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Best Multi-Media Automation Specialist

Studio K Productions is a multi-media automation firm founded by engineer, producer, author and photographer Dr Carl Catalano. We profile the firm and hear from Dr Catalano about the secrets behind its success. Studio K Production LLC was established in 1996 by Dr Carl Catalano as a result of over 35 years of research, design, and development largely structured upon past experience that has evolved and shaped the firm’s growth, expansion, tested policies, in addition to learning and building upon capital growth expansion from our previous success that operates in a down-to-earth, serious, fun-loving perpetual motion towards success. Dr Catalano is a very serious multimedia engineer-producer-author and recording artist who began performing, producing projects, developing information systems, and performed professionally for over 40 years; He enjoys entertaining his audience and performing or producing original music videos. Dr Catalano is well known in South Florida for nurturing his vast production and entertainment material. Within the media industry currently, the changing boundaries are always a challenge, and as such in order to ensure that the firm continues to prosper Dr Catalano believes in constant innovation, as he explains. “Fundamentally everyone within our industry must rely on or past benchmarks for continued growth and prosperity to reinvent ourselves and future perspectives while analyzing the costs of campaigns. Making the wrong business plan is costly when mistakes are made, reducing or losing the positive perspective values of imagination. Technologies “Moore’s Law” of the perpetual cycle of changing equipment values will certainly become quite expensive and leave little return on investment for each new customer.” Moving forward Dr Catalano is

looking forward to future commercial development for the firm and is focused on producing and recording new material. As his final comment Dr Catalano outlines his pride in his success and excitement about the future. “Ultimately, I am so proud we have been noticed for our many years of creative project development. It is great to be recognised for my hard work, and I have been fortunate to be able to work with many talented individuals over the course of my career, and in the future I am looking forward to the opportunity for more stimulating collaborations. “Our future plans for expanding the multimedia production studio are focused on video streaming and marketing we are developing including live podcasts related to our produced works that will help poise for networking in the channel loop. We are currently working on a forth music CD and video to be released on our record label “SonicImpact Records” later in 2016.”

Contact Details Company: Studio K Productions LLC Address: 17476 SW 48th Street, Sunset Falls, Florida 33029-5191 Phone: 954.704.1247 Website:

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