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Crafting Solutions Makow Associates Architect combines a thriving practice designing custom homes with a full service practice designing senior’s residences. Stan Makow was keen to tell us more about his firm.

ÂŽ We speak to Stefania Rinaldi at Studio Rinaldi, an international architecture and interior design firm based in London, specializing in residential, commercial and landscape projects.

MEIS Build Architecture Awards 2016


Welcome to the 2016 Architecture Awards The buildings and structures we live in and encounter shape the way we view the world, and therefore the Architecture industry has an important role to play in shaping the world as we know it. Innovation, dedication and creativity are all key to success in this competitive and dynamic sector, as client’s demand increasingly new and expressive creations that do more than reflect the current industry trends. The 2016 Architecture Awards have been put in place to highlight the amazing work done by the talented designers, artists and visionaries whose talent and innovation have created talking points that will span generations. These awards disregard geography and business size, and any one from individuals to multinational Corporations can be nominated. It is not just architects who are eligible for the programme, everyone involved in the industry can be voted for, from architectural technologists, products suppliers, software developers and more.

2016 Architecture Awards Build


The Winners Are...

6. Makow Associates Architects, Inc. 8. Arkitektastofan OG ehf 10. Atelier AVO 12. Camerana&Partners 14. Cook Associates Design Studio LLP 16. MEIS architects 18. reginadahmeningenhoven 20. Liam Russell Architects 22. Optima 18. Prem Nath And Associate 24. Studio Rinaldi 26. Studio Rinaldi 28. Design/Build by Visner 30. Acres Architecture 31. Adam Knibb Architects 32. agence d’architectures Nicolas C. GUILLOT 33. APOLLO Architects & Associtates Co.,Ltd 34. Andrea Clark Brown Architects 36. Apse Architecture and Planning 37. Architecture Design Collaborative 38. ARKITEKTURMINISTERIET / AMPD 40. Arkkitehtitoimisto Juha Koskela Oy 41. Artform Architects 42. BF Architecture 43. BRAUNWAGNER GmbH 44. Bliss Interiors 46. Brightman Architects 47. Cadvis3D 48. Campbell Luscombe Architects Pty Ltd 49. Capital Property & Construction Consultants Ltd 50. CINEARCHITECTURE 51. Collective Design 52. Crawford Partnership 54. Dab Den Ltd 55. David James Architects & Associates 56. Debbie Flevotomou Architects Ltd 58. Design 1 59. The Design Mill

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

60. Design Studio Architects 61. Derrick Emmanuels 62. Desitecture 63. Drexel University 64. Edge Design 65. Faculty of Engineering and Science, University of Greenwich 66. For. Design Planning 68. Gerber Architekten 70. GOA Studio 71. Helin & Co Architects 72. HLF Planning 73. Hufcor Inc 74. HOFRICHTER-RITTER Architects 76. Jorge Canete Interior Design Philosophy 77. KITZIG Interior Design 78. Knelldesign 79. Kostow Greenwood Architects PC 80. Matchbox Architects Ltd 81. MCM Architecture Ltd 82. Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd 84. Medici Design Interior Spaces 85. Meehan Associates 87. Mellor Dowd 88. MKW Architecture 89. NGO: ADET 90. Nick Baker Architects 91. NOVA5 92. PC Roche + Associates 93. PhilaU 94. PLK Design 95. Rosa May Sampaio 96. The Prince’s Foundation 98. R3Design Developments 99. Reichardt-Maas-Assoziierte Architekten Gmbh & Co. Kg 100. Rex Hawkesworth 101. ROMERA Y RUIZ ARQUITECTOS 102. RTSPCPinnacle Architecture and Design 104. Santiesteban & Associates ARCHITECTS LLC. 105. Sentient Architecture, LLC 106. Sid Studio ArchitectS 108. Stirixis Group 110. SF Design Group 111. Studio Basheva 112. Studio Pali Fekete Architects 113. SWA Group 114. Technical Lighting Solutions 115. Theodoros Timagenis Architects-Acoustics Consultants 116. Tony Holt m.c.i.a.t 117. Train & Partners Architects 118. Vo Trong Nghia 119. WRD Borger Construction Ltd 120. Webber + Studio, Architects 122. Xabier Barrutieta Architects 124. Yes Architecture

2016 Architecture Awards Build


Best Retirement Home Architectural Firm 2016 - Toronto

Makow Associates Architect Inc. Makow Associates Architects combines a thriving practice designing custom homes with a full service practice designing senior’s residences. Whatever the project, their approach is to thoroughly assess the needs and approach of the client for the individual project, and to craft a solution which suits their unique situation. Stan Makow was keen to tell us more about his firm. he work of the firm is versatile, as is evident in their diverse portfolio and their use of differing styles to meet the needs of clients and situations. All of their work, however, is united by a passion for detail and the passion to ensure that all aspects of the building work together as a whole, both aesthetically and functionally. Makow Architects’ work displays a profound understanding of the poetic relationship between light and shadow, colour, space and form. Stan told us about a recent project that the firm completed at the Pine and Pearl Seniors Residence.


“As the only retirement building in downtown Burlington, it was designed with ground floor retail space to fit with the commercial street on the corner lot. A stepped form with combined 14 and 9 storey towers was developed to break up the volume of the building, and to blend with the smaller scale of nearby urban fabric. Our development of a building which respected and reinforced the nearby urban fabric earned the project the support of the city during the approvals process. The resulting building has received praise from both its residents and from its neighbours.

“The growing need for senior living in Ontario, and the need for leadership in setting a high standard for the buildings which must be built to satisfy this need, make this region an ideal base for our firm.” “In the Eldercare field, Makow Associates has developed a solid client base by listening to its clients and studying each project to provide unique and original design solutions. Spaces are designed to be multi-functional, non-institutional, and accessible. The firm’s long standing experience in providing sensitive designs that address people’s domestic needs has equipped it to provide high quality services for those with special requirements in a group living circumstance. Seniors who are self-sufficient require a normative environment that feels warm, familiar and comfortable from a residential perspective, yet provides the necessary assistance, when required, for basic as well as social needs.” Makow Associates has been instrumental in establishing an up-to-date prototype building, supportive of these requirements.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

“The growing need for senior living in Ontario, and the need for leadership in setting a high standard for the buildings which must be built to satisfy this need, make this region an ideal base for our firm. To help our clients understand and participate in the design process, we use both the time-honored method of hand drawn perspectives and renderings, together with computer models of the building developed with the most up-to-date software and computer technology. Using this cutting edge software enables us to create working drawings which are clear, highly detailed, and coordinated. “One of the most unique elements of our approach is the integration of interior design throughout the process, that ensures warm, elegant, and gracious interior spaces. Our firm, which has been following these principles for over thirty years, has a strong compliment of staff who have played an instrumental role in developing our methodology and who bring their years of experience with our approach to every project. At the same time, new and young staff members bring their fresh perspectives and abilities with the latest technologies to our team. New standards in environmental integrity are constantly being developed, and Makow Associates’ senior staff includes a LEED certified architect so that environmental sustainability is maximized wherever possible. “Makow Associates select materials and finishes that maintain the desired aesthetic in addition to being durable and easy to maintain. The beauty of a variety of natural materials connects the building to its users, while also serving to minimize a project’s environmental footprint. Technically, Makow’s buildings represent state of the art building techniques, with respect to energy conservation, building/thermal envelope detailing and sustainable design.”



Company: Makow Associates Architect Inc. Name: Stan Makow Email: Web Address: Address: 3 Bridgman Avenue, Suite 201, Toronto, Ontario, M5R 3V4, Canada Telephone: 416-944-3510 Fax: 416-944-3512

2016 Architecture Awards Build


Architectural Design Firm of the Year 2016 - Iceland

Arkitektastofan OG ehf Arkitektastofan OG is a comprehensive architectural firm, based in Reykjavik and owned by Gardar Gudnason and Sigurdur Gustafsson. We profile this dedicated company and explore the services it offers.


ounded in 1967, Arkitektastofan OG is one of the oldest of its kind in Iceland, but still young and progressive thanks to its staff, management and professional approach.

The main goals of the firm, are to contribute to better architecture and better environment, and to provide the customers with the best professional consulting available. Arkitektastofan OG possesses solid experience from a wide range of projects, from city planning and all kinds of buildings to interior and furniture design. The buildings include all kinds of residential housing, schools, sport facilities, hospitals, churches, commercial and industrial buildings, and power plants. In addition to design of new structures, the company also takes care of renewals and extensions of older buildings. The owners, Gardar Gudnason and Sigurdur Gustafsson, talk us through one of the firm‘s recent projects, which emphasises the company’s dedication to client service and quality. Budarhals Power Station

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

“One of our latest project is Klettaskoli, an elementary school for disabled children in Reykjavik. The project is a new building, including an auditorium, sports and swimming facilities and offices, along with a total modernization of an existing building, greatly improving the support to the students. “The project has been very demanding in many ways. It has an extensive program of functions and a very complex situation, with a narrow space between the existing building and the established residential neighbourhood. The solution was to form the project more like a landscape than a building, reshaping the characteristic elements previously on the site. The sports facilities are pulled back, under a plain of grass, and the auditorium becomes a rock, which also is an association to the school ‘s name, where ‘Kletta’ means rock.” Ultimately, with its wide range of experience, from large scale projects such as power plants to furniture and small design objects, Arkitektastofan OG are able to offer more comprehensive services than most other companies.



Draken Lamp by Sigurdur Gustafsson

Company: Arkitektastofan OG ehf Website:

2016 Architecture Awards Build


Most Innovative Architectural Design Studio - London

Atelier AVO is an RIBA member architectural firm based in London, founded by André van Oudheusden. The studio draws on his extensive experience of working for over 20 years with the world’s leading architectural firms on large projects with high-profile and award-winning concepts. We invited Principal Design Partner André van Oudheusden to provide a fascinating insight into the practice and its focus on design and ingenuity. telier AVO’s creativity is driven by a consistent philosophical approach influenced by project-specific conditions emerging from the environment, the surrounding fabric, cultural inspiration and the individuals working as part of its team. The aim of this approach is to create specifically detailed buildings that evolve within their context and function.


Our innovative approach, which we apply to all our work, consists of two main components; creativity and implementation. Creativity refers to how we create the right environment in which to generate more and better ideas. Implementation refers how to translate those very ideas into our design in an effective and coordinated manner. The latter enlarges the scope of innovative design, and refers to a new form of design combining the traditional design function with new elements that emerge organically from the design process. However, a new form of design involves not only the product, but also the organisation and process involved in delivering that product.

“In today’s environment the future of architecture is placed centrally within the environmental debate.” Innovative design is defined within our practice as a process that applies a creative idea to create a product, process, or service for a customer and market. Our innovative design process breaks away from existing forms, and demonstrates two key characteristics. The first of these characteristics is novelty. This is the result of innovative design which is different from all previously existing designs / products. The second is value. We believe that the value of innovative design is related to a human purpose, and should be judged by the customer and society. But it must also continue to create commercial value for the client. At Atelier AVO, we believe that high quality design results from continuity in the design process and intensive dialogue. A key facet of our practice involves working closely together through constructive dialogue with clients,

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

consultants, contractors and end users, to ensure the best results are achieved through a synthesis of concept, beauty and functional integration. We acknowledge that each of our buildings has a civic responsibility above and beyond its specific function. Each building engages the tradition of its location. The design of each structure draws on its context and becomes part of the fabric of the city which we pass on to our successors. Atelier AVO is aware that we have a responsibility not only to those who use our buildings, but also to the fabric it fits into, the environment at large. We realise that we are contributing to an environment that changes constantly, and that the longevity of the social value each project creates must be a prominent consideration of the design process. In today’s environment the future of architecture is placed centrally within the environmental debate. For implementing our designs, we use the latest technologies to help us and our clients visualise and evaluate the design at all the stages of the work process. Our aim is to work closely together with a variety of skilled professionals whose knowledge allows us to optimise value and quality. During this process we work from a well-structured and organised set of in-house developed principals which provide us with a high level of project consistency and give us excellent tools to coordinate and implement the design as set out in the concept design. Overall the work of Atelier AVO is based upon a solid foundation of design excellence, budget and program control, proficient project management and the achievement of best value and architectural quality.



Company: Atelier AVO Address: 20 Ash Tree Close, Shirley, Croydon, London CR0 7SR Phone: +44 (0)845 500 55 45 E-mail: Website:

2016 Architecture Awards Build


Multi-Disciplinary Firm of the Year 2016 - Italy & Best Italian Museum Renovation: Alfa Romeo Headquarter and Historical Museum

Camerana&Partners is an architectural firm Founded by Benedetto Camerana, architect and PhD in History of Architecture, past Editor of a number of prestigious architecture and landscape magazines and past Professor of Architecture in Torino Polytechnics. We invited this architectural expert to talk us through his company and the services it offers. C

Camerana&Partners was formed in 1997 off the back of Benedetto’s work with a number of established architects. Benedetto talks us through the services offered by his firm and its endeavour to ensure that every project is of the highest possible quality.

“Here at Camerana&Partners we offer a wide range of design services, going from large scale to interior, from master planning to architectural design to exhibit design. The office has experience in various functions such as residential, commercial, retail, cultural, health, research, university, church, temporary exhibitions, indifferently for the public and the private sector. “The overall mission of my company is to give every project the most innovative approach possible within the program requests and limits. Innovation is not just about technology or materials (which are anyway crucial in innovation): moreover, it is about use of space and function, and how a new approach to these fundamental issues takes in innovation as a result. The most important step in this is giving as much time and thinking to the preliminary design phase, which is the deepest point for design quality.” One of the firm’s most renowned project was its work on the Alfa Romeo Museum. Benedetto talks us through the project and the challenges he overcome to complete it to such an outstanding standard. “In 2013 I was asked by Sergio Marchionne to take charge of the redevelopment of the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese. Several proposals had been put forward over a number of years (including a project of mine in 2002 for a new site for the museum in the Bicocca area) and the museum had been closed since 2011. The aim of the project was to turn the office complex and the extraordinary historical collection in Arese into the focal point of the imminent project regarding the radical and global relaunch of the glorious Milanese marque. The strong propulsive thrust given to the programme by the Alfa Romeo brand, led by the CEO Harald Wester, had to fit in with the limitations imposed by the cultural heritage status of the collection and part of the complex.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

The project had to work on two distinct but well-integrated fronts: the redevelopment of the complex’s architecture according to its new functions and the redesigning of the installation according to contemporary criteria. Drawing on my experience in historic and exhibition contexts as a starting point, I initiated the project by aiming to enhance the value of the collection and the office complex while maintaining close contact with the people in charge of the Cultural Heritage in the regional administration, coordinated by Caterina Bon Valsassina. These aims were incorporated in the investment plan produced by Fiat Partecipazioni under the direction of Mario Lombardi and in constant dialogue with the technical staff led by Gian Pietro Surano. “On arriving at the museum the visitor is struck by the red canopy, an eye-catching new sign that shows how the administrative complex has been transformed and that guides the visitor from the car park to the museum. The design is dynamic and brings to mind “Alfa Romeo genetics”. The canopy then penetrates the building and continues as a red band running along the whole itinerary through the “basement”: like a Virgil guiding visitors to the real museum. After traversing the building, the red band emerges to create the new volume of the entrance to the Museum. This tubular volume, with a very automotive design, is highly visible from the motorway and is integrated in the museum building like an architectural implant. The interior space contains the escalator that carries visitors up to the exhibition, enveloping them in the projection of films showing cars in motion. At the end of the ascent the large space of the museum opens out. The vision begins.” Looking ahead, Benedetto is confident of an exciting future for his firm and outlines a number of exhilarating and opportunity laden plans. “Moving forward, we are foreseeing a possible large master planning in China, a large multiple use multilayer building in Torino (retail, sport, university housing) and a large touristic landscaped compound in the south of Italy. As a new strategy, we are planning to open a branch in London, where I am preparing with potential clients to export an Italian quality feeling to projects, all along with our usual commitment for deep innovation and quality in any project.”



Company: Camerana&Partners Name: Benedetto Camerana Email: Web Address: Address: Via Viotti 1, 10121 Torino (Italy) Telephone: +39 011 5119805

“The overall mission of my company is to give every projects the most innovative approach possible within the program requests and limits.�

2016 Architecture Awards Build


Best Multi-Disciplinary Design Practice - Kent & Best Contemporary Kent Residential Design: Church Road

Cook Associates Design Studio LLP are Chartered Architects and Civil and Structural Consulting Engineers. Sam Bowman talks us through the firm and its service offering.

ook Associates Design Studio serve clients range from International Consortiums with build projects of £30 million value in London through medium and smaller sized developers to one-off schemes for private individuals. So, we have a hotel and conference centre in Surrey, then there are several multi-storey mixed residential and commercial schemes in London and the South East and this ranges down to an exceptional development house at St Margaret’s Bay plus other miscellaneous projects.

that most Clients are paying not for spectacular design but for financial gain. Of course, we are at pains to point out that a good design will normally achieve higher density and therefore greater return – the old PPG3 guidance. So, better living – by design, but also higher density, greater return – by design. For that too we always check the market to see what is selling and at what price around any of our development sites. No point in trying to design what will not sell. We always take a commercial approach – what does the Client want? Profit. How to achieve it? By targeted design.

The Zedbra house in St Margaret’s Bay is challenging. Building on a steep chalk escarpment overlooking France and picking our way through the various badger setts dotted around the site. This, to build a house with all windows having a view of the French coast and an innovative ice bath, heat pump and renewable energy system. The contemporary design and appearance is markedly good and site sensitive and the project has already attracted new Clients wanting the same.

Going forward we want more of the same. Good, interesting urban projects on difficult sites that give us a challenge; one-off high quality housing designs and we would love to make a success of the Chinese venture and diminish their ubiquitous use of reinforced concrete!


Our overall mission is “better living – by design”. Good design is key to the creation of a good living environment no matter how large or small. Light and a sense of space should be maximal in any development. The key element is of our approach to understand the Client’s aspirations. To understand what they really want and why rather than what they think they want because they have not been able to consider all angles. So, with the Client we go through their reasoning and conclusions. Then, we need to examine the Planning Authority policies and aspirations. Beyond that we look at other planning decisions by the Local Planning Authority and the Planning Inspectorate. Then we talk, we communicate and we illustrate. For example, we recently obtained consent for a 5-storey block in Tower Hamlets where 5-storey had previously been rejected. But we saw that previously it had been viewed alongside its neighbours only, but had not been viewed in the wider context. Also, the additional height had been disguised rather than embraced. So we illustrated it from that point of view showing it in a wide context and it was welcomed by the Local Planning Authority. Of course, we use and illustrate Littlefair’s “Site Layout Planning for Daylight and Sunlight: A Guide to Good Practice” for all projects and that assists. The other thing is when we submit to planning we only submit a scheme that can be built. We are amazed at some of the schemes we see that have planning but need fundamental redesign to pass Building Regulations. Why so many Architects think it acceptable to have bike stores within means of escape continually surprises us. Client’s need to be involved. There has to be communication at every stage and explanation of what we are doing and why. Then too we understand

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

“Good design is key to the creation of a good living environment no matter how large or small.” Fundamentally we believe that the Social Housing sector is due a big shake up. We would also like greater relaxation on standards. Put the emphasis on design not size. For a limited period a single person or couple can happily live in a 25 m² studio with built-in furniture such as fold-down beds. They do not need to live in something twice the size and twice the cost. So why have a Lifetime Homes Standard for starter homes? It is an oxymoron. Starter homes should be a first rung. Then, many years ago Peter Cook worked on NATH (a ‘New Approach to Housing’) originated by William Cook, his father and then Director of Architecture and Planning at Medway Council. The idea was to build houses that could be extended. So, a young couple could buy a part of the freehold of a small unit and both extend the house, as they had more money and increase their share of the equity [quite original then]. We seem to have moved away from those sorts of initiatives. It would be good to see more.



Company: Cook Associates Website:

2016 Architecture Awards Build


Best Stadium Architecture Firm 2016 - USA

Established in 2007, MEIS architects is a multi-disciplinary design firm with offices in New York and Los Angeles. We profile this creative firm and explore how its dedication to innovation has helped it to achieve its current success.

EIS architects is led by internationally recognized sports architect Dan Meis, FAIA. Over the course of his career, Dan has led the design of over a dozen category-defining sports entertainment projects including Los Angeles’ STAPLES Center, Cincinnati’s Paul Brown Stadium, Seattle’s Safeco Field, Milwaukee’s Miller Park and Philadelphia’s Lincoln Financial Field. Prior to founding MEIS, Dan was the Lead Designer of Japan’s Saitama Super Arena, the world’s first truly transformable stadium and one of the most technologically-sophisticated and flexible spectator venues on the planet.


The firm is widely recognized as one of the profession’s most innovative practices, comprised of uniquely creative and talented individuals focused on the design of an enhanced spectator experience. MEIS designs specifically with an eye towards creating unique and memorable fan experiences that result in significant return on investment and revenue generation for its clients.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

Currently MEIS is studying a site for a new stadium for Everton Football Club on the historic Liverpool Docks. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the project presents added layers of challenging complexity, but MEIS has embraced the opportunity to help preserve an incredible historic infrastructure while creating what will be a unique venue in the Premier League. A large part of the firm’s mission is to help Everton achieve higher revenue performance at its stadium through great design and enhanced fan experience. MEIS’ approach to design is to be hyper-collaborative. Clients have an incredibly intuitive sense about what their fans find value in. MEIS works hard to provide multiple approaches and design options and work collaboratively with the client to find the best ultimate solution. MEIS distinguishes itself through design and spectator experience. In what is seen as a highly technically driven industry it believes that design is its differentiator in the same way Apple is different from other technology companies. Within the wider industry, the high cost of venues is creating pressure on the sports industry and on architects. There is much greater focus on temporary and flexible venues in order to ensure better return on investment for teams, owners and venue operators, and this will be the MEIS’s focus going forward.



Company: MEIS architects Website:

2016 Architecture Awards Build


BUILD Women in Architecture Award: Female Designer of the Year 2016 - Germany

Dr. Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven is an award winning architect dedicated to creating quality designs that clients will adore. We spoke to her to learn more.


r. Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven operates an innovative and creative design studio which is situated in the media harbour in Düsseldorf and was founded 1992. Regina outlines her firm’s aims and how she aims to achieve them.

“At my design studio we offer individuality and uniqueness, which is sensitive and not obtrusive, which is light and strong at the same time. For us, architecture is not only an art of the surface, but as well of the world behind. When people are touched by architecture, it succeeds in making residents feel comfortable. Besides ratio, sustainability, technical sophistication and functionality, the atmosphere and the feeling is important. An architecture that excites all the senses is what we aim for. “Our overall mission is to make people feel good and shape a new world through innovative design with “a love for wisdom” is our declared mission. The aim is to produce concepts and premises that trigger new fountains of energy, sensory impressions and wellbeing. Therefore, we consider architecture as a total artwork, in which all the components as colour, surface, material and light and sometimes even sound are pulled together just like in nature where a reliable order nurtures the process of growth and healing. Our buildings and interiors create a connection with that underlying power which strives for unity.” What sets the firm apart, according to Regina, is its focus on creating spaces which are unique and make clients happy.

“Our overall mission is to make people feel good and shape a new world through innovative design with “a love for wisdom” is our declared mission.” “We create magical spaces. Happy places, bringing a smile to the faces of our guests when they leave. The “fun factor” is definitely always present in our designs. A common theme of friendly colours, animal prints and dreamy

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

designs, an overall sense of visual harmony and lightness weave themselves throughout all reginadahmeningenhoven projects. We aim on a design high individuality, which represents a uniqueness of the client and for the client, for example we will design a special furniture, a wallpaper, an extraordinary detail etc. We want the design to be a mirror of the person or the company, relating to it. “Translated into architecture, it means creating spaces like for example the Lanserhof medical spa which triggered the following comment of a visitor: “This is what it looks like when Petrus opens the gates of heaven”. This indeed, is a great compliment for the wideness and fluent character of our designed interiors.” In the future, Regina has a number of exciting plans for the firm which will provide exhilarating opportunities for growth. “Apart from the ongoing projects for international concerns, the health sector and fashion brand architecture are our future focuses, and we are also moving into the private living market. We are looking for both: creative quality and future-oriented housing and ‘brandscaping’. “Currently we are also in the early stages of creating the design for a visitor center with an associated curated exhibition concept in Austria. We will create a museum presenting an imaginative and adventurous world, where design turns into storytelling.”



Company: reginadahmeningenhoven. architektur für das einundzwanzigste jahrhundert Name: Dr. Regina Dahmen-Ingenhoven Email: Web Address: Address: Kaistraße 12, 40221 Düsseldorf, Germany Telephone: +49 211 30183500

2016 Architecture Awards Build


Best Multi-Sector Architectural Practice - South East & Best South East Leisure Project: Plumpton Tennis Club

Liam Russell Architects (LRA) is an independent architectural practice based in Sussex. We invited Founder Liam Russell to talk us through the firm and its dedication to quality.

RA was founded in 2007, on the principles of highest-design-intent with the most accessible approach – always passionate, always committed. Operating both nationally and internationally across a multitude of different sectors, the firm has an approach that is pro-active, design-led and which promotes long-term relationships. Liam outlines how the firm works with clients to produce both designs which are both high quality and meet the clients’ needs.


“Our Clients range from PLCs to Private Clients and from Charities to Local Authorities, and we work with all of our clients to produce quality projects. The practice is committed to the highest quality at any given time, to ensure that its legacy is regarded as a benchmark for others; often, ‘being practical’ can mean that the ambition supporting our approach is thought to be secondary. In actual fact, it is our ability to identify the most important aspects of a commission or project and ensure that they remain - from concept to completion.” “As such our approach to client service is ‘total’; we involve the client as much as required but experience has taught us that a greater involvement leads to better outcomes. Each client is different however, and although we are equipped to facilitate very involved project-development, we can also provide a fully managed ‘hands-off’ service that is more turn-key. “Our larger clients, such as Pension Funds, prefer a more hands off process in the main – relying on continuity and consistency. In those situations, we act as project managers where all aspects of the project are through the practice and its partners (including construction). For individual projects the process might involve weekly meetings and daily updates. Furthermore, careful consideration of the interface between client and practice is undertaken; who within the practice would best suit the demands of a particular client and etc.” Recent projects have become increasingly sustainable, as the firm has recently become members of the AECB and accrediting in PassivHaus design. Liam outlines the most recent projects the firm has undertaken and explains how these are focused on creating sustainable, functional designs. “LRA had one of its projects described as ‘sublime’ most recently – a zero-carbon high-end private residential development in the South. “At the other end of the scale, we are working on a £30M project in London where as a young practice, we are vying for the same attention as a Ken Shuttleworth project; this project is for a major developer and investment house – the components of such a project are complex, but we have managed to simplify the process and achieve a lauded outcome, i.e. a wonderfully-designed, highly-sustainable vehicle for multi-residential living and co-working in a tall building.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

“Our work in the UK, focusing on the passive principles of sustainability, have led us to receive the moniker of ‘first eco-development’ in a major UK town. We have also worked in China since 2007, where we produce CGI/ renderings and other associated products.” Looking to the future, Liam is keen to emphasise that the firm will be developing its project management team in order to achieve even greater success in the years to come. “Moving forward, the practice is to launch a charitable arm to its services later in the year by using crowd funding, which will provide the funding for various community based projects.”



Company: Liam Russell Architects Name: Liam Russell / Georgina Graves Email: / Web Address: Address: 24 Windlesham Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 3AG Telephone: 0845 180 3676

2016 Architecture Awards Build


Best in Luxury Residential Tower Architecture 2016 - USA

® Optima is a developer, architect, general contractor, sales/leasing, and property management company. David Hovey outlines the firm’s service offerings and latest project.


ptima designs are always site-specific and sensitive to climate and lifestyle, with the firm keen to create structures which meet the needs of the client. One of the firm’s most recent projects is the Optima Chicago Center David explains.

“Optima Chicago Center is a mixed-use residential tower of 42-stories with 325 luxury residential units in downtown Chicago. “The building is one of impressive beauty derived from its simplicity, in contrast to the complex facades surrounding it. The exterior building aesthetics evolve from an expression of the functional spaces within - transparent glass at the street level, black translucent glass at the parking level and energy efficient silver metallic glass on the residential floors. Recessed outdoor space at the recreational floor 10 and residence club floor 32 create deep shadows that are important keys to making it all work visually. “Optima Chicago Center’s elegant, modern architecture shows off floor-toceiling glass windows, which accent the sleek modern floor plans - not to mention spectacular city and lakefront views. The back-to-nature interior details of the residences include bamboo laminate flooring, granite countertops, sophisticated neutral finishes, and tasteful, contemporary accents such as porcelain tile, light fixtures, cabinetry, and stainless steel appliances. “Design details are not limited to individual residences or just our exterior - each space in Optima Center gives off a bold impression. Our doorman-equipped lobby has high ceilings with glass walls overlooking our lush plaza. These elements create a quiet bar-rier from the city street. Even our fitness center and residents’ lounge are constructed with comfort and luxury in mind, and are bathed in natural light.” Another project David is keen to highlight is the Optima Sonoran Village. “Optima Sonoran Village is a mixed-use residential community in downtown Scottsdale, Arizona on 10 acres and comprised of three 7-story buildings, one 3-story building, and one 11-story building. With 781 vertically stacked courtyard homes, grand open civic spaces, and 13,000 square feet of commercial space: Sonoran Village is a 21st century vision to urban residential design. The project features a highly articulated façade with an innovative vertical landscape system that enables plants and vines to grow on the edge of the building creating shading and privacy for units below. The vibrant color palette was chosen from native, low-water desert plants in bloom resulting from extensive design exploration, engineering, and a multi-year research collaboration with Arizona State University. The project also integrates high performance glass, deep cantilevered terraces, and perforated sunscreens that protect the interior from the hot desert sun while

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

also allowing abundance of natural daylight into each residence. Residents are able to take advantage of the climate with large terraces and open floor plans that provide interconnected and functional indoor and outdoor space. “The project has 100% underground parking and 6 acres of lushly landscaped open space at grade level that mitigates the heat island effect and provide an architectural oasis in the Sonoran Desert. The open spaces on the edges of the property interconnect with the central courtyards allowing public pedestrian access along pathways through the development and provide visual and functional connection of the Camelback Corridor and Downtown Scottsdale. “At Optima, we are proud Optima Sonoran Village was the pilot project for the City of Scottsdale’s newly adopted International Green Construction Code (IgCC) which is an alternate to LEED certification.” Overall David is keen to emphasise the firm’s mission and its early involvement in sustainable technologies and projects. “Our mission is to reinvent residential housing by optimizing development, design and construction. Even more, Optima is striving to raise the design standard by building architecturally ambitious housing designed to accommodate modern people with their contemporary needs. By managing all aspects of the projects we do from financing through design and construction, we are able to express and realize this mission. Optima was early to incorporate green thinking and sustainability. “Since the 1980’s, Optima projects have featured green-roof sky-gardens that help the environment and reduce energy consumption. Solar power has been routinely employed in recent projects and by building dense, multi-family housing in cities and near transit hubs at close-in suburbs, Optima offers attractive efficient alternatives to the wasteful excesses of sprawl. “Ultimately, every detail of each building is carefully considered to optimize the building’s beauty and functionality. Optima is committed to promoting advances in sustainable building design and construction by integrating innovative selection, finishes, and solutions into the master planning and creative development, including LEED, IgCC, BIM, and Virtual Building Technologies. This result makes Optima elite and our homes state-of-theart: environmentally, aesthetically, and structurally.”



Company: Optima Inc. Name: David Hovey, FAIA Email: Web Address: Address: 630 Vernon Avenue STE E. Glencoe, IL 60022 Telephone: 1-847-835-8400

David Hovey, Sr. and David Hovey, Jr.

2016 Architecture Awards Build


Architect of the Year 2016 - India

Ar. Prem Nath, practicing at Mumbai under the name & style of Prem Nath and Associates, has almost 50 years’ experience providing architecture, master planning, interiors, structural, MEP, landscape and project management consultancy services to a wide array of clients. We invited Prem to tell us more about the firm and the services it offers.

stablished in 1967, Prem Nath and Associates offers a wide range of services to ensure that the overall outcome of every project meets the needs of its clients, producing innovative and unique structures. Prem talks us through his approach to every project and how this influences every aspect of his work.


“My approach is simple; to create the best for a client. To achieve this, I need to understand the client, his way of living, his way of working, his family members or his staff, his lifestyle and then design what is best for him. As such I help my clients in all possible ways, explaining every aspect of my designs with a lot of visuals and reference photographs so that they know exactly what they will receive before work starts.” Alongside this client focused approach, Prem also prides himself on being a pioneer in technology use, as he explains. “I was as probably the first Architect in India to start using computers, way back in late 1980s, I am very tech-savvy and keep updating myself with the latest innovations - I keep traveling to various sites, meetings, seminars. “Despite this high workload, each project is designed by me and I use technology to ensure that I keep on top of my workload, for example I make sketches on my cell-phone and email them to my office for further detailing. As such by the time I reach office, my expert staff presents me with the accurate version of the same sketch and then we sit further to detail it; apart from

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

the basic use of my cell-phone, I virtually carry my office on it; I take pictures, I check emails - respond to them, I give presentations on it, view drawings, ideate on it and much more. Ultimately I have my architecture in my pocket.” What sets his firm apart, according to Prem, is this innovation and the speed at which his firm reacts to changes in the market. “Prem Nath and Associates’s USP is that we are fast and we are professional – we have not found a client who is faster than us – and we are very good in design and documentation. On many occasions a client calls me after two decades wanting to review his existing building or needs some information about what was built, and we are able to retrieve the documents / designs, done then, in no time, which is almost unheard of in our industry but is truly vital for our clients.” Looking ahead, Prem is optimistic about the future, both for his business and the Indian architecture market. “Moving forward, I foresee many exciting developments in my region as the Indian market continues to grow, and I look forward to taking advantage of these developments. “One key development which I am particularly enthusiastic about is the greater focus on sustainable and smart technologies, and I believe that the future will involve many requests for smart city designs.”



Company: M/s. Prem Nath and Associates Name: Ar. Prem Nath Email: Web Address: Address: 1st Floor, Devidas Mansion, 4, Mereweather Road, Facing Gateway of India, Colaba, Mumbai 400001. INDIA Telephone: +91-22-61122786 / 22020029 / 22020786

2016 Architecture Awards Build


Best Bespoke High End Residential Architecture 2016 & Best Environmentally Sensitive Residential Extension: St John Wood House

Studio Rinaldi is an international architecture and interior design firm based in London, specializing in residential, commercial and landscape projects. We invited Stefania Rinaldi to tell us more.


tudio Rinaldi was founded in New York and have always worked for international Clients, who admired the mission of the practice and the multicultural openness and background.

Studio Rinaldi gained throughout the projects an identity, a taste for combining the existing and the new, balancing both elements with respect and attention. The practice views each new project as a unique opportunity with innovative and dynamic possibilities. Stefania explains how this approach ensures clients receive a quality project every time. “Here at Studio Rinaldi we work closely with Clients to fully understand their expectations and establish a shared vision; following the projects all the way, from the initial concept to construction, striving to fulfil each client’s wishes. We are dedicated to bringing every project to its highest level of design. As a RIBA Chartered Practice we are committed to achieve the best performance, design quality, service and to comply with effectiveness the guidelines of our profession.” The last project completed by the company compromises two new Storey side extensions, a glass Conservatory a new paved deck area and garden, a new front cast iron gate and railings, for a house in the neighbour of St John Wood. The house is a mid-to-late 20th Century semi-detached house located within the St John’s Wood Conservation Area, described as having a ‘mixture of detached, semi-detached and terraced properties set in generous gardens and along a network of wide, tree lined streets.’ Stefania outlines the challenges the firm had to work around in order to create an outcome that would meet the client’s requirements. “Our challenge was to deliver a traditional design, to integrate the new extensions within the existing property. To overcome this our approach was to develop from the outside space of the garden. The paved area and steps are holding together the different volumes integrating them in all one. We are proud of the distribution of the spaces, not only we achieve a better use of them we also conceive them harmoniously with the surrounding. “While we are more involved in contemporary design, we liked to develop a design respectful of the Client’s and Planning conditions and to integrate the new additions in the landscape.” The client requirements aimed to respect the style of the house, to have a traditional glass Conservatory, to be able to enjoy the outside with a new paved area and to have a comfortable and stylish access from the garden to the street.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

Architecture has always been a discipline close to the political and socials environment, and as such, Stefania believes that the future for the market will be defined in the coming months as the UK looks to the future following the Brexit vote. “In the future, we need to think about the transformation of the cities and of the countryside, how much communication and technology is changing our way of life, how people’s mobility will influence the habitat, how the ecosystem can be integrated with industrialisation. A lot of topics need to be addressed and the challenge is to incorporate these into architecture of tomorrow. “Following Brexit, it is my belief that architecture will suffer if the political decision will embrace the restriction of trades and movements of people. Our profession should be founded in openness unfortunately we are close to a setback which can be dangerous and obscure.” Going ahead, Stefania is looking forward to expanding the firm and moving into new markets. “Currently we are happy with our residential work, however in the future we would like to be able to go more into the development and commercial sectors. Additionally, we would like to do more competitions, have time to do pro Bono projects and more theoretical work which would balance the majority of the work addressed to private clients.



Company: Studio Rinaldi Address: 132–134 Lots Road London SW10 0RJ United Kingdom Phone: +44 (0) 20 7349 7133 Email: Website:

2016 Architecture Awards Build


Best Design Build Firm 2016 - Wisconsin

Design/Build by Visner is a Wisconsin based construction firm. We invited Jeffrey Visner to tell us more.


stablished in 1978, Design/Build by Visner works on both residential and commercial projects which consist of new builds, additions and remodeling. Jeffrey explains the process in more detail.

“The Design/Build process starts with the initial consultation, where the needs and desires of the client are expressed and the assets and limitations of the property understood. Once an understanding exists, the Conceptual Design is then prepared and presented as Floor Plans, Sections, and 3D Images. Upon acceptance of the conceptual design, the construction documents are completed in preparation for the construction of the project. “With the Design and Packaging completed and accepted, the talented craftsmen of Design/ Build by Visner, along with their dedicated subcontractors and suppliers, see to construction of the project. “Attention to Detail” has been the motto of the firm since its inception and is experienced by its clients from initial design through to the final completion of the project.” Jeffrey adds that the firm’s mission is what drives it, as the company looks to constantly innovate and provide dynamic new solutions for clients.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

“Our company’s mission has always been to provide the most creative and practical solutions that satisfy the needs and desires of our client. We provide imaginative design and quality craftsmanship to all of our projects, but what is probably our strongest asset is the ability to provide the “Solution” that meets and exceeds expectations. Our Design department consists of 4 CAD stations all with updated hardware and architectural software by Archicad. We have a commitment to excellence and continue to strive to be the very best. It is a blessing that we then follow through and provide the care and detail required for the construction of the project. This keeps us involved as a design department for all of the finer details of the home as well the decorating.” In his final comment Jeffrey outlines what the future has in store for the company. “Looking ahead, we have several large and unique projects on the horizon, both residential and commercial. We have been involved recently with some local libraries, churches and other public buildings, and are keen to continue working on similar projects in the coming months.”



Company: Design/Build by Visner Name: Jeffrey A. Visner Email: Web Address: www/ Address: 509 E Wall Street Telephone: (715) 479-2110

“We provide imaginative design and quality craftsmanship to all of our projects, but what is probably our strongest asset is the ability to provide the “Solution” that meets and exceeds expectations.” 2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Acres Architecture Ltd Name: Edward Acres Email: Web Address: Telephone: 0115 8592784

Full-Service Architecture Firm of the Year - UK & Best UK Domestic Residential Project: Martindale Close Gamston

Acres Architecture is a full service architects practice providing a wide range of services to clients. We invited Edward Acres to tell us more.

cres Architecture not only produces exceptional design but also offers a wide range of supporting services and products that can help clients understand the complex world of construction. Edward talks us through the firm’ s service offering in more detail and outlines how offering such a wide range of solutions ensures clients get the outcome they need from their project.


“Our offering encompasses the full spectrum of architectural solutions to ensure that clients receive the exact outcome they require. In addition to the usual drawings, visuals and contract administration duties we also offer full project management, CDM – Lead Designer Roles, 3D Visualisation and 4D animation production. “Alongside this we also offer services such as development appraisals to help assess the viability of speculative site for clients before they buy, as standalone products. Land sales and acquisitions negotiations are offered as part of our full rounded approach. We also Source land for developers and take the sites to them for consideration rather than letting them come to us.” One of the firm’s most recent and ongoing complex challenges is that of the extension and creation of eight new build apartments over and existing Miners Welfare Centre in Nottinghamshire, which Edward discusses eagerly. “Our work at the Miners Welfare Centre has been exciting and challenging. The client was keen to maximise the potential yield of the site and with lots of single storey ground floor only based buildings on site it made sense to go up. The challenges involved producing a design that was lightweight enough to sit on top of the existing structure whilst providing the correct amount of acoustic performance required to shield the activities of the Welfare Centre below. The project is now in the final stage of developed design and will be submitted for a planning application very soon, which will be an exciting phase which we look forward to.” Overall Edward is keen to express the firm’s focus on quality, and the techniques which it employs to ensure that every project is completed to the very highest of standards.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

“Here at Acres Architecture we always aim for the highest possible design outputs. Achieving ‘Exceptional Design’ has been our motto from the word go. With our already multi award winning service, we now have so many retained repeat clients that we know we are doing something differently and better than other Architects that our Clients have dealt with. We believe it is down to our use of contemporary technologies in the design process such as augmented reality and animations that can really capture people imagination. Whilst our drawings are of course necessary they often take a backseat in displaying or presenting our designs. “This focus on quality begins right at the very start of every project. We ensure that we confirm with the client what their key desires for success are before we even begin the process. We will not begin design works until the Client knows exactly what they want (in a theoretical sense), as we can then tailor Briefs, and Conceptual design around this. We then take control of the process of achieving that goal. Right the way through the full eight stage of the RIBA plan of works 2013. We never shy away and assume it is someone else’s responsibility, we just get done what needs to be done and aim for a quality end result.” Moving forward, Edward emphasises that the firm’s focus will be firmly on growing and expanding in order to build upon its current success. “In the future we will be exploring further diversification and expansion as our work load continues to increase. We are already working on many Joint Ventures with existing and returning clients throughout sister company Acres Architecture (Developments) ltd as we strive to produce the highest quality housing stock we can. We are also keen to delve deeper into the commercial and education sectors of work, as these large new commissions take shape and increase our publicity. “Within the wider industry we anticipate that there will be a big shift into BIM level 2 and 3 over the next few years as clients come to understand the benefits of this and we look forward to taking advantage of the various benefits this development will bring.”



Company: Adam Knibb Architects Name: Adam Knibb Address: The Dolphin, 33 St Thomas Street, Winchester, SO23 9HJ Email: Web Address: Telephone: 01962 680221

Best Residential Architecture Firm - South England & Most Innovative South England Contemporary Design: Austen House

Adam Knibb Architects Adam Knibb Architects is a young, vibrant firm which has been shortlisted for three prestigious awards this year. Founder Adam Knibb discusses his firm and talks us through the secret behind the phenomenal success it has enjoyed so far this year.


dam Knibb Architects has been established out of a desire to produce, design, rationalise and deliver architecture that would enhance the ideas and aspirations of each client.

Adam has always aspired to create a practice of his own to design contemporary sustainable architecture. Having gained wide experience in the field, the practice has been developed to produce architecture that can respond to individual requirements and sites, whilst focusing on contemporary sculptured form backed up by sustainable technology. Adam outlines the firm’s mission and how this helps to shape every aspect of the firm’s work.

“Moving forward, Adam Knibb Architects has a number of exciting projects in the pipeline, with several nearing completion. In conjunction with our practice’s five-year anniversary we will be releasing our updated website, highlighting a number of new projects. “Through this exciting launch we hope to increase our portfolio of bespoke, residential projects with the hope of working on larger projects to further experiment with our design intent.”

“Here at Adam Knibb Architects, our overall mission is to keep growing our portfolio of exemplary, contemporary architecture. We are regularly approached with new exciting projects, all offering a wealth of opportunity. Our young, vibrant practice hopes only to keep designing, with the possibility of working on much larger bespoke, residential projects. Larger projects will offer new challenges and a potential to experiment with interiors, materiality and technology. “Ultimately, any successful project begins with both a clear understanding of the client’s desire as well as the site and surroundings. As such, when we start work on a new project we begin with a critical analysis of the site is carried to ensure the positive aspects are exploited. Whilst our focus is on contemporary architecture, we try to make reference to an existing building’s surroundings, whether it is through materiality or built form. Being a young practice with employees who all have a key interest in contemporary architecture and design, we are able to interact with clients at an individual level, ensuring their thoughts are rationalized as the project progresses.” Looking ahead, Adam is keen to emphasise the firm’s bright and prosperous future, which includes a number of opportunities for growth and further exposure.

Photo: Martin Gardner

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: agence d’architectures Nicolas C. Guillot Name: Nicolas Guillot Email: Web Address: Address: 17 rue Louis Thévenet 69004 Lyon FRANCE Telephone: 33 (0)4 78 30 79 16

Best for Cultural Design - France & Best French Cultural Project: espace VASARELY

agence d’architectures Nicolas C. GUILLOT agence d’architectures Nicolas C. Guillot is a French architecture firm offering a wide range of services. We invited Founder Nicolas Guillot to talk us through the firm and the services it provides.


gence d’architectures Nicolas C. Guillot support both public and private sector clients, specialising in public sector projects of cultural importance. The firm offers a full service and can support clients from conception to completion.

Nicolas is particularly proud of the Varsarely project, which he discusses in detail. The project embodies the firm’s mission: to create minimalistic architecture for the maximum effect. “The “Vasarely Space” presents itself as a large elongated monolith that follows the curve of the streets. “The main, fully glazed facade turned to an elongated square reaching the opposite end of the site. The transparency of the project gives the appearance of the structure of the building and domestic activities.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

The rear to cut volumes composed landscape ambience with a garden facing the embankment of the railway “The Interior is composed of several venues, four music studios, one dance room and five associative rooms, allowing for multiple functions to be held at the same time.” Looking ahead, Nicolas outlines the firm’s future plans, which will allow the firm to enrich its knowledge and experience. “Currently we are working on an auditorium to Paris, a theatre towards Dijon, a Museum in Lyon, a cultural space to Chambéry, a University in Clermont Ferrand, a multimedia library to Toulon, and a residential property in Bourg. These projects are all very exciting and we look forward to the opportunities they will provide us.”



Company: APOLLO Architects & Associates Co.,Ltd. Name: Satoshi Kurosaki Email: Web Address: Address: TERMINAL 1F/B1F, 5-11-23 Minamiaoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN zip107-0062 Telephone: 81-3-6433-5095

Best for Private House Design - Japan & Best Japanese Private Housing Project: WRAP

With a sensitive and drastic posture, APOLLO is committed to delivering innovative architectures which widen perspectives and deepen insights without being prevailed by the trend. We invited Satoshi Kurosaki to talk us through this firm, which combines form and function to create stunning designs.


esign, Security and Function are the first imperative elements of architectures but simultaneously, architects need to design creative space which meets and exceeds clients and societies expectations both aesthetically and logically.

The space originated from the rapport of Human, Nature and other artefacts interconnects the society and the environment in the gradual evolving time. The coexistence of this life form is the intrinsic role of architecture to determine the state of spatial leads, the channel of light and wind, and the selection of materiality. Satoshi explains how APOLLO combines all of these function to create stunning projects, primarily homes and corporate spaces. “We try to hear clients’ opinions as much as possible before telling our ideas. Then we try to seek for the most appropriate answer. We carefully create architecture individually.

“Our aim is to make every project as beautiful as possible. In order to achieve this aim, it is the most important to create the atmosphere that stakeholders can enjoy the project without compromise.” Within the architectural industry currently the residential market has fewer opportunities to make new buildings because of the deduction of population, but the hotel industry has more opportunities thanks to inbound effect. As such Satoshi concludes by stating that the firm aims to expand in order to create new projects for a variety of different clients.

“In the future we would like to move into new sectors, including taking on more commercial and hotel work. Branding and consulting will also be a focus, as we believe not enough of our competitors are paying attention to these vital areas.”

photography by Masao Nishikawa

2016 Architecture Awards Build


Company: Andrea Clark Brown Architects, P.A. Name: Andrea Clark Brown, AIA Principal Architect Email: Website: Address: 340 8th Street South Naples, Florida 34102-6325 USA Phone: 239-263-3898

Best Residential Architect 2016 - Naples

Andrea Clark Brown Architects, PA (ACBA) is a 30 year established full service architectural, interior design and planning firm located in SW Florida, Naples, USA. Andrea Clark Brown, Principal Architect, offers a fascinating overview of the company and its rich service offering. ndrea Clark Brown Architects, PA methodologies link technology to and with the fine arts. Project typologies and scopes vary widely from small residential renovations to design of estate homes and interior design along with a practice including commercial, civic, cultural and religious architecture.


ACBA consulting and design services are offered as complete and all encompassing, where site, landscape, envelope, interior materials and furnishing, art selection as well as construction administration endeavour to maintain a “white glove” highly customized delivery. The firm is considered a “boutique” practice, maintaining a small staff of licensed professionals, designers and artists working together in a close studio atelier setting. ACBA clients seek and are provided uniquely personal and specialized designs evolving from a philosophy of close communication and mutual rapport. With each programmatic challenge the firm’s design methodologies look to inspire and exude meaning through deliberate and innovative design processes and form making. Characteristic of all phases of the firm’s work is the undertaking of purposeful and creative analyses of site, technical requisites, client input and context to ultimately reveal exciting and unexpected solutions to transform what might have been ordinary into the extraordinary. The firm’s recent residential projects respond to disparate scales. Currently on the boards are two contemporary homes with vastly different sites and strategies: The first project is a highly customized remake and enlargement of a hand-built Mid-Century Modern prototype in a downtown urban neighbourhood; a design which re-envisions and vastly updates the prototype to showcase the client’s unique and eclectic art collection. The second project is a multi-story minimalist contemporary beach estate home situated on a Florida island noted for its beauty as a tropical resort destination. Both projects are commissioned by savvy world travelers and are currently in the

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

design development phases. These projects demand closely customized detailing, critical attention to their respective environmental conditions, specialized treatments of site landscaping blending inside to outside and response to stringent local and state codes. Due to the Florida subtropical climate, rain shed, water retention, and wind loads pose challenges that invite creative solutions to handling these natural events and their interaction with our home designs. Andrea Clark Brown Architects has distinguished its practice from its counterparts by remaining devoted students of design history and theory, learning from the past but reconfiguring tradition to meet contemporary demands. Sustained commitment to architectural relevancy, timelessness and context are our objectives, freeing the firm to purposefully reject tendencies to take on local design cliché’s and short lived fashion statements especially characteristic of a fast growing often developer commissioned “custom” (model) home projects prevalent in SW Florida. The firm disassociates its design efforts from what is often a misnomer as “custom home” design but conversely offers personalized design services that develop our Owners’ programs and projects specifically directed to meet the unique demands of the individual client and their lifestyle. Each residence is conceived to be a true and personal home design expressing individuality and difference as a singular architecture, not a commodity. One key challenge to our design practices which we face is the ever increasing oversight by local Design Review boards or the establishment of community Design Covenants intended to regulate a project configuration so that it behaves according to a precise aesthetic standard. The firm, while appreciating the overall objective of these review demands, also dissects their criteria to reinvent an approach to both satisfy the regulations, but also to assert an independent signature in the handling of these requirements. As such our client’s homes both fit and stand out from the crowd. If there is a style to be named by our hand, its caption is “Reminiscent.”


Our projects are known to fall gently into a particular context, yet by careful attention and reinterpretation of local standards, we bring singularity to our design solutions. Unique to our studio is that it is fully adjoined to our UP ART and DESIGN Contemporary art gallery, where both our design professionals and artists intermingle to respond and collaborate in a project development as well as in artistic critique. We welcome regular dialog on future techniques and tendencies that are emerging in all modes of virtual, visual and visceral form. These daily conversations assist us in remaining relevant, adaptable, and courageous in our undertakings. While the expediencies of technical expertise establish well-grounded parameters to the breadth of our invention, we do not fear thinking outside the box.

Looking ahead, our future will involve continuing to enhance our commitment to growing a design team of independent thinkers as collaborators in the design process. We seek to expand our invention whether through projects built or conceptual. Ours is a changing practice, with utmost interest in utilizing new or developing techniques to contribute to a design methodology that will sustain our goal to be involved with future changes that can be seen as open doors to invention. As such we believe that in the process of identifying problems and solutions we may reveal exciting and unexpected directions and meaningful results in all that we create for our clients, our community and global environment.

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Apse Architecture and Planning Name: Julie Boultby Email: Web Address: Address: 159 The Space, Dartington Hall, Totnes, TQ9 6EL Telephone: 01803 865760

Best Earth Building Design Company - South West

Apse Architecture and Planning are a leading firm of RIBA Accredited Conservation Architects offering high-quality bespoke design and planning services, with particular expertise in working with historic buildings, using natural materials and sustainable design. We caught up with Julie Boultby to learn more. pse offer a complete architectural service from inception to completion on site and have an established network of consultants and contractors to assist with delivering projects on time and to budget to the highest standard. Julie outlines the range of clients the firm serves.


“Over the years we have worked with a range of clients from small (domestic clients and community groups), to large (Mars Corporation, RWE nPower, The Church in Wales). We have worked for numerous charities in the South West, steering grant aided projects such as community halls, housing co-ops, religious, specialist educational and arts buildings and have helped self-builders to achieve their dream homes.” Julie has recently finished working on a house restoration with straw bale addition for a family near Totnes, Devon, the latter part of which was awarded ‘Best Extension – South West’. “They are a wonderful client to work with and they share our interest in natural local materials. The builder they chose was like-minded and showed immaculate craftsmanship. The outcome is a very beautiful home with a sense of calm and warmth, which is perfect for their family.” As a final comment Julie outlines the firm’s plans for the future, both with regards to the sustainable building market and the region it operates in. “Looking to the future, we hope to continue to grow our expertise in working in a sustainable way with natural materials that are sourced as close to the site as possible. It is important to face the realities of climate change in a positive way, considering not only the carbon footprint of a project, but the human aspects of the project: ethically sourced products that promote a healthy, safe internal environment. “The South West is great location from which to grow. As there are fewer large employers, many people are used to doing things for themselves so

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

there are a lot of small businesses providing a valuable resource of building and craft skills. Local communities are vibrant and there is a fantastic live/ work ethic. Our client base is very open to new ideas, which is really refreshing. We like to produce well presented, artistic and sculptural designs, that are unique and reflect the spirit of the place. Devon is a beautiful county and this directly influences our design work. We hope to produce more exciting new schemes in the coming years.”



Company: Architecture Design Collaborative Name: Craig Chinn, AIA, Principal Email: Web Address: Address: 3505 Cadillac Ave., Bldg. “O” Suite 205A Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Telephone: 949-267-1660

Best in Retail Architecture 2016 - Orange County

Architecture Design Collaborative is an award winning national architectural firm providing planning, design, DD, CD and CA services. We spoke to Craig Chinn, the firm’s Founder and Principal, to learn more about the company.

rchitecture Design Collaborative focus on all aspects of retail, residential, commercial and mixed-use projects. From mall renovations to ground up developments, direct tenant, RMU design, Kiosk, and digital media ADC covers it all. Our residential projects range from single-family, townhome, multi-family, and student housing. Craig outlines in more details the firm’s service offering.


As a final comment Craig outlines his predications for the future, both of the company and the wider architecture market. “Moving forward, I foresee a continued growth in the mixed-use and retail sector across the country. Our ability to design quickly and efficiently has led to work in numerous states and I see that to expand into more states as our current and new clients go into other markets.”

Our clients look to us as leaders in planning, conceptual design, constructability, interior design and branding services for clients like Trammel Crow Residential, Cypress Equities, GGP, Anton Development, Hanover Pacific, Kimco, Jamboree Housing Corporation, and Equity One to name a few.” “One project which we are just finishing is a major mall renovation at the Perimeter Mall in Atlanta, GA. The project is a complete redesign of the interior, we touched every surface and added an exterior feel to the interior of the mall. The main challenge was how to create a great experience for the shoppers while transforming the traditional look of the mall to make it look and feel like a lifestyle-center. We implemented our Mobile Design Studio numerous times on site until we got the desired solution.” Overall Architecture Design Collaborative’s Vision is to “Maximize the value of real estate through mindful process and intuitive design. We do this through collaboration. We Collaborate to; Achieve successful projects through design innovation. Build rewarding relationships through service. Sustain viability with exceptional business practices.” Collaboration, which is part of the company’s name, is key to the firm’s approach, as Craig emphasises. “At ADC we focus on collaboration, and not only do we collaborate internally we collaborate with our clients, consultants and the GC’s to ensure a successful project. We get numerous opinions during the design stages and bring in our consultants and GC’s to make sure that we are designing a project that can hit the intended budget.”

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Arkitekturministeriet – AMPD [Architecture Ministry Production Design] Name: Bo Benzon Email: Web Address: Address: Otto Busses Vej 5A OBV020, 2450 Copenhagen SV, Denmark Telephone: 0045 22440273

Danish Architect of the Year 2016: Bo Benzon

Arkitekturministeriet are a multidisciplinary studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark. We invited Bo Benzon to tell us more. rkitekturministeriet work across the industry, specialising in architecture, design, art, interiors, set-designs, festivals and constructions. Bo explains the firm’s approach to projects and how it aims to always provide clients with a finished project that exactly meets their needs.


“From furniture to shipping containers, we can create anything as long as the idea is right, and we are always willing to expand the horizon of our work-field extensively. We have abstract minds with a holistic approach and turn everything upside-down before we find the exact right way for you and your project if not our own. We are a one-stop and do almost all features of a process from idea to realization. We are architects, designers, production technologists, builders, engineers, business minds, dreamers and event-makers. “We strive to create beautifully, functionally and in a different way than the ordinary. Abstract and conceptual thinking create ideas for innovation. We do as much as possible in an environmentally friendly way, and are con-

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

stantly exploring new materials. Our clients vary from private to commercial alongside governments and counts some of the biggest companies in Denmark and we are on the verge of expanding into other countries around the world. We like to work on everyday making the world a better place.” Copenhagen is currently undergoing a revolution, as many new buildings and urban developments are challenging the traditional way of thinking. The projects and the actual builds, within temporary architecture as well as construction, are getting increasingly innovative and daring. This makes it the ideal home for a firm as Arkitekturministeriet, as Bo explains. “Our unique approach to the tasks, from idea to final product, ensures that we work exclusively with the client and enables us to focus on providing the best possible quality in our work. We draw everything in Rhino 3D on our digital platform that also controls the production line through the CNC-router.” Moving forward, the firm is expanding and aims to support a wider range of clients in the future.


2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Arkkitehtitoimisto Juha Koskela Oy Name: Juha Koskela Email: Web Address: Address: Pyynikintie 25, Tampere, Finland Telephone: +358 3 222 8355

Best for Housing Design - Finland & Best Finnish Residential Construction Plan: Kisakuja area, Nurmijärvi, Klaukkala

Arkkitehtitoimisto Juha Koskela Oy is a firm specialized in housing design and zoning. We spoke to Juha Koskela to learn more about the company and its service offering.

rkkitehtitoimisto Juha Koskela Oy offer comprehensive plans from zoning to complete buildings to a wide range of clients, both corporate and private. Juha showcases the firm’s latest project and the techniques the firm employed to ensure it was completed to a high standard.


“Our last project was the Kisakuja area in Klaukkala, where our clients were private landowners. The area was planned in partnership with the Nurmijärvi municipality. The zoning of the area had already begun in 2006, but left unfinished. We received the project in 2014 and managed to get nearly all of the landowners on board in conceiving the plan.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

“Previously we planned the Tilantie area in Nurmijärvi. With the housing design completed, the area is under construction currently and we are looking forward to seeing the finished article.” Looking ahead, Juha expressed excitement at the future for the firm, which looks set to be filled with an array of exhilarating new projects. “Arkkitehtitoimisto Juha Koskela Oy has been operating for twenty-five years. Eventually the operations will have to picked up by the younger generations. “That being said, we are closely following the development of Johannes Koskela’s award-winning design for the “The Best Office Building in the World” project in Finland. The project’s objective was to design a new kind of wooden office-apartment building hybrid. The design is intended to be realized and also exported abroad.”



Company: Artform Architects Name: Jason Eccles & Simon Jewell (Founding Partners) Email: Web Address: Address: HQ Building, 2 Atherton Street, Manchester, M3 3GS Telephone: 0161 660 0377

Best Contemporary Private Residential Architect - UK

Artform Architects Artform Architects is a Manchester based practice that provides a high quality, personalised service for a variety of building types. Founding Partners Jason Eccles and Simon Jewell provide us with a fascinating overview of the company. stablished by Jason Eccles and Simon Jewell in 2013, Artform is an emerging practice with a growing reputation for providing creative and bespoke solutions to challenging client briefs, offering a full range of architectural services from concept design to completion. They are currently working on a range of high-end private residential and commercial projects with a strong focus on contemporary, sustainable design.


Artform have recently been shortlisted for a number of high profile national design competitions as well as having work published in leading industry magazines.

“As a design-led architects practice, our focus as a business is to create exciting, contemporary architecture that meets the needs of the client and provides a sustainable solution to the challenges of modern day living. We are inspired by how good design can fundamentally improve the way people live and work, whether on a domestic scale or with larger commercial projects. We take a collaborative approach with our clients to ensure they are involved at all stages of the design development and always offer a very personalised service as we recognise the value of excellent customer service.

They are able to provide clients with a full architectural service from initial feasibility studies all the way through to detailed construction drawings and project completion.

“Each project we work on will have a bespoke solution to suit the brief, giving each design individuality and it’s own clarity and identity. Our ability to communicate our ideas through drawings and images is a key factor in ensuring a successful scheme and by constantly reviewing all projects in the office means we have a thorough process of ongoing design development and quality control.

The practice develop their designs in response to the context within with they are working, whether an urban city centre site for an apartment scheme or a green landscaped setting for a new-build house - all with an over-arching emphasis on sustainable architecture.

“As a young, emerging business we are looking forward to a bright future with an exciting workstream of new schemes coming forward across the UK. We are always looking for new opportunities and for projects or sites that will interest us and keep us creatively challenged.”

The two Partners comment on how they achieved their current success and their hopes for the firm’s future.

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: BF Architecture Name: Bobby Fogel Email: Web Address: Address: Lange Winkelhaakstraat 26, 2060 Antwerpen Telephone: +32 477 935 000

Most Dynamic Design Architecture Company 2016 & Recognised Leader in Building Reconfiguration Solutions

BF Architecture BF Architecture are an innovative and dynamic practice based in Antwerp. We invited Bobby Fogel to talk us through the company and its creative approach to design.

ere at BF Architecture we work on a number of exciting projects across the building and architecture space. Our latest project is the design of a cultural centre that requires to be a tailor-made architecture. We take great pride in client satisfaction, which we have achieved so far with this latest project.

In order to offer the very highest standard of service we always listen to the client and communicate with them throughout the process to ensure that the outcome is exactly to their liking. In addition, we attend many industry seminars and networking events so that we can stay ahead of the latest developments in the market and offer a cutting edge service to clients.

Client satisfaction is an integral aspect of our overall mission: to provide the client with a full service which provides them with an outcome which exactly meets their needs.

Moving forward we have a number of exciting projects on the horizon that will provide us with exciting opportunities to grow as a firm and expand our knowledge as architects.


Build 2016 Architecture Awards



Company: BRAUNWAGNER GmbH Name: Margit Scheller-Wegener and Ramona Westerhausen Email: or Web Address: Address: Krefelder Strasse 147, D-52070 Aachen Telephone: +49 241 401072-0

Best for Automotive Trade Fair Design – Germany & Best German Showroom Design Concept: Bugatti Automobiles

BRAUNWAGNER GmbH BRAUNWAGNER is an owner managed Design Agency, founded in 1999. The interdisciplinary team is made up of creatives and specialists in Product Design, Architectural Design, Communication Design and Media Design. We invited Marina Franke to tell us more about the firm. pecialized in spatial communication BRAUNWAGNER develop three dimensional concepts for fairs stands, exhibitions, showrooms and shops. Our method of working is characterized by an intensive linking-up of the disciplines. The result is a holistic and interdisciplinary formation of the design process. We integrate emotional and rational brand values into experiential environments.


Our supreme goal is to support our customers in reaching their target groups best possibly and enhancing customer loyalty. Conception is our core competence. We regard design as an interdisciplinary instrument of corporate communication. Based on the intensive analyses of complex requirements we create innovative and sustainable design concepts. It is our key focus to be successful and to constantly develop further and query our creative work again and again to demonstrate our capability of innovation. Connecting innovation and creativity with profitability and sustainability is a determinant factor that contributes to our long-term accomplishment. Only the intensive collaboration of our employees out of all disciplines facilitates the holistic and interdisciplinary composition of the design process. To manage this process challenges us to understanding and living an intensive crosslink of disciplines to accomplish the main idea to a common theme.

To bring the brand of our clients to life and transfer it into the communicative brand space is our main assignment. Today’s goal of our conceptual work is not to only understand the individually characterized, artistic and formalistic interpretation of the third dimension but to enhance the creative expression of the brand identity in all its facets. One of our latest projects, the new Showroom Brand Design Concept for Bugatti, will be applied worldwide in 27 stores in 12 countries and has been awarded with the BUILD Architecture Award 2016. The design of the showrooms concentrates on the Bugatti brand values art, form, technique and accentuates the technical fascination and exclusivity of the brand. The Bugatti brand wall generates an associative sculpturally background for the presentation of the car. A heritage presentation shows exhibits of legendary Bugatti milestones which are accompanied medially. The Bugatti DNA is reflected by a technical/artificial shaped motor exhibit and an extensively designed large-format DNA book. A horizontal communication board made of high quality special glass with integrated screens connects the brand wall with the heritage modules and facilitates the dynamics of the brand. The lounge area is equipped with Bugatti lifestyle furniture made of carbon fiber and generates a dynamically-luxury ambiance.

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Bliss Interiors Email: Web Address: Telephone: 204-998-9444

Best Residential Interior Design 2016 - Manitoba & Most Innovative Residential Architecture Project: Modern Timber Frame Cottage

Bliss Interiors offers a complete range of interior design services from consultation to implementation, to clients and contractors in and around the Winnipeg area, including cottage country in scenic areas like Gimli, Falcon Lake and Lake of the Woods.

rincipal Designer, Corray Classen, states passionately how she drew inspiration from her upbringing in a family contracting business to embody a strong work ethic and a tremendous pride in both ownership and in her company’s work. Being a third-generation business owner in the industry, Corray maintains a strong core mission, “to create spaces that are beautiful, timeless and functional. It is very important to me that my designs support and reflect those who use them.”


“My passion lies in residential interior design which sometimes leads to light commercial design for my clients who own businesses. To me, residential design and renovation is creativity on a personal level. It involves the client’s largest investment (their home), their lifestyle, their family and personal wellbeing. I look at residential interior design as a huge responsibility and privilege. “Although I love the design aspect of my work I also enjoy the relationships that are made during the process. I have always been drawn to home design and the families who live there. My childhood home was also my family’s business and it had to function that way.” Corray ensures that Bliss upholds customer service as the most important quality of her work. As such, when approaching a new project, the first thing that she does is get to know the client, so that their needs can be understand and fulfilled. To aid in this, meetings are often held in the client’s own home or business to discuss their ideas and design style in detail. “I get a sense of their design style just by meeting in their environment. My approach is the same for every project, treat people how you want to be treated, always do what you say you are going to do and communicate. It’s as simple as that.” Expanding on the importance of the client’s role in the creative process, Corray went on to add, “As a starting point on every project, even before we meet, I ask the client to spend some time online looking at design websites

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

to spark creativity and inspiration. Many times, clients struggle with or don’t know what their design style is. Reviewing photos of completed spaces or partial details of a design helps the client to communicate what they hope to achieve aesthetically. “At the initial consultation, photos are reviewed and requirements are discussed so that I can understand how the space needs to function. Once the design style and scope of work are communicated, state of the art 3D colour renderings and/or AutoCAD drawings are generated to communicate the proposed design. Drawings are the best way to confirm that the client and I are on the same page. Following approval of drawings and material selection, I work with the contractor and installers on the client’s behalf as a liaison to help implement the design. A clear scope of work, detailed drawings and ongoing communication are equally important in bringing a design to life.” Corray highlighted several of her most prominent past works, and addressed the challenges involved in creating these aesthetically pleasing projects. “My most recent project involved a complete interior renovation of a penthouse suite that hadn’t been renovated since the 80’s. Every finish was updated, including electrical and mechanical; even the sprinkler system was updated. The biggest challenge was working in the condo building itself. There were a lot of unique details to consider – working hours; not disrupting neighbours; keeping common areas clean following demolition and installations; the possibility of entering a neighbour’s condo to gain access for mechanical changes; scheduling of freight elevators; limited parking in sometimes snow filled streets…it all adds to the challenge of renovation!” Corray made special mention of her work on the Modern Timber Frame build. Being her second project with the client, she was brought onto the design build team at an early stage, and provided all aspects of the interior and exterior design, from space planning to the final finishing details.

“I have done a lot of design work in cottages over the years but this project was very different. The goal in this build was to create a cottage that not only reflected the client’s passion for the outdoors and nature but that would also eventually be the primary residence upon retirement. This meant that although it was currently a weekend getaway it would also need to have the modern amenities of home. “Revit 3D renderings were generated to communicate the exterior materials and finishes. These drawings helped the client to visualize the finished product prior to ordering materials. “Most of the finishes in the cottage are natural – the beautiful Canadian timber structure, the Alder cabinets, and the stacked stone around the fireplaces and chimneys. Modern details such as stainless steel appliances included a chimney style hood fan, propane 6 burner Wolf range and metal roof brings the timber frame to a whole new level. This was also the first time I had ever been asked to incorporate an 8’x8’ bear hide into a design.” Looking beyond her own exemplary work, Corray reflected upon her place within a highly competitive industry. She drew attention to how her upbringing has provided her with the role models to allow her to create an expanding client base. “90% of my clientele are referred by past clients or suppliers. I attribute this to a very personal approach to design which makes clients feel comfortable and included in every aspect of the project. VIP service always makes me feel good. As an independent consultant, this is something I can offer my clients.” 2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Brightman Architects Name: Chris Brightman Web Address: Telephone: 0114 418 2480

Best House Extension Architectural Firm - Sheffield

Brightman Architects Brightman Architects is a vibrant young architects practice based in Sheffield, specialising in house extensions and new build homes. We invited Chris Brightman to talk us through the firm and its vast service offering.

rightman Architects offers clients ten years’ experience in the industry. During this time the firm has worked on a wide range of projects across the residential, retail, commercial and industrial sectors, each of which have enriched the firm’s knowledge and helped it to focus its service offering, as Chris explains.


“Here at Brightman Architects we have a particular passion for contemporary architecture, which is reflected in our work and has seen us being recommended for many modern house extensions and new build homes. We believe that glazing and natural daylight is vital to the success of a space, as well as it’s connection with the site context. We are also very enthusiastic about sustainable design and construction. “Currently we are working on a new build passivhaus home in the north of England which uses the latest technology, construction techniques and the site context to reduce the energy usage of the building to a minimum. Whilst this is the very cutting edge of sustainable design, we believe that all construction projects can harness the latest technologies and construction techniques to provide low energy buildings.” The firm approach every project with a design-led service, tailor-made to each of its client’s requirements according to Chris. “Every project is unique and we work with our clients to develop the project brief to ensure that they get the most out of the proposal. No matter how large or small the project, forming a well written brief at the beginning outlines what they are looking to achieve and gives us a good idea about how they want to live their lives. It is quite often the case that a particular way of extending the home is not the only option of achieving their goals and we like to explore all possible avenues.” Looking ahead, Chris makes it clear that the firm is keen to build upon its current success and grow as a company in order to serve a wider range of clients in the coming months and years.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

“Whilst only being a young practice, forming in 2014, we have grown quickly in popularity in the Sheffield area and we are looking to continue this progress and grow the business by taking on more staff in the coming months.”



Company: Cadvis3d Limited Name: Paul Ibberson Email: Web Address: Address: Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, UK Telephone: 01484 937123

Best for Small Residential Schemes - UK & BUILD Excellence Award for Frontline Architectural Services & Excellence in New Build Residential Schemes and Restaurants

Cadvis3D Cadvis3d is a family run, small, focused, diverse, high quality architectural design studio, working in all areas of design and development. We invited Paul Ibberson to tell us more.

ith offices located in Huddersfield, England and working on projects throughout the world Cadvis3d work on a wide variety of projects. From residential house extensions, to water bottling plants in Afghanistan and golf training facilities in Australia, no job is too big or too small, as Paul explains.


“Cadvis3d are a boutique practice, providing bespoke architectural design services to all areas of design and development. We design everything from houses to shopping centres, exhibition stands to sports training facilities – all across the UK and around the world. “One of our recent projects was proposals for a hotel extension, which was situated on a difficult site and had a few challenges to overcome. Another project for a bespoke dwelling, also had its challenges but is now nearing completion and the client is over joyed with the result, which is what we aim for.” Despite the market fluctuation as a result of the uncertainty caused by Brexit and the recent political changes, Paul is keen to emphasise that his firm is still going strong as a result of its experience, expertise and strong work ethic.

“Our firm is on a mission to continue growing in order to provide clients with the very best level of service, which we achieve by providing a bespoke service, tailored to each individual client. “As such we are constantly busy and have been for many months. Our work varies and is spread over a multitude of various sectors. Because we are a boutique firm we do a lot of bespoke dwellings and these are definitely on the increase, which is great. However, our main bulk of work is house extensions, which have continued to grow strongly, especially since the introduction of the revised PD rights a few years ago.” Moving forward, Paul is keen to outline the latest exciting projects the firm has coming up as it looks forward to an exciting future. “The future is looking busy and we will continue to work hard to make sure our clients are happy. We have lots going on and many different projects including a rugby club, care home, retail units and a new farm scheme. “Ultimately we are honoured to have received the awards and would like to thank all our customers past and present for their continued support and hope it will continue for many years to come.”

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Campbell Luscombe Architects Name: Leo Campbell Email: Web Address: Address: Studio 3, Level 3 35 Buckingham Street Surry Hills NSW 2025 Australia Telephone: +61 2 9310 4211

Best for Aged Care Architecture 2016 - Australia & Best NSW Senior Housing Project: The Brighton Retirement Community

Campbell Luscombe Architects Campbell Luscombe Architects (CLA) have built a reputation in Australia for being at the forefront of Aged Care and Seniors Housing projects. Co- Founder Leo Campbell talks us through how the firm has come to achieve this industry leading success.

LA are widely acknowledged for their creative, award-winning designs that have generated a great number successful senior’s communities. The practice specialises in the architecture, urban design and interior architecture of institutional, education, seniors residential and aged care projects.


The practice was established by Leo Campbell and Desley Luscombe in 1977. Professor Luscombe is currently the Dean of the Faculty of Design Architecture & Building at the University of Technology, Sydney. The mix of the insightful academic and the experienced practitioner has enriched our architectural practice and given our clients a greater depth of thinking in all its projects, as Leo explains. “We have always found a great reward in exploring the possibilities of an architecture that can improve people’s lives, and this is the case when we design for the seniors demographic, with its specific cultural, physical and care needs. “Residential aged care projects can be programmatically complex and challenging, with the need to balance the specific healthcare and safety needs of statutory authorities, with the desire to create a less clinical, comfortable “homelike” environment that will be the residence of a very frail aged group in the later stage of their lives. “The aged care and seniors housing projects of Campbell Luscombe Architects are informed by a strong appreciation of architectural culture, context and sustainable design. Every building and project reflects a distinctive resolution of these themes.” Currently CLA has a broad client base encompassing a wide range of commercial clients as well as Sydney’s major seniors and aged care providers, (including Catholic Healthcare and UnitingCare Ageing), three of Sydney’s Universities, the NSW Department of Public Works and Services, the Attorney General’s Department and the NSW Department of Housing.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

Looking ahead, Leo outlined his predictions for the future of the aged care architecture market and how his firm aimed to be at the forefront of these developments. “Subsequent to the rise of the “lifestyle” seniors housing market, residential aged care providers are perhaps realising that their product and the model it was based on, is both uncomfortably institutional (operator focused) and looking a bit stale and frumpy. The ambiance generated by the current “lifestyle” communities is seeping upwards into the residential aged care sector and we intend to continue supporting the seniors sector by providing quality projects.”



Company: Capital Property & Construction Consultants Ltd Phone: 020-3327-7700 Email: Website:

Best Project Management Services Company - UK

Capital Property & Construction Consultants Ltd are a multidisciplinary practice offering Architecture, Project Management, Building Surveying and Engineering services. Managing Director Richard O`Reilly outlines the firm’s service offering in more detail and talks us through the secrets behind its success. apital is a leader in providing value-added multi-disciplinary property and construction consultancy services to customers by creating successful partnerships with them throughout the process. Richard describes how the firm achieves this through its client focused approach.


“Here at Capital, our pledge is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by every member of the team. “Therefore, we have created a culture which focuses on understanding what makes our clients tick to enable us to deliver an exceptional, tailored service. Our reputation depends on this and it is why so many clients come back to us time and time again.”

all within occupied premises. We are well versed in Education funding streams and have successfully obtained over £50 million in grant monies for our clients’ projects.” Moving forward, Capital seeks to become a leader in its market, and as such its future plans revolve around expansion whilst maintaining the same high level of quality that it has come to be renowned for. “Looking to the future, Capital’s key aspiration is to grow the business organically over the next five years. We want to build upon our core strengths and develop our offerings to the higher education, new build and architectural sectors and are excited about the opportunities this will afford us.”

Capital work on a variety of building types, such as schools, universities, social and private housing, commercial premises, industrial units and historic buildings. What unites every project, according to Richard, is his firm’s commitment to offering clients the highest quality of service possible. “In order to differentiate ourselves from our competition and offer our clients the very best level of service possible, Capital is dedicated to its client driven approach, which revolves around paying attention to every detail throughout the project. All of our staff are proactive, rather than reactive, and aim to provide the client with ideas and, ultimately, a finished product which fits their needs and exceeds their expectations.” Director Peter Bloxham RIBA leads the Architectural work at Capital along with Associate John Wilkinson RIBA. Peter and John are supported by Architect George Plakides and Technologists Jerome Bloom and Dale Webster. Richard outlines the importance of the firm’s staff and their commitment to creating innovative, unique projects. “Capital’s staff have extensive experience within the Education and Higher Education Sectors and we have managed the design, delivery and project management of new build, complex refurbishments and expansion schemes

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: CINEARCHITECTURE Name: Agneta Hildén arkitekt SAR MSA Email: Web Address: Address: Skyttevägen 18 A 133 36 Saltsjöbaden Stockholm Sweden Telephone: +46707521793

BUILD Design Innovation Award: ODD REALISM & Best Architectural Art Study: La Modulor

CINEARCHITECTURE CINEARCHITECTURE is an innovative architectural practice based in Stockholm, Sweden. We invited Owner Agneta Hildén to tell us more.


INEARCHITECTURE provide internationally appreciated art, publishing, architectural design and innovations. Agneta talks us through the firm’s latest projects and how it aims to create truly unique designs.

“Our latest project was a Private Residence designed with the philosophy of LA Modulor and ODD Realism We also developed in early stage green housing area with 1800 apartments outside Stockholm. These projects are highly unique as we take on a woman’s perspective on architecture.”

Currently the housebuilding industry in Sweden is booming, and as such CINEARCHITECTURE is also doing well. Agneta talks us through the firm’s approach to supporting clients. “Good design with a deeper meaning is absolutely necessary with a deeper connect with our history and culture. To communicate this with the client. It is absolutely necessary that the project organisation is professional and effective.” Going forward, Agneta outlined the firm’s exciting plans for future growth in order to build upon its current success. “In the future we are keen to move into new markets internationally in order to work with new and exciting clients and create more great designs.”

Build 2016 Architecture Awards



Company: Collective Design Name: Mr Simon Mcilwraith Email: Web address: Address: 98-100 Alderman Fenwick House Pilgrim Street Newcastle Upon Tyne NE1 6SQ Telephone: +44 (0)7766883798

Best Bespoke Interior Designer - UK

Collective design is a ground breaking interior design practice which strives for excellence in the commercial world, as Simon Mcilwraith explains.


ollective design specialises in creating the very best bars, restaurants, nightclubs and retail environments in the United Kingdom. Simon outlines the firm’s passion for design and innovation.

“At Collective design every square inch of design matters. We create beautiful interiors that are sustainable and last. We pride ourselves on exciting, cutting edge concepts which are at the forefront of interior style.” The firm offer a full architectural drawing package from concept through to completions, including gaining costings from contractors, produce planning applications, on-site assistance, branding and solutions to the leisure industry. Over the past two years Simon’s practice has doubled in size and looks set to grow further in 2017, as he is keen to emphasise.

“Moving forward, Collective are keen to expand and increase their presence in London during the next year as well as designing more projects further abroad. We are currently working on a new Pizza restaurant concept called Central oven + Shaker which is due to open late September 2016 as well as working on new projects for Tapas Revolution and a number of other bars and restaurants throughout the U.K.” Ultimately Simon believes his success in today’s market is due to his commercial awareness and an undisputed passion for great design, originality and creativity. “Collective design have the very highest standards. Through innovation and quality, looking to break the mould and redefine expectations, use their expertise to develop outstanding schemes which are both imaginative and bespoke yet operationally work and where every detail is considered and possibility investigated.”

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Crawford Partnership Alan Crawford t. 0208 444 2070 e. a. 1a Muswell Hill, London, N10 3TH w.

Best Residential Architecture Boutique - London & Best London Small Residential Project: Stonechat Mews

Crawford Partnership Crawford Partnership is an award winning London-based boutique architecture and interior design practice established by founding partner Alan Crawford. We caught up with Alan to gain an insight into the company and find out what defines the practices’ ethos.

rawford Partnership covers a broad spectrum of building typologies, with projects mainly focused in the capital. Over the years, Crawford Partnership has established a growing reputation for innovative design solutions which, alongside the design-led ethos of the practice, has resulted in an increasing and evolving workload, with several new and exciting design commissions underway.


Alan is keen to emphasise that the firm is focused on creating new homes which meet society’s needs, whilst also encompassing a design which is aesthetically pleasing. “Architecture must be a positive force for social improvement, refining the built environment to meet the changing needs of society. Within the context of a national housing crisis, and the increasing price and dearth of land within the capital, utilising the most challenging sites has become a necessity. Working with back land sites introduces an additional range of design, planning and construction issues. As designers, we focus on the opportunities that these challenges present, which are critical to how architecture can address the socio-political context that the profession exists within.

“Our projects are driven by a clear and concise philosophy that is concerned with maximising opportunities to create interesting spaces and forms that combine dramatic use of materials and light, and address issues of sustainability and energy efficiency. Working from the macro site scale down to the micro detailing of a project, we understand the importance of a holistic approach to all aspects of the design and aim to create a beautiful and functional building to satisfy the client’s brief and budget.” The firm’s recently completed residential project is a source of considerable pride for Alan, who outlines the challenges faced during the construction. “Our latest residential project for three new build homes in Stonechat Mews, Roehampton, is one that fuses architecture and art to create a modern, contemporary living environment. Located on a back land site, the complex conditions of the site were very familiar to us, from the constrained site geometry, the restricted access, proximity of neighbours on every boundary, and the limited available construction budget. However, we relish these challenges, and they always inform our creative solutions. “The superlative moments for us on this project are the maximum use of glazing where possible to introduce daylight and sunlight and to provide exceptional views to the outside, whilst maintaining cool interiors and a level of privacy for occupants and neighbours alike. Room width floor to ceiling windows on the front façade, double height fully glazed winter gardens on the rear facade, and the incorporation of high level roof glazing all combine to bring natural light and sunshine into the heart of each three-storey-high dwelling, spilling down from above through bespoke sculptured cantilevered white precast polished concrete open riser staircases, anchored within the central open plan ground floor living spaces that are finished with polished concrete floors that run throughout the entire ground floor of each dwelling and provide a simple, unadulterated beauty of textures, finishes and materials to enclose the spaces, accenting the more vibrant artwork on the walls.”

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

London is a challenging city for architecture and construction at the moment, but Alan believes that there is a way through. “The acme of the national housing crisis is within the capital, and we continue to invest our time and efforts seeking ways to address the long term issues of economic housing provision. Dealing with a quagmire of red tape and bureaucracy on every new project, within a constantly changing regulatory framework and local planning authorities with dramatically paired back budgets which can lead to many projects taking years to achieve planning consent, and this in a climate where there is often minimal design and construction budgets available for quality architecture as land prices soar, means we are always using our design skills to maximise the potential of every development, and combining this with our knowledge of materials costs to provide our clients with design solutions that offer more for less.” Looking to the future, it is overcoming the housing crisis and creating homes fit for the modern world which continues to be the firm’s focus, according to Alan.

“Going forward, we continue to research new and lateral solutions for the provision of economic housing to meet the demands of an increasing population. London has experienced a surge of single person occupancy homes, and we are presently examining designs for a new micro-flats solution for this growing sector of the population, combining space saving designs with sustainable offsite modular construction and technological innovations in energy management, as a novel approach to affordable community city living, that if adopted, may be an appropriate model for 21st century living. “Our experience working within residential typology has benefited much of our work, as repeat business from loyal and long term clients who know and trust our capabilities, and regularly provide us with new interesting sites and fresh challenges to achieve solutions for. Our growing reputation and expanding portfolio of projects, particularly within the niche of back land or urban infill sites, keeps us busy, and has also enabled us to branch out into other project typologies and at much larger scales. As such we are looking forward to the opportunities the growth of our business and these new projects will bring.”

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Dab Den Ltd Name: Kat Byers Email: Web Address: Address: Units 6&7, Brathens Eco Business Park, Hill of Brathens, Banchory, AB31 4BW Telephone: Aberdeen: 01330 833861 / Glasgow: 0141 2129571

Best Sustainable Building Company - Aberdeenshire

Dab Den Ltd Dab Den design and build contemporary new build houses, extensions, and luxury garden rooms in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh. We invited Kat Byers to talk us through the company and how it strives to achieve the very best outcome for every project.

ab Den offers a unique experience that makes designing, and building a dream home enjoyable. Kat explains how the firm achieves this by working closely with clients to ensure that their vision is properly fulfilled.

proving the homes they are in rather than moving, making the extension side of the business strong for Dab Den Ltd. Earlier this year we launched Dab Den Glasgow to complement the work we also do in Aberdeenshire, so that we can provide the Dab Den products more easily to the central belt.

“Here at Dab Den we provide a specialist, professional service throughout the project, with regular progress updates. The customer is dealing with one architect that sees them through the entire project from initial brief to the final coat of paint so that they have one point of contact and they know that their ultimate vision for their home will be realised, with no details missed.

“At the end of the year Dab Den will launch their new product, Dab Dwelling, a contemporary style house that will be available with the full design and build service.”


“Therefore, whether it is a new build house, house extension or garden room our architects are experienced in preparing bespoke, award winning designs and our highly skilled tradesmen then build your dab den product with high quality materials to ensure the best standard of finish.” Extensions are a key part of the firm’s service, and as such Kat is keen to highlight the firm’s focus on quality. “Dab Den Extensions are designed to give you open plan living, and the uniquely designed spaces will improve your quality of life by adapting your home to the needs of a modern lifestyle. With large expanses of glazing, and improved insulation the Dab Extension benefits from solar gains and reduced air leakage, making your building more energy efficient. In additional the internal spaces are flooded with light and open out to the garden, creating a synergy between outside and in, which subsequently creates a healthier living environment.” Moving forward, Kat was opportunistic about the future despite the challenges the UK housing market faces following Brexit. “With Britain preparing to leave the EU, we face unsettled and challenging times ahead however we believe this is a time people are focusing on im-

Build 2016 Architecture Awards



Company: David James Architects & Associates Ltd Website:

Best Design Led Architectural Practice - Dorset & Recognised Leaders in Residential Architecture - South West

davidjames architects

& associates ltd

David James Architects & Associates are Dorset’s premier design led architectural practice. We interviewed David James to learn more about the company and how its dedication to quality design has helped it to achieve its current success. avid James Architects are a mixed practice consisting of 15 staff, including four Chartered Architects and teams specifically focused on design, obtaining planning permission, building regulations and interior design. The firm have an established client base within the South of England, including national and local developers, local housing authorities, and private clients. Their portfolio of work features a variety of projects ranging from one off houses through to large apartment blocks. David explains how the firm’s collaborative approach and focus on design has led it to its current success.


“Here at David James Architects we enjoy a collaborative approach, communicating with each other to ensure everyone is aware of what is going on in the company. As we have kept the teams small we are all able to work closely together and support each other. Our focus on design means that we are able to work around even exceptionally challenging projects, and this means that we can meet our client’s aspirations for their particular project.” This collaborative approach extends beyond staff, as the firm is also dedicated to supporting clients by going through every step of the process with them, as David highlights. “Our aim is to always meet the client’s needs and exceed their expectations. We are committed to communicating with clients from the start so that they understand the process and are able to put their creative input into the designs. This client focused approach has led our firm to its current success, as we are a highly sought after company whose designs regularly sell quickly, and at a higher market rate. It is a badge of honour for estate agents and property developers to put our name on their brochures.”

project provides a distinctive residential living experience in a stunning waterside location. The project was blighted by flood issues and relationship problems, however we overcame these through our innovative design to create a stunning, exclusive apartment block. “High end projects are our speciality at David James Architects, and a great example of this is our work on 17 to 21 Banks Road, Sandbanks, which is a nearly complete block of ten exclusive apartments which includes an indoor swimming pool and outdoor Jacuzzi area. Again our design was key to ensuring that this project was completed to a high standard, and I firmly believe that design can unlock any project’s potential no matter what issues there may be.” Looking to the future, David expresses his excitement about the firm’s latest projects, which will help it to continue to expand its knowledge and portfolio. “We have a number of high value projects currently in production which will provide us with some great opportunities going forward. Despite the concern around the recent Brexit vote we have not seen a reduction in projects, and the architecture market here in the South of England remains buoyant, which we hope will lead us to many more invigorating projects over the coming months and years.” David James Architects have been recognised again at this years International Design & Architecture Awards, winning their category for an impressive third year in a row. They are very proud that a local Dorset company continues to achieve excellence in design and attains worldwide recognition for design and innovation in architecture.

Two of the firm’s recent projects have been high end apartment blocks, highlighting the company’s strong reputation for excellence. David talks us through these developments and explains how the practice overcame many tough challenges in order to meet its client’s needs. “A recent project which we are very proud of is a uniquely designed apartment block consisting of 3 luxury apartments. This recently completed

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Debbie Flevotomou Architects Ltd Website:

Best High-End Residential Architects 2016 - UK & BUILD Women in Architecture Award: Female Architect of the Year 2016 - UK

Debbie Flevotomou Architects Ltd Established in 2011, Debbie Flevotomou Architects is an award-winning practice which has scooped five International Design Awards in 2016 alone. The latest Residential award is based on their personalised service and proven personality test. We caught up with her to learn more about her work and how she aims for excellence in everything she does.


ooking for a residential architect or interior designer for your home? We have a team available, ready to work with you to realise the full potential of your property, no matter of the size.

A common mistake home owners make is following a style that is ‘in fashion’ which leads to homes looking the same and lacking individual personality! At Debbie Flevotomou Architects, an award-winning practice of 5 International Design Awards in 2016, we value individuality and give you a free consultation to review your home and your ideas against our proven deisgn system. This allows us to put you in the best position to choose the ideal design for your home. A good architect and designer can turn the mundane into the extraordinary, the boring to brilliant, and a blank canvas into a captivating beauty to be admired year after year. A great architect and designer will do all of this and make the home truly yours by tailoring to your needs and ultimately introducing an unparalleled uniqueness to your community.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

How can we capture your personality and instil its essence into your home? We do this with a proven personality test and using stories that you share with us in confidence. We believe, your home should accentuate the best moments in life; your cherished memories and events. You may ask, why would we give a consultation for free? There two key reasons Firstly, the process of meeting, sharing and building together is the most inspirational. This is a time that has seen our team create the award-winning ideas mentioned earlier. Secondly, because we genuinely love what we do and if we can make dreams of our clients true, then it is absolutely worth investing our time. Our system is based on design criteria, both for architecture and interior design, with our ultimate aim of creating the best home for you. Home is not just a place, it is where your heart is.


2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Design-1 Name: Antoine Boulos Email: Web Address: / Address: #17A Route de Kenscoff, Petion-Ville, Haiti Telephone: (509) 2917 1717

BUILD Excellence Award for Residential Design - Haiti & Best Haitian Residential Design: House in Boutilliers

Design-1 is a design focused architectural practice based in Haiti. We invited Architect Antoine Boulos to talk us through the practice and its focus on design. stablished in 1991, Design-1offers both architectural and construction services as well as a dedicated security division. The firm’s architectural department headed by Architect Antoine Boulos, believes in the purity and lightness of architecture, as Antoine explains.


“Architecture is a wonderful puzzle, in which many different constraints (aesthetics, function, structure, human needs) have to work together to create a unique work of art, a work that is not only pleasing to the eye but also gives our clients living in it, a feeling of wellbeing. Our strength in architectural design is the key reason for our success “During the architectural process, we listen closely to our clients. Our goal is to create their unique dream house or dream commercial building, which

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

they will enjoy every day for the rest of their life. Our goal is to transform their ideas into a unique work of art.” BIM software is used to create 3D models of the firm’s creations, allowing clients to be completely satisfied before the start of the construction process. Working in Haiti, the firm faces a number of natural challenges which it works hard to overcome, as Antoine outlines as a concluding comment. “Being in an earthquake prone country, anti-seismic principles are inherently used in our design concepts and greatly implemented by our engineering department. We are proud of the fact that none of our buildings or houses received damages from the terrible earthquake of January 12, 2010, which destroyed Haiti and killed thousands of people.”



Company: The Design Mill Phone: (08) 9300 3677 Address: 68 South Terrace, South Perth 6151 Website:

Best Luxury Home Designers 2016 - Western Australia

The Design Mill The Design Mill is based in Perth, Western Australia and caters to clients across the region. We invited Julie Canal to tell us more about the firm.


he Design Mill undertake a wide variety of projects, from luxury new homes, extensive renovations and commercial premises, serving a wide variety of clients. Julie explains how the firm supports clients and offers them the very highest quality of service.

“Here at The Design Mill, we offer our clients the highest level of design and customer service whilst project managing from conceptual design through to building documentation. “This helps us to achieve our mission: to always exceed our client’s expectations in terms of design, documentation and customer service. ‘We listen and we care’ is our motto. “In a busy world which currently is the technological age, it is very simple to travel through your day attached to your phone, tablet or computer without seeing or listening to the people or environment around you.

“Our project management software is tailored and set to each individual project, ensuring time management, tasks are scheduled and clients are updated at regular intervals. Importantly, our staff are carefully selected to align with the mission of the company in terms of qualifications, necessary knowledge and personal traits to care for our clients.” Looking ahead, Julie expresses her optimism for an exciting future for the firm, which is keen to undertake organic growth in order to safeguard the quality of service which it has come to pride itself on. “The future is extremely exciting and very bright for our firm, as the last year has been a structured stage in our business mapping where procedures, checklists and project management software have all been evaluated, amended as necessary to ensure that we are placed for the next consecutive faze, the growth. We firmly believe that to continue to grow as a company we must halt to evaluate ourselves, otherwise we may grow past the quality procedures that we have put in place.”

“Quite simply we take time out for meetings, to chat with our clients, contractors and builders, we are in no hurry as it is quite often through informal chats that we gain the most important information which aids in the design or documentation process.

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Design Studio Architects Name: Keshiv Sudera Email: Web Address: Address:1b Salisbury Road, Upper New Walk, Leicester, LE1 7QR Telephone: 0116 2510606

Best Architectural Practice - Leicestershire & Best Midlands Self Build Project: Stoughton Drive South

Design Studio Architects Design Studio Architects is a RIBA Chartered architect practice and one of Leicester’s most forward thinking and commercially aware Architects team. We spoke to Keshiv Sudera to find out more.

esign Studio Architects produce designs of the highest quality, offering full architectural services for a wide range of projects, from residential extensions, bespoke homes, commercial schemes, retail, healthcare schemes to interior design for both private and public sector clients. Keshiv outlines how the firm achieves quality for its clients.


“Our approach to design is responsive. We listen to and understand the client’s problem, and the cultural and social context around it, before developing a solution that fits. “Throughout the project we work in an open and structured way that enables everyone to input at the appropriate time. “We apply intense analysis and commitment to our client’s projects and believe in good design, as this can transform the most functional brief, bringing benefits to the user and wider environment.” As a final comment, Keshiv explains what sets the firm apart from its competitors and marks it out as the best option for its clients. “With a small team of hard working, skilful staff, Design Studio Architects offers the expertise and professional level of service you would expect from a chartered architectural practice, with the flexibility and level of personal care typically found at smaller firms. “We believe in a holistic approach to design and have an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the building design and construction process. We believe that creativity is not solely for design but can be industriously applied to programme delivery and competitive costs. “We also place a high value on communication and client satisfaction.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

Listening to the needs of our clients and understanding the requirements is important to us. We aim to help maximise the potential of the project, be it for a one off home owner or a property developer. “Ultimately the success of every project depends on our expertise and the skill of the companies we work with. We understand the importance of professionalism and only work with reputable companies to create a smooth process for the client.”

Derrick Emmanuels


Architect of the Year 2016 - Suriname



Company: Desitecture Name: Layton Reid Email: Web Address: Address:

Best Architectural Academic 2016 - UK

Desitecture is an interdisciplinary research based architecture practice providing international output to support the wider industry. We invited Layton Reid to talk us through the company and its service offering. esitecture specialises in tall buildings, high density, housing and multi-use buildings as well as the development of new typologies, set within a context of business and commercial investment imperatives integrated with the benefits of social responsibility and environmental resilience.

which are at the edge of recorded interaction with media sources, and be much more about what is happening or about to happen next. Clients that want to be with the zeitgeist of the times need this kind of thinking for projects which may be three or more years in development, so that they are not just current but leading the market.

Layton talks us through the firm’s latest project in China and how this has impacted on the wider knowledge of tall buildings.

“We begin our projects from a different standpoint to most architecture, which is often theoretical or system based, but we instead begin with a survey of cultural patterns and an investigation of the nature of diverse community and stakeholder requirements to create a layered matrix of issues reading site and user type we look at the societal benefits which can be leveraged within a project and their relationship to commercial imperatives. Resilience is at the core of our notions of buildings as self-generating entities with the potential to contribute actively to energy production, and conservation.”


“Amongst recent projects Osteon Cumulus a high density tower for China, has received an honourable mention in this year’s Evolo Skyscrapers Competition, we have regularly been featured in the competition as it provides an interesting platform for an exchange of ideas which may ultimately inform the future of tall buildings and more importantly high density living. “The structural and material challenges of tall buildings are often outweighed by the circulation and access issues, and in this project we took a new approach that saw the building as a series of vertical communities, not just one entity, taking into account then climatic changes the building would encounter at differing heights, and what that would mean for its inhabitants.” The UK markets has been flourishing for the last 6 years with 150 tall buildings in the planning stages for London, the city has come alive with a wish to re-create to a larger scale Sir Christopher Wrens’ vision of a city of 50 spires, which once defined London after the Great Fire. As academics and designers Desitecture are excited at these possibilities, but are also fully aware of the vagaries of the market. Layton explains how the firm strives to be unique when working in such a dynamic and competitive market. “This industry is extremely competitive, so having a USP is crucial. Because of our varied and rich skill set, covering not only architecture and design but also applied research into future scenario making and high level of international experience in built projects, we are useful in providing a different perspective supported by academic research. This research means that we can involve a wide ranging constituency of expert advice and opinion, and involve the freshest minds in objective analysis, sometime areas of concern

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

Moving forward, Layton is excited about the firm’s expansion plans which will see it build upon its international following. “The future for us lies in exploring the partnerships we are building internationally, with the east, China, India, and the newly emerging markets in Africa and South America being our core focus. These markets share immense resource rich potential and are future investment attractors beyond the usual business ventures, the global nomadic trend suggests that population mobility will underpin the nature of communities and their needs. “Having noted then vagaries of the market and the uncertainty over BREXIT, it is really important to take a global view and look to the growing needs of countries like India with their 100 cities programme and the far east countries which are all reinventing both the idea of a new urbanism and alleviating the housing crisis ;and the changes that new transport scenarios such as driverless cars will create. “Finally, it is important to highlight that as academics working at Ravensbourne in a world class stimulating creative design education institution, we nurture the same cross discipline collaboration ethos to create a bridge between industry and academia. and key to this is Ravensbournes and Desitectures approach to talent and experiment.”



Company: Drexel University Website:

BUILD Academia Award: Drexel University’s Architectural Programme

Drexel University Drexel University is a Philadelphia based learning organisation with a dedicated architectural programme. We invited Allen Sabinson, the Dean of Drexel University’s Westphal College of Media Arts & Design, to talk us through the programme and its dedication to producing the leading architectural innovators of the future. rexel’s Bachelor of Architecture curriculum offers a wide range of professional architecture courses to prepare students for careers in architecture and related fields. Drexel’s work/study program is an experiential-based learning model that complements and provides an alternative to traditional studio-based programs.


At the heart of the curriculum are the design studios where students are challenged to apply their knowledge acquired from the above disciplines to consequential design problems. The Drexel model provides a practical, high-quality education to those students who seek early exposure to daily architectural practice as well as an affordable alternative to students who could not otherwise be able to enter the profession. Allen outlines the programme’s mission and the techniques employed to achieve this. “The mission of the Drexel Architecture Program is to pursue architecture as a professional discipline by combining the rigors of the academy with the realities of contemporary architectural practice. The program does this by providing a strong, broadly based curriculum in the arts, humanities, social sciences and the applied sciences coupled with professional courses taught by an outstanding faculty who reflect the broad diversity of architectural practice today.” The practice of architecture requires a unique skill set—creative thinking and aesthetic sensitivity balanced with technical knowledge, cultural understanding, and social responsibility, all coupled with the ability to communicate effectively. Allen explains the programme’s approach to preparing students for work in the industry and ensuring that they have the necessary skills to flourish within the market. “Drexel’s work/study program assists students in finding positions in architectural firms to work during the day and take classes at night.

“In addition, our faculty is rooted in the industry. It is highly credentialed, including FAIA, PhDs and LEED certifications. Additionally, in addition to a robust and gifted full-time faculty we embrace our part-time professors who are notable working architects. Students receive direct feedback and instruction from these professionals, and they gain insight into the working life of a contemporary architect through this exposure and the work/study program. “Alongside this, we fully utilize the rich variety of architecture of Philadelphia. Local buildings from the 17th century up to current construction sites are a regular extension of our campus, and the Architecture program offers several unique study abroad programs which takes students to some of the world’s greatest architectural capitals.” As a final comment Allen talks us through the opportunities the department has going forward and how it intends to capitalise on these. “Looking to the future, there are a number of exciting developments for our firm which will provide us with some great opportunities for growth. With our colleagues in the Departments of Architecture & Interiors, Design, and Digital media, we have just launched a new Master’s program in Design Research which will enable students to explore this College’s strengths in the built environment, high tech fabrication, and design thinking. We are also in the final stages of planning for an innovative new graduate program that will focus on a holistic view of urban environments which will launch in September 2017. “Excitingly, our Architecture Program is among the first 14 programs in the country to be accepted into a new initiative spearheaded by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB). The Integrated Path Initiative will give students the opportunity to achieve licensure before graduation—an important innovation affording Drexel architecture students the chance to jumpstart their careers through their studies, work experience, and licensure examinations.”

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Edge Design Name: Eirini Tsitoura Email: Web Address: Address: 31 Othonos str, Lamia, Greece Telephone: 0030 22310 21208

Award for Innovation in Contemporary Design - Greece & Award for Excellence in Energy Efficient Design - Greece

Edge Design Edge Design is a firm of architects and engineers who design and construct buildings, and other physical structures, ranging from urban through to residential and commercial. We invited Founder Eirini Tsitoura to tell us more about the firm and its latest projects.

dge Design is an architectural practice based in Lamia, Greece and was established in 2006 by Eirini Tsitoura, architect and Costas Tsitouras, civil engineer. Eirini talks us through how the firm endeavours to remain at the cutting edge of architectural design in order to ensure clients receive the very best outcome for their projects.


“At Edge Design we believe in providing services that our client can be pleased with, by creating designs which introduce modern ideas, dynamism and functionality, at an economical price. We follow current design trends and new architectural construction technologies, in order to provide what is cutting edge in architecture today. “In designing, we aim to always push the boundaries and break the norms in order to achieve uniquely personal concepts that meet the needs of our clients, while challenging design ideas. At the same time, our team is successful in delivering economic designs that do not lack in innovation and quality, treating tight budgets more as a challenge than as a disadvantage.” The firm’s process relies on collaboration, both with the client and the firm’s industry peers, as Eirini describes. “Our design process begins with simple, black figures on paper and slowly gets to the point of finalized construction detailed drawings. As a professional firm, we provide a range of architectural and engineering services from concept to completion. Services based on design drawings, architectural structure, construction drawings and/or research behaviour of a building or any other kind of system that is to be or have been constructed. We offer day-to-day inspection and we check every stage of the construction process. We deliver the details and the specifications. We also deliver as much co-ordination on site as is required. “Fundamentally we are a collaborative and dynamic team which assembles and motivates other designers, suppliers and finally client relationships. We are open

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

to collaborating with other architectural firms or firms related to building construction. So far, we have collaborated with great success with G3 International on a large scale industrial site development. We have also collaborated with engineers from Lamia on small and medium scale residential developments.” Every project has its own challenges, but Eirini believes these can be used to the clients’ advantage when starting work on a project. “When working on a new project we try to see every challenge as an opportunity to create something new and exciting. Environmentally, most of the times buildings do not have good orientation, so there is the need for solutions in order to achieve thermal comfort internally. Daylight is also another important parameter, and we are always working to create light in dark spaces. “As far as aesthetics are concerned we try to understand what our client’s vision is. Most of the times clients have an idea of what they want their space to look like or how they want to use it or circulate in it but cannot express it. Architecture has to do a lot with psychology. We have to listen, understand and decode what are our clients’ wishes and incorporate them to the design. “Therefore, in order to keep our clients happy, we inform them of every step of the process and we try to ensure that they understand and they are happy with it. We try our best to feel that they have the control over serious decisions either during the design stage or the construction.” Moving forward, Eirini makes it clear that the firm’s focus in the coming months will be international collaboration, as it seeks to build a name for itself in the global architectural market. “Our vision for the future is to get the opportunity to design and construct buildings in other parts of the world and to be given the chance to see other construction methods and design approaches. This will provide us with many exciting opportunities which we look forward to taking advantage of.”



Company: University of Greenwich, Department of Engineering Science Name: Professor CD Hills Email: Web Address: Address: Department of Engineering Science, Faculty of Engineering and Science, University of Greenwich, Chatham Maritime, Kent ME4 4TB Telephone: 0208 331 9820

Best Low Carbon Innovation Research Institution & BUILD Excellence Award for Sustainable Solutions

Faculty of Engineering and Science, University of Greenwich The Department of Engineering Science at the University of Greenwich provides expert services to industry in a range of engineering disciplines, including environmental engineering. We spoke to Professor Colin Hills to learn more about the department’s vital research. he Department of Engineering Science’s research and development capabilities extends from fundamental research to commercialising our IP, through to the formation of spin-out companies and technology licensing opportunities. Colin explains the department’s overall mission and how its research was focused on achieving it.


“It is our mission to continue to develop and apply innovative low-carbon technology for the manufacture of products made from mineralised CO2. “As such, we have been developing a route for the mineralisation of CO2 gas produced by industrial processes. This has led to world-beating technology that is being used in the first two of five planned UK commercial plants. These produce an artificial stone for use in construction. The CO2 gas captured is permanently held in the aggregate product as limestone.” Currently, the development of sustainability initiatives and the reduction in waste being set to landfill means a number of opportunities are now presenting themselves. The forthcoming European Circular Economy Directive is a potential game-changer. However, by working closely with the Environment Agency and by supporting our innovative technology with international peer-reviewed journal publications, confidence that innovative technology will deliver change can be significantly enhanced. Colin talks us through how his department works to evolve in order to stay ahead of the ever changing market in which it operates. “To meet the needs of industry, Greenwich is innovative, whether it is in the field of material handling, robotics, 3D manufacturing or in low-carbon innovative materials made from CO2 gas collected from a flue gas. Universities are a major driver of the UK economy, and Greenwich is no exception. “As we develop more sustainable building technologies and innovative ‘green’ materials, architects will be at the ‘sharp’ end, as there will be a real choice of low-carbon materials/solutions to help meet the greatest challenge of our time- the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere.”

Looking ahead, Colin is eager to emphasise the department’s continued focus on innovation in order to produce new, ground breaking research. “Engineering Science at Greenwich is continually developing its business offering. With respect to teaching, there is a new MSc programme in Water, Waste and Environmental Engineering for 2016-17. New research facilities for mineralising carbon by supercritical and near-supercritical CO2 are now in place. The latest analytical equipment can be used to examine the carbonated products produced. “In addition, exciting new products are being developed over the coming months that including a light weight insulating material produced entirely from mineralised CO2.” As a final comment, Colin expressed his optimism for the future of both his field of study and the wider industry. “This is a very exciting time for materials technology. The use of CO2 as a feedstock for making everyday products is becoming a reality. With a few years, architects will have available high-specification materials all made directly from mineralised CO2, which are likely to include cladding, blocks and decorative stone –all available at competitive prices. It will then become possible to build carbon-negative structures. “Ultimately, it is my belief that we are on the verge of an industrial revolution based upon using carbon in a beneficial way. The chemical technologies necessary to produce everything from plastics to fuel to building materials from captured CO2 is developing or in place. It is primarily the cost of energy and the conversion of these materials that must be addressed, and the ready availability of hydrogen utilising renewable energy sources is key. “The low carbon innovation sets a bench-mark for the production of carbon-negative construction materials (from mineralised CO2). Manufactured carbonated aggregates are commercially available at prices that compete with virgin stone, and these developments have the potential to change the entire market. Overall I am looking forward to exploring the effect they have in more detail.”

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: FOR. design planning Email: Web Address: Address: 9320, Saint-Laurent bld., Suite 819, Montréal (Québec) H2N 1N7 Canada Telephone: +001 514 871-8833

Best Corporate Interior Design Firm 2016 - Montreal & Most Innovative Corporate Focused Architecture Project: Ludia

FOR. is an interior design firm with a unique approach. Natacha Do provides a unique overview of the company.


OR. is the FORum, where public issues are discussed. It is also the FOR in Swiss law, which means where an action is needed. And finally, in French the FOR intérieur is our inner self.

For us, design does not stop to a build project. It is a process, a branding, a way of working, a personality, and mostly about human beings. Our strength is our inner capacity to imbricate and interconnect these elements with sense and coherence. This way of thinking and working explains why every single of our project is true to the client’s values and real to its inner self. After forty years of existence, FOR. touched every single field of interior design possible, but its true colours remain the corporate design. For some, this could be a bore, but we transformed working environments into appealing design. Corporate design is complex because people actually live more into our interiors than what they imagine. Our architectural gestures have to reflect not only the corporate image, but mostly the ones of its workers. This duality makes our design elaborated, extremely detailed and interconnected. But this process cannot be accomplished alone, and this explains why our relationships with our clients are the number one priority on our list. Because we want the best for them, we challenge their ideas and we push them to go further and beyond their limits. At the end of the day, our clients as well as their businesses grow. Throughout these four decades of activities, FOR.’s vision has evolved with the design trends, passing from the closed office tendency of the eighties all the way to the actual open residential vibe given to the corporate spaces. But the face of the city we are based in, Montréal in Canada, also experienced major changes which influenced directly our practice. With its specialized industries such the aerospace, information technology, TV and movie production, this francophone city has attracted thousands of workers and companies from all around the world, and they may not be looking for the ordinary working offices. In fact, most of these businesses hire the best geeks in town and they aim to keep them as long as they can. To do so, they

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

base their employee retention strategy on uncorporate, comfortable and laidback offices, with a maximum number of collaborative and brainstorming spaces, fulfilled of either ping-pong or pool tables, and where the cafeteria is furnished with picnic tables, bars and lounge chairs. Nothing is no longer the same, and FOR. has been a leader to apply this new trend in town. We have been accompanying these IT, production and special effects companies in their transition of strategy for the last ten years. Without knowing it, we have made it our core business and we are recognized for it. People know that by choosing FOR., they make the decision to change their status quo for something greater. In 2006, our design industry also got a push thanks to the title of UNESCO City of Design obtained by Montréal. By attributing this title, UNESCO recognized the critical mass of designers and their contribution to the city’s development and future. Since then, we witness an evolving demand of design quality from the clients as well as the citizens, which encourages us to push our work further and to reach higher standards. The province of Québec may also attain another level soon by adopting a Politic of Architecture, and this means a handful of opportunities for FOR. But before this happens, we will keep on excelling our projects and on educating the population on the importance of good design. What’s next for FOR.? Our future is fulfilled with many creative and innovative projects with clients specialized in IT, video games and special effects. Another niche is starting to rise up for us: the environmental oriented businesses, with sensitized employees well-aware of the impact of our interventions on their spaces. One of our clients in the high security sector may also bring FOR. all over the world with their offices which multiply at a fast rate. Throughout those upcoming projects, we are aware and sensible to the new generation that is coming fast on the market. They redeem casualty, nomadism, movement, absence of boundaries, speed, and more with less.

Their impact on our practice is major: the usual working station tends to disappear, the brightness level is getting lower and lower, the companies capitalize on amazing collaborative spaces, break rooms and cafeterias to satisfy their Millenium employees. FOR. will keep on leading the way to show their clients how to be ahead of this significant change in the way we work. At the end of the day, we do not make projects to win prizes. We realize them to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. But when we do win, we have many reasons to be proud, mainly because we truly know that our projects were conducted with respect, real collaboration, fun and integrity. An integrity which is directly connected to our inner self. Our FOR intérieur.

Picture: André Davignon, President & Artistic Director of FOR. design planning.

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Name: Gerber Architekten Location: Dortmund, Berlin, Hamburg, Riyadh, Shanghai Head Office: Dortmund, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany Address: Tönnishof 9-13, 44149 Dortmund Germany Email: Website: Telephone: +49 231 9065 0 Telefax: +49 231 9065 111

International Design Firm of the Year 2016 - Germany & Best German Housing Project: Front Buildings of the Quarter of Nations Wilhelmsburg

Gerber Architekten Gerber Architekten is one of the best-known architectural practices in Germany and is active nationally and internationally. We examine the practice in more detail and showcase its latest project.

his year, Gerber Architekten is celebrating 50 years in business and more than 140 completed buildings, both nationally and internationally. A diverse team of professionals is based in five international locations. In the head office in Dortmund, in Hamburg, Berlin, Riyadh and Shanghai, a team of 170 architects, interior designers and landscape architects is working together to create a wide range of architecture, distinguished by its simplicity, legibility and contemporary aesthetic.


A wealth of know-how and the combination of young talents and experienced professionals produces a dynamic that makes the practice so strong in its designs and in the creation of innovative architecture. So it is not surprising that large companies and institutions have entrusted Gerber Architekten with commissions, because they have the ability, when faced with the task of synthesizing a variety of interconnected functions and spaces, to put people as the users of architecture and as the determining parameter in the foreground and to address their needs and well-being appropriately. Through intensive consultation with the client, the practice carefully draws together the lines of correlation which link the entrepreneurial building project with its functional and economic demands, the location, the landscape and people as the main stakeholders – expressing this in built form with intelligence and simplicity.

follows a consistent language, thereby providing a conceptual framework for the built form. This distills the interconnections between the building volume, the sequence of spaces, the users, the location and the landscape into a purist object – a unique response to the genius loci. Gerber Architekten delivers an architecture to the highest quality standards which has achieved recognition far beyond the borders of Germany. The practice has designed major projects for Chinese and Saudi Arabian clients, for example the head office of the Phicomm technology company in Shanghai, the Info.HUB for the emerging Kind Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh or the Olaya Metro Station in Riyadh. Gerber Architekten applies the specificity of the location, its culture, its history and topography to the design and uses this to generate the building form. The buildings are custom-made for the location and blend harmoniously into the landscape.

The results are highly regarded buildings, for example the RWE-Tower in Dortmund, the Trade Fair Centre in Karlsruhe or the King Fahad National Library in Riyadh which have generated great interest among both the general public and the media, and have thus contributed to raising the profile of Gerber Architekten.

The firm is committed to the transformation processes which are currently striving to make architecture more integrated, sustainable, ecological and intelligible. The company works with the latest technologies, develops prototype details and employs sustainable building features such as ecological cooling methods or a resource-saving energy supply. The King Fahad National Library in Riyadh is a particularly good example for building in desert conditions. The building envelope consists of a curtain wall and rhomboid white fabric awnings – inspired by traditional tent structures –, which shade the façade and create an interesting pattern of revealing and concealing interior space. The shape of membranes was optimised based on solar path analysis in order to maximize daylight in the interior space, while providing maximum sun protection.

The success of Gerber Architekten is based on the complex and at the same time holistic nature of the designs. The challenge of each project is to create an architecture which is integrated at all levels and from all perspectives and which from the scale of the whole building down to each individual detail

As a founding member of the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) the practice aims for integrated sustainability in its projects. Here, the social aspect is of particular importance. A key point in this is creating places which enable social encounters and interaction.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

In the Quarter of Nations Wilhelmsburg residential project which was built for the 2013 International Building Exhibition (IBA) in Hamburg, ecological, energy- efficient and also social aspects were major design considerations. The result was a model project for intercultural living – providing accommodation for more than 1,700 residents from over 30 countries. Gerber Architekten completed a traditional red brickwork workers‘ housing estate which was built in the 1930s by adding two new buildings constructed to the highly energy efficient “Passivhaus” or “KfW-40” Standard. Inspired by the quality and the essential elements of the existing architecture, the two head- end buildings reinterpret these in an independent architectural language to produce sculptural forms. The 75 subsidised residential units have varied sizes and layouts to ensure a diversified range of living options and a good social mix in the Quarter of Nations. In their designs, Gerber Architekten place particular emphasis on the dialogue between the internal and external spaces of a building. The overall objective is that the functional inner life of the building is revealed and that within the building the user’s gaze is directed towards the surrounding landscape – an idea that serves as the basis of the design concept. The designs and the completed buildings of Gerber Architekten succeed in bringing together the interplay of open and closed, light and shade, lightness, intimacy and functionality, so that spaces are created where people feel good. Name: Front Buildings of the Quarter of Nations Wilhelmsburg Category: Residential, New building Location: Hamburg, Germany Client: SAGA Siedlungsaktiengesellschaft Hamburg Architect: Gerber Architekten Competition: 2008 Construction Period: 05.2012 – 09.2014 Completion: 09.2014 GFA: 10.500 m² GV: 34.000 m³ Useable Area: 7.000 m²

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Company: GOAStudio Architects Website:

Best Residential Architecture Firm - London

GOAStudio Architects is a boutique multi-award winning practice that offers specialized and client-focused architectural services to individuals in London’s residential sector. The core team consists of Mr George Omalianakis, BA (Hons) B.Arch Pg Dip ARB RIBA and, Miss Umi Ishimoto, BA (Hons) Graphic Design : Visual Communications. We caught up with George Omalianakis to learn more.


eorge Omalianakis is a chartered architect with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and registered with the Architects Registration Board (ARB), and has extensive experience in working on a variety of residential, commercial and educational sectors.

At GOAStudio he is personally responsible for every project from start to finish; he likes to make sure that the clients are fully engaged, challenged and are made active participants during the design process. George explains what makes the firm unique and marks it out as the best option for clients. “In terms of making ourselves unique from our competitors it is the Alice in Wonderland effect we try to recreate when considering long views through spaces. It is the airport terminal effect we try to avoid when designing living areas. It is the cathedral effect that makes volumes special and creates a sense of lightness. The garden is always the stage when trying to decide on the internal lighting levels. Our clients listen and understand the metaphors and the way we describe things; they seem to enjoy the way we talk about architecture. It is through

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

language and a bit of magic that we manage to communicate ideas, choices and experiences. Architectural design is an extremely complex process with a number of technical, legal and construction issues that need to be resolved along the duration of a project. In addition, we try to communicate all this while at the same time retaining the focus on the essence of what we do and why we do it is important to our clients.” Going forward, George was keen to focus on the firm’s exciting and opportunity laden future. “Looking ahead, we have a very diverse workload at the moment and in the next year we look to complete a number of very exciting and special projects we currently have on our drawing board and which are about to start on site later this year; including an environmentally sustainable remodelling and substantial extension of a property in west London (solar panels, increased levels of insulation, sustainable choice of materials), which will provide us with the opportunity to grow our knowledge and experience in the sustainable market.”














Company: HLF Planning Ltd Name: David Bevan MRTPI AMIMA Email: Web Address: Address: 5 Poole Road, Bournemouth BH2 5QL Telephone: 01202 205017

Best Town Planning Consultancy - Dorset

HLF Planning is an established Royal Town Planning Institute recognised (RTPI) Town Planning Consultancy that specialises in obtaining planning permission for home-owners, the leisure industry, commercial clients and property developers. David Bevan talks us through the firm and the services it provides.


LF Planning offer a wide range of services to cover the full spectrum of the Town and Country Planning Act. David outlines these services and explains how the firm is dedicated to supporting its clients in obtaining the relevant permission.

“Our mission is to obtain planning permission for our clients. We look after their best interests and give professional advice on the different options available and the best chances of success. “Therefore, whether you need a small extension to your home, want to develop your land, are faced with planning enforcement action or want to object to an application nearby, our team are ready to assist you.” One of the firm’s recent projects, of which David is particularly proud, is its work in Bournemouth supporting the conversion of a former hotel.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

“Bournemouth have recently adopted a new approach to dealing with the loss of hotels in the borough. We had a site that was located very central to the town, near to the beach and local attractions. Throughout the planning application we had to justify its loss by using evidence relating to the finances of the business and the tourism industry as a whole. We were very pleased that we established that the hotel use could cease and obtained planning permission for flats.” Ultimately, David believes that the firm’s success is down to its dedication to supporting its clients and providing a full service. “Here at HLF we do not churn out work, each site has to be considered on its own merits and this is the approach we take a bespoke service for every job. We also often work on a fixed fee basis, which avoids bills mounting up as well as occasionally working on a success fee basis.”



Company: Hufcor, Inc. Website:

Best for Operable Walls - USA & BUILD Product Innovation Award: FlexTact™

Hufcor, Inc. a global company, headquartered in Janesville, Wisconsin combines the strength of engineering and design to drive creative innovation in flexible space solutions. We invited Mike Kontranowski to talk us through the company and why it’s leadership and innovation has led its current success. ounded in 1900, Hufcor has been leading the industry from operable walls to the future of acoustical glass wall solutions. Our history for quality products and service continues to be the foundation for exceeding customer needs and creating space for improved and reusable environments. “Over 115 years of experience and the spirit of innovation, teamwork and solving challenges has naturally led us to the design of Hufcor’s award-winning FlexTact tactical training system”, explains Mike Kontranowski, VP - Marketing for Hufcor.


The safety of police, firefighters and their respective communities depends on the preparation and training prior to meeting with dangerous field situations. Often expensive and time-consuming, training can be burdensome when staff and departments are sent to off-site locations to receive training scenarios. Hufcor’s FlexTact situational training system is an affordable way to design a multi-purpose training center.

“Hufcor’s FlexTact system also improves our firefighter and rescue training sessions tenfold by allowing quick and easy configurations”, says Ron Privett, Assist Chief, Fort Wayne Fire Department. “Trainees no longer memorize their rescue routes, and every exercise is different.” Ultimately, when it comes to protecting our public safety heroes and the communities they serve, the innovation, expandability, and versatility of Hufcor’s FlexTact system helps with thoughtful, intelligent training. Safer approaches to public safety ultimately saves time, money, - and most importantly - people’s lives.

“Drawing on the design of Hufcor’s standard products, our Engineering and Sales teams applied minor modifications to meet individualized customer needs”, explains Scott Staedter, FlexTact concept design and ongoing consultant. “Using new vertical bulb seals and pass door latching mechanisms, the system can also encompass our flagship Unispan overhead support system, perfect for retrofitting an existing facility.” The first architectural firm to design the use of FlexTact was Schenkel Shultz, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Reconfiguring entire room floor plans within 20 – 30 minutes, instructors and teams can set up simulated room floor plans including hotels, residential buildings and school classrooms. Working within one layout, trainees can then reset the building to reflect a different configuration while instructors review an exercise. This flexibility enhances the training experience, with overhead tracks allowing trainers to quickly set up new floor plans and training scenarios. “The FlexTact system helps to create real-life scenarios by simply resetting the panels. This system comes as close to reality as any situational training I have experienced and trained in”, says Training Officer/ PFC Keith Holmes, Ft. Pierce, FL Police Department.

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Hofrichter-Ritter Architects Website:

Best Architectural Planning Firm 2016 - Austria

HOFRICHTER-RITTER Architects Hofrichter-Ritter Architects are an architectural firm based in Graz, Austria. We invited Gernot Ritter to tell us more.


ofrichter-Ritter Architects specialise in designing sports facilities, religious buildings and residential buildings. Gernot outlines the firm’s approach to design.

“Architecture is an artistic fact an emotional phenomenon; it has nothing to do with pure design issues, through form, symbolism, expression and posture. Architecture is not only for the privileged, but the whole society. “In addition to the design architecture is the vision and commitment of the owners for the success of a building. There should be a synergy between architect and client. We see all kinds of structural intervention as object of architecture “In addition to the urban environment every place has a story. Its geographical location for millions of years. In order to deal respectfully is for us crucial. As such we view the surrounding space and the quality of a building as a key part of our approach. The surrounding space is a kind of foyer, which prepares the user to the building. Working with this aspect is important for us in the drama of experiencing a building We are an office that very personally concerned with the builders. Each of us actually doing anything. We identify very personal with the client.” One of the firm’s latest projects is the three-section sports hall of BG/BORG Graz Liebenau – called Blue Box – should be seen as an additional module within the whole complex of the existing sports and school building, which functions, however, as a free-standing building as a result of the strong identity-forming effect of its external appearance. The divisible hall, whose interior is 9 metres high, is sunk approx. 4 m into the ground, to bring the height of the building to a level compatible with the surrounding parts of the complex and with the local residents.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

The fixed stands area is designed for 300 people and an additional 6 wheelchair spaces. Three telescopic seating stands enable the capacity to be enlarged by 264 people to a total of 566 spectators. The unity of the hall and sports area is a significant element in urban spatial design: The facade of the hall has the same structured blue surface as the sports area with its rubber coating. The design unity thus produced creates an entrance area in the school grounds, which already has strong associative references to sport. The horizontal caesura in the base, in the form of a glass band that can be illuminated, also makes the structure appear light. In the jointed, low structure connecting the existing building of the “old sports hall” and the new hall, the en-trances and the foyer with a small buffet area and adjoining rooms are located. Through the synergetic use of the existing – and now renovated and optimised – washrooms within the “old” sports hall, the direct connection can also be justified in terms of function for external use in the form of events. As an anti-glare measure, the sports hall itself is lit naturally from the north side. Additional dome rooflights, which serve the purpose of fume extraction, provide pleasant floor lighting. Access is designed in such a way that, on the one hand, a strict division is possible between school use and external use by clubs, for example, and on the other hand, between visitors to events and players: External users and organisers/players have access to the sports hall via the running track in the north of the grounds and enter the building from the new north-east forecourt, so that the existing school building is not used and lessons are not disturbed. Access for visitors to events is via the main, central axis of the school grounds and through the new main entrance, on the school side, into the foyer, from where the seating in the stands can be reached and is wheelchair accessible. Pupils and teachers have direct access from the existing building via the stairwell to only the changing rooms and sports halls.

The basement is used exclusively by the athletes and those accompanying them. Via the stairs or lift, you reach a dirty corridor that leads to the changing rooms with washrooms, as well as to the building services rooms and adjoining rooms. One of the three changing room units, which each have two cubicles, is reserved for wheel-chair users and equipped with a suitable shower. A washroom and a wheelchair-accessible WC, which is also designed for general use by pupils or athletes during training, complete the facilities. Athletes reach the sports hall from the changing rooms via the clean corridor. Looking ahead, Gernot outlines the firm’s future plans. “We believe that the renovation and conversion of existing buildings is important. The future of architecture is to provide its spaces that are sustainable and timeless.”

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Company: Interior Design Philosophy Name: Jorge Canete Email: Web Address: Address: Domaine de la Chartreuse de La Lance, CH – 1426 Concise (VD) Switzerland Telephone: +41787102534

Best International Interior Designer 2016

Jorge Canete Interior Design Philosophy Interior Design Philosophy is the architectural design practice of: multi-award winning interior designer Jorge Canete. We invited him to talk us through his style and what influences it.


orge Canete started his career in luxury products, which sharpened his sense of items of beauty (Ungaro, Bvlgari, Mugler) and an MBA, he decided to express his creativity in 3D through interior design.

A diploma in “Interior Design” by the London Metropolitan University and several architectural projects at architecture studios in Rome and Geneva served as his launch pad allowing him to set up his own studio: Interior Design Philosophy. Jorge explains his style and the various factors that influence it. “With regards to my style, I like to combine elements from different periods; for example, mixing antiques with contemporary art. For me it is important to pay a tribute to the past, to our roots but also blend it with contemporary elements. For me it is a normal balance: the past and the present. “The colours I use are often influenced by what I see through open windows. I believe that bringing inside the home the colours from the outside, we create a sense of harmony and real dialogue with the environment. For me the key word is harmony and my biggest challenge is that my client’s home reflects his/her emotion and values. “I have a methodology which helps me to create ultra-personalized projects that are inspired by three elements: the environment, by the place itself, as well as the client’s personality. By combining these three sources of inspiration, the resultant of the equation is unique and coherent every time. “Poetry is also very important for me. It gives sensibility to a décor and opens the door to dreams.” This passion for poetry stems from Jorge’s love of languages. He spent seven years studying Latin, and currently speaks French, Spanish, Italian and English.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

As a final comment, Jorge outlines his life philosophy, which shapes every aspect of his work. “I like the word Serendipity, which means a ‘happy accident’ or ‘pleasant surprise’; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful while not specifically searching for it. It is also part of my process and as Paul Éluard wrote: ‘There is no such thing as chance, only encounters.’”



Company: Kitzig Interior Design GmbH – Architecture Group Name: Olaf Kitzig Email: Web Address: Address: Rosenheimer Strasse 12, 81669 Munich, Germany

German Interior Designer of the Year 2016: Olaf Kitzig

Kitzig Interior Design, has been successfully realizing interior design and architecture projects for 18 years. We spoke to the award winning proprietor Olaf Kitzig to find out more about his unique style.


he core competence of Olaf Kitzig and his co-workers’ lies in the area of the Hotel indus-try/Catering trade as well as in the production of tailor-made concepts for the Shop and Retail design. Olaf outlines how the firm has risen to the success it is today.

“Our 39-strong team, consisting of interior decorators, architects, designers and graphic artists look after objects in-land and overseas. Our offices develop client’s projects comprehensively. We are your reliable contact partner for interior design and structural engineering. In the area of hotels – notable and well-known names trust in our competence. We create innovative space experiences which unite aesthetic and technology with the modern claims of the guest target group. Clarity and structure, value for money and economic efficiency mark the creative concepts of Kitzig Interior Design. “With Kitzig Interior Design, you can rely on a partner who has successfully accomplished interior design and architectural projects both domestically and international over the past 18 years, who passionately supervises projects, from initial planning to the finished project, and who works reliably and provides consistent support. “Fundamentally we never lose sight of one particular goal above all: to fulfil the requirements of our customers and their corporate design in the best way possible.” In Germany, the enormous impact of the Bauhaus can hardly be emphasized enough. It was the school for architecture and design, founded by Walter Gropius 1919 in Weimar. Herewith, modern German interior design started, the break in style being unbelievable. The buildings designed in Weimar and then also in Dessau, looked so entirely different from the bourgeois living culture of the 19th century.

Modern interior design emphasizes high-quality materials and a clear concept, both being more important than even the latest annual trend. The better the interior design concept was harmonized with the rooms as well as with the customer’s needs, the easier it will be later on to make little modifications when fashion is changing. Working in a market such as this, where quality is of the utmost importance, Olaf believes firms such as his need to work exceptionally hard to support its clients. “End-to-end planning, optimal coordinated project stages and close monitoring provide the basis for a successful project conversion. In Stages, but always with an eye for the purpose and distinct costs. From the first meeting to the inauguration we care about the needs of our clients. “Which can also be said of our core competence – interior design augmented by our 3 P Extra Services: product design, communication design, food&beverage concepts. The 3 P Extra Services of Kitzig Interior Design derive are the logical conclusion of our constant striving for optimized project workflows. In every one of the interior design challenges we are faced with, the foundation for the project to be is laid at the needs assessment and customer analysis stage. This is also precisely from where many other workflows launch into the creative process with similar deliberations.” Overall, Olaf is confident for the future of the firm and is keen to enjoy increasing the firm’s exposure and experience by taking on exciting new projects. The firm are also opening a new office in Dubai.

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: KNELLdesign Name: Hartmut Knell Email: Web Address: Address: Mathildenbadstr.18, D-74206 Bad Wimpfen, Germany Telephone: 0049 (0)7063 234

Most Innovative Furniture Design Company 2016 - Germany

KNELLdesign develop and sell connection systems for formed furniture and rooms independent from the right angle. We spoke to Hartmut Knell to find out more.


NELLdesign partly manufacture the furniture themselves, and are also able to supply components to external manufacturers. Hartmut outlines a recent project and explains how the firm aims to provide clients with the highest possible quality designs.

“One of our recent projects involved planning a flexible room in a church. The planning was done with CAD so that all joint connections can be realized.

“Realizing formed furniture and shaped rooms featuring an invisible connection is a difficult task for our competitors, and as this is a niche market we have developed our own client base, all of whom enjoy the quality designs we produce.” Looking to the future, Hartmut explains his hopes for the market to expand so that his firm can work with a wider range of clients. “Going forward we hope that individually formed objects will become as fashionable in interior architecture as they already are in architecture in general.”

Build 2016 Architecture Awards



Company: Kostow Greenwood Architecture Name: Jane Greenwood, AIA LEED AP and Michael Kostow, AIA LEED AP Email: Web Address: Address: 594 Broadway, Suite 300, New York, NY USA 10012 Telephone: +1-212-334-0116

Best Media & Performing Arts Facility Designers - New York & Best Manhattan Adaptive Reuse Media Centre: MNN Public Access TV

Kostow Greenwood Architects takes an innovative approach to designing space. We invited the firm’s Principals Jane Greenwood and Michael Kostow to provide us with an insight into this creative firm.

ostow Greenwood Architects’ core clientele are performing arts, media and creative firms, where people are expected to perform at their best and collaborate with others to yield experiences that not only entertain but can also change people’s perception. As such Kostow Greenwood Architects is dedicated to creating innovative designs that meet the needs of its exacting clientele. Michael Kostow explains the firm’s mission and the role its clients play in achieving this.

latter part comes from having happy clients and creating a thriving work environment that encourages all of our team to be excellent designers.”

“Our mission is to provide creative designs and focused solutions for environments that support and inspire people to do their best work. Most of our work involves clients who are in creative fields: the arts, design, and media.

“What differentiates us is our people. The culture in our studio reflects the collaborative sprit that we bring to each project. We are passionate about working with creative people to extend their own vision into the world of architecture and design: We are keenly focused on this work, and that makes us stand out.”


Working in such a competitive market means that firms much work hard to stand out from their competitors. Michael is keen to emphasise that it is his staff’s commitment and creativity which marks Kostow Greenwood Architects out as the best option for clients.

“What usually surprises our clients is that we are a small studio practice. People do not expect such large and complex work to come from a group of our size, but this is precisely what gives us our edge; our ensemble approach. We bring the full talents of our team to every commission.”

In addition, it is the firm’s focus on innovation and dedication to always being ahead of industry developments which makes it a great option for clients, as Jane explains.

The firm serves clients who include international broadcast media giants such as CNN, Time-Warner, and SiriusXM Radio, Broadway theatres and other performing arts organizations, non-profits and higher education institutions, and companies that appreciate the special edge they get from working with someone with the firm’s background. These can be product and industrial designers, or others who want a creative office environment.

“For us, latest building and energy codes. U.S. energy codes have become very stringent, and you can’t work around those; you have to address them. You have to stay on top of constantly evolving and energy codes and New York building codes, but that is part of being an architect. Things like artificial lighting change the way we work and are a significant part of our job, but these are challenges that we enjoy overcoming.”

Jane Greenwood adds that the firm strives for excellence in every aspect of its work, with its approach centred around client satisfaction.

Looking ahead, Jane outlines the firm’s exciting future plans, which revolve around enhancing the services they provide.

“Our focus on arts and creative endeavours informs all that we do. We look at the world and work with each other to give our clients, and ourselves, a competitive edge.

“Moving forward, we look to grow our service offerings around our clients’ branding and organizational issues and build upon our current success. Architects have been marginalized from doing everything. First it was project management, then interior design. But that is turning around, and we are taking some of that back, and we look forward to enjoying the opportunities this change will bring. We have some great projects coming up and we look forward to seeing these through to completion.”

“Personally, I always strive for design excellence and enjoy the ride in the process. The firm as a whole is similar; we want to be at the forefront of quality and innovative design, to be well-respected, well-regarded firm. That

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: MBA* [Matchbox Architects Ltd] Name: Neil Scroxton Email: Web Address: Address: Chaff House, Strixton Manor, Strixton, NN29 7PA Telephone: 01933 697229

Best Architectural Practice - Northamptonshire

MBA*, Matchbox Architects Ltd, is a design led practice that specialises in the creation and alteration of the built environment. They pride themselves on providing individual responses to challenging projects, allowing them to develop schemes that respect and enhance context and location, whilst integrating a sense of personality or brand. Neil Scroxton, Managing Director, talks us through the company’s achievements and their hopes for the future. BA* [Matchbox Architects Ltd] is an award winning architecture practice offering a wide range of services. In February 2016 we achieved Paragraph 55 planning approval, which is awarded for a building in the open countryside of outstanding and innovative design. The scheme aims to have a minimal impact on the site so that it can be removed as easily as it can be constructed.


Initiatives such as Northampton Alive have presented opportunities to help sculpt the local built environment, which we are pleased to be involved with. A major challenge for the profession locally, and indeed nationally, is the lack of consistency between local governing bodies and national policy. It has been too easy for individual planning departments to create policy that contradicts the NPPF, and as such, a culture of saying ‘no’ still exists, and hinders potential cultural and social development through the built environment. A positive approach to the planning system would not only improve the standard of buildings that we occupy, but also promote growth and a sense of pride in the places we call home.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

Technology plays a great part in our design development. We are now able to walk clients through virtual buildings before foundations are even calculated, let alone dug. However, technology is not there to replace the role of the Architect; rather we use it to help portray our ideas to a wider audience, and immerse our clients in the design process. MBA* is one of the few architects’ practices that has a higher percentage of female employees compared to male employees. This has been achieved, not through positive discrimination, but by employing people on merit, and on their ability to add value to our clients’ projects. Looking to the future, things can only get better for MBA*. We have grown from a team of one to a team of sixteen staff members over the past six years, and we intend to continue that trend. Over the next 18 months we will be introducing new office locations and continuing to train so as to develop the skillset of the talented individuals within our organisation. We intend to spend the coming years spreading our positive message about the value that Architects bring to society, and through that message we hope to diversify our portfolio further.



Company: MCM Architecture Web Address: Address: 71 Hopton Street, London, SE1 9LR Telephone: 020 7902 0900

Best Workplace Interior Design Company - UK & Most Innovative London Office Project: Estée Lauder

MCM is a creative consultancy of Architects, Designers and Workplace Strategists. We invited Managing Director Jon Race to talk us through the firm and its latest, award winning project.


CM have built a strong reputation on listening to clients’ business aspirations and designing imaginative solutions that perform and inspire. Jon outlines how this is achieved.

“Our clients are challenging, forward thinking and demanding businesses of all sizes from blue chip multinationals to entrepreneurial enterprises. We work by combining sound design thinking with a deep understanding of our clients’ requirements.

training suites from the building reception, offering a glamorous welcome to the many visiting Beauty Advisors attending training. “MCM set out to create a space that ‘works like an office, but does not look, or feel like an office’ and to make everyone feel like the whole building was theirs to be used to the full, from day one.”

“We have a team of exceptional talent with inquiring minds that help our clients imagine the possible and think beyond the expected. Our intention is never to deliver something that merely looks good, it has to respond to tangible needs and address real issues. We believe that design should avoid fads and fashion to stand the test of time and continue to perform against the project drivers for years to come. Our awarding winning work and the many long–term relationships we have developed with our clients over the years, we believe is testament to the success of our approach.” The firm’s relocation of The Estée Lauder Companies UK and Ireland to One Fitzroy is the first time globally, that the business has brought together all of its brands and training facilities under one roof. Jon outlines how the firm worked closely with its clients to create a project which exactly met their needs. “Working closely with The Estée Lauder Companies, MCM Architecture developed a design solution to create an open, transparent and flexible environment that would unite over 25 beauty brands as part of one family, while preserving their individual brand identities. “Set over ten floors, the experience starts from the moment you enter the hotel-style foyer on the ground floor. In order to manage the large numbers of visitors to the training suites on the first and second floors, MCM introduced a dramatic staircase which provides a dedicated entrance to the

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd Name: Maurizio Pellizzoni Email: Web Address: Address: 75-81 Burnaby Street, Fairbank Studio (Studio 8), London SW10 0NS Telephone: 020 7352 3887

Best Luxury Interior Design Boutique - UK & Best London Interior Design Project: GQ Bachelor Pad

Since founding his consultancy Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd in 2007, Maurizio has applied his Italian appreciation of style and design to a range of residential and commercial projects. We explore the dedicated work of this astounding designer.


ased in the Chelsea Design Quarter, Maurizio has created interiors for listed, period properties, new buildings, spacious country mansions and bijou townhouses on an international scale.

Having spent many years as the Home Collection’s Coordinator at Ralph Lauren, Maurizio’s final dressing skills are amongst the most desirable in the industry, and it is this practice of layering and working with an eclectic collection of pieces, which distinguishes Maurizio’s projects from the rest. His unique approach embraces the rare ability to create something enviably stylish from the taste and personality of each and every client. No single project is the same but look carefully and they are all bound together by a common thread whereby each project is crafted into a home that bears the stamp of its owner and brings together their personal belongings. The firm is currently working on several projects in London; each one of them is exciting and unique. Maurizio has recently completed his first project in the USA and is working on an exciting project in his hometown in Italy. For the next few years he will be working in the three of the most incredible cities in the world: London, New York and Milan. Maurizio also recently collaborated with GQ Magazine to style the Bachelor Pad feature. He was given carte blanche to source the location and theme two room settings and set out to translate his passion for design, art and beautiful interiors to GQ readers, but most of all, to challenge perceptions of standard interpretations of luxury. The team at GQ were thrilled with the final dressing of the sets. Ultimately, Maurizio Pellizzoni is sought after around the world - not only for his design skills or as a guest speaker but also for his multifaceted services ranging from home styling, event planning to set design and window dressing. Having recently launched a new special edition cover for B&O PLAY’s Beoplay A9 music system exclusively for Harrods and a luxury rug collection for Colbourns, he is also working on a number of luxury design collaborations including an Isolate Tank aquarium with New York company Okeanos Group and a range of limited edition candles.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

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Company: Medici Design Interior Spaces Email: Phone: +44 (0)7773 782988 Website:

Best E-Interior Company - UK & Best Café Interior Design Project: Ludorati Café

medici design i n t e r i o r

s p a c e s

Medici Design Interior Spaces is the practice of renowned interior designer Heidi Sinclair. We interviewed Heidi to learn more about the secrets behind her success.


eidi Sinclair is the interior designer behind Medici Design Interior Spaces. Specialising in commercial design, Heidi is highly versatile, offering residential services as well as graphic and web design, branding and e-designing.

This latest innovation is particularly unique, as it offers interior design to those who typically would not use the service. Heidi explains how she came up with this innovative service offering. “e-interiors is a new service which is highly accessible, both in terms of pricing and ease of use. Designed for residential clients who might otherwise believe interior design was too costly, I endeavour to involve high street brands, planning the layout and specifying styles which I believe will suit their space so they can then purchase the products themselves. This service can be done remotely and saves the client both time and money.”

Heidi’s style, which is contemporary and focuses on sleek lines and a variety of textures, is exemplified in one of her latest projects, the Ludorati Café. The establishment is Nottingham’s premier board game café bar, and features bright colours contrasted by modern effects. Heidi makes it clear that this project is something she was particularly passionate about, as she focuses only on designs that speak to her heart. “Ludorati Café was a great project and one which I thoroughly enjoyed designing. I only take on projects which I believe I can fulfil to the best of my ability, as I want clients to always receive the very best design. I focus on creating modern spaces, and have a great eye for detail- I imported tiles from Spain for the Café in order to create a perfect finish.” Moving forward, Heidi is keen to work on new commercial ventures and focus on the e-designing. “Overall my focus going forward will be on continuing to continue working on commercial projects, particularly in the hospitality industry. In addition, I am keen to focus on the e-design section of my business.”

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Company: Meehan Associates Email: Web Address: Address: 81 Amiens Street, Dublin 1, D01 N2F5 Tel: +3531-876-4600

Best Sustainable Design Company - Ireland & Best Irish Commercial Fit-out Project: Oracle Block B, Eastpoint Business Park, Dublin

Meehan Associates Meehan Associates are a Dublin based architectural practice. Associate Penny Linton talks us through the practice and its focus on sustainability. eehan Associates provide a full architectural service for new builds and renovations in both the residential and commercial markets. Our specialism is within the field of Sustainability. We believe and take the conscious approach with every project to consider and incorporate the energy and ecological conservation within the building’s design, construction and its operation. The idea of incorporating sustainability, or ecological design, is to ensure that our actions and decisions today do not inhibit the opportunities of future generations.

contractors and quantity surveyors etc. to realise a project and take a sketch through to an innovative, habitable environment.

Our philosophy is to design only sustainable, energy efficient buildings for companies who desire environments intricate to and built as balanced, green, sustainable surroundings. Meehan Associates take the Green Agenda seriously. We were the first USGBC registered Architectural Practice in Ireland and we also act as a LEED AP to project work to deliver the LEED certification within Ireland and internationally with a project currently under construction in Japan. LEED - is an acronym for “Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design” and it is the premium benchmark and certification system for sustainable architecture and the built environment.

Ultimately we were absolutely delighted to receive the awards for the Best Sustainable Design Company – Ireland and Best Irish Commercial Fit-Out Project for our recently completed ORACLE Block B Project within the Eastpoint Business Park, Dublin. We are very lucky our Clients are innovative and forward thinking. In this project we successfully incorporated our clients values of sustainability, wellness and environments and constructed an office environment which is active, transit-friendly, innovative and sustainable.


One of our latest projects ORACLE Block B in the Eastpoint Business Park, Dublin was governed by our Client’s brief, to align their brand, mission, purpose and workforce by delivering an office environment which supports knowledge sharing, teaming and cultures innovation. We feel these aspirations were incorporated into the design and the construction of all the innovative office spaces. Energy reduction was at the heart of the transformation of this drab office block into a leading renovation project. Oracle Block B is a futuristic workplace which is flexible and adaptable. This new workplace embodies a no-waste ethic, it is efficient, sustainable and healthy.

With respect to technology, all our projects are now designed and built with the aid of building information modelling (BIM). Using BIM enables the team to involve all parties at early stages of design, streamlining the process and coordinating to reduce the number of design changes during the construction phases to avoid waste and extra costs.

Moving forward, we have noticed that the last few decades have seen the green construction market evolve from a niche sector to a key contributor to the wider construction industry. Evolutions in technology, marketing and consumer expectations have driven vast growth in the market and provided many firms with the opportunity to showcase their creative flare and innovative thought processes. We hope to be able to continue to grow and design sustainable, energy efficient buildings for companies who implement and value sustainability and their working environment. Architects, clients, developers and contractors all have a responsibly to pursue the act (and art) of building without further deteriorating the planet’s environmental make-up or depleting its resources, and we hope to be at the forefront of this movement.

The key to the success of the ORACLE Block B project was to involve the Design Team at the inception to develop a building which would reduce its energy consumption in conjunction with the building services solution from the outset. With combining the strategies of daylighting, occupancy sensors, installation of a green roof, highly efficient equipment, use of green power, 98% recycling of construction waste, occupant education, photovoltaic panels and solar thermal collector panels the building is showing exemplary performance. With these environmentally sustainable measures, we have received LEED Platinum certification, the highest of LEED certification that will continue to pay dividends through energy saving measures for decades to come for Oracle and the environment. In terms of the Company ethos we have always taken the collaborative approach, there would be no project without a client. We understand that it takes many contributors, clients, designers, consultants, specialists,

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Company: Mellor Dowd Name: Louise Dowd Email: Web Address: Address: Borough Chambers, 1 St Petersgate, Stockport, SK1 1EB Telephone: 0161 443 4718

Best Planning Consultancy 2016 - North West

Mellor Dowd is a chartered town planning consultancy and a corporate member of the Royal Town Planning Institute. Louise Dowd talks us through the firm and its service offering.


ellor Dowd provide a comprehensive town planning service on behalf of private clients and professional clients, such as architects and solicitors.

We offer the complete range of professional planning services, from initial site assessment, through to managing planning applications and appeals processes and everything in between. We pride ourselves in providing sound and practical advice to clients to steer them through the process, which has become increasingly complex. One of our latest projects, Oakwood Hall, Romiley was shortlisted for the RTPI award for the North West, which reflected good planning practice. We obtained planning permission to secure the future of a vacant locally listed building in the Green Belt by converting it into 8 apartments, with the erection of 11 new dwelling houses on site as enabling development. As the site is located in the Green Belt, we negotiated with the local planning authority through the pre-application process, local listing and provided the

Louise Dowd DipURP MRTPI Director of Planning Services

Lucy Wing BSc (Hons) MSc Planning Consultant

very special circumstances required to justify inappropriate development in the Green Belt. The final approved plans allowed this unique building to be retained for the benefit of future generations, whilst also adding value to the character of the site and the wider Chadkirk Valley area. Our mission is to provide a bespoke service for our clients. Every site has different challenges and we always strive for the best outcome for the client. One of our unique areas of specialism is controversial projects where we undertake public consultations to address matters raised by the public or specialist consultees. This hands-on approach, engaging with all parties, has proven to be very successful. Fundamentally, we focus on pre-application discussions with clients to understand the project brief, and then take an ordered approach to pull together a comprehensive application. We project manage the preparation of planning applications, getting the detail right at the beginning of the process to prevent difficulties later on.

Bea Forlani LLB Law, PG Dip (LP) Planning Assistant 2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: MKW Architecture Ltd Name: Tony M Kaba Email: Web Address:

Best Small Architecture Practice - Cheshire

MKW Architecture provide a wide range of services to suit its clients’ requirements. We invited Tony Kaba to tell us more.


KW Architecture actively engage Local Authorities at an early stage of the project and put together the appropriate Design Team to deliver the end product its clients aspire to. Tony provides us with more detail on how the firm adds value to every

In the future, Tony believes that the market will continue to adapt to the housing shortage and other political and economic issues, and as such he intends for the company to continue staying at the cutting edge of new industry developments.

project. “Our services are carried out in accordance with the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Plan of Work 2013 (or its most current revision) which is structured in stages to deliver an efficient design and construction process. For simplicity we separate these groups to explain to our clients what is require at Feasibility/Brief Development stage, Pre-Application Stage, Planning Stage, Building Regulations Stage, Tender Stage, Construction Stage and eventual Handover and Operation. “It is our overall mission is to ensure clients are satisfied with the end product. By being professional and carrying out the job with due diligence, clients tend to be satisfied and are likely to recommend you to others. We keep our communication lines open all through the project and provide advice on each stage of the project. Regular design meetings are carried out to ensure all their requirements are catered for and most of the times, even bettered as we may have a different simplified approach yet aesthetically pleasing to achieving the same end result.” There have been a number of redundant office buildings that have been converted to residential use via the Prior Approval policy. This has seen a lot of vacant buildings brought back in to viable uses. Tony explains how this challenge can be overcome. “Engaging with a robust design team in the early stages of the design is important to overcome the issues present by this policy with the main one being issues around mechanical and electrical design to suit the change in use.”

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“Looking ahead, we foresee an upsurge in high-end high-rise apartment blocks in major cities to cope with the overseas investment markets. As such we will be continuing to adapt as a business to these market developments and aiming to offer the same high quality services to all of our future clients.”



Company: Amis des Etrangers au togo (ADET) Name: Dosse Sossouga Email: Web Address: Address: Avenue jean Paul II Telephone: +228 99495859/92473495/22349806

Award for Innovation in Sustainable Development - Togo

NGO: ADET NGOAmis des Etrangers au Togo (NGO:ADET) is an international practice with a focus on social, economic and environmental development. We spoke to Dosse Sossouga to learn more.


GO: ADET is based in Togo and we support development across three key areas: social, economic and environmental.

In social development we promote disable, indigenous, old persons, migrant workers, women and girls and other minority’s rights and gender equality for social inclusion. For this awareness rising has been promoted. With regards to economic development area we promote agriculture, business, technology transfer, industry promotion, etc. Finally, for environmental development we programmed energy for all awareness raising, climate change actions, smart agriculture promotion, economic growth and open government partnership. Our most recent project is our work raining awareness on various issues including immigrants, woman’s rights and sustainable goals. Looking to the future, NGO: ADET’s success is good for the sustainable development implementation success. The firm has annual targets for its sustainability goals and is keen to continue promoting these and supporting people around the world to help make it a better place. Longer term we are keen to grow and expand by renovating our offices so that we can raise awareness and better support people around the world.

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Company: Nick Baker Architects Name: Nick Baker Email: Address: 2nd Floor, Lindsey House, 40-42 Charterhouse Street, London, EC1M 6JN Phone: 020 7490 0644 Fax: 020 7490 0595 Website:

Best for Sustainable Strategic Redevelopment - UK & Best Greater London Education Project: Haydon School

Nick Baker Architects Nick Baker Architects is a design led architectural practice based in London. We caught up with Nick to learn more about the practice and how it came to win these prestigious accolades. N

ick Baker Architects specialise in supporting the education and residential sectors, with additional experience in conservation projects throughout the UK. Nick talks us through the firm’s focus on quality and how this helped it to achieve its current success.

“As an architectural practice we are always focused on the pursuit of quality, from the initial concept design through to the delivery of the completed building. Architecture is a blend of complex forces, from the needs dictated by individuals to the performance of building materials. “We believe there is design opportunity in every project and at every stage in the process, and this conviction is the basis of our approach to our work. Understanding the culture, climate and identity of a place is key to a projects success. Every project is subject to ongoing in house design reviews, this process of demanding design selection ensures that the quality is maintained across all of our projects.” One of the firm’s recent successful undertaking was the Haydon School, the success of which was the culmination of years of dedication to the principles of sustainable architecture, quality of detailing and commitment to the pursuit of high quality contemporary design. Working in close collaboration with the engineering consultants the firm was able to deliver a project worth more than the sum of its parts. They were then able to respond creatively and innovatively to what initially appeared to be suburban constraints, creating a dynamic and sustainable architectural feature in this challenging section of Haydon School. Ultimately Nick believes that it is the firm’s dedication to quality that will help it to achieve even greater success going forward. “Our future success will, we believe, come as a product of the principles which have sustained us to date. We intend to allow the practice to grow organically, maintaining the same quality bespoke service for our clients as our involvement in larger projects increases, maintaining our emphasis on design quality and detailing through design review and maintaining our focus on residential, education and conservation sections. The recent completion of the activity hall at Haydon School provides a foundation for the practice to develop our portfolio of education projects in the future.”

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Company: NOVA5 architects a/s Name: NOVA5 Architects Email: Web Address: Address: Æbeløgade 4, 2nd floor, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø Telephone: +45 3393 0880

Transformation Architects of the Year 2016 - Denmark & Best Nordic Sustainable Transformation Project: Vibenshus School

NOVA5 NOVA5 architects is a Copenhagen based practice established in 1994 with a London branch since 2015. We invited Jennifer Dahm Petersen, head of communications, to tell us more.


OVA5 architects design public and private housing, adapted to the ever-changing needs of society, including buildings for education, sports and culture. Jennifer talks us through how the firm approaches every new project.

“The two main core areas of NOVA5 are buildings for living and learning. Since establishing the company, we have had a steady flow of incoming commissions, partly due to clear concepts and satisfied clients, and mainly due to our twenty employees half of whom are women and half men, who are very skilled and participate in continuing professional development.

a new family housing with 32 dwellings, based on the Nordic Built Charter’s 10 sustainable principles.” Looking to the future, Jennifer outlines the firm’s future focuses and dedication to excellence.

“For every new project, we always acquaint ourselves with the physical context and all the social and economic circumstances surrounding the project. In the early phases, we involve the client and the users - or actually, we let ourselves get involved in their wishes and needs. Ultimately, we are able to develop a concept, which adds value and surprising solutions, that they had never imagined themselves.

“Here at NOVA5, we are very selective about the projects we take on. As a creative practice, we cultivate innovation. Above all, we are very aware of and humble to - the fact, that architecture matters and that we architects can make a difference. Historically speaking, Denmark has long been a well-functioning welfare state, and the main concern of NOVA5 is to balance the softer Danish values with sensible solutions. Right now, we are especially proud of being involved in a housing project for refugees as well as a shelter for young homeless people in Copenhagen. Another exciting project is ‘Sport City’, a 2400 m2 extension to an existing high school and its sport facilities, which will result in a large contemporary complex for physical education and leisure activity.

“One of our absolute core focuses is durability. NOVA5 has several in-house DGNB certified consultants, who follow all our projects from day one. Furthermore, we have been involved in pilot projects e.g. concerning energy optimization in connection to building renewals. In our new building, we always incorporate or develop sustainable solutions. Currently, we are conducting

“Over the past year we have founded an interdisciplinary cooperation in England supported by the Danish Foreign Ministry. “Community Plus” is established to share Danish know-how on transformation of social housing, and entering a new market in a new country and building a new professional network is our absolutely among the most interesting challenge in the near future.”

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Company: PC Roche + Associates Address: 48 Seafield Road West, Clontarf, Dublin 3 Phone: +35318337242 Email: Website:

Landscape Designers of the Year 2016 - Ireland & Recognised Leader in Sustainable Landscape Design - Ireland

PC Roche + Associates PC Roche + Associates is a dedicated architecture practice based in Dublin. We profile the firm and explore how it aims to achieve excellence in every aspect of its work. stablished in 1984, PC Roche and Associates has since built up a strong reputation and is now an award winning landscape design practice. Over the years a wide range of projects has been successfully completed, ranging from detailed landscape design to complex site planning projects in both urban and rural locations, throughout Ireland and overseas. As members of the Irish Landscape Institute and the European Landscape Architects Association the firm has proved itself to be the ideal partner for anyone seeking quality, innovative landscape designs.


The practice consists of a small but experienced staffs that are regularly involved with other professionals in multi-disciplinary design teams working on a wide variety of projects. The emphasis on delivering a quality product extends from presentation work through the design process to close site supervision.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

The majority of the projects undertaken by this firm are in association with other building related professional teams. Several projects are undertaken on a direct client basis. Over 60% of the practices’ workload consists of projects for existing satisfied clients, highlighting the firm’s skills and commitment to excellence. Concentrating on delivering high quality schemes from presentation through the design process to on-site supervision, the practice utilises fully the capabilities of computer-aided design from survey, presentation to detailed working drawings. Cass Roche the firm’s Principal, is a landscape architect with the many qualifications and a great deal of experience who is, as such, ideally positioned to steer the firm towards greater success in the future.



Company: M.S. in Sustainable Design Program at Philadelphia University Website: Phone: 215.951.2928 Email: Address: 4201 Henry Avenue, Philadelphia University, SEED Center, Philadelphia, PA 19144

Recognised Leader in Sustainable Design Education - USA

The Master of Science in Sustainable Design Program at Philadelphia University is a transdisciplinary collaborative educational program that prepares future leaders in the field of sustainable design and sustainability.


ob Fleming, director of the M.S. in Sustainable Design Program at Philadelphia University, spoke passionately about the prospects of the program, which began in fall 2007 and is one of only a handful in the country.

“We offer a unique program that draws talented individuals from around the world who all share a common goal,” Fleming said. “Our mission is to teach as many people about sustainability as quickly and as well as possible,” he said. “Society continues to move towards the inevitable conclusion of a sustainable future. Our program is preparing the next generation of leaders to accelerate progress towards a future that unites the desire to do well with the desire to do good.” The approach that Fleming takes to working on projects is unique, and speaks volumes about the program’s commitment to the future through sustainable design.

“Unlike other design schools that reward individual achievement and competition, we focus on open source, collaborative learning aimed at a greater purpose,” he said. “We’ve eliminated design juries which typically come at the end of a semester and replaced them with integrated design charrettes at the beginning of the semester. This allows students to build upon the participation of experts in a variety of fields.” Fleming also noted that Philadelphia is a great location for the M.S. in Sustainable Design Program, as it is one of the greenest cities in Pennsylvania and the country The future looks bright for the Sustainable Design Program as many of its graduates have gone on to assume leadership roles in high-level positions in city government, design firms and non-profits. Others have gone on to start their own companies or educational initiatives. Over the long run, the impacts from the graduates from the program will be felt far and wide.

Photo Credit Hussain Aljoher, ‘Philau ‘15’

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Company: PLK Design Limited Telephone: 01923 850 623 Website:

Best Domestic Architecture Building Consultancy - Southern UK

PLK Design Limited is a Chartered Building Consultancy, specialising in domestic architecture. We invited Founder, Managing Director and Architectural Director Paul Kennedy to share with us the history of the firm and the secrets behind its success.


LK Design Limited’s expert services are backed up by more than 25 years of professional architectural design and project management experience in the construction industry, working for private householders and commercial clients alike.

Paul outlines the history of the firm. “Before starting PLK Design Limited with my (now late) wife Kate, I had previously worked for a small architectural practice in Dublin where I was first introduced to house design. I then joined BBC Radio at Broadcasting House in London where I designed and managed radio studio and office construction projects. After four great years at the Beeb, I was offered a position at The First National Bank of Chicago (which later merged with JP Morgan). I spent 12 years there in various architectural and project management roles – ultimately as Vice President and Head of European Real Estate & Facilities. “The idea for PLK Design Limited began in a conversation with Kate one morning in summer 2004 as we were house hunting. We decided that we wanted to design our own house and from there it was a short step to starting our own architectural practice. Kate was very creative and drove the business start-up process from the beginning. She coordinated communication, customer support, advertising, office administration and the million other things that need to be done to build a small business from scratch. My role was to deliver architectural and project management services for our fledgling list of clients. “The first 18 months were very challenging as we tried to work out the correct balance and to find our niche in and around Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex and North West London. We worked in both the commercial and domestic sectors, seeking smaller projects so that we could provide excellent customer care and attention to detail. In this way we found that we slowly picked up a healthy set of clients through family, friends, neighbours, former colleagues and local advertising. In the first year we were commissioned on a really existing project to design extensions for an incredible, original Elizabethan thatched cottage in Stanstead, Essex. It was this project which inspired us to focus mainly on domestic architecture.”

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

Following this project, the firm found themselves with a number of completed projects which gained rapid attention, and by 2006 the firm no longer needed to advertise, with referrals from satisfied clients providing enough business to make the firm the success it is today. Paul outlines a number of projects which have been particularly successful. “PLK Design went from strength to strength in the following years and we completed some really fascinating projects. One in particular that springs to mind is the restoration, extension and expansion of a beautiful High Victorian detached villa in South Hertfordshire, which involved re-constructing crumbling façades, roofs & chimneys, building a new basement, side & rear extensions, a loft conversion, a new detached garage, garden landscaping and a large detached summer house building in the extensive gardens. To add to the fun, the house is Locally Listed, is in a Conservation Area and within the Metropolitan Green Belt. “The garden also boasts an impressive collection of very large protected trees which influenced everything we did to the house and landscape. The design, planning & project management for this project had to be exceptionally meticulous and sensitive which played to PLK Design Limited’s particular strengths. Careful coordination was required with many stakeholders, government agencies and partners to get the project built. Our client and their family moved into the completed home last year and they were so happy that they have since commissioned PLK Design Limited to design a new garden gymnasium building and to redesign/extend their second home.” Looking to the future, Paul is optimistic about the exciting opportunities the firm has in store. “We are looking forward with renewed impetus and excitement to delivering excellent and innovative architectural services to our clients in the next ten years and beyond.”



Company: Rosa May Sampaio Phone: (11) 3085-7100 / 3085-1092 / 3061-2810 Address: Rua Alemanha, 691 – Jd. Europa CEP 01448-010 – São Paulo – SP Website:

Best Interior Design Company 2016 - South America

Rosa May Sampaio Rosa May Sampaio is an interior designer based in São Paulo. We invited her to tell us more about her services.

y company Rosa May Sampaio Interior Architecture and Decoration is based in Sao Paulo with nine people working in the office, two architects and outsourced people including architects based in Rio de Janeiro, Uruguay and Argentina, allowing us to work in a variety of markets. Alongside interior design work we also have done scenery for theatre and films.


The most defying project I did was an old farm in Argentina where I had to incorporate modern technologies without destroying the beautiful park. The project was a challenge but we were lucky to be able to complete it in just nine months. Looking to the future I would like to take on more farm house work and garden design as I love nature.

My mission is to please my clients to be happy on their home incorporating the way they like to live so that they will enjoy it for many years.

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Company: The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community Email: Web Address: Address: 19-22 Charlotte Road, London, EC2A 3SG Telephone: 020 7613 8500

Most Renowned Brownfield Remediation Expert 2016 - UK

The Prince’s Foundation The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community has been transforming lives by building resilient, beautiful places and supporting others to do the same for over 25 years. We invited Chief Executive David Toman to talk us through the firm and its service offering.

he Prince’s Foundation support people by giving them the skills they need to create sustainable places; by delivering the design visions, frameworks and professional teams to build them and by using our practical experience and research to challenge and change current development practice.


We have a very strong record within the UK and globally; where our work ranges from sustainable urban extensions, urban regeneration and brownfield remediation to creating knowledge economies, estate villages and demonstration housing. Our international work has taken us around the world, from Australia to Gabon and Kenya to the Galapagos.

mixed use urban village including 4500 homes for some 12000 people. We later expanded the vision to include the development of a new campus for Swansea University, and Baglan Technology and Innovation Park: around 3000 acres in total. We were instrumental in the original strategic planning for Swansea Bay Campus, organizing stakeholder workshops along our Enquiry By Design format and guiding the overall vision. We worked closely with the appointed architects and further masterplanners to ensure the final buildings and layout reflect the original aims and vision.

Primarily a not-for-profit, the Foundation does have a consultancy arm: Community Capital Ltd. Community Capital believe it is essential to offer a broad and comprehensive set of services that will deliver valuable, sustainable development from concept to delivery. We are expert in envisioning or reframing projects, then providing support from community consultation and design, to quality assurance and governance of the implementation.

Fundamentally the Prince’s Foundation works to create community, and engender places where people want to spend time. With this ethos at our heart we wanted to shape a campus which would have a sense of community. We echoed the principal concepts of a town – mixed use spaces for everyone, services such as high streets, public realm place making that encouraged people to come together. We wanted to ensure this campus provided the space for sparks of creativity and genius to occur.

Our success is evidenced by dozens of satisfied clients, including local and regional authorities, national governments, large estates, listed companies, non-governmental organisations and builders.

For us, it was vital to not only reflect the local character and surroundings but to actively enhance it. The campus is a permeable space, one that the local community can use.

One of our flagship projects which has undoubtedly contributed to us winning this prestigious award has been the creation of Swansea University’s new Bay Campus. This was a crucial milestone along the journey of an overall regeneration of the region.

Some of the greatest challenges arose from the scale of what we wanted to create – an entire 23-acre campus – planned in its entirety from the start as opposed to create in a piecemeal fashion, and bringing key stakeholders on board with this.

Our involvement with this region started with the visioning of Coed Darcy: in 1999, The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community partnered with British Petroleum, what was then the Welsh Development Agency and Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council to create a sustainable village development on the BP owned Llandarcy oil refinery. The site was used to create a

The impact of the project reflects the scale of the ambition: it is now one of the top 5 knowledge economy projects in the EU; in a 10-year period the development programme is likely to create over 10,000 indirect and direct jobs, and likely to create over £3b economic impact.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

During construction, 7500 people worked on site with 78% from Wales. Over 183 contracts were awarded to Welsh companies. Jonathan Taylor, European Investment Bank Vice President, commented on the project at the time, stating: “Swansea stands out as a genuine flagship that provides a model for leading institutions across Europe to follow.” Our Enquiry by Design (EbD) process is one of the Prince’s Foundation’s key planning tools, and the method by which we translate our values into sustainable development and regeneration. Another tool we have developed is an online toolkit called BIMBY which is free for people to use. It condenses our decades of experience of working with communities to provide guides on how they can participate positilvey in the planning process, to create development they would welcome in their neighbourhood: ‘Beauty In My Back Yard’. 
 Ultimately, we prioritise working together with communities and stakeholders to design and create places that are welcomed by all. Our work is guided by ten key principles which we find as universal in their application to creating robust, harmonious design: place, scale, hierarchy, enclosure, decoration, materials, harmony, art, signs and lights, and community.

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: R3Design Developments Ltd Name: Mr. S. Raju Email: Web Address: Address: The Glasshouse, 9 Hallam Close, Littlethorpe, Leicestershire, LE19 2LA Telephone: 0116 2165175

Best Commercial Design & Development Firm - UK

R3Design Developments Ltd is an Architectural Design Consultancy which was established in 2011. We invited Mr. S. Raju to tell us more.


3Design Developments provides a vast service offering which includes design concepts, preparing planning submissions, building regulations submissions, liaising with specialist consultants on behalf of our clients and project management services.

Our Client base is predominately Private Clients, 95+% through referrals, which highlights the level of service we provide. We specialise in bespoke developments within the residential sector, with our work moving into the commercial sector as our Clients requirements & expectations increase. In addition, we have the expertise to help our clients from the initial concept right through to the completion of the build, levels of service are dependent upon client requirements. The Project Management service can prove very helpful to our clients. Whilst we offer a diverse range of projects, I particularly have passion for the more exclusive developments, something a little different. Our designs and developments appear to stand out, which is great. Such projects can be daunting at times, especially when complex. Being able to break a project or task into small stages, address each stage and moving to the next helps me toward achieving the finished article. Looking ahead, we are keen to expand into new sectors in the future in order to better support our clients and continue to meet their ever evolving needs.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards



Company: RMA Reichardt Maas Associates, Architects and Engineers GmbH & Co. KG Name: Professor Juergen Reichardt Email: Web Address: Address: Kaninenberghöhe 2, 45136 Essen, Germany Telephone: 0049 (0) 201 4375377-0

Award for Excellence in Form & Structure - Germany

RMA Reichardt Maas Associates RMA Reichardt Maas Associates operates in Essen, Germany, and Bangalore, India, creating performance based architectural and engineering solutions for holistic design tasks. We invited Professor Juergen Reichardt to tell us more. MA Reichardt Maas Associates work for a wide variety of clients, with one key current project being the design food facilities for Europe scale No.1 discount chain. The key challenges on this project are “matching” precision of process, utilities and architectural projects, in terms of overall quality, cost and time schedules.


The German architecture industry today is still ruled by traditional “stone by stone” building techniques. Performance thinking, BIM technologies, sustainability, changeability only slowly penetrate from “outside”, more than renovating the business from “inside” in terms of an urgently needed active development. Juergen explains how his firm works to ensure it is the very best in the industry, innovating and supporting clients in equal measure to ensure they are the best in the industry. “Often when working with our competitors clients find that basic key issues are often neglected because of poor communication with the client, in order to sort out the specific targets of overall project. To avoid this, we have developed RMA programming tool GENEering™ and engineering tool SYNFAP® for benchmarking and synchronizing diverse project targets and engineering requirements. “As a firm we are quite proud having winning over a period of 20 years’ dozens of architectural and engineering awards, besides being able publishing

some basic engineering tools e.g. worldwide distributed Handbook of Factory Planning. Our clients appreciate overall project success, based on constant RMA research, as well as international approach beyond territorial borders.” One of the firm’s recent successful projects was its work to make Peter’s Bakery in Essen more sustainable, as Juergen is eager to emphasise. “The concept of the project at Peter’s Bakery was to make the building sustainable through the use of the renewable material such as wood in structure, shell and roof. The application of highly innovative, energy-efficient technology for baking and cooling, and the world’s premier of cooling equipment which works without environmental harmful refrigerants were used in order to make this a truly unique and ground breaking project.” As his final comment Juergen describes a number of projects the firm has coming up which will secure its future and cement its representation as one of the best architectural companies in Germany. “Looking ahead, our key focus is on steel structures for adaptive multistory offices and apartments, as well as comprehensive BIM strategies for manufacture process flow, building and utilities. I believe BIM will become increasingly important in the future, and as such we are keen to continue pioneering this technique.”

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Company: Rex Hawkesworth Email: Address: 4 Rampart Gardens, Hilsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO3 5LR Tel: 023 9266 2330

Recognised Expert in Neo Vernacular Housing Initiatives - UK

Rex Hawkesworth he four houses shown were all designed within a period of 30 years stretching from 1976 – 2006, the last of which whilst designed in 2006 was not built until this year. This was a replacement farm dwelling and part of a pair of houses in semi-detached form which underwent some changes within the ten years also. To match the remaining dwelling the final design incorporated a matching front addition whilst maintaining the original design behind. 1


The term Neo-Vernacular Housing Initiative is probably the correct term to apply to this housing scheme as the site was sensitively situated in flat countryside with a five minute car ride from the nearest town edge of Fareham, Hampshire, very much a rural character in itself. The term ‘Initiative’ very much relates to the historical facts relating to the site like those adjoining, which keep horses in the original setting as farm land decreases.

The object was to maintain the character whilst updating the design with something different, but of a similar scale incorporating more modern features at the rear service road but maintaining the fronts’ flatness. This was achieved by adding an extra floor allowing the addition of dormers not to distract from the roads 1900 character excessively.

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The bungalow was in a suburban site at Bedhampton, Hampshire, hidden away behind trees and hardly visible to the public. A swimming pool allowed a purposeful change of elevation to suit the occupantsmainly and to design an elevation specifically related to this and not the public, who would see just another bungalow from the road. 3 The fourth house built in 1976 at Horndean, Hampshire, had no design precedence at all and enabled my housing developer client to visualise that individuality is obtainable by carefully putting together design aspects in particular the mansard roof and good quality materials with hand- made tiles and bricks. Hopefully these houses will provide the beginnings of traditional ‘design’ elements being incorporated to form a design Initiative. 4

The red brick end of terrace house in Portsmouth was of a very distinct nature being in a tight 1890s’ street of repetition terrace design as can be seen in similar situations throughout the U.K.


Sited at the half-way point in the street enabled a slight break in the terrace for maximum effect. 2


1. 2. 3. 4.


Newgate Lane, Fareham Oxford Road, Portsmouth Bedhampton, Havant Horndean, Hants




Company: Romera Y Ruiz Architects SLP Name: Pedro N. Romera Garcia / Angela Ruiz Martinez (Romera y Ruiz architects) Email: / Web Address: Address: c/ Ángel Guerra nº 14, local bajo 35003 – Las Palmas de Gran Canaria CANARY ISLANDS Telephone: 0034 928368804

Best for Housing Restoration & Refurbishment - Spain

ROMERA Y RUIZ ARQUITECTOS Romera Y Ruiz Architects SLP is a Las Palmas based architectural practice offering a wide range of services. We profile the firm and explore its service offering.

edro Romera García, phD Architect, has been Professor of Architectural Design at the School of Architecture of Las Palmas since 1999. Member of the Research Heritage and Landscape Project. Ángela Ruiz Martínez, Architect, is Professor of Landscape Architecture from 2004 to 2008, and Architectural Projects (academic years 2009/2010, 2011/2012) at the School of Architecture of Las Palmas. General coordinator of the Second Biennial of Art, Architecture and Landscape of the Canary Islands, and member of the Island Historical Heritage Commissions of the Cabildo of Gran Canaria, from 2001 to 2005.


Together they founded Romera Y Ruiz Architects in 1999 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria after having worked separately in professional offices at both national and local level. They have developed different projects, planning documents, and participated in numerous cultural activities.

it bows to each new order and forgets what it repeated, fully convinced, only a moment before. Prior to this there used to be an insurmountable architecture which rose up in reproach against the surrounding impoverished landscape, which it confronted and halted: like a brief fragment with a greater specific density, it emerged above the arbitrary disorder of the flood that is drowning absolutely everything. It is beautiful, poetic projects which the firm aims to cultivate, creating spaces in which people feel safe and comforted, with an overall mission to make architecture live. Ultimately the firm’s aim is to create symbolic projects which are both functional and aesthetically interesting.

One of the firm’s recent successful projects was Pasarela building, a mobile and adaptable like weathervane, obediently indicating the prevailing wind,

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: RTSPCPinnacle Architecture & Design Robert T. Sutter, AIA Robert T. Sutter, AIA, PC (New York) Pinnacle Group Design Consultants, LLC Name: Robert T. Sutter, AIA, NCARB Email: Web Address: Address: 136 East 57th Street New York, NY 10022 USA Telephone: +1 646-784-7610

Best Multi Family Williamsburg Residential Project: Patoma Partners

Founded in 1992 by Robert T. Sutter, AIA, RTSPCPinnacle Architecture & Design provides architecture, interior design and related professional services with a special focus on the commercial, corporate, healthcare, technology, educational, financial and residential sectors. We invited Robert to provide us with an absorbing account of the firm’s work since inception and how it has come to achieve its current success. ince inception RTSPCPinnacle Architecture & Design has grown enormously, and the firm was expanded in 2006 with the addition of Principals H. Maura Sordo and George Cho. Headquartered at New York City’s prestigious 57th Street, the firm’s staff includes project representatives across the United States and principal cities of the world.


RTSPCPinnacle works with a wide range of corporate, private, and not-forprofit institutions that share common values, from Fortune 500 companies to individual client/owners. Many of the firm’s clients are headquartered in New York but have an extensive network of global facilities. These clients have come to rely on RTSPCPinnacle as their single source point-of-contact for global design services. In his opening comment Robert talks us through the firm’s latest project and how the firm worked diligently to provide the client with the best possible outcome. “Our latest project is for Cedra Pharmacy where we are involved with four locations, in Dallas TX, New York NY, Beverly Hills and Newport Beach CA. Our designs include Cedra’s luxury pharmacy and cosmetic retail stores, juice bars, spa and compounding pharmacy. We are proud to work with a client that values the quality of design, supports our design efforts, accepts our recommendations, and works every day to foster a consistent brand image. We are equally proud of the outcome, which is innovative, first-class and likely to be award-winning.” “Key challenges that we had to overcome included compelling the various contractors to understand the design, respect the detailing, and deliver a quality product that met expectations. Likewise, it was a continual challenge to get value from the trades and suppliers, and control costs by continually fact-checking quantities and unit costs, and compelling appropriate pricing for the work and materials being delivered.”

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

Robert makes it clear that the firm’s client focused approach is key to achieving its mission: to provide high quality and expeditious, architectural, design, conceptualization and consulting services to select clients for all types of buildings and interiors, from concept planning through to completion. “Our approach is straightforward and simple - our clients are hand-picked and we engage with them as partners in the project process and their business objectives. Experience reminds us there is no substitute for good team member composition and clear communication. Contractors, tradespersons and suppliers are absolute key participants, and we continually advocate quality based selection, and generally refrain from low-bid or low-tender team formation.” “This helps us to achieve our mission, as we always strive to exceed expectations, achieve excellence in design, and deliver exceptional value. We do this by bringing forward a highly skilled and intuitive professional team, using common sense and practical experience. We leverage technology to provide better communication with our clients, both in terms of visual quality and turnaround time.” What truly sets the firm apart, as Robert outlines, is its innovative structure, which provides clients with the very best attributes of being a small practice. “We are unique in that, as a smaller firm, our structure and international staff enable us to bring global expertise and latest world-wide trends, to all our projects. Our clients benefit from the small firm relationship and small firm overhead. This becomes the best possible scenario for many of our clients, that can maintain a single point-of-contact, yet can manage a global portfolio of projects.” Going forward, Robert states that the firm is keen to forge partnerships with clients and offer its services to the wider community in order to build upon its current success.

“At this phase in our career, we look towards making meaningful social contributions that shall hopefully transcend the present firm ownership and elevate future owners to an even better place. We are fortunate that a number of our current projects/clients are going to be trend-setting, and we certainly look forward to sharing these with you in the very near future.”

Photo: Roy Weinstein Photography

“Within the wider industry, there is now a greater emphasis on site safety, along with furtherance of building codes and regulations (i.e. accessibility, sustainability) which pose a daily impact on projects. There is an increasing necessity to gain awareness of these changes, in a structured way, so that the firm can maintain its freedom of design, and not be constrained by new regulations. Quality of continuing education - compulsory for architects and engineers - is now a major consideration for all our staff.”

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Santiesteban & Associates Architects Address: 3903 Northdale Blvd #120w, Tampa, FL 33624 Website:

Best Design-based Architecture Firm - Tampa & Best Layered Architectural Design: Aria Longboat Key

Santiesteban & Associates Architects, LLC (SAA) is an award winning, full-service architectural firm based in Tampa, Florida. We profile the firm and explore the range of services it offers.


AA has established itself as an industry leader in multi-family and condominium design in the State of Florida. The firm has continued to excel not only in this area but also in Hospitality, Retail and large mixed-use development design.

Throughout the years SAA continues to thrive on repeat-clients and growing its client base from successful project after successful project. Word-of-mouth advertising is not only our biggest marketing success but also our greatest complement--giving credence to a strong design philosophy and comprehensive project delivery that continues to exceed the expectations of its clients. In order to achieve this SAA is dedicated to providing clients with the highest level of professional services. The firm strives to achieve this objective and distinguish itself by working closely with each client, listening to their concerns, understanding their goals, and sharing their vision for each project. This begins with conceptual design and continues through all phases of the project. This approach is unique in that each major project contains an in-house “competition” between project designers, which provides clients with multiple schemes from which to choose. Once the concept is selected, the designer continues to oversee the project as it is developed. Through this active involvement by the designer on each project, SAA are able to provide personal attention to our clients and remain flexible and responsive. The firm feel this philosophy contributes directly to the timely delivery of cost-effective and profitable projects, as evidenced by the many satisfied clients who consistently seek the firm’s unique capabilities for their projects. This is emphasised by the firm’s history of providing innovative and extraordinary designs. During his tenure as a lead designer with Smith Barnes Architecture (founded in 1985), the SAA’s current Principal Alcides Santiesteban contributed greatly to the firm’s reputation as a leader in luxury high–rise development. This began by designing the first of 18 luxury high-rise residential towers for visionary developer Raymond Lutgert (The Lutgert Companies). Al Santiesteban and the lead designers of Santiesteban & Associates have designed 11 of the 29 high rise projects in the Gulf-front community of Park Shore in Naples, Florida which has been described as, “The Monaco of the Gulf”. In addition, the firm’s designers have been the

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

exclusive architects for all 7 high-rise residential towers for Lutgert in the Bonita Bay development. Collectively, the lead designers of Santiesteban & Associates have designed over 30 mid/high-rise residential projects for over ten different developers that include over one billion dollars of built residential product in the United States alone. This collection of work has been recognized for design excellence with numerous local and national awards and publications. The design team of Santiesteban & Associates Architects also has extensive experience in international work with projects in Aruba, St. Thomas, Honduras, Costa Rica, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates including a winning competition design for Taif University in Saudi Arabia, a master planned campus the size of the University of Florida. Santiesteban & Associates Architects was also selected as residential architects for Doha tower, the second tallest tower currently under construction in the world. In addition to an abundant experience in luxury multi-family residential development, the firm also have an extensive background in a wide variety of projects, including single-family custom residential, commercial office, retail, hotel, broadcast media, master planning, as well as religious, institutional, and educational facilities. For other design services beyond its scope, SAA has built close relationships with engineers and consultants who are leaders in their respective fields. These include structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical and acoustical engineers, as well as contractors. Additional consultants for wind tunnel analysis, lighting, interior design, code review, cost estimating, elevators, glass and glazing, and roofing are often utilized for their knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. This collaborative work ethic ensures that clients receive a service which exactly meets their needs every time. Ultimately, Santiesteban & Associates Architects’ devotion to design excellence, commitment to our clients’ goals, and dedication to technical competency has proven to be a successful strategy. Going forward, the firm looks forward to providing professional architectural design and consulting services and sharing its clients’ visions.



Company: Sentient Architecture, LLC / Truehome Design.Build Name: Christopher K. Travis - Managing Partner Email: Address: 16070 South Elk Creek Road, Pine, Colorado 80470 Colorado Phone: 303-838-0888 Texas Phone: 979-249-5961

Full-Service Architecture Firm of the Year 2016 - South Central Texas

Sentient Architecture, LLC Sentient Architecture, LLC, offers design services through the firm, and both design and construction management through its dba, Truehome Design.Build. Managing Partner Christopher K. Travis talks us through his firm’s unique psychological approach to residential design.


entient Architecture’s mission is to create homes that fit the lives that its clients want to live. Christopher talks us through the firm’s history and how its unusual approach to design evolved.

“We were established in 1974. Our target market in those days was primarily design/build services for historic restoration and adaptive historic restoration. As our business grew, we expanded the types of projects we took on, and began to work as general contractors for high end architecture firms, while continuing to offer in-house design services. So I have seen the business from many sides.” “By the end of the 1980’s, I decided that the traditional way residential architecture was delivered was flawed, and returned entirely to a design/ build approach. I also felt that the industry was not sufficiently focused on the deeper emotional and psychological needs of its customers. “In 1998, I began to develop a programming process that eventually evolved into a 144-page document, which I call the Truehome Workshop. It merges psychological questions with traditional architecture programming in order

to develop designs that fit the personality, lifestyle, tastes, life priorities and budget of our clients. We seek to tailor living and work spaces in exact ways to fit the nature of their inhabitants. We do this with the goal to enhance our clients’ wellbeing, focusing on the life they want to live in their new home, not just the building. Today this is how our firm is best known.” Travis’ firm has recently expanded its market to the state of Colorado, though they still provide design services in South, Central Texas. He outlines how this development will provide his company with opportunities for growth and expansion. “We now work from an office in the foothills of Denver, Colorado, and are expanding our services into this new market. I am also co-writing a book about the methods we use with Sam Gosling, Ph.D. of The University of Texas at Austin psychology department. The working title is True Home. Sam has done extensive research on how personality is expressed in personal spaces, which makes us natural writing partners. The way we see it, the ‘experience of home’ isn’t a building. It is a unique psychological fingerprint in the brain of each individual.”

2016 Architecture Awards Build


Expert in Architecture Rehabilitation 2016 - Belgium

Sid Studio ArchitectS Sid Studio Architects is an architecture practice based in Brussels lead by Valentina Carrara. Valentina talks us through the firm and its latest projects.


ID Studio Architects specialises in the process of integration between old and new. Valentina explains this process and how the firm aims to support clients in creating an innovative and exciting project.

“The major aim of the practice is the capacity of giving added value to the ancient patrimony when nowadays activities are implemented and nowadays techniques are required. This is possible thanks to the respect of the ancient patrimony and the necessity of being able to respond to the technological nowadays needing. “This is one of the biggest challenges of today’s renovation: the harmonious integration of nowadays techniques into the old constructions without letting them losing their charm. This general approach can be seen into the newly launched project Brux-Up: the residential Brussels buildings have a lot of charms but are not properly maintained and the energy consumption is very high. Brux-Up is a project that put in place an exchange operation between buildings owners (or condos owners) to sell their roof to investors that finance the heightening of the building. With the income of the selling of the roof, condos can finance the rehab of the building. This is not only an architectural operation but also a social and political act. Architecture finds its way by studying the relation between old and new. It is not just about developing a penthouse but also rehabilitate the marvellous Brussels patrimony.” As an engineer as well as an architect Valentina explains her innovative approach to each project and how this impacts on the overall outcome. “Until the 18th century, humanity has always adapted without any problem monuments and cities to their needing. Today the patrimony issue is often an obstacle. My mission is to find a new balance between keeping from the past and building new for the future. My approach when facing an historical building (that can be a depot, a Brussels house from 1920) is like looking into a woman’s wardrobe and issuing the following questions: what’s worth to be kept? What can be converted? What must be thrown away and how? Can I recycle the waste into something new for the building? I start making order in the building as it would be into a wardrobe.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

“Key to the success of every project is a strong understanding of the clients’ needs, and as such I always try to understand these from the outset. This is easily said but it is an art. There are clients who are professionals in the real estate world: they clearly set their targets and their taste. My Montessori education has helped me to be emotionally attentive and to be able to adapt myself to the person I have in front of me, which is vital in this profession.” One of the firm’s latest accomplished projects was the rehabilitation of the historic Hall of Fish Oils in Tour & Taxis, Brussels. Valentina explains why this particular project is of such interest. “This innovative project concerns an old Dock next to which the trains came along to unload the products. The open structure has the form of a “banana” and that was used to stock and sell the fish oils. The structure dates of the beginning of the XX century. The roof has entirely been renovated with nature zinc and what I am very proud of is the design that the zinc bands make looking from above: it is like a big cake divided into small slices. Today the fish oil dock is used for events, receptions and parties. This is a typical rehabilitation project: restoration of the existing without keeping everything, adding of some techniques in order to use with nowadays needing.” As a final comment Valentina explains the changes she hopes to see in the Brussels architecture market. “My wish would be that the public administration recognizes the potential of raising the Brussels houses and facilitate this process through laws and regulations. This happens already in France, Suisse, Austria and Italy. This could invite buildings owners to participate to this big rehabilitation process of the old Brussels patrimony: through the selling of the new entity (that is the heightening of the buildings), the owners can dispose of funds to rehabilitate the underneath building and to raise the energy performances. “Fundamentally I believe that the future of the EU as a whole lies in setting up this process of rehabilitation of the existing patrimony through: being able to throw away but it a good way, reconvert, reuse, densification and simplification of our way of living. The architecture is just a part of this process; other factors have crucial importance like mobility and reduction of consumes. At the end it’s better less but good than more but not lasting.”



Company: Sid Studio ArchitectS Name: Valentina Carrara Email: Web Address: Address: Rue Rasson 64-1, 1030 Brussels Telephone: +32 496165386

2016 Architecture Awards Build


Best Business Concept Creation & Design – Greece & Best Greek F&B Project: Kostarelos Deli

Stirixis Group is a strategy-through-execution awarded consultancy that ensures long-term success. Managing Director Alexander Athanassoulas provides us with a fascinating insight into the secrets behind the firm’s success.

tirixis Group creates, designs, and manages business concepts globally, in the retail, food and beverage, hospitality and leisure industries, providing clients with practical strategic advice based on a clear understanding of implementation, as well as executional skills based on a profound understanding of the business context.


The firm is also able to offer clients valuable experience and unrivalled capabilities gained over the past 19 years, from its 500 projects in 22 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Today, Stirixis Group has offices in London, Athens and Bucharest. Alexander showcases one of the firm’s recent projects and explains how the company sought to create a space which met with the client’s specific requirements. “One of our latest projects we are proud of is the redesign of Diet Watchers retail chain in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Diet Watchers is the topof-mind healthy food caterer in the KSA, owning a chain of 7 retail stores and four clinics for diet food provision to 3,000+ subscribed customers. The client was seeking to create a concept in order to roll out a chain of stores across the region with a strong retail identity characterized by an elite modern style. “Having delivered the strategic concept building and positioning, the architectural design and brand signage as well as the tendering and purchasing services to support construction (which was carried out by our strategic partner in the region, Infadiah), Stirixis Group managed to develop a retail concept for Diet Watchers chain of stores that creates an engaging customer experience which successfully depicts the brand’s values and identity into space attributes and communicates the brand heritage and essence through high quality materials.” What sets the firm apart, according to Alexander, is its focus on creating projects which are more than just the sum of their parts. By communicating with clients to establish their needs the firm is able to create spaces that will exceed their expectations and add value to their businesses. “At Stirixis, we believe that space is more than just a physical location; it is the expression of an integrated process: physical, emotional, strategic, intellectual, financial, experiential. Design for us is the means of expressing all the above in a coherent entity, it is not an end in itself. Design supports and answers to all limitations, interacts with all other project parameters and expresses the strategy along with the looks. “In Greece, which is our country of origin, there is often a tendency architects to try to establish their own architectural design approach without truly taking into consideration customer’s needs and wants. Further, the severe

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

financial crisis Greece is facing, has limited new developments and constructions and hence the opportunity to “meet” new architectural designs in big, influential buildings/landmarks. Having said that, interior renovations to existing buildings have increased and this seems recently to become a noteworthy trend given also that the real estate market is at its low point and people/businesses from abroad have started cautiously investing in Greece.

“We are really optimistic for Stirixis Group future as our strategic focus on incremental international clientele and projects all around the world is at the core of our strategy in sustaining and growing our business.” “Our point of differentiation from other Design Consultancy firms is that our philosophy is based on maximizing Return on Investment for our clients and we are focused always on the business case of the project and its Return on Investment for our clients. Design in all its expressions (architectural, interior, customer experience design etc) is the means to get there, so actually, compared to other professionals of the industry we have a more holistic approach which makes our clients enthusiastic as we get in their shoes and understand their mindframe.” As a final comment Alexander expressed his excitement at the future prospects for the firm, which include a number of innovative new projects, as well as providing his opinion on the future trends in the industry overall. “We are really optimistic for Stirixis Group future as our strategic focus on incremental international clientele and projects all around the world is at the core of our strategy in sustaining and growing our business. New projects are on the way, mainly categorized in two pillars: customers from all over the world understanding our systemic approach hire us for their concepts in other markets; Greek businesses, having gone through the crisis have developed a focus on exports and they choose Stirixis to support them in their new quest. “Within the wider architecture industry, we believe the one-stop shop concept in architecture and design would be the next industry move as clients want to receive 360o support and not segmented services from various consultants. The clients need consultants that can understand and share their vision of success. They need their projects to be successful and sustainable and this does not end at project delivery. The real work starts from project launch.”


109 Company: Stirixis Group Name: Alexander Athanassoulas, President and Managing Director of Stirixis Group Email: Web Address: Stirixis Offices: 50 Broadway Str. SW1H 0RG, London UK Telephone: +44 203 2890870 27 Esperou Str. 14561 Kifissia, Athens Greece Telephone: +30 210 6138312 Fax: +30 210 6138317 1 Intrarea Vasile Paun, Sector 5, Bucharest Romania Telephone: +40 37 3780222

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: SF Design Group Name: Saharnaz Farivar, AIA, President Email: SF@SF-DESIGNGROUP.COM Web Address: Address: 4229 Lafayette Center Drive, Suite 1860, Chantilly, VA 20151 (HQ) and 1825 K Street NW, Suite 375, Washington, DC 20006 Telephone: 703.956.6690

Best for Mixed-Use Developments - Virginia

SF Design Group is a laboratory of hypotheses, design and pragmatic ideals that specialises in providing architecture, urban design, planning and interior design services. We invited firm Founder and President, Saharnaz Farivar, to tell us more.


stablished in 2001, SF Design Group operates a dedicated team which is among the most dedicated, creative, talented and educated professionals in their fields. Saharnaz expresses her pride in her team and the services they provide.

“Here at SF Design Group, our team is technically savvy; they love to serve and inspire. The principals at SF Design Group are actively involved in every project undertaken by the firm. In all of our projects, we adhere to Smart Design principles. It includes working collaboratively with clients and stakeholders to understand each project and identify potential obstacles. As a result, we create a process for successfully delivering each project, which includes meeting program requirements, budget and deadlines, preserving natural resources and the environment, all while maximizing the client’s investment. “For us, Excellence in Design is a Human Right. Our corporate vision is that we believe in a world with stunning spaces and ever-nurturing environments for people by the people, thereby enabling everyone to have access to thought-provoking and practical life-balance workplace design. Our mission is to design to awe our clients, community and ourselves alike; and in doing so, we design with passion and expertise to create spaces that connect people, nurture growth, and inspire creativity. Each day, we strive to provide practical design solutions that motivate and inspire all while in balance with the sacred tenets of the arts, sciences, culture and humanity.” The firm utilises five key values that serve as the foundation of its corporate values in support of its vision and mission. These are applied in the firm’s daily and long-term interactions with clients, teaming partners, and itself along with commitments made. Saharnaz talks us through these values and how they serve to ensure that the firm offers the very highest quality of service at all times. “Conscientious Service: Our passion for creative design solutions drives us to enable our clients to work and live intelligently yet remains mindful of being fiscally responsible and collaboratively democratic.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

“Bold Curiosity & Authenticity: We allow ourselves to be rebellious and curious, challenging each other and our clients to think, live and breathe outside the box. “Collegial Innovation: We are each empowered to incubate a laboratory of hypotheses, design and pragmatic ideals that test known boundaries and pioneer new frontiers for any and all parts of built environments. “Divinity in Details: Simplicity and truthfulness are paramount in everything we do. We believe the entire difference between the monumental and the mundane is in the details. “Compassionate Design: We believe design excellence is smart, democratic and exudes thoughtful quality. Each person, including the displaced, is entitled to consciously sustainable environments that convey a sense of belonging, are high in quality, and practically feasible.” SF Design Group’s main base of operations is in the mid-Atlantic region and its architecture industry is highly competitive. As her concluding comment, Saharnaz emphasises the attributes which set her firm apart and have helped the firm to achieve its current success. “SF Design Group is often and highly regarded for how we take our job personally. We believe in creating nurturing built environments that are comfortable, pleasant, responsible and sustainable which in turn maximizes human potential and well-being—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. One of our client’s recently shared with me when reconnecting with them a year after their initial occupancy on how they find themselves always smiling each and every time the elevator doors open for them to step out and into their firm’s lobby. They further added that they and their colleagues remain pleased and happy with their space, and that it is also a notable ‘selling point’ for their recruitment efforts. Achieving this level of appreciation for our design and how it positively affects a client’s most precious investment— their human capital—is the very reason I established SF Design Group 15 years ago.”



Company: Studio Basheva Address: 39 Fairfax Road, London NW6 4EL Phone: +44 (0)208 133 7125 Website:

Best Bespoke London Residential Design: Chessington II & Full-Service Architecture Firm of the Year - London

Studio Basheva Studio Basheva is an emerging architectural practice based in London that prides itself on delivering high-end residential and commercial projects in UK and abroad. We invited the firm’s Founder, Kathy Basheva to talk us through her background and how she came to create this successful practice.


tudio Basheva offer a full range of architectural services, from a new build, a complete refurbishment, for residential and commercial properties. With an extensive network of consultants, the firm is dedicated to delivering unique and personalised spaces.

Founder Kathy Basheva established her practice in London. She is a multilingual architect, with a background in environmental studies and international experience. With experience in China, the Middle East, Europe and the UK, Kathy brings a unique international understanding and design flair. In addition, Kathy is also the Head of Development at the National Association of Women in Construction and firmly believes in support of the young generation of female professionals stepping into the industry. She is involved in several initiatives, projects and mentorship programs promoting retention and promotion of female staff and professionals in the construction industry. She explains how she has driven her studio to become the success it is today through her dedication to quality and collaboration. “At Studio Basheva we pride ourselves for designing light spaces. We firmly believe in bespoke design, based on dialogue with the client, consultants and other contributors. A lot of what we do sets us apart from our competitors. We deal with bespoke nature of clients. Our uniqueness is that we offer full services incorporating landscape and interior design. We see all aspects of design as an integral part of our clients’ lifestyle. “

Creating such a quality project requires close communication with the client. Kathy outlines how her practice endeavours to ensure clients are supported throughout the process. “When working with the clients, we make sure that we go through an educational stage of guiding the client about the process and the procedures, the people involved, and the mile stones. We make sure we bring on board the best suitable construction company. “From our experience, we have found that establishing the best team around us and communicating with the client improves the quality of the project, and shortens the lead and delivery times. With this format we have managed to deliver many projects from commission to completion less than a year within time frame and budget.” Moving forward, Kathy expressed her anticipation for an exhilarating future for her practice, which encompassed both growth and a range of new projects. “We are actively searching for opportunities with real estate brokers and developers to suit the profile of projects we are interested in. We continue to positively invest in into the future of the company. Our client confidentiality precludes us from discussing projects. We are pleased as there are in the pipeline quite a few interesting initiatives which will bring around very exciting projects.”

Architecture and design are influenced by climate, context, economic and cultural conditions. Kathy outlines how these considerations impact on her firm. “To achieve sustainability in our designs we engage with the client and the local authority from the outset to integrate the project in the local urban and community fabric, achieve low energy consumption and yet have bespoke design features. One of the firms most recent projects was a conversion in Finchley, which Kathy discusses with pride. “A family of six purchased the property to be converted to encompass six bedrooms and five bathrooms to suit their contemporary lifestyle. The unused roof space was converted to a new master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom. The house underwent an intensive partial demolition to uncover the original structure. “The ground floor now accommodates a large family space for entertaining and family gathering. The first floor is dedicated to the younger generation converting the hallway to a well-lit play area for the family’s children. The main design feature is the stairs. The cantilevered treads were supported as well with wires. The high definition detail was important to the client and we are really proud to have delivered such a stunning installation.”

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Studio Pali Fekete architects [SPF:a] Name: Zoltan E. Pali, FAIA Web Address: Address: 8609 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232 Telephone: (310) 558-0902

Best International Museum Architects 2016 & Best Beverly Hills Cultural & Performing Arts Project: Wallis Annenberg Centre for the Performing Arts

Studio Pali Fekete Architects Studio Pali Fekete architects [SPF:a] was founded in 1988 and is based in Culver City, California. We invited Principal Zoltan Pali to provide us with a fascinating insight into this creative practice.


PF:a is led by principals, Zoltan E. Pali, FAIA and Judy M. Fekete-Pali, and the firm prides itself on a high level of handson principal to client involvement. Zoltan talks us through this client focused approach.

“Here at SPF:a we are driven by the belief that architecture is a worthwhile and basic human act that when done well, positively transforms and inspires. Our approach adheres to the tenets that constant ingenuity and inventiveness - grounded in knowledge and admiration for the tried and true - are the hallmarks of excellent, elegant, and lasting architecture.” The Wallis is a state-of-the-art performing arts center, built on the historic site, consisting of a new, 500-seat theater building, connected via promenade and outdoor sculpture garden to the 1934 post office building. The historic, WPA building is repurposed to house a 120-seat studio theater, a café, gift shop, box offices, administration facilities and a 3-classroom theater school for children

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

At one point, prior to SPF:a’s involvement in the project, conventional wisdom was to place the new performing arts venue within the walls of the historic post office building, and to create a small annex on the site to house the educational components of the program. Instead, SPF:a did the reverse, taking the smaller programmatic elements such as the rehearsal hall, classrooms, and administrative offices and locating them into the three level historic building, where they fit nicely and snuggly. The plan preserves and celebrates the historic architecture, as well as affords the Center the opportunity to create a new, state-of-the-art, flexible performing arts facility with ample back-of-house amenities. To conclude Zoltan highlights the firm’s exciting plans for expansion in the future. “Looking ahead, SPF:a will continue to contribute to the environment of Los Angeles and expand beyond its state borders. SPF:a is in a pack of development projects planned for the Silicon Beach area of Playa Vista, California, has several residential projects in design and construction phases, and in design development and construction phases, a community center and pedestrian bridges for the City of Los Angeles and City of Long Beach.”



Company: SWA Name: Ning Deng Email: Web Address: Address: 811 West 7th Street, 8th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90017 Telephone: 213-236-9090

Recognised Leader in Landscape Architecture - USA & Most Innovative Residential Mixed-Use Development: Fuzhou Vanke City

SWA SWA is a global leader in landscape architecture, planning, and urban design. We invited Ning Deng, Principal of the Los Angeles studio, to talk us through the firm and how it aims for excellence in every aspect of its work.

hroughout its 59-year history, SWA has embraced the idea that planning and design can shape the environment in fundamental ways. The firm is structured to facilitate the role of design and planning in building memorable places that have clarity in function, identity and meaning. Ning is keen to emphasize below, the design philosophy of SWA that sets the firm apart.


“Unique to SWA is the strong, continuous connection between planning and design. Our practice is dedicated to dealing with larger social, economic and environmental issues in our project work. Fuzhou Vanke City is one example of how we continuously push design to better serve the users and environment. Our planning (deciding what should occur on the land) and our design (deciding what shape and character that should be) constitute a seamless process.” The group’s mission is to create place and community with inspiration. Ning discusses this in greater detail and describes how the firm achieves this goal. “We constantly search for ways to create a special place, a unique community, one that reflects the hand of the designer and stimulates a fresh response. For

Fuzhou Vanke City, we realized early on that the mountainous terrain should be preserved for special viewsheds, and that the topography also enables us to implement a low impact water retention design for the central lake. Our team’s approach to sustainable design is one in which the structures, the mountains, and the lake mutually benefit from a symbiotic relationship. The central lake area of the main watershed basin is leveraged as a public open space and a spectacular walking experience for the residents. Neighborhood parks nestled in the topography act as detention areas to capture and clean stormwater, and is hydrologically connected to the central lake area. The parks are interlinked by an extensive trail network to form diverse recreational options for the residents. The natural amenities of the park perform the dual function of providing respite for people, and serving as a network for cleaning and detaining water. ” Ultimately, Ning believes that it is the firm’s innovative approach to projects which has helped it to reach the success it enjoys today. “Overall our responsibility lies not only with the intricacy or complexity of designing and building a place, but also in discovering the intrinsic qualities of that place. Everything aims toward that goal, and this will be our continued focus moving forward.”

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Technical Lighting Solution Name: William Kirby Email: Web Address: Address: Alexander House, 7-13 Rose Lane , Norwich, NR1 1PL Telephone: 012603 295011

Best LED Design & Solutions Provider 2016 - UK

Technical Lighting Solutions Technical Lighting Solution (TLS) are one of the UK’s Leading LED Lighting Suppliers, with over 30 years of experience in the illumination industry. We caught up with William Kirby to find out more.


offer a wide range of products can provide a full solution to any LED lighting requirements, whether they are commercial, architectural or entertainment based.

William explains how a collaborative work ethic has enabled the firm to grow and better support its clients. “Over the years, TLS have developed strong business relations with suppliers and have worked tirelessly to bring the best products to the market. One such business relationship is Chromateq Lighting Crontrols (Dynamic and Innovative company which conceives and designs Professional DMX Lighting and Video Control systems for a varied range of Architectural and Spectacle lighting projects). “In addition, we work closely with our clients so that we can find the best solution to their problems and requirement. TLS have a comprehensive Technical Department which have vast knowledge and experience in the LED lighting industry and are leaders in the best practice when it comes to Digital Pixel products and control systems. This approach has helped ensure the firm’s success, and our products are now specified and used in almost every national chain of restaurants across the UK, and we have supplied to some of the most prestigious world brands via the very best installation and electrical contractors across the UK.”

“We have an in house product development department who manufacture the very best in control systems especially for the digital pixel products market”

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

The company’s mission is to become the supplier of choice within the LED lighting industry, both in the markets that it currently operates in and those it is keen to expand into. William outlines the approach the firm is taking in order to achieve this ambitious aim. “Ultimately we want our clients to feel that they are working with a world class company who understand not only what quality of products are but also what is meant by customer service and support. We will work tirelessly to make the TLS brand the market leader in the industry; in essence ‘LED Lighting At Its Best’. Overall, William was keen to emphasise that the firm was growing rapidly, and although they have achieved enviable success over the past few years, they are keen to build upon this so as to better serve a wider range of clients. “Looking to the future, we are investing heavily in new product development and our technical department are working closely with our clients and suppliers to keep TLS at the forefront to the market. We have an in house product development department who manufacture the very best in control systems especially for the digital pixel products market “Further ahead, over the next three years we will continue to grow and look to expand our position in the industry.”



Company: Theodoros Timagenis Architects-Acoustics Consultants Email: Web Address: Address: 5 K. Palaiologou, Piraeus, Hellas Telephone: +30 210 41 19 545

Best for Architectural & Building Acoustics 2016 - Greece

Architectural Acoustics & M.E.P. Silencing Solutions Established in 1975 in Piraeus, Theodoros Timagenis Architects-Acoustics Consultants maintains a long tradition in the field of Acoustics and Architecture by being the leading consultant practice for the most major acoustic oriented projects in Greece. We invited Owner Theodoros Timagenis to tell us more about the firm and the services it provides. Over the past 20 years the practice has expanded its working horizons to the rest of the Balkans including but not limited to Serbia, Albania as well as the Cypriot grounds, as well as offering a great range of national products and services. Theodoros discusses the firm and how it aims to create innovative spaces which meet the needs of their clients. “Here at Theodoros Timagenis Architects-Acoustics Consultants our work encapsulates all kinds of design interventions within the architectural world, others easy to spot and others unnoticeable for the untrained eye. “From the acoustics of concert halls, auditoria, museums, airports and stadia to the silencing and insulation of HVAC systems and machinery noise running in any type of edifice, it is our duty to shape prime and elegant acoustic environments. Moreover, we have a rich experience in court appeals support for noise complaints and consultation for arbitrations of legal context relevant to acoustical issues. Furthermore, our “twofold” nature enlarges our horizons.” One of the firm’s recent success stories was the newly completed New Opera House and National Library of Athens, designed by Renzo Piano building workshop and funded by the Stavros Niarhos Foundation. Theodoros Timagenis Architects-Acoustics Consultants was the Acoustic Consultant of JV Impregilo S.p.A – TERNA S.A. (Contractor) from the start of the project. The work involved the resolution of the developed design drawings so they can be realized during the construction, the holistic soundproofing of the whole complex from any building and MEP service from scratch, as well as catering for any sound insulation issues by developing the relevant acoustic details that could apply on the architectural drawings. Additionally, the firm have also been monitoring the site noise for protecting the adjacent residential areas prior and during the construction. The aspect that the practice is really proud of is that it managed to achieve an impressive PNC 15 rating with the sound insulation measures it applied. This full service offering is a key part of what differentiates the firm from its competitors and marks it out as the best possible option for its clients, in line with its mission, as Theodoros outlines. “Our mission is to shape prime acoustic spaces while maintaining the economic needs of the client, without sacrificing the quality of the final outcome. Thus we always offer to the client the best possible solution that will achieve his requirements.

“The idiosyncratic element that makes our practice stand out in the field of acoustics is our “twofold” nature; Our engineers have a rich architectural background (Chartered architects, National Technical Chamber of Greece), which allow us to comprehend in depth the practical needs of the construction industry from the side of the designer and not merely applying the scientific laws. Additionally, we employ the most up to date and calibrated measuring and acoustic systems, which are essential for surveying calculating and validating the spaces we are working into. “Our working method is based on the feedback model and the constant communication with the whole design team with the aim at resolving the practical issues that arise during the construction. We do not like to just give away generic construction drawings -out of the book-. During the construction stage we invest a considerable amount of time “in-situ”. Weather it’s a night club or an opera house, a small flat or a grand villa we come into touch with all the credits of the projects; contractors, engineers, builders.” Technology is vital to the success of any project, but Theodoros firmly believes that whilst staying up to date with the latest techniques and programmes is important, it should never be a practice’s sole focus. “Our practice has the necessary equipment that can reproduce digital and physical acoustic models through virtual acoustic simulations and 3D printed ray-tracing prototypes already from the design stage. The same goes for our architectural projects; we use lots of models to test our ideas and find the best possible solution. Moreover, we have a wide range of in-situ measuring systems from sound level meters, portable computer systems sound generators that can be operated before and during the construction of the building to test the validity of the progress. “Despite this strong reliance on technology, as part of our ethos we use technology merely as a medium that strengthens our workflow rather than driving it, as being too reliant on technology can divorce the practice from the real aim- to support the client and meet their needs.” Ultimately, the practice takes acoustics very seriously, as Theodoros is eager to emphasise in his final comment. “In acoustics you cannot ‘experiment’, when the detailing is applied it is already late for changes, so it is not cost effective for the client to pay for something that “might work”. The fact that our projects ‘always work’ without experimentation or small letters in the contracts as well the fact that we do not take a project for a particular design stage but we drive it all the way to the closure and handout is what makes us the best possible option for our clients.”

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Name: Tony Holt m.c.i.a.t Email: Web Address: Address: Richmond House, Yelverton Road, Bournemouth BH6 5NG Telephone: 01202 208331 / 07557914428

Best for New Build Luxury Residence Designs - UK

Tony Holt m.c.i.a.t Tony Holt m.c.i.a.t specialise in bespoke property design for self-builders and homeowners across the U.K. We invited Tony to tell us more.

ony Holt m.c.i.a.t work with clients that want to create something special and interesting. Projects undertaken range from new build one off homes, remodelling existing properties including extensions and conversions. Tony talks us through his own personal experience and how this has shaped his current practice.


“Personally, I am a registered Chartered Architectural Technologist and have been working in the construction industry for 16 years. My services can be used by self-builders and homeowners looking to deliver their project in a number of different routes including, self-managed, partially-managed or using a main contractor. “When I started designing houses, I undertook a project in Dorset for a self-builder looking for a bespoke design on an unusual site with 180 degree views over the countryside. The client’s budget was a challenge and there was the need to approach the construction in a cost effective manner whilst delivering high level of design quality. I helped the client through the planning process and produced detailed drawings for the client to use on site in order to complete the construction of the property. The whole project was a resounding success and was subsequently nominated and shortlisted for best new build in the Grand Designs Awards 2009. I have designed many buildings since this one but it always features heavily in my portfolio and is one of my personal favourites.” Tony goes on to outline his client centred approach and how he endeavours to ensure clients receive the very best outcome possible which meets their needs. “My overall mission is to make good design accessible to homeowners and self-builders. I look to achieve this by providing a flexible design service where clients can choose what level of involvement they need to achieve their own aspirations. I have a particular interest in what I like to call affordable architecture. This is my main focus. Regardless to the nature of the project (remodel, new build or extension), I always seek to deliver as much design quality and detail as possible.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

“As such every project I undertake starts with understanding my client and their family. This includes how they want to live now and what their future needs might be. I try and clear my mind for each project so that design suggestions are truly bespoke. I like to try and achieve a balance of creating quality spaces, in the best arrangement and responding to the external environment as much as possible. I also try and focus on allowing the client to understand the constraints and opportunities, so we can explore the possible solutions together in order to find the best possible result.” Ultimately, Tony believes that what sets him apart is his versatility and ability to offer clients a range of styles. “What differentiates me is that I have no preferred design style. The portfolio displays an ability to design in many different styles which is a result of listening to the client and understanding their preferences. I also like to introduce technical consideration and solution early in the design stages. This helps set the project on a successful path the exploration of deliverable solutions from inception.”



Company: Train Architects Address: 612 East Jefferson Street, Charlottesville, Virginia 22902 Phone: (434) 293.2965 Email: Website:

Award for Innovation in Sustainable Design - Virginia & Best Eco-Friendly Institutional Project: Rice Rivers Centre, Virginia Commonwealth University

Train Architects Train Architects is a Virginia based practice specialising in innovative institutional projects. We invited Kirk Train to talk us through the firm’s latest project, the Rice Rivers Center.

he Rice Rivers Center is being developed on a 343 acre “rural campus” south of Richmond on the James River in Charles City County. The site is presently divided by a 70 acre wetlands restoration due to an early twentieth-century impoundment of historic Kimages Creek.


The site for the Center proper was defined in a 2002 Master Plan as the promontory/bluff, west of the lake/creek that has seen previous development. The Master Plan identified and articulates the site composition from the long north-south axis of the promontory and states that the site will dominate, the site will occupy the center – this central role of the natural context is the dominant theme of the Rice Rivers Center; the buildings are to define and reinforce a sense of place, defining the edges, aligned along the axis; the buildings are to be in harmony with the site, yet establish the image of the Center.

Fundamentally the architecture of the Rice Rivers Center is at once intended to be identifiable, modern and sustainable (worn on its sleeve) while simultaneously being subservient to the site, the program and nature. This somewhat apparent dichotomy is intentional and reinforces the sub themes within the building composition and site. Conceptually we have recognized the site as the dominant theme; and in choosing the prow of the bluff for the site, with its’ river views, we have expressed that the site is the object occupying the place and not the building. This creation of a sense of place over architecture is an architectural theme and one that reinforces our aspirations to meet the gift of the Rice property with reverence for what we want preserved to study. The architectural sub themes reinforce how the architecture interacts with the site allowing a clear understanding of the natural and the man-made. There is no intention that the architecture mimics what is, in our perception, the simple bucolic or natural quality of the site. We generally consider this approach as rustic; something lacking refinement or elegance; coarse; unsophisticated. Our intention is the opposite. It is to be in harmony with the site yet crisp, machined and sustainable – a machine in and for the garden.

Photo’s by Chris Cunningham Photography

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Vo Trong Nghia Architects Name: Vo Trong Nghia Email:, Web Address: Address: 8F, 70 Pham Ngoc Thach, Ward 6, District 3, HCMC, Vietnam Telephone: +84-8-3820-6699

Architectural Practice of the Year 2016 - Vietnam

Founded in 2006, Vo Trong Nghia Architects is a leading architectural practice in Vietnam with offices in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. We spoke to Takashi Niwa to find out more.


o Trong Nghia Architects, lead by Vo Trong Nghia and partners has more than 60 international architects, engineers and staff work closely on cultural, residential and commercial projects worldwide.

By experimenting with light, wind and water, and by using natural and local materials, Vo Trong Nghia Architects employ a contemporary design vocabulary to explore new ways to create green architecture for the 21st century, whilst maintaining the essence of Asian architectural expression. Vo Trong Nghia Architects are in strong collaboration with Wind and Water House JSC, a construction company specializing in bamboo structure and green buildings construction, to realize designs of high quality in Vietnam. Takashi explains the firm’s approach and how this creates unique spaces for their clients. “Our clients are from around the world, with recent projects being based in Vietnam, China, Thailand, Australia, and Panama. Because our approach utilizes “Power of Plants”, we often work for resort hotels, education facilities, residential spaces and also the wider green industry. Our approach centres around bringing nature into the city with using trees and greenery. A model of our recent project, “House for Trees” becomes a series of projects to utilize greenery into residential space. “Our mission is how to extend this idea to the Southeast Asian city to bring more and more plants which bring many benefits to the citizen. Now our approach is focused from media and we have started talking with government about a future green city.” What sets the firm apart, according to Takashi, is its dedication to creating innovative spaces which focus on plants.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

“What makes our firm unique is, quite simply, that we love plants and natural materials. For us, greenery is not only for status items for building as a fashion. We design space how the plants cooperate to the space make more pleasant atmosphere. “One of our recent projects which highlights our love of flora and fauna is FPT University Hanoi, which has been reimagined with trees on the façade to make natural shade for education space. At the end of June 2016, FPT University Ho Chi Minh City started the construction. The design approach with trees is expanded more strongly and the educational space becomes forest in the city. “Because the Vietnamese city has been losing greenery day by day, our aim was to bring back greenery again for city citizens by supplying comfortable atmosphere and less energy consumption. We achieved this and are very proud of the result.” Looking ahead, Takashi emphasised the need to follow industry trends and work with clients to achieve outcomes which will bring nature into their lives. “Visualization will be important factor for architecture industry going forward. The dynamic energy consumption record is important but also, how we visualize the source of comfortable atmosphere effect for user’s mind is important. Water and trees visualize wind and with bringing comfortable radiation and shades for people. “The visual sense to use natural resources together with technical visualization will be important for architects. As such we are keen to continue using plants to create visual spaces that appeal to our clients.”



Company: WRD Borger Construction Ltd Website:

Best Underground Construction Contractor 2016 - Alberta

WRD Borger Construction Ltd Borger is a heavy civil contractor providing service throughout Alberta with offices in Calgary and Edmonton.


orger provides a range of services include deep utilities, shallow utilities, earthmoving and transportation. Borger is a 4th generation 97-year-old family business and is 103 years away from its 200-year anniversary.

A project near completion worth mentioning is the deep underground utility installations for Rogers Arena in Edmonton. A fascinating project requiring innovation every day. Whether it is installing a trenchless manhole or auguring into an 85-year-old manhole – the challenges are quite exciting. Ownership is proud of the team and their ability to continuously find safe and innovative ways to meet construction objectives – no is not an option! Borger’s overall mission is to “be the turn-to-supplier for all of our strategic partners”. As a company that operates with a 100 year forward looking focus, Borger is never satisfied until the customer is delighted.

Throughout the year, the CEO promotes the innovative spirit through Innovation Coin Challenges. Those who are involved in an innovation, either as the creator or as a member of the implementation team, are awarded custom Innovation Coins. These coins entitle the coin holder to many corporate benefits as well as access into the Innovation Coin Game – a unique and interactive Borger game that encourages team members to keep the coin on their person to receive Borger Bucks, an internal currency redeemable for gift cards, concert and sporting tickets and Borger swag. Leveraging technology is vital to Borger’s success with a number of significant technological advancements in the past year. Perhaps the most significant advancements are the newly implemented dirt management software; an application that is sure to save Borger’s customers significant amounts of time and money.

Borger is a leader in safety with greater than 1,800,000 labour hours since its last time loss accident more than 3 year ago. Borger has been ranked the top two Safest Employers in Canada for the past 3 years, winning Gold in 2014. The firm is a leader in environmentally friendly construction practices. With an award winning corporate program recognized as Think Green, Borger directs significant resources towards improving its environmental impact with even greater returns. Borger is quite possibly the most innovative construction company in Canada. Boasting full implementation of greater than 50 significant innovations in the past fiscal year alone – Borger continues to innovate at a rapid pace. Everyone at Borger is involved in innovation and empowered to make change happen through participation in the Innovation Fair and through mentorship with Borger’s leaders. The annual Innovation Fair is open to all team members and judged by their peers.

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Webber + Studio, Architects Name: David Webber, AIA Email: Web Address: Address: 1220 Lavaca St., Austin, Texas, US 78701 Telephone: +1 512 236 1032

Award for Innovation in Contemporary Design – Texas & Most Innovative Texas Residential Project: Graciosa Cove Residence

Webber + Studio, Architects seeks to find diverse architectural answers to a broad range of architectural problems. Founder David Webber, AIA talks us through the firm and its core values.

stablished in 1997, Webber + Studio, Architects draws on David’s distinctive and unique talents, which have led the firm to become an award winning practice over the years. David discusses the firm’s core values and how these impact on every project it undertakes.


“Here at Webber + Studio we are a boutique firm that focuses on creative solutions that redefine beauty through our four core values - functionalism, expressive, regional, minimal - in all building types and typologies. “Using these core values to guide our process, we have established a design voice that reflects the uniqueness of our clients’ programs and sites with thoughtfulness and creativity. “Our focus is not on any particular style as we believe the best architecture is created by addressing specific architectural problems. By focusing on the specific problems of a project, we redefine what architecture can be.” What sets the firm apart, according to David, is its innovation and willingness to seek out new approaches and techniques to achieve the desired outcome. “Webber + Studio Architects differentiates itself from its competitors through its willingness to embrace the unorthodox and dedication to not settling into preconceived ideas of beauty and good design. This commitment to going out on a limb and trying something new in the interest of client needs ensures that we always create something that clients receive designs which are both functional and unique. “Our attitude to technology is that this should be a tool like any other, and as such we seek out the latest technologies and software to enhance our work whilst at the same time improving our quality.”

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

Moving forward, the architecture industry will focus on new trends such as living buildings, net-zero buildings, do-it-yourself design tools, and increased urbanization. As such, David believes this will provide many exciting opportunities for dynamic and innovative firms such as his. “Currently Webber + Studio are targeting larger development projects. In addition, we have an innovative software business idea we are working on as an aid to what we do as architects. “Personally, I am working on two new books one on our design philosophy and the second about our work. I am hopeful they will enrich the wider industry’s knowledge and help our firm to continue to grow and gain wider recognition.”


2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: Xabier Barrutieta Architects Name: Xabier Barrutieta Email: Web Address: Address: Carlos I Ave. 28, 20011 San Sebastian, Spain Telephone: +34 658739901

Architect of the Year 2016 - Basque Country

Xabier Barrutieta Architects Xabier Barrutieta Architects is an architecture practice specialising in designing and managing singular projects. We invited the firm’s Head Architect Xabier Barrutieta to talk us through its work philosophy and service offering. stablished in 2003, Xabier Barrutieta Architects offer projects which are defined by their innovative natures and focus on sustainability. Xabier is keen to discuss the firm’s latest project, MiramArt, a very singular and inspiring intervention in a pedestrian tunnel in the heart of San Sebastian.


“Our most recent project here at Xabier Barrutieta Architects was MiramArt, a passage which connects the two beaches of the gorgeous bay of San Sebastian. It was a meaningless place that we transformed into an inspiring urban experience combining Art+ Architecture+ Technology+ City by the celebration of the European Cultural Capital in 2016.” “An artwork by the local artist V. Goikoetxea reproduces an abstract submarine sensation and covers 225m2 of the inner surface of the vault. A last generation lighting system and smart technology components are also part of the project. Sensors count passers-by and generate information of people’s flow at real time. The project was financed by private donations at 90%, which also meant an innovative way to make happen such kind of singular projects.” What truly sets the firm apart, according to Xabier, is this dedication to innovation and commitment to design meaningful spaces for the people.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

“Architecture is about people and we want to design for their well being. Our approach is to create surroundings where people intuitively feel good, by creating sustainable, healthy and inspiring environments. We applied this vision at different scales, for example in the campus Orona Ideo, which has become a benchmark in sustainable and green architecture in the country. Now we continue designing the inner ecosystem of spaces in the university building of the campus with, which allow us approach to the real life of the built spaces through.” Moving forward, Xabier is keen to build upon the firm’s current success and grow its service offering in order to better support clients. “We are looking towards new sources of knowledge, participating in university teaching and making applied research in our projects. For example, we are analysing the real performance data of our latest buildings to see the success of the applied sustainable design strategies, so that we can learn lessons from them. In the future we plan to strengthen long term the links with companies, with the aim to offer our design and project consultancy also for the development of their businesses. We believe this will help us find new niches in the outskirts of the traditional architecture business, and we look forward to the opportunities this will bring us.”

2016 Architecture Awards Build



Company: YES Architecture Address: Lindwurmstr. 71, 80337 München, Germany & Jean-Monnet-Str. 2, 10557 Berlin, Germany & 456 Broadway, New York, NY 10013, USA Email: Website: Phone: +49.89.44409933

BUILD Women in Architecture Award: Female Owned Architectural Firm of the Year 2016 - Germany

Yes Architecture YES Architecture * is an international architecture firm with the focus on urban design, architecture, interior design, furniture and product design. Ruth Berktold talks us through the firm and its service offering.


ased in Munich, Berlin and New York, YES Architecture * has a global reach and works with a wide variety of clients, as Ruth explains.

“Our clients include city councils, project developers, car manufacturers such as Audi or BMW, private clients and start-ups. We are very happy about the diversity of clients and challenges that come with each different project. “Our latest completed project is a hotel and shopping mall. The prevailing challenge here was to create an elegant and dynamic building silhouette whilst meeting the demands of maximum square footage. The tight budget constraints were met, even achieving further cost reductions on the facade.” The firm is on a mission is to have a specific design approach with each design challenge. To achieve this, Ruth explains how the firm likes to work collaboratively, drawing on the collective experience of its dedicated international team.

“Once we have won a competition or have acquired a project we start with finding out the client’s needs and make sure, that we achieve as much building right as possible to make for a cost effective building. We also discuss the different options for making and certifying sustainable buildings. The most important factor for creating a sustainable building is the design. It has to respond to the environment and the context (genius loci), the building’s form generated through a strong concept should respond with the right materials and facades. We consult lighting engineers, climate designers, structural engineers and other planners and consultants that follow a similar approach towards architecture. “To ensure our services are up to date and of the very highest quality we use BIM (building information modelling) software and other parametric programs to have a quicker access to energy values and building costs and also to be able to adjust the building design in no time.” If you want to stand out as one of many architects, there is different ways to achieve that, as Ruth states.

“Here at YES Architecture we work at a conceptual level and then try and follow the concept through to the very last detail of the building. We are a very international team, mostly women at the moment, and we are all extremely driven in different areas, which makes us a cross-disciplinary and experimental group of architects and designers. Of course we also like to experiment with new design methods and have a lot of fun doing it.

“Differentiating yourself in the architecture industry is tough and takes a number of components. You have to be a good designer, get the best engineers involved, love what you do and be passionate about every detail, keep the budget and time schedule. As we all know this is not always easily achieved. Any finished project in your portfolio that was a success will help to promote your company’s work.

“Our clients are also key to our success, and as such we communicate with them weekly on so-called ‘jourfix’ sessions, and naturally we use emails, phone calls and videoconferences. Our clients are very knowledgeable building experts, so it is a team effort to keep within the boundaries of the budget. It is also an interesting design challenge which we thoroughly enjoy.”

“Fundamentally I believe that a lot of the time the key is the chemistry between you and the client and how well you understand her/his needs.”

This client focused approach starts as soon as the firm undertakes a new project, as Ruth is keen to highlight.

Build 2016 Architecture Awards

Ruth adds a comment on the firm’s region, the beautiful German city of Munich, which is renowned for its eclectic combination of traditional and modern buildings.

“In our region of Germany, Munich, we have no land left and the few plots are extremely expensive. So the challenge right now is building affordable housing, refurbishing old buildings and converting empty spaces. Also with new energy regulations almost every other year we have to carefully take care of the historic fabric and historic preserved buildings. With more people moving to the city daily we soon will need to use every roof and leftover spaces. We work with the city officials and the responsible offices and energy /climate consultants to achieve the challenges we are facing right now. This can only work as a team effort and YES Architecture is committed to this.” As her final comment Ruth outlines the firm’s plans for the future and how it will continue to evolve in order to build upon its current success.

“We recently contributed to various competitions, lectures and discussions regarding the challenges facing cities in europe and germany after the 2015 influx of migrants. This lead to various design challenges for architects, who had to rapidly create modular, fast erectable architecture, which complimented the urban fabric as well as provided humane housing for the cities newest members. Our designs studies received various recognition in the “Wohnraum für Alle, 2016” showcase, and we continue to provide prototypes for these new housing typologies for various clients, including the city of Munich.” * YES Architecture is an office run by Prof. Ruth Berktold in Munich, Berlin and New York. This office is not to be confused with the office Yes-Wicher in Graz.

“Going forward, the plan for our company’s future is to focus on geriatric design in housing and in building products. We founded a company called Y-AGE, which we believe will help make architecture more topical and contemporary. We look forward to the oppertunites this new firm will bring and will relish overcoming the challenges we will face as we try to make residential housing as design focused as commercial projects.”

2016 Architecture Awards Build

2016 Build Architecture awards  
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