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Based in Scotland, Keills serves clients throughout the UK, with our key strength being our independence, which helps to ensure that we are not constrained in terms of strategy and are able to form our own unique view, sometimes at the periphery of current thinking. Keills is a manager of specialist UK real estate investments funds. Our principal fund is Keills Property Trust which seeks long term value, together with secure, real (after inflation) income. For this strategy, we coined the term “RPI Property”, being properties where rents are linked to the Retail Prices Index, the Consumer Prices Index or contracted to known fixed uplifts. Within this strategy we insist on tenants with the best credit rating covenant. In addition, we seek out what we term the “natural home” of a particular tenant. Invariably, the “natural home” will mean that a tenant will see long-term occupation as a priority. The result is that the Keills Property Trust produces strong index linked returns while ranked 16th percentile in terms of risk, as measured by MSCI/IPD. Keills Property Trust is open to UK pension fund clients.

Company: Keills Limited Name: Andy Speedie Email: Web Address: Address: Suite 240, Baltic Chambers, 50 Wellington Street, Glasgow G2 6HJ Telephone: +44 (0)7775 792046

We believe that to be successful an investment manager needs to concentrate on five keys areas: 1 First class investment track record and performance. 2 Strong customer support. 3 Deliver strong deals. 4 Connect local and global economic factors to performance. 5 Provide a cost effective service. In order to retain our industry leading position, we work with our clients to ensure we understand their needs and always provide the best possible service. One of our favourite quotes is from Warren Buffet when he said “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.” As a result, we do things differently. We listen to clients. We focus on the things we know and we provide first class service at all times. As such, we understand that we have extremely loyal clients and therefore reputational risk is important. To protect ourselves and existing clients, we only consider new clients who are of the highest standing and are able to demonstrate that to our satisfaction. As a result, considerable due diligence is required on the client, their investment objectives and source of funds ahead of any funds being taken under management. We are a small firm but adopt an institutional approach to customer servicing and investment analysis. However, as a small and independently minded firm, we are nimble, flexible and able to respond quickly to a changing environment. Geographically we differ, as the base of independent fund managers outside of London has collapsed since 2008. We survived, a testament to our experience and client loyalty. While our investment focus is currently on low risk UK investment, this does not mean that we will not explore and examine other markets both locally and overseas, as the opportunity arises. Working within the property investment market provides us with a unique view of the financial landscape. The investment world has changed both globally and locally and is dominated, as we see it, by global debt levels, escalating healthcare costs, and the forthcoming pension crisis. The current weight of money seeking a safe home vindicates our current strategy adopted in early 2010. The appetite for real estate investments has increased considerably with a resulting driving down of rental yields. In response to this, our 25 years’ experience provides us with the market contacts that enable us to seek out a strong supply of investment opportunities and also to filter and analyse the deals, in terms of strong property fundamentals. We strongly believe that real estate investment is not something to be automated but relies on market knowledge and the ability to maximise the return from different property assets. We believe in out sourcing many ancillary services and to achieve this, we ensure that compatible systems and technologies are used throughout the investment and administration chain. In order to stay ahead of current industry trends and offer the best possible service to our clients we have developed a bespoke database to harvest and filter a constant supply of potential investment deals. We also operate on a mobile platform, using cloud technologies as appropriate and this enables us to operate remotely and on location, while also providing a business continuity assurance. Moving forward, our key focus is on growing Keills Property Trust. Our target fund size is £250 million and beyond this, given the number of potential properties which would suit the fund, we would see a target of £1 billion as being achievable. We envisage extending our client base to include High Net Worth and Sovereign Wealth Funds. These clients may wish to adopt a strategy to include development and asset management and while our principal fund does not invest in such areas, our 25 years’ experience gives us the background to deliver performance in this field. Overall Keills is a dynamic small business located in Glasgow, Scotland. While small in size, it operates in the institutional market in terms of the quality of its clients and assets under management. As such, Keills places great emphasis on regulatory matters and corporate governance. Keills is registered as an Alternative Investments Fund Manager with the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. In addition, its subsidiary Magarch Limited, is authorised and approved by the FCA for key functions in the creation, marketing and operation of real estate investment vehicles. 17

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International Fund 2016 awards supplement  

International Fund 2016 awards supplement