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28/06/2012 Issue 1

AIESEC WA Member Newsletter

SM Corner We started the year with our vision of being a: Supportive and collaborative community, working together to engage stakeholders to create more opportunities in Western Australia for AIESEC to grow towards the 2015 vision Hey AIESEC WA! The role of State Manager so far has been full of ups and downs for me, as I am sure your roles have been too. Since my election to this position in August last year, there have been so many things that I wish I had done differently. So many times I wish I had just spoken up or had not said anything at all. Times where I wish I had been more understanding and times where I wish I had been more authoritative. I believe that it is these things however, that will help me be a better State Manager for our region and for you, in the second half of this year. I am extremely proud to be a part of this region and to have met and known each and every one of you and see how far you have come in just a few months.

And as I write this, together we have achieved 34 Exchange Raises, 17 Exchange Matches and 23 Exchange Realisations. Thanks to your hard work, we have impacted over 20 young people from around the world who have gone on Exchange through AIESEC WA and by the end of this year, we will have impacted over 130 young people from around the world. Together we have implemented a n e xt re m e l y s u cce ssf u l INITIATE the Tour and State Conference, monthly committee meetings, sports days, support teams, WALT meetings, WALT coaching and 46 of us will be attending NEWCon next month.

I hope you are able to look back on your experience so far and appreciate everything you have done to date. Each role and experience is unique in AIESEC and that is the beauty of this organisation. There will always be something to keep you on your toes, make you smile, make you want to throw in the towel and call your SM team at 1am to rant; but it is what you do with this experience that will define how this journey will eventually impact you and how you will change as a person. Make the most of your AIESEC experience and never leave a situation thinking “what if�. Hindsight is a beautiful thing and with your help I would like to start the second half of this year more motivated than ever to communicate, collaborate and cooperate with each other to achieve our vision. All of you bring value to this organisation and I am excited to see what we can do next. Signing off for now, Alex


HEY AIESEC! Semester 1 is over and done! I can't believe how fast time flies. I am already more than halfway through my term and have already started planning the next LCP Elections. It has been a good semester for UWA, we currently have 3 TN raises, 1 matched and 1 realised. We have sent 6 people overseas this winter that represents a growth of 200% from 2011! I hope you are all excited for NEWCon as much as I am. I am even more excited for semester 2! YAY SLAP interns!! :D We will be holding an INTERNATIONAL party early next semester with our EPs and FIVE interns!! Stay tuned for more details. Keeping it short and sweet this time :) Love Laura LCP UWA

Hello AIESEC WA, Wow what a semester! It's been amazing. The region hosted an amazing conference and ITT, as well as a regional sport day and awesome RCMs. It was awesome seeing you all at these events and coming together to be a region. After both LCs had successful member recruitments they were off doing what they did best, developing leaders and generating exchange both in ICX and OGX. There has been a lot of challenges to. Conference and ITT had only one OC team, a new VC has come in at UWA Business School and the $10,000 proposal AIESEC Curtin requires for their budget is continually delayed and passed around. Getting over these challenges has been tough and when you look back on the semester appreciate not only your successes but also the challenges that have tested your resolve. Without a doubt there will be more challenges to come, but before you look to the future. Appreciate the past and reflect on what you have learnt from your successes and failures. Congratulations AIESEC WA, one semester down... one to go! xo shez LCP AIESEC Curtin


A special message from our Regional Coach To the region furthest away from me but closest to my memories, I have two days left of an MC term that has been the most unexpected journey of my life to date. Naturally there are heaps of questions about how the experience was. And the experience was lots of things, but some of my most memorable times were during my week in Perth for StateCon. There may not be much to do in Perth, but the people out there, you all, are some of the most incredible that I have spent time with. I have had the pleasure and honor of coaching WA, a region introduced to me as 'different' and wildly passionate during JulyCon 2011 and now a region that, to me, is role-modeling behavior that will lead the rest of AIESEC Australia towards excellence. For the experience, I thank you. Thank you for letting me into your community, your passion, and your Western Australian ways. I must say that I was disappointed with myself and I apologize that I did not make another coaching visit out to Perth as I was expecting. After StateCon I thought I would be back for sure with the chance of spending more time on the ground with you. It was a massive blow to me personally to stay here in Sydney, but it brought a smile to my face when Toomas let me know of all the progress that was happening. But take my lesson and learn from it. Nothing is guaranteed, whether it be as simple as a coaching visit to Perth or as significant as waking up tomorrow to live another meaningful day. So while you have the time and the opportunity, don't get stuck on the little things. Yes, there may be differences between the LCs, differences among the people that you work with, and frustrations in your everyday life. But take a look around you. What does the world need? What does the world need from you? Don't get stuck in the little things - dream big and do big. 5 years from now, will the world notice what you have done today? I have noticed from afar what you have done in these last 6 months and the steps you have taken in developing yourselves, building a better organization, and impacting others have blown me away. Thank you again for accepting me as part of the region. Love love love your work. There's only one Perth Glory, Victor Lesniewski 3

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Get to KnOw your WALT (WA Leadership Team)4

NewCon Reminders REGISTER FOR INITIATE THE FUTURE :) The promo code is "NEWCON12" and will grant you free entry for ITF. This code expires on the 30th of June, after which, you will have to purchase a ticket to attend and they are $25. Please register for the event at by Saturday 30th June.


NewCon Delegates Handbook NewCon PostCon Handbook

REGIONAL DINNER BEFORE NEWCON Are you excited for NEWCon? Alex has booked a table for 50 people at Shark Hotel ( which is at the corner of Pitt and Liverpool St for you guys on the 5th of July at 7pm. Each one of the regions has organised a dinner for that night and it'll be a great opportunity for you guys to get to know each other a bit better before conference starts :) Shark Hotel is about a 15 minute walk from UTS (for those of you who will be at Sub-Committees during the day) and is in the city so you guys can go out after the dinner. Have fun at Shark Hotel! :)


Mr. Koh JulyCon StOry Hey AIESEC! Are u guys excited about NEWCON 2012? If you aren't, you should be! When I first started university, I wanted something more than a degree at the end of my 3 years of study. I was looking for more; for something that challenged me, something that was beyond the four walls of the classroom. It was through a friend, Nadia, that I was given the opportunity to join the largest student International organisation. Even then, I thought that AIESEC was just a business networking club that sends people out on community exchanges. It was only at my first July National Conference that I saw the ‘big picture’ of what AIESEC has to offer. I had the opportunity to meet people, not just from my own city, but from all over Australia (and sometimes from all over the world.) I was overwhelmed by all the opportunities available in AIESEC and the enthusiasm and dedication of all its members. QCon was an amazing experience for me. It challenged me in every possible way. As some of you might know, I am a rather reserved and quiet person. Attending a conference and networking with different people forced me to come out of my comfort zone and it made me a more confident person. Too often, we are busy running around, dealing with exams or AIESEC projects and sometimes, we forget to stop and think about what we are doing and why we are doing this. National conference is a time for you to really get to know who you are and to understand what you’re doing in AIESEC and why you're doing it. What I got most out of conference were the various sessions that were facilitated by the MC. The MC are incredibly supportive and with their vast AIESEC experience from all over the world, they are a wealth of knowledge! Their strong desire to be ‘positive change agents’ and their determination to make a difference in everyone's lives has motivated me to strive for excellence. Also, at national conferences, you get to learn and share good case practices with the other 13 universities around Australia. This is important so we can learn, develop and improve on our current networks and processes. My top tips to an enjoyable conference: 

Attend all session

Set your own goals and expectations

Have a positive mindset

Write as much sledge as possible, whether real or not.

Talk to as many people as possible.


Upcoming Regional Opportunities Alumni Relations Coordinator Alumni are one of AIESEC's most valuable stakeholders but have never been fully engaged or utilised in WA. The Regional Board has decided to make Stakeholder Engagement a focus area for Semester 2 with Alumni Relations coming under this. As such, applications have been released for the Alumni Relations Coordinator oposition and the role description can be found here ( and the application form can be found here ( This is a fantastic opportunity to work on a regional level to engage with the expansive alumni database we have and build relationships with these alumni. Applications are due at 12pm (midday) on the 4th of July and the successful applicant will be notified in due course. If you have any queries about the role, please don't hesitate to contact Alexandra Zhu ( or Laura Law ( who is responsible for Stakeholder Engagement in WA for Semester.

Regional Board Elections I can't believe it's almost election time already! AIESEC is recognised on WorldBlu (a global network of organizations committed to practicing freedom and democracy in the workplace) for practicing the democratic principle of Decentralization by voting in an entirely new senior leadership team each year. This time we will be electing the new Regional Board for WA and these positions are a great way for you to step up in AIESEC while developing yourself and the organisation. State Manager elections will be held on the 4th of August at 3pm and Local Committee President elections will be held on the 11th of August at 3pm. Both elections are extremely important for how WA will be run next year so attendance is strongly encouraged. Make sure you are there to choose the next Regional Board for your region! Please subscribe to the AIESEC in WA wiki for more information on how you can nominate someone to run for the position and information on the positions available: If you have any questions about elections, please contact Alexandra Zhu ( or your Local Committee President.


For CURTIN, 29th June 2012 New Members Training Day (10am-4pm) Tequila Part at Jenish house (9pm) 18th July 2012 EP Recruitment Promotion at Guild Day 25th July 2012 EP Recruitment Promotion at Curtin Careers Fair

For UWA, 7th August 2012 Club Carnival 10th August 2012 UWA Open Day 20th-23rd August 2012 Global Fair 21st September 2012 Alumni and Corporate Event


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AIESEC WA Member Newsletter #1  

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