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Our Mission is to provide a serene, comfortable and transcendent flight experience. Brand Values

Luxury Indulge yourself­— We provide brilliant service, great food and great in flight entertainment. Why expect less?




We help in any way we can, no task is too big, or too small. All you have to do is ask.

Clean and clear approaches to customer service and design.



Movies, music and more ­— you’ll love our spread of options. You can go to the bar, or order from a gourmet menu.

A chivalrous and honest approach to business and service.


Who We Are Our brand strives to portray and refl ect a clean, sleek, and expensive idea. GrandAir is not for everyone; the company has a very tight demographic; it’s for wealthy successful businessmen, entrepreneurs, A-list celebrities and the world’s royalty. GrandAir aims to be the best of the best in service, entertainment, and luxury. We want our guests to feel comfortable and have an enjoyable flight experience.



Consumer Profiles Our consumers are well-known individuals who live lavish and comfortable lives. They love GrandAir because of the luxury styling, amenities, and exquisite service. Whether it’s for a quick trip to another major city, a vacation with family, or a business trip that spans the globe, our clients appreciate the care, specificity, and comfort they have when they fl y with us.



Jeff Staple A Day in the Life 6 am 7 am 8 am

Vitals Korean­ American 34 years old New York, NY

Family Married Two Children One Cat/One Dog

Values/Passions Family: love and passion Realism: perception and honesty Creativity: free and fl owing

9 am 10 am 11 am 12 am 1 pm 2 pm 3 pm 4 pm 5 pm 6 pm

Education/Career/Groups • • • • •

Bachelor’s Degree Designer $12,000,000/yr Owns 2 Properties Libertarian

Characteristics love kids home comfort outspoken

7 pm 8 pm 9 pm 10 pm

happy honest calm stable charming

Kids wake him up, he slowly gets up and helps to process of getting them ready for school. Showers, eats breakfast, turns on CNN to see whats going on in the world. Drives kids to school in his BMW, makes sure they get settled in. Work. Work. Work. Lunch at Le Bernardin with his wife and some of his employees. Work. Meeting with Nike, talks branding and new product development. Work. Picks kids up from school and then goes to get groceries from Trader Joe’s. Listens to some jazz while he gets dinner ready for his kids with his wife Helps kids with homework, checks over his calendar and looks at the family schedule. Checks emails on MacBook Pro, reads some articles and reviews new ideas. Puts kids to bed, checks all the locks in the house and turns off the lights. Has a glass of Stella while watching Netflix Goes to sleep

Pharrell Williams Brandscape

A Day in the Life

Lanvin Monsieur The Hundreds



Hardy Amies Whole Foods

Burton Complex

incase karmaloop

7 am 8 am

Vitals African­ American 39 years old Los Angeles, CA

Family Married One Dog

Education/Career/Groups Musician-Fashion Mogul $32,000,000/yr Owns 4 Properties Democrat


Nike Apple 10.DEEP


2 pm 3 pm 4 pm

Values/Passions Spontaneity: fun impulses Knowledge: truths and principles Drive: ambition and fearlessness

• • • •

9 am 9:30 am 10 am 12 am 1 pm

5 pm 6 pm 7 pm 8 pm 9 pm 10 pm 11 pm 12am 12:30am

Wakes up, showers. Eats breakfast with his wife, watches the news and talks about the day. Drives to his office in his Maserati. Grabs a Starbucks coffee. Work (BBC). Work (BBC). BBC early meeting with overseas designers and partners. Work (BBC). Lunch at Citizen Smith with some friends, his wife tags along. Shopping at Louis Vuitton, he picks up things for himself, but mostly buys gifts for his wife. Work (BBC). Drives to studio in his Bentley GT with some of his collaborators. Work at the studio (N.E.R.D.). Dinner with his wife and their couple friends at Toscana in the heart of Los Angeles. Checks emails Galaxy S III, looks over some emails and makes a few mobile purchases. Goes to Whole Foods to grab milk and some extra things for the pantry. Drives home Reads esquire, talks to his wife Goes to bed


Domeau & Pérès A Bathing Ape Return Textiles

Maserati Louis Vuitton

Android Trader Joe’s


Kidult Supreme

N.E.R.D. IceCream

Characteristics quiet amibitious childish sly frugal

Esquire quick grounded undecicive sarcastic indifferent

BBC Star Trak Element

Stella 10


Nick Wooster A Day in the Life 6 am 7 am 8 am 9 am

Vitals Caucasian 51 years old London, England

Family Single One Cat/One Dog

Values/Passions Logic: simple reasoning Adventure: new and exciting Integrity: moral and ethical character Education/Career/Groups • • • • •

Master’s Degree Entreprenuer-Developer $94,000,000/yr Owns 7 Properties Republican

10 am 11 am 12 am 1 pm 2 pm 3 pm 4 pm 5 pm 6 pm 7 pm 8 pm 9 pm 10 pm 11pm

Wakes up, showers, starts his breakfast after calling down for his car. Gets on iPhone, tumblr, and twitter, Starts cruising the fashion blogs. Gets dressed and ready for his day. Driver picks him up in his Mercedes-Benzto go to work. Work. Work. Lunch at Le Gavroche, chats with friends and colleages. Work. Work. Work. Driver takes him to Thom Browne to shop for clothes, he buys a handfull of new items for his closet. Get’s on Macbook, checks emails, looks at his company holdings. Driver takes him to dinner at Essex House to meet some friends. After dinner drinks with a date at The Square. Sends tweets from private table, picks up the tab, makes sure everyone has a good time. Driver picks him and his friends up. They grab some late night food. Goes to a late night club to hear a few bands

Oprah Winfrey Brandscape

A Day in the Life

Navy Orlebar Brown

6 am

Raif Adelberg

Burberry Yves Saint Laurent

Thom Browne

7 am 8 am

Vitals African American 58 Years old Chicago, Illinois

Family Partner

11 am 12 am

Values/Passions Success: Self made billionaire Philanthrophy: Volunteers and donates Class: Poise and Grace

1 pm



4 pm

• •

5 pm


• •

Hamilton 1883

Mercedes Auchentoshan

Tennessee State University Chairwomen and CEO Harpo Productions and Oprah Winfrey Network 290,000,000/ yr Democrat, Philantropist


fun effective clear self made decisive


Ferrari Visvim tumblr

2 pm 3 pm

7 pm 8 pm 9 pm

Church’s Shanghai Characteristics hard working punctual amibitious strong loud

9 am 10 am

Characteristics Optimistic Motivated Authenic Ambition Focused

10 pm

Problem Solver Corageous Enhusiastic Self-reliant Wealthy

Wakes up to alarm on iPhone and Showers washing hair with Fuente Shampoo. Stylist dresses her in a Dolce & Gabana Suit. Limo picks her up and takes her to the Exclusive entrance of favorite Airline Flys to Chicago, Il to OWN. Backstage, hair stylist Kim Kimble uses Redkin products in her hair. Attends meetings with producers of shows on OWN. Meeting with producers. Uses iPad to organized notes from meeting. Assistant gets take out from Viand American Bistro Eats Lunch and checks Email. Also communicates with agent on Mac Computer. Limo arrives and takes her to Airport Luxury entrance to fly to home in California. Unpacks her Louis Viutton suitcase and puts her Harry Winston jewelry in safe. Changes into a Versace Business Suit and Sprays Dior Parfume before going to a dinner meeting for Harpo Production. Travels in her Mercedes Limo back to her Estate. Changes into pajama’s from Macy’s. Reviews schedule for the next day on her iPhone Sleeps in her Custom made Tempur Pedic Mattress.


Dolce & Gabana Harpo Production

Mercedes Harry Winston

Versace Louis Viutton Tempur Pedic

iPhone Redkin Macy’s OWN iPad Dior iMac


Paris Hilton A Day in the Life

Vitals Caucasian 31 years old Los Angeles, CA

Family Single 2 dogs

Values/Passions Humane: gives back to local shelters Social: regular night club goer Fashionista: wearing the latest trends Education/Career/Groups • •

GED Socialite, Businesswomen, Fashion Designer 198,000,000/yr Roman Catholic

• •

Characteristics Care free Highclass Wealthy Power Leader


Creative Intelligent Successful Confident Competitive

6 am Wakes up to Bose Alarm Clock, Works out in Under Armour Gear. 7 am Showers and Washes hair with Paul Mitchell and uess Burts Bee Body Wash. 8 am Dresses in a trendy outfit from Giorgio Armani. Applies Clinque Make up. 9 am Drives Bently to Exclusive Entrance at airport at her favorite airline. 10 am Relaxes in her private cabin and listens to her iPod. 11 am Upon arrival to New York, She is greeted with a Hummer Limo. 12 am She is dropped off at Hilton Hotel where her hair stylest is waiting to do her hair. 1 pm Her assitant gets her take out from Nobu (Japanese restuarant) Stylist uses Bed Head products to style her hair. 2 pm Before she leaves to do Celebrity Endorsement she sprays her own Paris Hilton Parfume and grabs her PH hand bag. 4 pm Meeting with agent and future clients 6 pm She heads back to the Hilton to change into clubing outfit from Gucci. 7 pm Grabs a bite to eat from Butter. Where she meets her friends at before making club appearances. 8 pm Eating with friends 9 pm The limo then takes her to Marquee Nightclub.Where she’s paid to make an appearance. 10 pm She sips Grey Goose Vodka while at the club. 11 pm She snaps pictures of everyone at the club with her Nikon Camera. (to up load on blog) 12 am She uses her Blackberry to contact her driver. 1 am She is taken back to the Hilton where she passes out in a Sleep Number bed.

Vera Wang Brandscape

A Day in the Life

Marquee Nightclub

6 am

Grey Goose

Giorgio Armani

Paul Mitchell

Paris Hilton Blackberry Under Armour

Bently Sleep Number


7 am 8 am

Vitals Chinese American 63 years old New York, NY

Family Married 2 Children


Sarah Lawrence College Fashion Mogul, Magazine Editor, Entreprenuer, Author $115,000,000

Gucci Bose iPod

12 am 1 pm 3 pm 4 pm 5 pm 6 pm 7 pm 8 pm 9 pm 11 pm 12 am



10 am 11 am

Values/Passions Family: her family is the world to her Travel: loves visiting family and friends Creative: enjoys editorials & designs

• •

9 am


Characteristics Relaxed Happy Organized Genuine Friendly

Giver Lover Wealthy Classy Explorer

Wakes up and Slips out of Silk Sheets from Nordstrom. Cooks Breakfast with Paula Dean kitchenware. Washes hair with Redkin. Applies Lancome make up and styles hair with Chi straightener. Dresses in an outfit from Element. Also dresses her four grand daughters in outfits from Little Maven. Drives Range Rover to airport with her daughters and grand daughters. Vera and the girls enjoy the private cabin. They can be as loud as they want and won’t bother other passengers. Lands upstate for a mini vacation. Eats lunch at Eleven Madson Park. They all go to the Coach, Element, and Gucci shops. Returns back to airport, The grand daughters keep occupied playing with Nintendo DS. Lands back in the city. At home Husband Joe takes care of the girls while Vera talks with her daughters about the day. Working on book. She prepares her favorite Italian dish. Rinses dishes and puts in Electrolux Dishwasher Puts the girls to bed. Does a load of laudry with Tide and Bounce dryer sheets. Lays in bed on Stern & Foster Matterss.


Sterns and Foster

Electrolux Little Maven

Redkin Paula Dean


Range Rover


Nordstrom Lancome

Gucci Bounce

Chi Tide


Guidelines The guidelines for GrandAir refl ect how the brand acts and how all employees and agencies should present the brand. Following these guidelines creates a universal and consistant experience for the clients GrandAir serves and takes care of. Deviating from these specifications prevents the brand from keeping its high level of service and professionalism. Anyone who works with and/or for GrandAir should familiarize themselves with the brand guidelines.



The Grid The grid is the beginning building block of GRANDAIR. Proper utilization will ensure consistancy across a variety of materials. GRANDAIR uses a 6-by-4 grid. This arrangement was chosen to refl ect the upscale experience that our clientele expects. Another bonus of having a smaller book is it fits nicely in the back of GRANDAIR seating. The size of the page is 10� x 8�. The inside margin is 1in, the top is 0.25in, and the bottom and the outside margins are 0.5in. Text should be placed within the margins. Hyphens may be used where appropriate. The only exception to this rule is folios and note text. Text width should be proportional to size of type. Images my bleed off the page. If they do not bleed, they must be used within the gird, gutters may go unused if need be.

6 columns x 4 rows

Gutters- 1.2986in x 0.125in Margins Grid- 1.3175in x 1.7226in



The Logo Preferred Vertical Treatment

Preferred Horizontal Treatment

The GRANDAIR logo is used across multiple mediums. Guidelines for the logo ensure that all uses stay consistant to relfect the brand correctly. All logos must have at least a 0.1” space border around all sides. Logos may be used over images if they contrast one another without legibility issues. Logos may reverse out to white if they are placed over a darker color or image. They may also be grey where appropriate. Logos may not partially cover an image, other text, colors, etc. Any other typeface than HABANA may never be used with the GrandAir logos.

Preferred vertical treatment at 2” wide


Preferred horizontal treatment at 4” wide


Preferred horizontal treatment at 4” wide

Preferred vertical treatment at 3” wide

Preferred horizontal treatment at 2” wide

Preferred vertical treatment at 2” wide

Preferred horizontal treatment at 1” wide

Preferred vertical treatment at 1” wide



Sample Layout filler image


A sample spread has been included for the brand book. It shows how margins, images, and text may be used in multi-page documents. These elements may be used at the designers descretion, however they must always be in a 6 x 4 grid system based off the margins.


Raja Ampat

Grand Getaways

Photograph by Daniela Dirscherl, Getty Images

An emerging island Eden in Indonesia Raja Ampat has been dubbed the Amazon of the Oceans. Is that hyperbole? Not really. There are single reefs here containing more species than the entire Caribbean. A mini-archipelago of rainforest-clad islands, cays, mangroves, and pearlescent beaches off the coast of West Papua, Indonesia, this marine frontier brims with life. Expect close encounters with recent discoveries such as Raja Ampat’s walking shark and pygmy seahorse, along with more familiar creatures—manta rays, leatherback turtles, and bumphead parrotfish. Not to mention three-quarters of all known coral species.

Remote doesn’t mean rough here. Cruise the region aboard an upscale conversion of a traditional phinisi schooner or stay at a hideaway such as Misool Eco

Exclusive Misool Eco Resort is a secluded tropical hideaway on the remote, private island of Batbitim. Book your personal water cottage-on-stilts (veranda stairs

Where to Stay

Where to Eat or Drink

What to Buy

In the established tourism villages Arborek and Sauwandarek local women make and sell wood and orchid bark nokens (string bags), pandan leaf hats and bags, and wood or banana fiber skirts.

When to Go

Late September through early June. Be aware that mid-June through midSeptember is monsoon season, with rains typically contained to the afternoon.

kayak travel on the island (bottom) & Wayang reef (right)

If you’re not staying in an all-inclusive resort or on a dive boat, Raja Ampat dining options are limited to the small stores, outdoor markets, and warungs (family-run cafés/stores) in Wasai, Raja Ampat’s capital. Another option is to stock up in Sarong before traveling to Wasai.

Resort, with its swanky overwater bungalows. Diving is the draw, but kayaking and trekking are picking up. This is nature at its most vivid, above and below the water. —Johnny Langenheim Travel Tips

How to Get Around

Travel by boat from Sarong to Wasai. Longboats, speedboats, motorboats, and dive boats connect Wasai to other islands. Outside the resorts, on island travel is primarily by foot or ojek (motorcycle taxi). •

The scenery proves just as spectacular above the surface. On Wayag, steep limestone karsts drenched in jungle bisect a cobalt lagoon. Tree canopies filled with rare birds offer lofty theater. It’s well worth rising at 3 a.m. to witness the amorous, fl amenco-like mating dance of the endemic red bird of paradise.


lead directly into the translucent lagoon) to snorkel and dive in one of the world’s most biologically diverse marine environments.

reef (top) & all-inclusive resort (bottom)

Fun Fact

On Raja Ampat’s Um Island, bats circle the blue skies by day and seagulls take fl ight at night. The compact island (one lap around takes about 15 minutes) is dotted with caves, home to the diurnal bats that feast on ripe fruit.


Image Library filler image

The images we have selected for our library all refl ect wealth, royalty, and relaxation. The photos are full of colors that relate to our brand and overall feeling we want our clients to experience. The images give our travelers a glimpse of luxury that come with our brand and what they can expect when they choose to fl y GrandAir.






Lition nis si blaccum Heading 1 : Helvetica Neue : Regular : 24/27

Ures aceperumque lacestrum Heading 2 : Helvetica Neue : Regular : 18/21

The typefaces Edmond Sans and Caviar Dreams are used throughout. The use of san serif typefaces relects the crisp, clear objectives of our brand. Edmond sans is used for smaller type, lables, and other smaller type elements. Caviar Dreams is for headlines and other large type elements.

Vellissed quibus dolorestia Heading 3 : Helvetica Neue : Regular : 14/17

Odis esedi ne magnatem Sub-Heading 1 : Georgia : Regular : 14/17

Enti dolupta tinctat Sub-Heading 2 : Georgia : Regular : 12/15

Dunt que doluptate porem Body Copy : Georgia : Regular : 10/12


Rum antotatem autem

Bulleted Copy : Georgia : Regular : 10/12

Maximin et ommos

Emphasis Copy : Georgia : Italic : 10/12

Equatis molore

Chart Label : Helvetica Neue : Medium 8/10

Udam ullaut et occul

Chart Text : Helvetica Neue : Regular : 8/10 Aborem qui re Note Text : Helvetica Neue : Regular : 7/10



Color Palette

Primary C79 M78 Y14 K2

C58 M80 Y39 K23

C25 M25 Y0 K25

Our primary colors consist of a burgundy purple, purple, and light grey-purple. The primary colors are used in our logo, icons, and were the inspiration for our brand. Our secondary colors are yellow, grey, and black. Tertiary colors are used only in label and chart situations to differentiate between multiple elements.


Secondary C5 M11 Y77 K0

C10 M8 Y9 K0

C0 M0 Y0 K100

Tertiary C64 M0 Y12 K0

C69 M15 Y0 K0

C70 M9 Y36 K0

C6 M98 Y13 K0

C13 M98 Y99 K3



Icon Library Our icons correlate with the different classes/options our travelers have on our airline. These classes inclulde; premium, royal, and king’s club. Other icons in our library include symbols for shopping, in fl ight entertainment, and our mobile app icon. All of our icons represent a section of the GrandAir brand and some were created to closely resemble royal seals.



Stationery System Our brand needs to refl ect opulence, class, and simplicity. We have done this in our stationary system by choosing custom paper/ stock, keeping our non-essential design elements to a minimum, emphasizing our mark by using it in a small pattern and keeping our brand mark as a focus on all stationary elements.



Boarding Pass & Baggage Ticket We want to take the hassle out of finding your gate/zone and checking in. Our barcode system makes for an easy swipe for our passengers to move along and get where they need to be. Matching the codes on the boarding pass and baggage claim tickets make for an easy, little hassle experience whether our passengers are checking in, waiting for a fl ight, or grabbing their bags.



Wireframe System Our brand’s wireframes are the blueprints for our web design with minor aesthetic and functional changes. Each page has instructions and are meant to be used as a guide for functionality within the website. Cyan is used throughout to signify a functional button, type field, or link. Labels alternate red, magenta, and violet to simplify the layout and to help the eye separate groups of links better.



3” x 2.9179” Black & White

1.5” x 1.4589” Black & White

1.5” x 1.4589” C70 M70 Y0 K20 C20 M60 Y0 K60

3” x 2.9179” C70 M70 Y0 K20 C20 M60 Y0 K60

3” x 2.9179” Black & White

1.5” x 1.4589” Black & White

3” x 2.9179” C70 M70 Y0 K20 C20 M60 Y0 K60


1.5” x 1.4589” C70 M70 Y0 K20 C20 M60 Y0 K60

0.75” x 0.7295” Black & White

0.75” x 0.7295” C70 M70 Y0 K20 C20 M60 Y0 K60

0.75” x 0.7295” Black & White

0.75” x 0.7295” C70 M70 Y0 K20 C20 M60 Y0 K60


Web Design GrandAir has a simple and easy layout design for the website. We feel that a lot of other airline websites are confusing, muddy, and overwhelming. Thus, our brand chose to use our darker colors sparingly and to focus on our warmer cream and silver colors to air out the design. Functionality and pages are meant to be easy to navigate and clear to the user. Our book a fl ight page is meant to take the hassle out of purchasing a ticket and we believe that the navigation in that particular page refl ects our brands approach and commitment to our values.





App Design Our mobile features are catered to existing clients on the go. In order to access the capabilities of the mobile app, clients must have a login and password. Once accessed an extensive variety of options and features are available to the GrandAir client. The GrandAir app has been designed for easy access and a no-hassle fl ight check, status, and account information.



Airplane Map The interior we have it divided up into sections for the different classes our airline has. The second level is for our King Club members, the Royal Class on the main level in front and finally the premium class toward the middle and rear on the main level. We have incorporated a large kitchen because five star dining is what makes our brand unique and luxurious.



filler image

Exterior Airplane Concept Art The plane that GrandAir uses is a Boeing 747. The exterior of the planes body incorporates our main two colors, the maroon and purple that are used throughout our brand. We also incorporated the horizontal version of our logotype and mark across the side of the plane. On the tail of the plane we have included a large version of the mark atop a light grey/purple finish.





Interior Experience Concept Art The interior concept of the airport is meant to surround our travelers with the luxury feel and customer service that GrandAir strives to show. We have incorporated purple and grey walls, and our logo and mark through out the building.





In-Flight Amenities GrandAir includes a complimentary goodie bag for each traveler. We have included shampoo, conditioner, lotion, mouthwash, toothbrush & paste, ear buds, earplugs, sleep masks, and a label for the bag with the traveler’s name. We kept all labels simplified by using our gradient with our mark reversed and the opposite on the smaller labels. We also hace menus for food and drinks. Along with the simplicity of the labels, we only used text on the front and a large image on the back.



Advertising GrandAir’s billboard campaign has a simple tagline, “I fl y GrandAir” and a picture of one of the brand’s many celebrity clients. They are always on billboards that are easily seen, no trees or buildings in front or around. Similar to the brand billboard campaign, the print advertising includes the same tagline and a large picture of a famous passenger, this is the brand’s basic template for print ads. They do not get much more complicated than this.



Product Placement Product placement is used sparingly, but GrandAir has lent it’s name to the movie “Bridesmaids” and the scene has been included as a part of the brand’s advertising.


Annie comes back into first class wearing Everyone get back to your seats. SUNGLASSES and sits down next to a man MALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT who looks like Enrique Iglesias. You especially. You have three seconds to get back to your seat. MALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT ANNIE Miss. You can’t get anywhere in three seconds. ANNIE MALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT No, it’s not me. Well, you’ve gotta try. MALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT ANNIE Yes, it’s you. Please go back to You’re setting me up for a loss already. your seat. Whatever you say... (reading his name tag) ANNIE Stove. I’m with him. I’m Mrs. Iglesias. MALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT MALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT It’s Steve. No you’re not. You were just up here and ANNIE you put sunglasses on. Out. Stove, what kind of name is that. ANNIE MALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT I don’t want to. That’s not a name. My name is Steve. ANNIE Lillian and Helen get up from their seats. Are you an appliance? HELEN MALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT She can have my seat. Everyone No, I’m a man and my name is Steve. should experience Kings Club Class once ANNIE in their lives and I don’t want Annie to You’re a fl ight attendant. miss out just because she couldn’t afford MALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT a ticket. That’s absolutely accurate. The fl ight FEMALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT attendant glares at her. Annie leaps back I’m afraid it’s not allowed, ma’am. into coach. It’s GrandAir’s Policy ANNIE Help me, I’m poor. LILLIAN (to fl ight attendant) Please. We’re a whole wedding party, I’m the bride. I’m getting married. The seat is empty. She’s obviously nervous. We’ll calm her down. MALE FLIGHT ATTENDANT I understand, but Claire is right -67

In-Flight Magazine The GrandAir in-fl ight magazine is named “Escape�, it highlights the many destinations that the airline stops at, as well as vacation spots for the rich and famous. Where to shop, eat, and be merry is also included in the publication, along with those hard to reach places of interest and the most private of getaways.





this brand & book was created by Tonya Criss & Mike Bruening


Grandair brand book: a student graphic design project.