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Best SME European Private Equity Firm - Switzerland

Akina offers European private equity funds focusing on investing into small and medium sized businesses through a Zurich based investment adviser and a Luxembourg based alternative investment fund manager. Thomas Frei talks us through the firm and the services it provides.

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Akina’s offering consists of primary funds (Euro Choice programme), secondary funds (Euro Choice Secondary programme) and co-investments (Euro Choice Direct programme) funds as well as respective advisory or discretionary mandates. Akina is proud to have a growing number of the world-leading pension funds, financial institutions, endowments and foundations, as well as family offices among its investors around the globe. Akina’s business model is to provide investors with access to some of the most exciting investment opportunities in the European private equity middle market. We seek attractive returns from private equity investments primarily through capital gains focusing on buyout, growth capital and, selectively, special situations investments in mainly small and mid-sized companies whose principal place of operations is in the European Union. Akina targets segments of the European private equity market that are difficult to access or are inefficient, because we believe these segments offer the greatest potential for superior returns, yet investors need support to exploit them. The political and economic turmoil Europe faces, has significant differences among European countries, which had been less obvious during the last decade of economic growth and financial stability. Akina believes that it is important to flexibly exploit investment opportunities to take advantage of the different economic patterns across Europe. Akina’s investment approach is tailored to such situations and ensures, that only the most promising investment are selected. Our past performance is a proof of a robust process ensuring constant attractive returns during different economic cycles. Akina is well situated in today’s fast paced environment. The establishment of Akina (Luxembourg) S.A. beginning of 2015 to address regulatory changes, in particular to be compliant with the Alternative Investment Fund Manager Directive (AIMFD), was an important step to remain on the cutting edge of new developments. Since the company became independent in 2010, it has invested substantial resources in reviewing and redefining its medium term business strategy involving external consultants as well as the senior professionals of the company. Clients’ needs have been carefully analysed with external help. As a consequence, prospects have been carefully segmented and their needs have been addressed with a more tailored offering of primary fund of funds, secondary fund of funds, direct co-investment funds and related mandates for large prospects. We believe one of our competitive advantages is that we are simply not under pressure to put money to work in anything but the best funds in their respective regions and segments. We go as far as postponing a planned next fund raising, if we would see that total assets under management at any point in time would require us to make compromises with respect to our strategy. Akina has demonstrated a disciplined focus on its core European strategies and has not expanded its investment management offering to other regions. Moreover, we place a heavy focus on sizing the Euro Choice programmes and related mandates and allocating the appropriate amount to each Fund Investment based on assessments of the market opportunity. This is expected to ensure continued out-performance through appropriately diversified portfolios concentrated on what we consider to be the best-in-class fund in each investment region.


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International Fund 2016 awards supplement  

International Fund 2016 awards supplement