offer the best products and display solutions in the industry. Ultimately, ExpoSystems is capable of acting as a one-stop-shop for all of its clients exhibiting and trade show needs.

Company: ExpoSystems Canada Website: http://exposystems.com/

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GHP Academic Excellence Award in the Field of Dietetics

Fh Joanneum’s Institute of Dietetics and Nutrition provides a range of courses on nutrition and dietetics. We invited the Head of the institute, Elisabeth Pail, to talk us through these courses.

The Institute of Dietetics and Nutrition consists of the Bachelor degree programme “Dietetics and Nutrition”, the Postgraduate course “Applied Nutrition medicine” and the “Health Perception lab – Laboratory for Health and Sensory research”. Elizabeth provides an outline of each course and highlights the knowledge it aims to impart. “Our Dietetics and Nutrition Bachelor course covers the scientific fundamentals of this field and the requirements of society and the economy. The interplay of theory and practice is a key element. We strive to provide our students with the best possible conditions for starting out in their professional life or continuing onto a master´s course, based on broad and subject-specific training. “The postgraduate course in Applied Nutrition Medicine is specifically geared towards dieticians and doctors. The university course, which is unique in Austria, is run jointly by the Medical University of Graz and FH JOANNEUM as part of an innovative cooperation model. The programme aims at providing participants with scientific and practical training in applied nutritional medicine. It focuses on interdisciplinary cooperation between dieticians and doctors and the mutual exchange of skills and experience. In addition, our Health Perception lab is a laboratory for health-relevant sensory research. The prime focus is on examining beneficial foodstuff by means of hedonic sensory analysis using modern technical aids. In a current study we are focusing on taste development and preferences of children (pre- and postnatal) and their mothers in the area of obesity prevention. The lab is seeking to make a mark in the sector of obesity prevention and treatment via the interdisciplinary orientation of 8 institutes at the FH JOANNEUM (Lead: Dietetics and Nutrition; Research Partners: Biomedical Science, Midwifery, Health Management in Tourism, Occupational Therapy, Sustainable Food Management, Communication, Media, Sound and Interaction Design and Information Management). In the Health Perception lab we focus on three key research areas: Metabolic programming of obesity; Consumer science: Innovative product development; Health Promotion by teaching and learning concept.”

The lab is particularly important to Elizabeth, who outlines its unique features in more detail. “The Health Perception lab is equipped with state-of the art sensory cabins linked to a high-tech laboratory kitchen. Furthermore, the lab has a perception room, which is equipped with the very latest audio-visual tools, such as a mobile eye tracker, a face reader and an observation wall. One special feature is a baby tracker, which allows a baby´s facial expressions and gestures in reaction to nutritional stimuli to be recorded and interpreted. This baby tracker is currently being developed and optimized. The use of Body composition tracking systems (PEA POD® & BOD POD ®) makes it possible to determine the body composition of children and adults with precision, which then allows to draw conclusions about their nutritional state. The Institute of Dietetics and Nutrition is the only Institute in Austria that has both systems. So we can determine the body composition starting with the baby of 1 kg body weight to the adult. Furthermore, the lab has a sampling room where we, thanks to the close collaboration with the biomedical laboratory of the FH JOANNEUM, can determine a wide range of laboratory parameters (e.g. biomarkers and constituents) from a wide range of specimen materials (e.g. blood, breast milk). “The Health Perception lab is a highly innovative concept and a newcomer to the Austrian sensorics landscape. The lab pursues applied sensory research with a focus on sustainable health promotion, prevention and treatment. The combination of several scientific disciplines and the modern infrastructure will lead to new ideas and initial data for future research questions. The ultimate aim is to use these resources to enable early diagnosis of childhood and adult obesity, as well as to develop innovative concepts. The individual needs and concerns of both, business and research partners across a wide range of topics can be professionally addressed.” Looking to the future, Elizabeth outlines the research areas and key focuses of the department over the coming months. “Moving forward, in the research area we will create an additional focus in the field of “Active and Healthy Ageing”. We are currently working on a project that

investigates if an olfactory and multi-sensory training can increase appetite in elderly persons. Impairment of taste and/or olfaction due to diseases and non-diseases related, are common in older adults. This could lead to reduced appetite, inadequate food intake and higher risk for malnutrition. So the reduction of Malnutrition (and Frailty) within the elderly is a big goal for the future. Eating is more than ingesting nutrients. So our aim is to increase the enjoyment of food and appetite in elderly people. The olfactory and multi-sensory training could be a new way in this field. The first aim in our study is to develop a rapid, easy to repeat method for evaluating olfactory thresholds in the elderly, because at the moment many of the existing olfactory tests are not adequate for older adult’s cognitive abilities, which may be impaired by disease or other factors. So the aim of this research is to fill this gap. “A further focus will be “Food pairing”, which is a scientific method to identify which foods and drinks go well together. To understand why ingredients match, it is important to know how humans perceive flavour. Aromas are the key drivers of our flavour experience and therefore crucial for the synergy of food and drinks. In future projects we want children to inspire for this topic. Therefore, we are collaborating with Styrians Agricultural and Nutrition schools to enhance their sensitivity for flavours and to create own innovative recipes.”

Company: Fh Joanneum Institute of Dietetics and Nutrition Name: Elisabeth Pail, MSc MBA Email: elisabeth.pail@fh-joanneum.at Web Address: www.fh-joanneum.at/dio HPLive – virtual laboratory visit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yFMKO__cxs&feature=c4-overview&list=UUKxriNXDjpjUpXLkH7N4lIA HPL – website and service portfolio for business and research partners https://fh-joanneum.at/en/labor/health-perception-lab/ Master course web address: www.fh-joanneum.at/nut Address: Eggenbergerallee 11, 8020 Graz

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Best for Clinical & Veterinary Disease Assays 2016

Fuller Laboratories develops both clinical and veterinary assays for the diagnosis of vector-borne and zoonotic diseases. We invited Lee Fuller to tell us more.

Fuller Laboratories began 26 years ago with the sale of Microbiology Reference Laboratory (now part of Quest Diagnostics) and Hillcrest Biologicals (Focus Diagnostics). Lee provides more detail on the firm’s history. “Following the sale and having developed most of their product line, I immediately concentrated on veterinary vector-borne assays to comply with a four year non-competition agreement on clinical assays. I started over and our company remains a small family-owned enterprise, developing and manufacturing assays for diagnosing vector-borne and zoonotic diseases. Most vector-borne agents are basically of veterinary interest, with humans more often involved as dead-end hosts in the pathogen’s lifecycle, so our assays are prepared for both veterinary and clinical application. This being a relatively small and specialized part of the diagnostics market, our clients include both commercial and the full range of national and regional reference laboratories worldwide. “Personally, I have been developing serologic assays for nearly 50 years, but the vector-borne and zoonotic areas are my favorite. We enjoy propagating the range of organisms necessary to adequately deal with regional species and diseases, and have occasionally been the first to successfully propagate some of these in vitro. From that point (antigen supply) assays are developed to showcase sensitivity, specificity and diagnostic utility. When necessary we have developed recombinant antigens to decrease the cost of antigen purification.”

“Another key differentiator is our use of technology. Automation has given us the ability to produce precision-made MIF assays, micro-IFA substrate slides with multiple antigens in linear arrays within each slide well. This gives us new impetus to transform traditional IFA formats into more accurate and rapid assay interpretations, while bringing several related assays into a single panel format. ” Moving forward, Lee outlines the firm’s future developments and how vital it is that the company continues to innovate. “Looking ahead we maintain 15-20 products in our developmental pipeline, with 6-10 new products within weeks of their release into Production. The fastest developing area involves hemoparasites of both veterinary and clinical relevance, Babesia and Theileria, which we propagate in one of our high-containment laboratories. We will be utilizing our MIF technology to produce panels in a format new to this field, i.e. standardized Babesia equi and Babesia caballi sideby-side for equine piroplasmosis. “In addition, a growing capacity of PCR techniques to detect pathogens directly has added a new diagnostic paradigm to the field. Although we anticipate expanding into that field, a more traditional and still common paradigm involves the screening of patient sera for multiple pathogens, then performing IgM assays for those positives seen on IgG antibody screening. We maintain a large repertoire in this area, particularly in broadly inclusive screening and specific IgM assays.”

What sets the firm apart, according to Lee, is its diagnostic capabilities, which he outlines in more detail. “Our diagnostic capacity in the vector-borne field is rather unique due to the focus and range of products we already have available, which essentially provides an entry barrier to a relatively small market. This barrier is overcome most economically and productively by collaboration with us. Larger companies can license recombinants for one-off products in emerging markets like West Nile or Zika viruses, where we stick with areas like Rickettsia where we maintain a competitive advantage in experience.

Company: Fuller Laboratories Website: http://www.fullerlabs.com/

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Best in Medical Device Commercial Strategies – USA

Health Advances operates at the intersection of science, technology, and business strategy. The firm’s consultants provide clients with innovative solutions based on deep industry insight, analytical rigor, and an objective perspective. We explore the firm’s work in the medical device sector and how it strives to excel on every client assignment. Medtech executives are finding the cost of bringing new products to market keeps rising. Concurrently, the commercial rewards are becoming more elusive as the world’s cost-constrained healthcare systems scrutinize each new offering’s clinical and economic value. Health Advances understands the intricacies of regulatory processes, referral patterns, reimbursement systems, and technology adoption. Rather than view these complexities as barriers, the firm helps clients navigate them to create sustainable competitive advantages. Health Advances’ clients are implementing successful pioneering strategies such as: 1) vertically integrating into downstream services in order to provide fuller solutions to healthcare providers, 2) enabling devices with digital technologies to capture and utilize more health information and customize therapies, and 3) partnering with other manufacturers to leverage existing sales and marketing infrastructures rather than building new ones. Two-thirds of the consulting staff have earned advanced degrees including MDs, PhDs, Master’s in Biomedical Engineering, and MBAs from top universities and many have worked previously at medtech companies in a wide range of roles. These professionals apply their clinical and scientific knowledge to communicate as peers with thought-leading physicians and researchers as well as our clients’ top scientists. Combining these technical skills with business strategy acumen, Health Advances teams deliver pragmatic solutions that client executives can confidently implement.

Health Advances has built the leading business healthcare Knowledge Management (KM) system in the industry to ensure all data sources are readily accessible to the consulting staff as it responds to clients’ urgent requests. All non-proprietary information and contacts developed during each project are carefully captured and curated in the firm’s KM infrastructure. For example, every one of the nearly 50,000 clinicians, payers, and industry experts with whom Health Advances has interacted is listed in the MERLIN database for future inquiries. In addition, government and other subscription databases are mounted on the server and mined with customized software to analyze detailed procedure and payment information. The firm has evaluated markets in over 70 countries. Its office in Zug, Switzerland oversees projects in Europe with professionals who have spent their careers in Europe and closely monitor these rapidly changing, and often pioneering, healthcare systems where medical devices often go-to-market first. The company’s US offices in Boston and San Francisco focus on the US and other international markets, leveraging its new parent, PAREXEL International Corporation’s offices and staff in 51 countries.

Company: Health Advances LLC Website: https://healthadvances.com/

36 | ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards


Life Sciences Strategic Consultancy Firm of the Year - USA

Health Advances has focused, its entire 24-year history, on working closely with its senior executive clients on their highest stakes decisions. The 130 professionals at the firm help clients optimize their R&D, commercialization, and M&A plans to grow revenues and ultimately improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of healthcare. We explore the firm’s focus on healthcare and dedication to providing quality services.

Health Advances, due to its intense focus on the healthcare industry, anticipates evolving markets and changing customer needs to identify the best avenues for revenue growth. The firm understands the intricacies of regulatory processes, referral patterns, reimbursement systems, and technology adoption. Rather than view these complexities as barriers, Health Advances helps clients navigate them to create sustainable competitive advantages. Two-thirds of the firm’s consulting staff have earned advanced degrees including MDs, PhDs, and MBAs from top universities. These professionals apply their clinical and scientific knowledge to communicate as peers with thought-leading physicians and researchers as well as clients’ top scientists. Combining these technical skills with the business strategy acumen of colleagues who have implemented market access, digital solutions and commercial strategies in industry, Health Advances teams deliver pragmatic solutions that client executives can confidently implement. Health Advances has built the leading business healthcare Knowledge Management (KM) system in the industry to ensure all data sources are readily accessible to the consulting staff as it responds to clients’ urgent requests. All non-proprietary information and contacts developed during each project are carefully captured and curated in the firm’s KM infrastructure. For example, every one of the nearly 50,000 clinicians, payers, and industry experts with whom Health Ad-

vances has interacted is listed in the MERLIN database for future inquiries. In addition, government and other subscription databases are mounted on the server and mined with customized software to analyze detailed procedure and payment information. The firm has worked with nearly 600 client organizations representing biopharma, medtech, diagnostics and life science tools, health information technology (HIT), for-profit services companies ranging from inventor start-ups to multi-billion global leaders. In addition, Health Advances has advised over 75 private equity investors and numerous patient advocacy groups. The firm has evaluated markets in over 70 countries. Its office in Zug, Switzerland oversees projects in Europe with professionals who have spent their careers in Europe and closely monitor these rapidly changing, and often pioneering, healthcare systems. The firm’s US offices in Boston and San Francisco focus on the US and other international markets leveraging its new parent, PAREXEL International Corporation’s offices and staff in 51 countries. PAREXEL purchased Health Advances in February 2016 in order to add commercialization services to its historic strengths in regulatory consulting, managing clinical trials, compliance, marketing communications, and market access.

Company: Health Advances LLC Website: https://healthadvances.com/

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People who left a gift in their Will to the GLFB in the past are playing a significant part in the lives of people dealing with sight loss.

Help us Build a Brighter Future

Although some of these supporters may have passed on, their foresight in leaving a legacy is making a real and lasting difference to visually impaired children and adults today. This is because gifts left in Wills are helping to provide services that reduce the isolation sight loss so often brings, enabling people to live much happier, more fulfilling and independent lives.


Isn’t that the kind of legacy we would all love to leave? Please accept our heartfelt thanks if you have already remembered the work of the GLFB in your Will. If you haven’t already done so, please do consider whether you could support our work in this very special way once you have made provision for your loved ones. All legacies, be they large or small, help to change lives. If you would like more information about gifts in Wills, please call us on telephone number 020 7620 4918 or by writing to us at the address below.


Issue Three Autumn 2015

Every day 100 people in the UK start losing their sight – that’s one person every 15 minutes. Sight loss affects people of all ages this edition of Insight you andIn it can strike at any time. A legacy giftfind: to the GLFB will help will ensure that we can provide specialist care from the point • News of how your donations of diagnosis. Thank you.

have helped to fund local blind welfare services

• The positive and lasting difference your support is making to the lives The Greater London Fund for the Fund was established in 1921 to provide blind welfare services in London. of people withthrough sightvoluntary loss donations including gifts in wills, enable us to reach 50,000 people every year. Today, the services we fund,dealing made possible Greater London Fund for the Blind, 12 Whitehorse Mews, 37 Westminster Bridge Road, London, SE1 7QD. • Legacies: leaving a gift of a lifetime Email: info@glfb.org.uk Website: www.glfb.org.uk Registered charity number 1074958.

38 | ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards


Best Full-Service Life Sciences B2B Marketing Agency 2016

kdm communications is a full- service, business-to-business marketing agency with international reach, specialising in the life science, medical and technical sectors. Annabel Sedgwick talks us through the firm and its service offering.

The kdm team includes an eclectic mix of marketing experts and PhD scientists, who together offer a unique combination of strategic planning, marketing expertise and technical knowledge. Annabel explains the firm’s aims and the steps it takes to achieve these. “Here at kdm we provide a full spectrum of marketing services, helping our clients to choose the right tools for what they are aiming to achieve. We believe that we are unique; we keep things simple and don’t overcomplicate what needs to be done. We have remained a relatively small core team – backed by a larger group of well-established ‘virtual’ specialists to call upon when we need to draw on their expertise for a project – so we can really concentrate on building and implementing a highly personalised marketing strategy around our clients’ products and services – something not many other agencies can boast. “Our overall focus is to help scientific, engineering and healthcare companies to reach their target audiences and convey their key messages. kdm has extensive experience of working in these sectors for over 30 years and, because we’re a bunch of scientists, we don’t get lost in technical language; we understand our clients’ products and their markets, and know exactly what their current and prospective customers want to hear.” To ensure overall success, the firm operates a process when undertaking any project, which Annabel describes. “Everything we do at kdm follows well-established processes and a tried-and-tested system for tracking work, and we maintain strong channels of communication with our clients through monthly reports and regular update calls or meetings.

ject or, if it’s a new client, the company, its products, services, markets, key differentiators, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, people, culture, etc. “Then we go away and think. The result is a plan, a creative response, a campaign scorecard to develop and track KPIs, and a confirmed budget and timeline. “Stage three is doing, where we crack on and start delivering on the projects in hand. “And then, finally, we review and measure the response against the campaign scorecard and feed back into the next project planning cycle.” Within the wider industry, Annabel explains how the digitalisation of firms is having an effect on both her business and its clients. “The world as a whole has changed extensively over the last 10 years and we are now living in a digital age, where the internet and social media permeate every aspect of modern life. This has effectively revolutionised marketing for our clients and their markets, and now a significant amount of our work is to create content for digital channels.” As a final comment, Annabel says she is looking forward to an opportunity-laden future for the company. “The future looks exciting for our firm. We have already expanded by 20 % this year and there are more opportunities than ever before on the horizon.”

Company: kdm communications limited Website: http://www.kdm-communications.com/

“Every project follows our structured four-step approach that we know from experience creates a clear plan and yields good results. “It starts, of course, with listening – a proper brain dump where we get to know everything about the pro-

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Best Life Sciences Research Facility - South East England

Kent Science Park campus, one of the largest in the South East, offers purpose built accommodation which is flexible enough to nurture the ambitious start-up, as well as to serve the expanding or mature technology company. Landlord, Richard O’Boyle, provides an absorbing overview of the park and the facilities it offers.

70 Years of science and still growing, Kent Science Park is leading the way as a launch pad for research and technology business success. Recently awarded a nationally acknowledged Chemical Landmark in recognition of the pioneering work carried out on the site, Kent Science Park works to ensure the continuous development of the Park. Working with giants of the pharma and R&D industries, the delivery of services and constant support is designed to fulfil the promise to be an inspiring place for business to grow. A leading business location, Kent Science Park is one of the largest science and technology Parks in the South East now home to over 70 companies employing 1,700 staff. With over 500,000 sqft of high specification, purpose-built business and laboratory accommodation, KSP is flexible enough to suit any ambitious start-up as well as to serve the expansion requirements of more mature technology companies.

KSP has developed co-operative arrangements with a range of regional and national world-class universities who offer tenants access to collaborative and contract research, knowledge transfer partnerships, consultancy, access to specialist equipment on a short-term basis; as well as post-doc and graduate projects. The park’s established relationships with Universities throughout Europe and the UK give tenants incomparable opportunities to work with Masters, PhD and Doctorate students on their own business cases. Kent Science Park has both geographical and network-wide clusters in some of the UK’s highest-growth industries. The Park provides its tenants with unrivalled support in business, national contacts and University links, creating a multitude of innovation nationwide.

Company: Kent Science Park Website: www.kentsciencepark.com

The Park has a wide variety of space available to let, ranging from units as small as 180 sq ft (16.7 m2) in multi-let buildings; to single-use detached buildings from 3,000 sq ft to 40,000 sq ft (279 m2 to 3,716 m2). Most space can be tailored to an occupier’s exact needs. Landlord company, Trinity Investment Management, works actively with existing and new occupants to provide accommodation purpose-built to specific requirements. Over the last decade, KSP has invested over £20 million delivering new high specification laboratories, clean rooms, research sites and infrastructure. The Park is located in the Thames Gateway, one of the most exciting locations in the UK for life science, and a region where there has been huge investment in road, rail and air transport to provide the connectivity needed to support business growth into Europe and beyond.

40 | ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards


Most Innovative Vascular Access Device Manufacturer & Best Oncology Medical Device: AngioGate® Vessel Dilator Introducers

Kimal are an innovative and trusted manufacturer and supplier of medical devices and procedure packs to hospitals across the world. We profile the firm and explore its innovative service offering.

At the heart of Kimal is a passion for delivering innovative solutions and exceeding customer expectations. One of Kimal’s flagship products is their range of Altius® Central Venous Catheters which, through the use of Multi-tube™ technology, integrated needle-free LuerSafe® connectors, colour-coded lumens and antibacterial properties reduce risk to patients. The firm has a wide and varied portfolio of products however their offering doesn’t end there. Kimal offer a unique service known as the Patient Scheduled Management Service. Kimal provide this home delivery service to renal patients and patient specific deliveries to hospital renal units.

this. Altius® CVCs reduce the risk to patients with its award-winning technology and risk reducing key features.

Company: Kimal PLC Name: Steve Minett Email: steve.minett@kimal.co.uk Web Address: www.kimal.co.uk Address: Unit 401 Pointon Way, Stonebridge Cross Business Park, Droitwich Telephone: 0845 437 9542

Patient specific packs contain the patient’s individual consumable requirements, either from Kimal or another manufacturer. These are sourced, stored, picked, packed and then delivered in a patient specific box. With cold storage and a pharmacy facility on site, Kimal’s Patient Scheduled Management Service can also include patient prescription items if required. Moving forward, the firm is on the threshold of a number of exciting developments. Kimal have undertaken extensive research into the issue of Sepsis, as well as making substantial investments into creating innovative solutions into the early detection of the condition. To be able to dedicate the time and resources needed for research and development, Kimal have invested funds into the creation of an innovation cell where all top level design and innovation takes place. Kimal are currently in the middle of the final stage of development of sensor catheters, the first of which will be launched in 2017. Ultimately the Central Venous Catheter market has seen little innovation and change in technology over the last 20 years with traditional CVC technology posing many risks to patients. From the risk of air embolism to the risk of infection, patients are at risk from traditional CVCs, and Kimal would like to change

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Best Plastic Welding & Hot Air Equipment Manufacturer

Leister Technologies LLC is the US based a subsidiary of Leister Technologies AG and specialises in plastic welding and additional plastic processing techniques. We profile this innovative company and explore the solutions it offers. For over 60 years, Leister has been a world leader in plastics processing with hot-air, hot-wedge and extrusion welder technology. To assure customers can always rely on the renowned Leister quality, the company develops and produces all products and accessory parts in Switzerland in compliance with the strict ISO 9001 standard. The classic product portfolio of the Leister Group is subject to continuous development and has been extended by high-tech machines and components involving laser and micro-technology. Leister Laser Plastic Welding produces powerful and cutting edge laser welding systems for plastics. Axetris AG develops and produces laser gas detectors, micro-optics, mass flow rate sensors and infrared sources for industry. The award winning Leister Technologies LLC offers decades of experience in the processing of plastics and industrial processes. The firm offers over 40 specialists from the fields of process engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and product design all of whom are developing the technology of the future. They constantly drive continuous innovation, and their achievements have been honored by expert juries many times over. The result is product that stand out because their design is suitable for construction sites and industry.

Within the medical industry, there are many different areas of medical engineering that involve the use of plastics. Laser plastic welding has been an established part of certain applications for years. The medical devices market is a prime example of an area where products containing laser-welded components have been introduced. Microfluidics and chips for analytics are particularly worthy of mention in this regard. In many applications, these kinds of components also take the form of disposables, which can be found in various areas of medical engineering. Other products or devices have assemblies welded onto them. These usually have to be joined in such a way that they are sealed off tightly from the environment. Frequent application areas for medical engineering products include doctor’s offices and hospitals. Consequently, the area of hospital care involves a large number of products that are partially made of plastic and are also laser welded. Ultimately, the entire Leister group is committed to the highest possible standards, placing a priority on seamless, transparent quality management since the very beginning. Going forward this will continue to be the firm’s focus as it aims to achieve greater success in the years to come. Company: Leister Technologies, LLC Email: leister@leister.com Website: https://www.leister.com/

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Best Blood Sugar Technology Company - North America

MediSure Canada Inc. is committed to bringing value to the high cost of Diabetes - both to the patient and their insurers. Their affordable and quality products bring economic value to the Diabetes testing market, enabling patients and payers to reduce their healthcare spending.

MediSure Canada Inc. work with wholesalers, distributors, pharmacies and individual customers, and are interested in working with those who believe in bringing quality and cost savings to the Canadian diabetes space. Their focus is to bring significant savings to all Provincial Drug Plans on their current test strip purchases, whilst delivering world class training and Diabetic Patient Education support to those living with diabetes. Their commitment is to always be the high quality, affordable Health Canada licensed blood glucometer and strip line provider.

In the future, the industry will move more toward advancing technology. Blood Glucose Monitors as a whole have not kept up with technology advancements such as Bluetooth and Smart Phone App connectivity. Medisure is growing and evolving, with a focus on producing new and innovative solutions in the months to come.

Company: Medi+Sure Canada Inc. Email: info@medisure.ca Web Address: www.medisure.ca Telephone: 855-634-7873

The customer service focus is what separates them from the competition. As a smaller and leaner organization, they can respond to their customers’ needs much faster than other companies. They have made many customized packages for their customers, as well as creating revisions to their products in response to customer feedback, in a short amount of time. They also believe that their commitment to bringing economic value to their customers is something that makes them unique. Without their strong commitment to their customers, Medisure would not have been able to build their brand equity as they have. Technologically speaking, Medisure are invested in providing webinars for training and Diabetic Patient Education support to their customers, as well as investing in the technology they provide in their products. The firm use an EDI system for processing orders more efficiently and accurately. The diabetes sector is growing very rapidly. For example, in the United States, the number of Americans with diagnosed diabetes is projected to increase 165%, from 11 million in 2000 (prevalence of 4.0%), to 29 million in 2050 (prevalence of 7.2%). Governments in all areas are working to lower their expense in covering the costs of diabetes. Canada is a growing market, especially in the diabetes space. The benefits are an increasing market size, paired with a government interested in spreading awareness and treatment of diabetes. The challenges are a pressure to reduce government spending as well as a very competitive market with established brands.

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Best eClinical Solution 2016: iMedNet™ & Recognised Leaders in Healthcare Data Solutions

MedNet Solutions is a leading healthcare technology company specializing in electronic data solutions designed for the global life sciences community. We profile the firm and the innovative solution that has led it to its current success.

MedNet’s innovative, flexible and easy-to-use cloudbased eClinical platform dramatically improves the efficiency of clinical studies and registries of all types and sizes. Beyond simply electronic data capture (EDC), MedNet’s solutions deliver the tools and dashboards required to expertly manage all aspects of clinical research. Since 2001, pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology and Contract Research Organizations (CROs) around the world have trusted MedNet to consistently deliver the technology innovation, experience and reliability they need for success. iMedNet™, MedNet Solutions’ flagship eClinical platform, has been developed to address key clinical trial limitations common across many other eClinical/ EDC systems. iMedNet stands out in the eClinical technology field for the following key reasons: • Comprehensive: iMedNet delivers everything needed to run a clinical study – from site initiation to study closeout – all in a single system. • Unified: iMedNet is a single solution built entirely by MedNet’s own development team – not multiple systems patched together via purchases, mergers and acquisitions. • Do-It-Yourself Control: Study sponsors and CROs can build their own studies with ease…without the need for computer programming. • Rapid Study Development: Studies can be set up quickly, in days or weeks, not months. • Exceptional Flexibility: Ensures each study’s unique workflows, templates and processes are fully accommodated. • Affordable: iMedNet’s low cost, pay-as-you-go pricing makes it affordable for any research initiative…even very small, early phase studies. • Intuitive: iMedNet is exceptionally easy to use for all study participants. • Turnkey: No hardware or software installation is required to use this Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)based system…all that’s needed is a browser and Internet access. • Compliant: iMedNet is fully validated and supports key industry standards (CDISC, 21CFR11, HIPAA, etc.). • Secure: iMedNet is hosted in secure, highly available Tier III data centers.

• Latest Technologies: iMedNet is a technologically advanced, cloud-based solution…not a pretty wrapper hiding antiquated technologies. “I’m thrilled that iMedNet is increasingly being selected as the ‘eClinical solution of choice’ to support research initiatives worldwide,” remarked Rob Robertson, MedNet’s President and CEO. “It’s incredibly exciting for us to hear from customers reporting cost savings of 50% and efficiency gains of over 100% compared to other eClinical solutions. iMedNet is truly having a positive impact on clinical research, making it easier, faster, safer and more cost effective than ever before. iMedNet streamlines the process of bringing new, life-altering medical treatments to market…treatments that make a real difference to patients around the world.”

Company: MedNet Solutions Name: John M. (Rob) Robertson, President and CEO Email: contact@mednetstudy.com Web Address: www.mednetstudy.com Address: 110 Cheshire Lane, Suite 300 Minnetonka, MN 55345, USA Telephone: (763) 258-2735

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Best Forestry Academic 2016

Dr. Shashi Kant is Director, Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM) program at University of Toronto Mississauga and Professor of Forest Resource Economics and Management in the Faculty of Forestry, University of Toronto. We profile Dr. Kant and showcase his unique educational programme, MScSM. Dr. Kant is a true champion for global sustainability and an exemplary follower and advocate of Gandhian philosophy. He has worked tirelessly through his academic work, volunteer contributions, activism, and leadership, to establish the foundations of sustainability research based on integration and balancing of social, environmental, and economic pillars. He has worked assiduously to transform the value systems of students, colleagues, and professionals towards sustainability, improving the state of the community-at-large including the Aboriginal peoples of Canada, modernizing institutions, and developing new programs and collaborative partnerships to make lasting contributions to global sustainability. He is deeply and wholeheartedly committed to making the world a better place. Dr. Kant is the Founding Director of the MScSM program, which is “driven by the goal of a sustainable world” as Dr. Kant himself describes it. Kant is a strong proponent of “True Love and Sustainability”. In his address at the United Nations Forum on Forestry (UNFF 10), on April 22, 2013, Kant suggested that: “Sustainability can only be achieved by decisions that come from our heart and not from our mind. We need to fall in love with sustainability.” Later, in his opening address to MScSM students on September 1, 2015, he proposed two laws of true love and sustainability: (i) seek your happiness in the happiness of the subject/matter/object that you love and not vice-versa; and (ii) love sustainability by heart and serve sustainability by mind; and asked his students to follow these principles. Kant is a world-renowned forest economist specializing in the economics of sustainable forest management. His journey of academic activism began in 1989 in the poor villages of Orissa, India. Kant stayed with the villagers in their homes, and documented their initiatives and use of Gandhian tools to conserve forests. In Orissa, more than one thousand villages were working to conserve forests but these initiatives were unknown to the outside world at that time, so his work was instrumental. In later years, Kant and his students also documented similar efforts in the states of Bihar and Madhya Pradesh. This work provided a foundation to transform forest policy and management in India from a Government-controlled management model to a Joint Forest Management model that benefitted millions of forest dependent people of India.

Kant incorporated his commitment to community welfare in his Doctoral thesis completed in 1996 at the University of Toronto. He demonstrated the economic optimality of community regimes under many social and economic conditions. Since then, his research has focused on the economics of sustainable forest management that has challenged the dominant paradigm of Forest Economics known as Faustmann Forest Economics. Kant’s recent research is focused on the wellbeing of First Nations’ peoples of Canada. In this research, Kant has found that social, cultural, and land use (SCLU) activities such as access to cultural sites, the freedom to participate in spiritual activities, and the impact of government regulations on social and cultural life have a profound effect on mental health of First Nations peoples. Kant has also developed a SCLU activities valuation framework based on a life-satisfaction rather than a market pricing approach; the framework is consistent with First Nations’ culture, and has provided a scientific basis for their land settlement claims. Kant’s research provides strong empirical evidence to incorporate SCLU factors in policies and programs related to First Nations peoples’ health and wellbeing. In 2011, Kant, established a global group called the New Frontiers of Forest Economics (NEFFE) with the objective of providing a permanent platform for leading thinkers in forest economics to explore thought-provoking perspectives and discuss cutting-edge thoughts. The group is now recognised as a global think tank on forest economics. In brief, Kant is leading a movement by engaging others in dialogue and discourse to transform forest economics and foresters’ fundamental belief systems. One of Kant’s current initiatives is the new MScSM Program at U of T. The MScSM program provides the training for students to act outside the traditional disciplinary black boxes; integrate knowledge from management, social, and natural sciences to address sustainability issues; and make leading contributions and lasting advances in sustainability management. The program is unique among science and management graduate programs by providing a strong foundation in sustainability management while offering an opportunity to specialize in either a management or science stream. The MScSM program is designed for students from diverse backgrounds such as management, social

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science, natural science and engineering; students learn from the world’s foremost experts on these topics. Students from all over the world participate, and are offered the opportunity to embark on an exchange term, gain work experience, and work with outside organizations. The professor’s defining research contributions and academic, social, and sustainability related impacts have been recognized by the Queen’s Award for Forestry (2008), the Canadian Institute of Forestry Scientific Achievement Award (2007); the International Union of Forestry Research Organization’s Scientific Achievement Award (2005); and the Premier’s Research Excellence Award (2004). In addition, the Yadav Association of Canada honoured him with a Lifetime Achievement Excellence Award (2013) for his services to the organization and city of Toronto awarded him the City of Toronto International Students Excellence Award (2012). In June 2016, Dr. Kant, and his two colleagues at the MScSM program – Claire Westgate and Rose Mary Craig were awarded the IMI Team Collaboration Award for the launch of the MScSM Program. Name: Shashi Kant - University of Toronto Website: http://www.utm.utoronto.ca/mscsm/ and http://forestry.utoronto.ca/kant-s/


Best Probiotic Supplement Provider - Canada

NOVA is a Canadian probiotics company based in Montreal, Quebec, as well as Austin and Anaheim in the United States, founded by M.D. and microbiologist Andre Levy. We invited Andre to talk us through the firm and the services it offers.

NOVA produces and provides multi (14)-strains and vegan probiotic supplements for both people and animals. As such, the firm works closely with pharmacies, health food stores, hospitals, registered naturopathic doctors as well as veterinary clinics and distributors. Working in such a vital industry means that quality is of the utmost importance according to Andre. “At NOVA, our primary focus is to ensure a better quality of life for all our customers. Our team’s past experiences in the health industry have given us a lot of insight about the reality many of our customers experiences, and the serious challenges health problems can pose to a comfortable life. We offer the best service that we can muster to ensure that we can help alleviate the burdens experienced by the consumer. “Ultimately, it is our belief that health is the one most important thing that we all have, so we have many ways to make certain that the service we provide is the one our customers need. First of all, we offer a very human and personal approach to customer service, and are always ready to address and ease any worries or questions that our customers might have and to provide meaningful advice to all who contact us. “Beyond this approach, our product itself is constantly evolving: the probiotic industry benefits from an ever-blossoming array of studies that come out consistently, and as more research is done, we adapt our formulae to make sure that the quality of the NOVA line of probiotics is both consistent and as good as it can be. Furthermore, we work in conjunction with hospitals, universities and veterinary clinics to ourselves contribute to the advancement of knowledge in our field.” The global probiotics market totals $39B in 2015 and is expected to grow at 6.9% due to increased customer awareness of the benefits that pre/probiotics products offer. Probiotics are increasingly being targeted to provide relief in new areas such as inflammatory diseases, allergy prevention, cholesterol reduction and prevention of colon cancer, apart from traditional benefits that they provide in gastrointestinal problems. In such a context, the number of probiotic products available is continually growing with a large variation in quality among the products which can be confusing

and overwhelming for consumers. Nonetheless, NOVA’s scientific expertise, superior ingredients, and ability to stay at the forefront of market trends and consumer demands have given the firm a distinct competitive advantage over other probiotic makers. Andre provides an overview of some of the firm’s products and how these support clients. “NOVA offers a wide range of supplements to support all clients, including more than 25 targeted probiotic solutions for the whole family such as: great tasting powders for children, probiotic capsules for women, men, elders, athletes, travellers, vegans, anyone with food allergies, for immune support, convenient powders for dogs, cats and horses “These supplements are manufactured using technologies that will allow the microorganisms to withstand the harsh stomach acid and arrive live to the intestinal tract. A proprietary matrix is applied during the production of the freeze-dried bacteria (microencapsulation) and acid-resistant capsules made of highly purified plant cellulose are exclusively utilized in the encapsulation. Disintegration of these acid-resistant capsules starts approximately 45 minutes later than a typical immediate release capsule of about five minutes (vegetable capsules). Complete release takes place in the intestine, the main site of action for probiotics. As a result, highly potent ingredients are delivered where they are needed.” Moving forward, Andre states that the firm is eager to support its clients and create innovative new products to continue offering the highest quality in the market. “Being a key player in the market is about actively launching new successful products. We are currently focusing on the formulation of innovative probiotic products in the personal care, skin care and oral care categories.”

Company: NOVA Probiotics (NOVA Essentials Inc.) Name: Andre Levy / Jessica Levy Email: andre.levy@novaprobiotics.com / jessica@novaprobiotics.com Web Address: novaprobiotics.com Address: 4910 rue Piedmont, Montreal, QC. H3V 1E2 Telephone: 1-877-449-NOVA (6682)

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Best Nutritional Supplements Provider - British Columbia

NutriStart is a Canadian supplement and vitamin company dedicated to improving their client’s health and helping them to reach their optimal potential. We profile the firm and explore the secrets behind its success.

President Jon Fitzpatrick founded NutriStart in 1997 because he is passionate about providing natural health solutions for his family, and his customers. The company was launched with just one product, the original Nutri-Pods Vitamin Packs, and since then the firm has grown to encompass over 20 products. During this time, NutriStart has developed a reputation for high quality, affordable nutritional supplements. All NutriStart products use natural ingredients, and are based on sound research, and accumulated experience. They have respected nutrition researchers on staff, and the firm’s scientific partners include some of the most reputable labs in the world. NutriStart believes that health and vitality comes from whole food nourishment, and so look to nature to guide in the formulation of products. Sustainability and respect for nature are guiding values for NutriStart. Ken Peters, Product Formulator, and Simon Wallace, B.Sc Pharmacy, Research and Development, join Jon in his quest to produce effective nutritional supplements. Ken has over 30 years’ experience in the nutrition industry, has been a nutritional consultant for 20 of those years, and is also a respected published author.

Simon is a graduate UK industrial pharmacist, specializing in Pharmaceutical products, natural health products, nutraceuticals, homeopathics, and synthetic medicinal chemistry, with 38 years’ experience working in both the UK and Canada. This vast collective industry experience has driven the firm toward the success it enjoys today. Fundamentally NutriStart’s product offering combines the best of what nature and science have to offer into their final formulations. Their cutting edge supplements use the best quality ingredients, at the most effective dosages, to provide natural solutions to people’s health challenges. All NutriStart products have a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and use only the highest quality ingredients, produced to exacting standards, based on the latest nutritional research and information. NutriStart takes pride in providing customers with nutrition products of extraordinary quality.

Company: NutriStart Phone: 1800 813-4233 Email: info@nutristart.com Website: http://nutristart.com/

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Best Orthopaedic Research Body 2016 – UK

Orthopaedic Research UK are an independent body dedicated to advancing orthopaedic knowledge, not just by funding and publicising research - but also by organising training and events which promote collaboration between orthopaedic surgeons, scientists and engineers. Dr.Arash Angadji (CEO) talks us through the charity and its mission to support those with orthopaedic problems throughout the UK.

Currently 8.5 million people of all ages in the UK alone are affected by orthopaedic complaints including degenerative diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis, infections, trauma injuries, bone cancer and congenital disorders such as muscular dystrophy. Orthopaedic Research UK (ORUK) is one of the most significant funders of orthopaedic research in the country – awarding grants totalling more than £9m over the last 12 years to support independent, high quality projects at leading universities, NHS Trusts and research centres. That funding has helped to develop improved artificial joints and limbs, led to advances in pain relief, provided vital insights into bone disease and has improved the treatment of injuries arising from accidents and sporting activities. But ORUK wants to achieve much more. Our ambition is to be a catalyst for a faster paced innovation system that allows translational research to thrive; research that offers the greatest potential to deliver real and meaningful outcomes. There are currently multiple barriers to innovation in our universities and we believe significant change is required to transform the academic arena into one that values quality over quantity. Effective collaboration between industry, academia and the third sector is vital to maximise the impact of research and we want to drive debate and reform around the innovation process to promote and encourage such partnerships. As a medical charity, we are increasingly focused on ensuring that the money we invest is given the best opportunity to translate into new, effective orthopaedic treatments and to deliver real benefits to patients and the wider community.

Examples of current ORUK-supported research projects include: • Ground breaking work at the University of Birmingham aimed at finding an effective way to prevent and treat new bone growth after high energy blast injury amputations. New bone growth in the stump means these patients – mainly military personnel – cannot use artificial limbs. • Supporting the development and delivery of new training courses for clinicians across Africa to end the misery of untreated clubfoot. This causes major disability and affects the life chances of thousands of children across the continent. • Innovative work at Oxford University in a hugely neglected area of research to alleviate the suffering of thousands of people crippled by cancer-induced bone pain. The research is a vital step in developing new and effective approaches to managing this debilitating and devastating problem. • Unique research at Europe’s largest trauma centre on the prevalence, causes and impact of cycling accidents. The project could help reduce the terrible and rising death and injury toll on our roads. ORUK promotes and encourages effective collaboration and partnership with a wide range of organisations across scientific, medical and academic communities as well as in industry. Uniquely, we own JRI Orthopaedics, a multi-award winning British company with world class expertise in the design, development and precision manufacturing of orthopaedic implants and instrumentation. ORUK and JRI Orthopaedics share the same founder, the renowned surgeon Ronald Furlong, and the same ethos and passionate belief in the need for ethical and responsible innovation in orthopaedics.

We are an independent body dedicated to advancing orthopaedic knowledge, not just by funding and publicising research - but also by organising training and events which promote collaboration between orthopaedic surgeons, scientists and engineers. Since inception, ORUK has been committed to supporting the education of young surgeons, scientists and engineers, as well as the further education of experienced professionals in both research and surgery. ORUK organise a growing number of high quality training events and courses, symposia and conferences aimed at sharing and promoting orthopaedic knowledge. By addressing one aspect of the body – how it moves – and focusing our funding and expertise on the musculoskeletal system which underpins movement, ORUK has defined a clear and important role within the field of medical research community and clinical practice. As part of our commitment of delivering pain-free movement for all, the charity is also keen to play a greater role in promoting bone health in the wider community, encouraging people of all ages to become more active in their daily lives. Fundamentally Helping people to move more can not only help to prevent the development of bone and joint disease but, by combining effective research and education, we can significantly improve the quality of life of people living with orthopaedic complaints.

Company: Orthopaedic Research UK Website: http://www.oruk.org/

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Global Leader in Plant-Based Compounds & Pharmaceuticals & Best Natural Pain Reliever: Phynova Joint and Muscle Relief Tablets™

Phynova is an innovative life science company that develops and markets proprietary medicinal products derived from active compounds found in plants. We invited Robert Miller to tell us more.

Founded in 2002, the Oxford-based life sciences firm has specialised in developing high quality plant-derived products for use in both consumer healthcare and food industries. With its multidisciplinary team of experts, Phynova has assembled specialists in traditional Chinese medicine, phytochemistry, pharmacology, and clinical development. Phynova differentiates itself through its methodological, scientific approach, employing the highest levels of quality and applying scientific rigour to validate its products. Phynova’s expertise and innovation in plant-based medicines has been recognised with this award. The firm has developed a range of commercial products that are in or ready to enter the UK healthcare market. This includes Phynova Joint and Muscle Relief Tablets™, which contributed to it winning the accolade of “Global Leader in Plant-Based Compounds and Pharmaceuticals and Best Natural Pain Reliever”. The product contains an extract of Sigesbeckia orientalis as the active ingredient, a plant that has been historically used in oriental medicine to treat all forms of arthritis, joint and back pain. Phynova’s expertise in plant-based medicine allowed it to become the first company to achieve UK regulatory approval for a traditional Chinese medicine, culminating in Phynova Joint and Muscle Relief Tablets™ being licensed as an over the counter medicine by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (“MHRA”) in March, 2015. Since then, Phynova have developed strong online and high street retail partners such as Boots, with the pharmacy giant stocking Phynova Joint & Muscle Relief Tablets™ on their website and in high street stores nationwide. Holland & Barrett are also a registered stockist of Phynova Joint & Muscle Relief Tablets™.

foods and drinks containing high levels of sugar and refined carbohydrates. Recent research conducted by Mann et al (2012) in the British Medical Journal illustrates that excess calorie intake, including calories from sugar and carbohydrates, significantly contributes towards becoming overweight and increases the risk of developing type-2 diabetes. Further research by Feinman et al (2015) in the journal Nutrition found that the single most effective approach to prevent and manage diabetes is to limit carbohydrate intake. With this in mind, the development of innovative products such as Reducose™ has given further validation to Phynova being recognised as a global leader in plantbased compounds and pharmaceuticals.

Company: Phynova Name: Alice Lyon Email: Phynova@abchurch-group.com; alyon@phynova.com Web Address: https://www.phynovajointrelief.com/ Address: Phynova House, 16 Blenheim Office Park, Long Hanborough, Oxfordshire OX29 8LN, United Kingdom Telephone: 01993 880700

Additionally, Phynova’s other lead product, Reducose™, is an innovative functional food ingredient that helps maintain healthy blood glucose levels, healthy carbohydrate metabolism and normal insulin utilisation. Reducose™ is a patented ingredient derived from mulberry leaves and, when added to foods and drinks containing sugar and carbohydrate, transforms them into ‘better for you’ products. Reducose™ can also be used as a dietary supplement. Reducose™ is clinically proven to reduce blood glucose rises from

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Best Life Sciences Industry Development Agency 2016 – Canada & GHP Excellence Award for Life Science Business Development

Québec International is an integrated economic development agency. We spoke to CEO Carl Viel to learn more about the firm’s work in the life sciences sector. Life Sciences are a vital part of Canada’s economy, and the country as a whole prides itself on providing world leading research across the discipline. Québec International has six key mandates promoting the region locally and internationally; attracting foreign investment; integrate qualified overseas workers; support trade and foreign market development; foster innovation and hi-tech entrepreneurship; and finally developing, managing and promoting key clusters, one of which is life sciences. With a state-of-the-art expertise in biopharmaceuticals, diagnostics and vaccine, natural health products (cosmeceuticals and nutraceuticals), medical technologies and information technologies related to health, the Québec City metropolitan region is ideally positioned for a growing market. Specific areas of expertise within the commercial sector include diagnostics and vaccination, e-health initiatives and cosmetic solutions. With regards to research, the area is famed for its development in the curing of cancer, neurological issues and infectious diseases. Carl, the CEO of the agency, has over 20 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, explains that the key differentiator between Québec International and other economic development agencies in life sciences sector is the firm’s expertise in this area and its unique model of integrated agency. “What sets us apart is that we have strong experience in the life sciences industry. The Quebec International staff that work in this area are former life sciences business owners who understand the market and the drivers behind this, and therefore able to support other businesses in the industry.” The agency’s unique integrated approach is one of the region’s secrets to developing a strong and growing life science sector. The cluster does not operate in a “silo” fashion; interaction with other leading regional clusters (such as Agri-food, ITC and optics&photonics) create synergies that produce innovation & sharing of best practices.

The agency’s structure gives the cluster access to a variety of support services that are tailored to the needs of the cluster. For example, the cluster not only has access to a network of life science experts, but complimentary teams dedicated to commercialization, international market development, R&D, financing, and talent recruitment. The agency not only works to develop the cluster, but consolidate it through the attraction of new businesses and talent that strengthen the sector’s ecosystem. As such, Québec International’s team of dedicated professionals work across different sectors, but they all have the same objective: promoting economic development in the Quebec City metropolitan region. As such one of the areas that Carl believes is a key focus is the integration of the various sectors, as he explains. “Collaboration is vital, and as such here at Québec International we are committed to working together throughout the organisation. Two key clusters that work together are life sciences and agriculture and food, as these two sectors are closely linked, and it is important that we understand the relationship between nutritional health and our food chain.” This collaborative approach extends outside the organisation, with the agency working with university staff, R&D departments and commercial enterprises to ensure the long term success of the region’s life sciences industry. Carl outlines the strategy the firm takes to achieve this.

worldwide life sciences market. Entrepreneurship is a key part of the organisation’s mandate and as such we are committed to supporting it in every cluster. “Additionally, Québec International’s promotion and business professionals work with an extensive network of regional and international partners to attract foreign investments and follow-up with affiliates of foreign companies.” Recent developments in the region’s life sciences industry, including Medicago’s 250$M expansion project, along with a contract to produce Ebola Monoclonal Antibodies, and the takeover of GenePOC, a private company that develops affordable, rapid molecular tests to identify infectious agents in pointof-care settings that originated in Québec, highlight the region’s ability to transition their research into commercial ventures, according to Carl. “Québec’s real strength is our ability to turn the research we produce into commercially viable solutions which are sought after by companies around the world. This is a real skill, and is much harder in the life sciences market than in others, as it takes a lot longer to create products and establish research than it does in markets such as technology.” Looking to the future, Carl believes that research which has just been announced will help the region to retain its reputation for excellence in the development and commercialisation of life sciences solutions.

“Within the life sciences industry we work with professionals from across the industry to create a three-year plan for the region’s life sciences sector. The agency then supports these individuals and companies as they seek to source the funding and resources to fulfil this plan.

“It was recently announced that Québec will be leading ground breaking research into the Zika virus. I believe that this high profile research will ensure that the region plays a key part in the future of the vaccination of infectious diseases.”

“For example, if a certain training is required, we will endeavour to support the people involved to obtain this training. We also organise funding to support smaller businesses in the sector so that they can visit overseas conferences and therefore obtain funding from international companies, and thus gain influence on the

Company: Québec International Website: http://www.quebecinternational.ca/services/

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Best in Mental Health Rehabilitation 2016 - UK

Rushcliffe Care Ltd is an independent provider of health & social care: in a variety of settings. Karen Noon talks us through the firm and the services it provides.

Rushcliffe Care’s Aberavon facility offers mental health rehabilitation hospital catering for 16 male service users. Karen talks us through how the firm’s services are tailored to meet each individual service user’s needs.

“Currently we are in the early stages of creating a second hospital that will be able to help support a greater number of service users. We look forward to the completion of this project.

“We aim to personalise services with meaningful and achievable life goals for people with enduring mental health issues. As such we provide tailored packages which fit the end stage of rehabilitation.”

“Overall we are proud to have an independent vibrant mental health hospital which adds value to the local community as well as enhancing positive outcomes for our service users”

The healthcare industry is variable and historically underfunded, but evidences of long term community support and a reintegration of users is beneficial. Looking to the future, Karen outlines the firm’s plans to build upon the current success that the Aberavon facility is enjoying.

Company: Rushcliffe Independent Hospital; Aberavon Name: K Noon Email: reception@rushcliffecare.co.uk Web Address: www.rushcliffecare.co.uk Address: Epinal Way Care Centre, Hospital Way, Loughborough, LE11 3GD Telephone: 01509 219605

ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards | 51


Best Medical Implant & Technology Research Group & Most Cutting-Edge Skin Scaffold: SmartMatrix®

Smart Matrix Limited (SML) was created in 2011 as a spin out from award winning medical research charity RAFT (Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust). Leonor Stjepic, chief executive of both organisations, talks us through the firm and its innovation.

RAFT is on a mission is to carry out medical research that helps people regain their quality of life, independence and dignity after major trauma. For 28 years the RAFT research team has been focusing on areas of research that can provide practical and tangible solutions for children and adults who have had their lives and health altered dramatically by accidents, disease or birth defects. SML was established in order to take Smart Matrix® through clinical development and into commercialisation. Previously a number of research projects invented at RAFT had struggled to make it through to the healthcare market due to funding constraints within the charity sector and its charitable status not allowing for profit-making activities. SML is therefore a commercial vehicle set up to get over these constraints; an innovative way of combining a charity’s philanthropic mission with a limited liability corporate entity to ensure innovative research can get to patients. By establishing SML as a separate, private organisation, RAFT was able to negotiate the licence of its patents over Smart Matrix® as well as a service agreement for its scientists’ expertise. This will allow SML to progress to commercialisation whilst securing an income for RAFT to allow it to continue to fund pioneering research in the field of wound and tissue healing. Leonor outlines why the firm’s research is so crucial. “There are approximately 50 million global cases of “hard to heal” wounds each year. These are due to surgical wounds, chronic wounds or burns. Smart Matrix® is a porous biomaterial scaffold constituted from human fibrin plus alginate. It has been carefully designed to slow biodegradation in a wound environment and to provide an optimal structural/ biochemical environment for rapid cellularisation and capillary growth.

“SML was set up in 2011 in as close to a mirror image of a FTSE100 company as was possible to achieve in a small start-up organisation with limited funds. This was largely achieved via a blue chip governance framework created via approximately £500k of pro bono legal services from Dechert LLP. Prior to starting the company, I spent a year talking to experts in the field to understand why other life sciences organsiations had failed and those lessons were built into the design of the company. SML now has a board of directors including eight non-executive directors, none of whom receive any remuneration for their services, many of whom are leaders in their fields from across the life sciences industry. “In addition, through its close connection with RAFT, the company has access to a network of Consultant Plastic Surgeons (end users) and healthcare experts who it can call upon for advice along every stage of the journey to exit. For example, RAFT has had 54 Surgical Research Fellows in its 28-year history and many are now Consultant Plastic Surgeons at leading hospitals in the UK. “SML also uses the experience of RAFT in engaging with, and stewardship of, major donors to create close relationships with all its shareholders so that they feel a part of the business and take an active part in offering expertise as well as funds. Amongst the current shareholders, are seven FTSE100 C-Suite or former C-Suite executives.”

SML is based at Mount Vernon Hospital in Northwood, Middlesex. The advantages of being based within an NHS hospital trust are undoubtedly the easy access to patients and the reconstructive plastic surgery community and its people. SML also has access to the laboratories and scientific staff at RAFT in Northwood so that any research work can be done quickly and with close supervision. As a final comment Leonor provides an insight into what the future has in store for SML and its life changing research. “The surgeons who have used Smart Matrix® see it as an attractive alternative to skin grafts and other traditional methods, with clear benefits to patients and health systems as well as the surgical community. We are currently busy in the compilation of a robust dossier, including clinical, pre-clinical and manufacturing data, that will lead to regulatory approval and commercialisation of Smart Matrix®, which will change lives the world over.”

Company: Smart Matrix Limited Name: Leonor Stjepic Email: ceo@smartmatrix.co.uk Web Address: www.smartmatrix.co.uk Address: Leopold Muller Building, Mount Vernon Hospital, Northwood, Middlesex HA6 2RN Telephone: 020 8433 6793

“Early clinical results would suggest that Smart Matrix® could be used to heal wounds without the need for a skin graft as it encourages the body to regrow both the dermis and epidermis at the same time.” Working within the tough and traditionally underfunded research market is both competitive and challenging. Leonor outlines how SML has been battling these challenges since inception and working tirelessly to be at the forefront of emerging developments in the industry.

52 | ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards


Best for Life Sciences Business Growth - North America

The Economic Development & Culture Division of the City of Toronto is charged with advancing Toronto’s prosperity, opportunity and liveability. We invited John Preece to provide us with an absorbing overview of his department, the Sector Development Office, and the services it offers to life sciences industry of the region.

Toronto is the fourth-largest city in North America, and regularly tops international tables of the best places to live and work. The life sciences cluster employs around 40,000 people and attracts over $1 billion in research funding, mostly set in a 2.5 sq km downtown research park with over 650,000 sq ft of facilities. With a strong research base, robust commercialisation pipeline and support for start-ups, Toronto is the perfect place to grow a company. Such a strong life sciences industry can only be achieved with the support of the local community and government agencies. Within the Economic Development & Culture Division of the City of Toronto, the Sector Development Office exists as a specialist resource for the Toronto Public Service, and focuses on the high-growth sectors that will drive Toronto’s economy in the coming years. John talks us through the role of his department and how his previous work in the life sciences sector prepared him for the task of supporting the industry throughout the city. “The core focus of the Sector Development Office is to enhance business growth in Toronto’s priority sectors. This is accomplished through addressing barriers and challenges faced by local companies, encouraging inward investment from foreign firms, promoting Toronto and its companies in foreign markets, developing the local workforce, making policy recommendations, being a visible and helpful part of the sector, and deploying City resources intelligently. We engage with businesses, industry associations, universities and other levels of government to understand the sector and address barriers to growth. The role is highly social, with much time spent out of the office visiting companies to gain perspective on the challenges they face. “My previous role was with the UK Science and Innovation Network, as a science diplomat for the UK government. While the role was focused on building international collaborations to advance science rather than business growth, it was invaluable in enabling me to build effective relationships in the life sciences sector. I see the role of the Sector Development Officer

as being part of the glue that holds together a strong, collaborative cluster.” John is clearly very proud of the life sciences industry in his city, and outlines the key opportunities he sees in the region. “Toronto’s life sciences sector is a hive of activity – we can genuinely compete globally in areas such as neuroscience, regenerative medicine, digital therapeutics, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, companies enjoy generous research tax incentives, and employees get to be in one of the most liveable cities in the world. Our downtown research park means that our universities, hospitals, accelerators and companies are all in close proximity, making for easier collaboration. Pitching the city and the sector has never been easier. “The main benefit of being based in Toronto is that you get to live in Toronto. Of all the perks or benefits you could offer your employees, this is the best. We are a dynamic, diverse, global city, named the best place in the world to live by The Economist in 2015 and regularly winning accolades in safety, sustainability, connectedness and prosperity. We have outstanding food and cultural institutions, a humming economy, lots of green space and easy connections to the rest of the world. Really, this is the place to be. “There are more tangible business benefits as well, of course. The cost of doing business here is substantially lower than comparable markets, and Canada was ranked second in KPMG’s 2016 business cost index. In the life sciences, the flagship programmes are the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Tax Incentive Program, which returns over $4 billion annually to companies doing research, and the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), which provides customised business growth support.” In his concluding comments John outlines his plans for the future of the department and how it aims to continue supporting the ever evolving life sciences industry.

ghp 2016 International Life Sciences Awards | 53

“Moving forward I am keen for the Sector Development Office to play a more active role in binding the life sciences community together, to be a go-to resource for companies when they are facing barriers to growth. There is an ongoing conversation about the role that the City should play – we do not have access to large development funds like other levels of government, so what value do we add to the community? I would like to be able to showcase the role we play and highlight our influence in this dynamic and crucial sector. “In addition, I am also eager for the work of the Sector Development Office to be much more data-driven, so that we can do more targeted and impactful work on business growth and hedge against a tighter resource envelope.”

Company: City of Toronto (Economic Development and Culture Division, Business Growth Services Unit, Sector Development Office) Name: John Preece Email: jpreece@toronto.ca Web Address: http://www.toronto.ca/ Address: Toronto, Canada Telephone: +1 416 392 3380