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DEDICATION This book is whole heartedly dedicated to my great mum, Mrs Marris Osagie for her impeccable support for all struggles, to the success of this book. Also to those who really want to make success, out of this dramatic stage of life.

ACKNOWLEGEMENT I remain eternally grateful to God almighty for the wisdom, ideas and understanding; He had bestowed on His children and making this book, a product of success. Words alone can express my overriding thanks to Him. The Glory is unto Him. I wish to express my profound gratitude to my dearest mother, Mrs Marris Osagie for her invaluable support, encouragement and motivation, finance and prayers for the success of this project. Surely, she is my prime mentor. My sincere gratitude goes to my good friend and dearest Chioma Racheal for her can did advice, prayers, encouragement and counselling. My gratitude also Elvis, my elder brother, Jackson Attite and so others I couldn’t mention, their contribution were quite useful.

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Supernatural Power



Understanding your nature and ability



Understanding your calling and career






Learn to analyze



Authoritative in your calling



Beating time and chance


CHAPTER 1 SUPERNATURAL POWER What is supernatural power? Supernatural power is of two term; ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Power’ The dictionary defined them independently as follows; Supernatural is defined as the ‘cause by force that cannot be explained by science’. While Power, on the other hand is ‘natural skill or ability to do something’. The Supernatural power as a concept in success doesn’t actually means fetish power or magical power but known to control ideas, wisdom, ability and otherwise. It is only when you realize you, having the power, that you naturalize eventually everything under your control. Everyman is born with this gift but not all that knows the importance. Until he realizes and not realization alone, that he is under a greater Supernatural power he can’t get the knowledge. This is one of the most ultimate doors of success most people are ignorant of due to their negligence to acknowledge the Supremacy of the fact. As a student, I was in the same situation when I was writing my Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) that might have piloting me to studying my dream course Law in the University of Benin. I didn’t gain admission, not because I was dull! No! But Page 5 of 46

because of the slight mistake I made during that time of studying. I was so studious to my studies. I utilized my time very well, I had determination with positive friends, had encouraged environment, you might say “I got all what it takes to be a student but one thing I was ignorant of was the Supernatural Power, I was a subject to. This was as a result of I not acknowledging the fact that someone greater than I gave the understanding, intelligence and which is my creator, who had made all things possible to the extent I had pride. On that deal day that the exam which I had been preparing for over nine months was going to look simple, to the extent I conquered the question, stipulated duration for the questions. But the reverse was the case, just because of pride and negligence to submit the case to him who made me and His sovereignty was over the situation at the moment. By all this lesson was being learnt and I couldn’t gain admission. To cut it short I am presently a student of college of education studying political science, at the same time achieving my dreams. I had determination that I can do it with enthusiasm and sacrifices of time, chances and other engagements in order to make my dreams come through but unfortunately it wasn’t. I made the mistake of not recognizing my spiritual power and the source as the Bible reveals in the Book of I call this ‘the Ultimate way of Success’ among others because both the spiritual and physical spheres of every man are controlled by the Supernatural Power. ‘’anything controlled in the physical atmosphere are manifestations of the spiritual realms’’

I urge you to get the ultimate power of success in your spirit and your tongue. The Bible itself declares and reveals that blesses and course are resided in your tongue. Bear this in mind that no situation you can’t triumph, because they are test destined to transform you to the next of maturity. Let it been known to you that they destined to strengthens you. The only way you can do this, is your constant flow with your Supernatural Power.

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CHAPTER 2 UNDESTANDING YOUR NATURE AND ABILITY Nature and ability are two words here. Let’s understand their meaning at first.

Meaning of the concepts Nature and Ability. The dictionary sees nature as “having to do with one’s character “and ability on the other hand “is the physical, mental power or skill needed for a specific task” Nature and ability is a key success in life. Understanding your nature and ability is as saying understand what you are able to do naturally without external also mean understanding your nature and ability and everything about you as human. Your physical appearance in terms of beauty, body and psychological aspects of human which talks about your emotions, capabilities, perseverance and relationship with your nature, character and yourself as whole. In dectronomy 7:13-20, we were told that despite the shortcomings and fright that the Israelites had faced, God reminded them of the natural ability He had given them which He promised

their father and they should not be afraid because they are able to conquer the and pass the land. Success in life lies in you. Without understanding yourself, you can’t succeed. That’s why a child who wants to be lawyer, always finds himself acquitting with people who had other perspective of his believe, because it has become a nature of them from childhood, they understood it and along the Career, they finds their abilities towards acquiring their dreams. So with medical students from childhood, starts as mere play in primary schools by acting doctors part, they become entice with the medical practices and equipment like stethoscope, thermometer and they are able to securer excellence in their academic performance for them to be called doctors. And so other careers, you may mention. All these people understand their nature in childhood, academic performance and what they are able to do in future as to become man. Without understanding your nature, self, success within you can’t be understood. Understanding yourself depends on two aspects- the negative and positive. There is a force in human psychology which drives his actions in life.

“It’s a force that keeps you going on your goal and detects what suits your nature towards your future”.

“Every man is born for Impact, Either positive or negative”

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Once a man knows the impact he has, he starts controlling the motives of his future. The amount of Impact he has, produces the amount of success achieved.

“Dangote’s the richest business man in Nigeria didn’t become wealthy a day, until he realizes at the age of 16. He walked towards richness, and every Nigerians today lives with the consumption of at least a Product of Dangote’s in their households”

I call the natural ability of me, the inbuilt spirit of I that has to do with the cans and cants of myself and they are measured by characters I showcase outside. You know that there is no way in this life biologically and ideologically that a dog can give birth to a lion, the strongest animal when it’s not its kind. That’s to say, there is a kind which emanates from which is the mother nature and God Himself, is the mother of nature and nature Himself because He made it clear in Gen.1_26 that you were created from His Image……. For you to be created from Him, qualifies you being like Him “god” on earth having the natural power like Him and you are able to create things from your environments that’s why God didn’t create every things like planes, cars but left it for man to complete His creation. Though you, understanding your nature dynamicity occur and become the perfect thing on earth.

“Positive future are not and cannot be controlled by negative impacts” These impacts are generated by your thought even as the Mother Nature had it that as God.

“As heavens is higher than the earth, so as His thought higher than mans”

Your natural ability is you thinking and coming out with something positive from your thoughts. The supernatural power in the previous chapter power helps you as individual to know you’re your ability and nature. When you begin to think in the plans of your supernatural power you begin to get things done, spiritually, atmosphere of thought and the manifestation of success in life. You begin to get things under control before the practical perfection of it. All men are not born great but acquire greatness. “Some are born great, some achieved greatness and others were invested with greatness”. “The measure of your success is not whether you have tough problems, background, nature to deal with it but whether it’s the same problem you had previously”

“Our business in life and any situation is not to get ahead Page 11 of 46

of others, but getting ahead of ourselves, breaking our own records and outstripping our yesterdays by our own todays”

For every man’s natural ability is far better than he thinks, when he does small things in great ways and dares mighty things to triumph’s gloriously even though checkered by failures than to work with these poor spirits who enjoy much nor suffer much because they live in that glory twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat. Your natural ability helps to acquire knowledge to time and situation like in the 21st century; you will no longer deal with information though paper but as new age technology in creating information and making your ideas to travel fast in the world of communications and the internet is a vital tool. •

In the channels of life, information helps you to work fasts especially when it’s bad information in order to safe your name and to make success by creating and correcting the vices of the information. You need to work effectively with the information gotten.

Insist that communication flow through the organization over email so that you can act on news with reflex like speed.

Study book, data online to find patters and share insights easily. Understand over all trends and personalize service for individual customers.

Use modern tools like pcs for business analysis and knowledge workers into high-level thinking workers into

high level thinking work about products, services, and profitability. •

Use digital tools to create cross-departmental virtual teams that can share knowledge and build on each other’s ideals in real time, worldwide. Use digital systems to capture corporate history for use by anyone.

Convert anything written by you a digital process, eliminating administrative bottlenecks and freeing knowledge workers for more important task.

In business operations •

Use digital tools to eliminate single task jobs or change them into valued added jobs that use the skills of a knowledge worker.

Create a digital feedback loop to improves the efficiency of physical processes i.e. natural and improve the quality of the products and services created. Every employee should be able to easily track all the key metrics.

Use digital systems to route customer’s complaints immediately to the people who can improve a product or service through their ability and nature.

Use digital communications to redefine the nature of your business and the boundaries around your business, becomes large and more intimate as the customer situation warrants.

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For Commerce •

Trade Information for time. Recreate cycle time by using digital with all suppliers and partners; transform every business process into just in time delivery.

Use digital delivery of sales and services to eliminate the middleman from customer transactions. If you are a middleman, use digital tools to add value to transactions.

Use digital tools to help customers solve problems for themselves and reserve personal contact to respond to complex, high-value customer needs. Convert Natural Ability to Digital Nervous System

Do not get confused hear, rather the different concepts involved which are the Natural Ability and Digital Nervous system. Natural ability from the beginning of this chapter, you know it has to do with your nature and ability. Digital Nervous system on the other hand, is the process of making you have internal communication in everything you are doing. What makes you convert or the only way you can convert natural ability to Digital Nervous system is expanding thought with digital techniques. Like the human structure, the nervous system is the center of the body but when you begin to support with the digital aid, you will eventually explode. Taking one of the richest men in the world, to illustrate this fact, in the atmosphere of business. A firm’s IQ is the determination by the degree to which its IT infrastructure

Connects, shares, and structures information. Isolated applications and Produces idiot servants but not a highly functional cooperate behavior. Steve H.Hackel and Richard. H. Nolan “Business @ the Speed of Thought By Bill Gates (pg22) A company has the internal communication mechanism called the “Nervous system,”, like human begin, used to coordinate its action. This is where both the success and failure relies on what planners, structures, and executive personnel. All business focuses on a few basic elements; customers, products and services, revenues; coasts, competitors; delivery; and employees. A company has to carry out and coordinates the business process in each area, especially activities that cross department lines. All these are not done by people who don’t have the force of nature or the ability to make success out of these problems faces by big companies, why don’t you as individual affecting recognizing your ability and get the internet, search the problems of companies which the internet produces and profound solution to these problems. The need for efficiency and reliability has driven the much to automate many basic operations. With Managers using whatever solutions available, the result over time has been a proliferation of incompatible systems. Each independent system may operate smoothly on its own, but the data in each is isolated and hand to Page 15 of 46

integrate with the data in the others. What has been missing are links between information that resemble the interconnected nervous in the brain. Extracting data from operational processes and using it in a meaningful way has been one of the more intractable problems of business. Although automation has been valuable, today’s technology can make basic operations, the cornerstone of a much broader, corporate-wide intelligence. A company also needs to have good business reflexes to be able to marshal its forces in a crisis or in response to any unplanned events. You might get a call from your best customer saying he’s going with your biggest competitor, or that competitor might introduce a hot new product or an operations break down to deal with unexpected opportunity for a major partnering activity, or an acquisition. There are three main things you got to involve yourself with over the Digital Nervous System. Some might say “I am unemployed,” “just employed” and others. And they come up with questions “how would this be”. There is why you got to be more serious, over these three which are: •

Making data available every day.

Informing strategic planning

Making an Investment, not relying on luck.


With your digital nervous system, you can make data available every day over the internet and company seeks to profound answers with your direction and that will make a better way company knowing the philosophic persons which might secure you, your desired job, business and your members of the decision board of any company you finds yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you are employed now or just employed. With your leisure, you search the internet from online problems of companies and profound answers to these problems through the knowledge gotten from books you have read. Get up, take book, read widely to expand your intellectual ability and set goals of books you need to finish within a period of time and believe me or not, your life will never remain the same As students, read books that reforms, motivates you and brings out your true personality and you will see how many people will be booking to know you no matter your status in school, community and the world at large. Expose yourself to the world and changes of your environment. No matter the situation you might find yourself, bring out your true nature and ability in whatever place you find yourself. You are destined to solve any problems within your range, age and qualification. You are a star to bring your true hidden nature. •


Find and give information structure planning after you have made, decision, find ways of strategizing your decision through the Digital Nervous system which stands as your natural ability and always make yourself available in giving out information strategically planning, no matter what your job status either Page 17 of 46

student, unemployed, employed as the case may be but rather let your Digital Nervous System centers on your decision and thought. These days, people don’t rule the world or business with financial status but ideas rules the world. The ideas you have are not just there for staying there alone but are but are there for you to substitute them to solve philosophical problems which deal with thought and ideas. Students in the world are the best people on earth are to be philosophers who knew philosophies, ideas and laws of the world’s problems and they are the best people to profound solutions to these same problems because they are their world of thought during school days especially the university, poly techniques and college students because they are not under the influence of their parents unlike high school days but under the influence of their Nervous system which brings out their actions, philosophies and thought. I will share a little testimony about me with you. You will notice every chapters of this book, I always have story or evidence about myself as the author of this boo, not because I just want to write a book but rather, my nature and ability as a student as being a writer and a poet from the onset and this book is a true product of my life, experience and strategic I put forth to help you come against your storms. In my year 1 in school, I sat and planned throughout the first semester because I had no mum to be telling or dictating what my actions should be but I had charge over myself and I thought at least of graduating

without the support of my mum and furthering my education due to my family nature and financial status and making way of Lessing the burden from her as the bread winner of the house. Despite it was terribly difficult for me at that year, I was able to plan, strategies and put all plans structures and information to the right source and channels. My natural ability is to make people around me motivated and both in my department in school, I was I role model to every one because I was able to put my information, structure and planning through my DNS in the right places of my life. That was the little testimony I can give at the moment. In conclusion, let your DNS always handle your information, structure, planning and you will be glad you made it. •


Never in life rely on luck, either for financial luck, spiritual luck. Let everything done be on investment. Men of investment make things reality to their problems and lacks. Even in the Bible in Ecclesiastes 12 verse 1 says; “cast your bread upon the waters, for you shall find it in many days” The illustration from the scripture above signifies hoe investment is important. Think about the man who God gave heaven and earth as an inheritance, was the richest man who ever lived on the planet earth which is Abraham, Father of the faithful, the Bible says, He was the richest man of his time because he had investments, which he had both spiritually and financially, to the extent of investing his promised child as burnt sacrifice unto the Lord (Gen.22). Page 19 of 46

Abraham was blessed with both heaven and earth as inheritance and the stars of the sky compared to the generations God would give him. What a great investment he head due to obedience to His supernatural power. Believe me, both the wisdom, ideas of the world and their philosophies are the possession of Abraham and you are his seed having your own inheritance from the blessings. You make investment, not rely on luck which will not benefit you for a long time but rather short period of time. You can make investment not only on finance but in philosophies, ideas which you had and they will live after you and your existent in life. Your DNS should be in charge of your investment because we are no more in the financial investment in the world rather in the ideological investment of people. When I had the understanding of investment in school, I began to invest my talent, career, knowledge and time lecturing my classmates and others who want knowledge through my own knowledge. I became a person who no one, in the school don not know, despite I was in college but I invested greatly to my school at large. You can write your name in the sky, hear of great men and the world at large through your investment in knowledge, skill and the ability in your present situation. Your dreams can make ways for you as investment in life. Like Michael Jackson, a well-known musician who rules the world from his home through music likewise R Kelly etc. though your talents, dreams, goals and achievements, when invested, you can rule the mind of people who are at the pinnacles of powers in the world.

CHAPTER 3 UNDERSTANDING YOUR CALLING AND CAREER Let’s analyze these two special words “Career and Calling” Meaning of the Concepts If we go, by the OAD learner’s dictionary definition. Calling This is the strong desire to do something like job especially one which is socially valuable. You will see that in calling, there are some strong descriptive words which are outlined below: •

Strong Desire: Strong desire as a word used here doesn’t mean just the desire you but had objectives before to show the measurement of the desire which is strong. Now for something to be strong does mean “not easy” in dealing with it. As an adjective describing how highly the desire, you have pursuing something is not that easy and might have storms along the way.

Socially Valuable: These words describe the nature of the calling which people around your social status and personality.

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Haven known the characteristics and words describing the concept “calling”, lets look at career at different perspective.

Career Career on the other hand has to do with your jobs and services of jobs done or rendered during your working days or life and earn money especially especially, if you continue to get better job and earn more money to keep you and your family. It also has to do with what, you might call from your childhood “your discipline” in lay man’s term “what you want to be in the nearest future” especially after school. In career like we said in calling, have different words entitled to it like the following: •

Job Service Rendered: These are disciplines trained from schools of individual’s choice for a specific period of time and you will notice that some workers or job holders finds some specific performance in the job. Examples are the civil servants and public holders.

Earning Money: Yes many people may reason of getting jobs are to earn money and look after the welfare of their family and you will notice that in giving or rendering this money, there is fixed price called salary which is also known as the wages of your labor. Changes of jobs occurs when the salary doesn’t suits the worker anymore for a better job with huge amount of salary and at the end of them all, you become retire and living in pension annually.

Discipline: In career, you will see that career itself is equivalent to the discipline studied in school. Examples of theses careers are engineering, law, medicine etc. for the nearest future if precisely permanent.

Differentiation of Concepts. Let’s not be confused, when we talk about calling and career. There is tiny difference between them. Let’s differentiate them from one another. In calling, there is strong desire which is usually “socially valuable” which is also known as “talent” “natural gift” while career is also a desire but not strong enough with that of calling. It’s or they are done during the period of your “working life” for a period of time. Note that their similarities are desire but is still measurement of desire. In calling, the desire is strong and has great influence over the individual while in career; the desire is not strong enough in individual due to external or internal influence he might face. Calling have to do with your bestowed gift from nature, the inbuilt talent that always keeps you happy when you find yourself doing and when doing such you might call a hubby. Career on the hand is your long time training, your acquisition of knowledge to do. What you might undergone trainings for a specific course like law, engineering, accounting etc. in the nearest future. Calling is a burning urge of you in making things real to yourself while still in the career field but career is also stoic and attainment after a certified requirement and might not be your urge. Page 23 of 46

The glorious impact of both is that success can be gotten from both but in calling, it is much and long-life time situation. Haven understood calling and career concepts. The question always arises in every human being” what is your callings?” •

Are you called for motivating others?

Are you called in making others grow?

Are you called in preaching to others?

When you realize your calling, you can make your way through the channels of success and as a step of attaining your success mission on earth. Now, let’s analyze these three questions genuinely. •

In motivating people, you will notice it’s not an easy task and you can’t motivate others when you are not motivated by in your own action inn your Nervous System (NS), described in the previous chapter. When motivating others, you are seen as a savior to removing astounding blocks from others’ way and setting alternative for the prosperity of their mind, finance and otherwise.

In terms of motivating others, you become a role model to them and a father, godly to them like Joseph in the Bible who became a father to pharaoh through his calling “interpretation of dreams” and was known to be one of the greatest men who ever lived in the world since creation.

The impact of motivating others is that you become a father of children born of ideas, philosophies and wisdom from you. You incline your ear to understanding, your calling and reaching what moves your calling. Your calling can only be achieved with your connection with the supernatural power and teaches you how to be different from poor people.

“The only different between a rich man and a poor man is the mindset”

When a man has an understanding heart, he becomes rich in the dealing and a poor man is a man that is poor in his heart and not his dealings because he has not yet understands the true nature of his calling. No wonder, when people have walked throughout their lives in service and still come out in retirement and find themselves struggling with life. According to proverbs 2 verse 1-3, the Bible reveals that when the Lord had hide it in your heart and within you, you shall seek knowledge and understand. And will be revealed the treasures which are riches and how to acquire. Almost all the books of proverbs say one specific thing, “the man with wisdom that speaks the truth all the time makes himself riches and righteousness. As a calling, you can’t motivate others when you are not truthful. When you are truthful, people who are your Page 25 of 46

children comes from ideas, wisdom that flows like everlasting stream of water and lays up treasure for yourself.

Your main calling in life is to make others grow financially, in mind and spiritually. You are called for specific reason and the reason God made you to actualize your calling is a plan God set ahead of other plans. For instance, you are the plan A of God and others are the other alphabetical plans of God.

When God’s plan A succeeds in the calling, other plans succeeds because the Plan A is a role model and a father that moves the other plans of God, to their desired end in financial aspect, mind and skill. Don’t you think why people that made plane came into this world before us for instance? They came because they were the plan A of God to make plane and this generation are benefitting from the creation of these men we see travelling, unlike the men of old before plane came out easily and less stressful. Some people are created to make others grow, because when God created you, He bestowed the calling that people will look into in order to become what they, that’s why the first medical doctor that succeeded in this life encouraged young doctors, to be studious in their studies, so likewise the lawyers, engineers, great scholars etc. When you succeed as God’s plan in your calling, you make God’s creative act moves forward through you and other plans of God which are people waiting for you to.

They become realizing theirs. He takes delight in the success of your plan. •

When I mean ‘preaching’ I don’t mean, you telling the word of God alone to people but rather motivating them to see the reason why preaching to them, and make yourself a remarkable reference to others. You don’t carry on and preached to someone who had been in frustration for some period of time, either in family background, academy disorder or even heart break and expects the person to listen to you when preaching Rather try and solve the problem at ground before you, trying to preach, motivates him and that’s the main reason you even need the people to know how you can motivate them by the word of God and letting them to realize in their true personality as an individual in this planet earth, who should know the cause of his living and through you become indispensable to these persons who look up to you to succeed in this live.

After talking about these three ways of motivating others, you don’t need to go through specific training in order to be called, that’s why it’s quite different from career which needs some specific training and stages to achieve their goals. Example is the school, training centers etc. The training needed in calling is that which you give yourself through sources of motivation like books, your mentors, your motivators and above all your Bible. Page 27 of 46

Now think about how many lives you might have touched, through your calling. You must motivate them in making success out of their present situation. Think about how many souls, you might have saved from eternal condemnation when you preached the gospel of Christ to them and think about how many millions of people wants to be like you when you put your calling into creativity write-ups, crafts, drawings, M.C., music, etc. Think about how many that are waiting for you to show them how to rise up from their present situation through your own callings. I want to share another experience of mine with you. “I am student like some of you out there reading my write-ups, who had a desire of becoming a law student as discipline and career. At then, I was already a poet by calling, who had written unpublished poems from high school. By the way side, all these fell aside into mere dreams and fantasies, I can never achieve. When I got admission into college, not because I can’t be like my mates already in Universities but there was a destiny awaiting me in that same school. I had to dance to the tune of my present fate and at last I took advantage of the situation I was. There I realized my true calling as a motivator and a writer. Even at the apex of my turmoil, I wrote this same book you are reading now, there at my second year 2012. After realizing my calling is to motivate others from my good friend, mentor and a brother who had been over me as a father and campus fellowship pastor. Several advice and motivations I had from him, I began my write-ups and now there are countless numbers of write-ups in motivations and books not yet published and I am living big while I am still schooling because my calling had eventually made ways for me despite my career of law still alive”.

Let it not be new to you that, you can make it from your present circumstance and people has been there, even worse than that you think and they have made great ways from the circumstances they found themselves. Some students especially makes big time valuable money, from their callings and talents and need little or no assistance from relations and some of them feeds their parents at home through their talents, in some circumstance of poor background or some unfortunately might not have had parents or sponsors but living large while still attaining careers and attaining academic goals. Your calling is what you do consciously by effort and deliberate act. You strategizes it, plan it, build it, like architect so that it will look like something, you build your life with, alongside with your career. Your calling like talent and natural gift, when you do not make good use of them, it dies like the prominent servant in the Bible who had one talent in him and went to hid it in the ground and was bound and thrown into the outermost darkness, so is every individual being created by God, and talents deposited by the creator Himself, one or two talents. When realized, he better himself sets treasure for his future and better his generation.

Hindrances to Calling There are several hindrances to your calling and they are as follows: •

Threats from close relatives, friends and environmental manipulations


Lack of understanding and differentiation of the concepts Page 29 of 46

Pride of doing something without humbling to find out the cause and effect of your action.

Isolation from friend, relations and studies.

Lack of thinking and believing yourself.

Lack of prayers and spiritual manipulations.

CHAPTER 4 DETERMINTION I will strategically talking on this concept determination by bringing the part of warrior ship in the success of life. Meaning of the concept What is determination? The 8th edition of the advanced learner’s dictionary defined Determination as

“The quality that makes you continue trying to do something even when this is difficult” Ok, now that we have known the meaning, of the concept, let’s look at the different words in the meaning separately. Firstly, we found the word ‘quality’ which is seen, been the standard of something that comprise solidarity in terms of size, color and context used in creating it. Secondly, we found the word ”continuity” which contextually means, effort of making things happening, no matter the setback r obstacle along the way, but there is strive of doing something, the force that makes you let something to be done. Difficult as the third and last word in the context means simply obstacles, storms along the way of achievement. Now, that we have background knowledge of the concept ‘determination’. Determination is the force that keeps an individual towards a prescribed goal or achievement. Like a warrior in a battle field, determination has some characteristics similar to that of warrior which are as follows: •






Haven outlined these words above, we which shall have detailed look at them. Page 31 of 46

Progression: In progression, we also mean progress before you understand determination properly. Let’s understand the word “progress” first. Progress is the step taken to the achievement of success. These are each steps taken that makes you go forward towards achieving success...

Success: This means the act of you reaching a defined and stipulated goal achievement, when you have achieved a goal, it is success.

Differentiation of Progress and Success In progress, steps taken to forward are known as progression while success, is the total progress gotten, achieved at a particular task. Now like a warrior in a battle field, who is destined to fight and bring victory to his home is expected not to be at home while his mate are at camp fighting for the progress of the power. In the battle field, making the progress of the warrior is shown by his constant struggling and using techniques or skills in making sure that the opponent is dead and the act of killing the opponent, victory is achieved and that is called success. So likewise, business and academic, in Business, different techniques are employed by the discussion board to achieve specific goals for the business and they are called progress, no matter it might seem but the people involved seats and discuss how their department will be good. And, at the end means of progress gives

success, they are glad and can beat their chest saying “we’ve made it” work. This is success. In Academic discipline, progress is the promotion from one gender to another after several strives of studies, assignment and other things done by individuals for securing good grades and at the end of the year or after his or her graduation, success had been achieved. Conclusively, in determination, success and progression are vital element. When you are progressing, it doesn’t mean you are succeeding but when you put success in back of your mind and continue in the progressive road, you will surely make success out the day. Success makes you to progress when you really want to attain success. So likewise progress, make you successful at the end of the day with constant progression to your desired end. •

Courage: Courage as an element of determination is the force that makes you to attain good struggle. It is also the boldness inside you which pushes you to attempt an action no matter what it may seem to be because you know something good and great will eventually come out of your courageous act.

Courage is an act but the in born boldness attending an act of something. As a warrior fighting in battlefield, they don’t just come to play in the battle but have the desired, in born boldness in them, that when they gets to the battlefield, they will surely conquer their enemy because they have, courage and that’s why they plan, strategies. So likewise in whatever you might be doing at the moment, be courageous along with determination, no matter what Page 33 of 46

might be doing. Like warrior think of attaining victory, in your prospective career business or whatever, you might find yourself doing, take it as determination that at the end you will keep smiling and have the boldness, courage in attaining your successful desire in life.

Stamina: this doesn’t seem that you can’t fall, when stamina is concerned. Everyone seems to have stamina but its how you oil it that matter. The common adage that says;

“the fall of man is not his end”. The illustration simply means no matter how you fall, the ability for you to stand and attempt that situation at the moment that makes you a man. Every warrior in the battlefield has stamina but there are varieties and ranges of stamina in warrior, that’s why a warrior, who has higher stamina than his opponent can defeat him easily because there is no more ability of the falling s under the manipulations of his mind when he does not know how to strategies his way, finance and his mind set by spreading them with wisdoms from books and other sources. He believes whatever he is told, good or bad, he don’t know and don’t care. Like a warrior, be strategic because, they put more strategies in conquering their enemies through their nervous system of thought and understand what victory means to them and at the end, they are given metal badges for the great success. Different strategies are put forth and thought by them to attain this desired victory.

Go out there, get sometime for yourself to strategize and put on different techniques in attaining your desired victory. When you do this, believe me yon will never remain the same. Sit and think handly from your present situation, circumstances because they are lesson in form of obstacles, for you to attend and pass with a crown of success. •

Constant Training: in every life of any warrior, you will find out that at leisure time, the warrior is attended in practicing or training even when there is no war no fight. He engaged himself, training but he doesn’t want to be caught unaware that there is way without him getting to fight.

With this proper training, he is able to equip himself with different strategies, skills and ability to conquer his enemies. So likewise every successful man in this life, they have constant training in thought, strategies are employed by their ability to think what strategy will be best for this present situation, then finds them and when they have employed these skills, techniques, business moves forward, academics moves excellently and other lively hood of theirs, progresses because they have sat and their minds has been taking over by thought. These days, finances don’t rule the world but ideas rule the world. That is why; you need to stretch your mind with book, words, ideas, so that at the end you will be glad. The best property or wealth that follows him to his grave is his philosophies, ideas, words and discipline. Great men are not remembered by their financial status but the status of their mind. They are remembered by their legacies through their thought, philosophy, examples are Socrates, Shakespeare, Aristotle and so others. You will find out that Page 35 of 46

in reading these people, their wealth were not mentioned, the finance or the kind of house they had stayed in their lifetime. But their thought, wisdoms and philosophies keeps living on earth and they are the present extension of these persons and every human being in this planet lives by their philosophies. Determination is the passion, enthusiasm keeping you towards a specific goal, dream career in life. A man without determination is more ore less like a man who without reason living on earth. Determination is a burning passion or which motivates you to acquire knowledge, understandings and skills towards your career and goals in life. A man of determination is like a guy who goes to a lady, asks her out and she pushes him away. He comes back and says “that wasn’t what I meant”, “let me explain myself, better” because he is in love rather than say” “how dare you push me” he does not love her. So in determination to success, when you are in love with your success, people might say to you “to what kind of passion, love desire, determination, you have towards this specific dream, task, career and you might simply smile and even say to their face “it’s your dream, and for that you are in love” When you fail, don’t acknowledge the fact of you failing even when people short at you, ” you are failure” even Isaac Newton who was a scholar in physics which everyone does physics in school, reads his work and attributes to the advancement of physics. “I once read physics in high school and his life. I found out that he was one time tagged a dull student” and he rose up and took his ground and became success. Likewise watt which humans use at home was invented by someone called watt which his product was named

after him. Every one wasn’t born to see these great men who their works still lives till end of time. When you fall, rise up and take the next available flight to determination to achieve your dreams, career, and goal in life. Be determined because it’s a force builder, one conscious effort doing more in order to get to the apex of your career, calling, business. “It’s not all about how I feel.” “Where I am…” “Where I was…” “It’s all about the burning passion I have for my calling, career, success…” “Because I really don’t want to remain were I am” I want to share another testimony of mine with you. I had determination as a key success of going admission in law. Along the way, it wanted to be a mere fantasy but didn’t fall in that situation. I had admission into college instead but I didn’t stop at that fact due to the pressure I had from family to the extent, of at the expense of my education, if I don’t study in college, if I don’t study in college, I should forget everything about schooling because I have no other way of supporting my education but rather my mum. I took the pressure, my determination grew further and I had alternative that when I finished college, I will continue no matter what every one might say, even my mum because in college I have device a means of succeeding while reading law and now I am living big in terms of finance, power supernaturally and knowledge aspect is growing further and bigger with wisdom. Despite my statues as student in school, remaining just a matter of few months Page 37 of 46

to finish my course there, the determination didn’t die but making money to further my education even without the support of my mum but with God all things are possible. In the ways of achieving success, determination is a key factor because when one is determined, he feeds the belly of his dreams by attempting struggles, obstacles and his dreams awaits him as a crown of his constant determination and he because I am here like a warrior. You are called ‘Hero’ only when you attempt the battle of determination alive and you are rendered with a mental of success. Conclusively, the only qualification for you is to attempt every puzzle you find yourself and come out with the best you can. You will be called a warrior in your life.

CHAPTER FIVE LEARN TO ANALYSE DETAILS In this chapter, we shall be dealing with the ways of analyzes which is a concept. Meaning of Concept The dictionary tells that analysis is a noun among the classes of words which talks about,

“The detailed study or examination of something in order to understanding more, by breaking up into parts for better understanding.” Now, analyses have some characteristics or elements which are as follows. •

Detailed study: This has to do with you studying in details, knowing epistemology, the evolution of study you are involved so that at the end, you are able to know everything in it.

Examination: This helps you to know something closely, examine a specific study. In examination, things like procedures are taking while you are observing it, you experiment and how it brings out product which you are marveled at like the scientific study of experiment.

Understanding: This is the last step taken after detailed study and examination of something and left with the clarity of the fact.

Things put into consideration in leaning to analyze In analyzing yourself, there are something that must be considered which are as follows. •

Nature: Like I chapter two, we talked of understanding your nature. When you are able to understand your nature, things becomes very easy for you and you learn to analyze it by Page 39 of 46

telling yourself, what you are capable of doing and working towards your natural ability for the betterment of yourself. •

Structuring Yourself: These has to do with you making some structures and establishing the way you want to get what your desire. By training yourself and making diverse structures for attaining a particular goal, at the end, you will achieve what your desire is. Even when one structure closes, there is alternative.

The only way to structuring yourself is through the power of thought and not thinking only, you laid down procedures of attaining your thought and employing techniques to achieve this aim. All these are done through the only means of giving yourself, time to think and putting your thinking into reality. •

Separation of Details: when you are able to get details and separates them from one another, so that there would be coalition of details you have brought. Write them down and think of ways of achieving them and you will notice that you are moving faster than your thought and you will be glad in everything you are doing.

“A man who does not write down his plans, plans to fail because, the plans written down are the reminding note of his plans towards his achievement.” The plans of man written down are the commandment established by him in attaining success. The dealings and potentials structured for him.

Understanding: Understanding every details you need because, when you don’t, you become ignorant of it and it hurts when it’s been attempted without having knowledge of the fact about it. The strength of man doesn’t depend on his muscles but on his understanding (probs. 8vs14). In the same book of proverbs, the Bible also admonish that, those who lack understanding are those who perish. That’s why a black man who don’t understand the use of iron will take it as god and be worshipping it but a white man who had the understanding of the resources, takes it to factory, beats the god of the black man and made it into protectors, electrical appliances and the black man sees it, marveled at the conversion of the so called ‘god’ into different gadgets.

Getting the fact: In getting facts, don’t just get plans and stays adamant but rather, strategize them, put something creative out of them. When you get facts, you continue to plan the facts gotten, to a marvelous creation through thought and constant engineering the ideas, philosophies of yours and you will see are great you are. Hunt for facts, let your mind be filled with philosophies, when you lack such fact, get source to equip your brain, and mind. The brain is never too loaded, for new study to come. Let your leisure time in holidays, schools, and business be the best time of “your school of thought”. Every human has a school of thought, located in the brain like a school that has different books in teaching student for the benefit of theirs. So likewise the brain, you install the brain the brains with libraries of thought, ides, philosophies like the electronic computer were the library of books are not tangible, so likely is the brain, despite not tangible but very important in Page 41 of 46

your creative stuffs and there lies the perfection of your creation. •

Putting the fact into work: When you have gotten different facts from different sources, put them into work. Let every facts gotten e put into works and creation because your main purpose of living is the fulfillment of your of your supernatural creation through thoughts, DNS, philosophies and others is your creation to take them along.

In conclusion, Learn to analyze yourhrv5vg dreams, careers, future, and plans and strategize them. Don’t do something because “it’s good or this one is quite better, that is not”. Everybody has to understand. No! You deliberately analyze your things, build it, strategize it, plan it, and establish it alongside with your career. You fight for it. Secondly, get all facts, the inputs, learn from your mistakes. You have to strike a balance between getting all the facts and making a decision with incomplete data. Both are fruits of successful people. Spend time getting details but don’t catch “analysis paralysis” Finally, act on both news, good and bad and mostly the bad and mostly the bad because they are the news that travels faster. In your acting in the news through thought, you convert it into good and make your life a great success from it.


BEATING TIME AND CHANCE In this chapter, we shall be dealing or these two concept “time” and chance. Time Its available factor in success because it deals with your every steps taking and every breath taken is the time you have in this life and after you breathe the last breath, your time had been over in this life. In the dealings of life, time is so vital to every other factors of life. You only can be at time when you realize the time you are, having and want to be in the nearest future. Chance This is the “conscious and unconscious” finding yourself at a particular place and time. The chance is the stipulate situation set down for you in attaining your achievement. Time and chance as a factor for success until you realize the importance of both and beating it, you can’t succeed in life. When you have acknowledge it and you begin to find how much achievement you have made in any situation or business you might find yourself, consciously or unconsciously. The importance of Time and Chance Taking the Bible as case study in Ecclesiastes especially chapter 3 lays emphasis of things coming and going. In this world, you see there is tribulation and transgression, there are also righteousness through wisdom and time you have considered and worked achieving the riches stored up to you as an inheritance of the seed of Abraham.

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The same Ecclesiastes tells us that, the battle is not for the strong, bread for the workers etc. but the factor of time and chance affects them all. As youth and students, I admonish you according to the scripture of the same Ecclesiastes 11 vs 9-10 which says, Rejoice in the youth, serve your Lord in the time of your youthful age so that your heart will be cheer in your youthful days. Walk in the desire of your heart and the sight of the sight of your eyes. Remove sorrow from your heart and put away sorrow in your heart and you become riche in all your dealings. In career, business and other stuffs, you find yourself, be like warrior in attaining knowledge when dealing with true and chance of factors as success. Undergo several trainings, one way or the other like warrior who equips himself with discipline of the mind, strength to the extent, he does not feel any hurt in the process of fight a battle until it’s over. A warrior does not become one by accident but had prepared himself over and over again with pains throughout his trainings and victory is attained at the end of the battle. I want to share another story of my life with you that relates to this. “As a child, I had determination in life learning and knowing drugs. Several prescriptions as a chemist, I made and took the advantage of it getting to know more about pharmacy, despite that was not my academy discipline. No! But I had the time and chance during my stay at home from child hood. I got to know more about drugs under my aunt. Now I can work in any pharmacy or medical center because I have the knowledge during the chance I had learning drugs. Don’t care about the present situation you might find yourself or encounter, because it’s an avenue for you, learning another phase

of your open success. Take advantage of the present time you have now towards whatever you are doing because most people in the society might not have the privilege you have now. Even in the process of you pursuing your career in life, it may favor you and open the door of your treasure. Buy time in any way you could, either leaving some leisure to create time, strategizing, thinking the way through your business, careers, goals and dreams. Some industrious business men stays at back of their cars, not because they have money employing drivers or they want to feel big among themselves but not driving themselves, so that they can buy time in any way they could and convert the time to money by thought, strategizing their next profits through different commissions, seminars of meetings, appointments that would benefit their own business goals. Some students stay in school hostels, not because they can’t afford the best apartment off campus. But they do this at the expense of their leisure to strategize their careers, their grades, goals in their different disciplines. Conclusively, learn to analyze your time and chance for yourself to the development of your own self.

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CHAPTER 7 BE AUTHORITATIVE In the way of success, authority has to do with the power, influence you have over others. Not negative power, manipulation or getting others in encampment but the positive way of letting people knowing you in terms of the advance progress rendered by you towards their own lives. When you are authoritative, you expect the respect and obedience of others towards you. It’s only when a man knows he can control the respects of others through his callings, achievement and goals, that he requires the respects of others and begins to leads them positively. Remember, the first plan of God was to see you succeed, as His plan A and through you; His other plans can come into success. When you don’t succeed, other plans of God fail or He replaces you with others who can make His plan manifests. The act or process of your authorization to make His other plans come through, by the success of your plans into manifestation. Roads are set aside by God through you to make other plans of His manifest. So, have authority over what you do in the planet earth. In any situation, when you want to succeed, you are the hero of the situation.

Fundermentals of success  

motivational book from a true life empowerment

Fundermentals of success  

motivational book from a true life empowerment