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Best Renewables Technology Advancement Company USA & Award for Excellence in Clean Hydrogen Generation

Hope Cell In order to generate one tonne of hydrogen, eight tonnes of carbon is released into the atmosphere, through conventional technologies which are commonly used today. Nearly all the hydrogen that is currently manufactured throughout the world is made through the steam reforming of hydrocarbons, a process that has low energy conversion efficiency and which is adding to the atmosphere rapidly growing 8.8 billion tonnes of carbon annually. This is a devastating result for anticipated “clean energy” usage. We cannot seriously think of kick-starting Hydrogen Economy without addressing this obstacle first.

of the electrons, and covering temperature enthalpy characteristics. Single conversion of energy results in the most effective hydrogen dislocation from medium, and in the case of methane feedstock, carbon is isolated through effective sequestration. Technology has been designed to be able to serve on-demand scalable stationary and mobile utilization with fuel cells, combustion and life support systems, underwater or in the space.

In light of this, how is Hope Cell making a difference?

This technology can be adapted to many existing devices and utilities, which already consist of significant technical and capital input while minimizing the need for a grid or an expensive hydrogen infrastructure. This bridges the gap of a technology which is in transition between the 20th and 21st centuries; from hydrocarbon fuels to hydrogen technological solutions.

Hope Cell Technologies’ award winning plasma based technology for hydrogen generation under the highest energy efficiency induces an elementary hydrogen exothermic effect, which taps in to molecular bond resonant frequency. This is then coupled with plasma propagation, whilst additionally manipulating excitement

Robert honored with Energy Globe Award – World Award for Sustainability


2016 Clean Energy Awards  
2016 Clean Energy Awards