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Best Diversified Multi-Strategy VC Fund: Star Capital Fund

Star Capital Star Capital Management is a private investment firm focused on transforming high-potential companies into definitive market leaders. Dayan Martinez, the firm’s Principal, provides us with a unique overview of the company and the range of investment strategies it provides.

Star Capital offer a range of alternative and traditional investment strategies for institutional and private investors who wish to capitalize on the long-term growth potentials of the emergence of technology in the United States and selected emerging markets. The fund seeks long-term capital appreciation over a broad range of securities in start-up to growth capital opportunities. The firm was established with a fundamental belief that business and investment can be a powerful source of good. Business and investment can be a potent driver for positive social change by providing local entrepreneurs the ability to start own businesses as well as creating social opportunities for both employees and clients. As such our investment strategy is to focus on firms that have an opportunity to deploy capital on and efficient basis to significantly alter their growth trajectory and create value for the founders, managers, and owners of the businesses. Through a combination of capital and operational expertise, we help our companies deliver innovative offerings for high-growth markets. Our unique and long-term outlook translates into stability and growth opportunities. Company: Star Capital Management Name: Dayan Martinez Email: Web Address: Address: 3363 NE 163rd Street, Suite 707, North Miami Beach, FL 33160 Telephone: +1 (305) 517-1811

In addition we believe in long-term relationships and in the open sharing of ideas. Our goal is to create value through top-line growth and operational improvement. We share the value created with management and align interests to seek to achieve superior results. Our deep industry knowledge and rigorous due diligence enable the firm to identify attractive assets with the potential to generate superior investment returns. In order to achieve this goal, we play a very active role in all aspects of the businesses we select, not to only improve operations but also expand to new business areas and re-shape strategy. Further to this, we take a holistic view of our portfolio to maximize synergies across companies. As a team we are committed to helping creative and driven entrepreneurs build companies that last. Within this team we have a number of technology experts and they support the firm in offering a technology focused approach to investment strategies and operating efficiencies. Alongside our strong technological offering, each of our corporate officers brings a unique blend of leadership, vision, experience and creative energy to the company. Moving forward we see a strong future for technology and emerging markets. As such we estimate that the tech sector private growth capital overhang exceeded $250 billion in 2015 and we see that there is plenty of capital available on the side-lines for 2016. In addition to U.S. focused investments we are exploring investments in CARICOM region and Eastern Europe. By having a diversified group of investors we are well positioned for expansion in 2016 and beyond.


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International Fund 2016 awards supplement  

International Fund 2016 awards supplement