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LC Varna AIESEC Bulgaria Monthly Newsletter December 2010

EB Team 10/11 is happy to introduce you the eighth edition of monthly newsletter for the mandate We wish you pleasant reading, From EB 10/11 Krasi Leri Vasi Vesi Evi Slavi

The fortune favors the brave!

AIESEC Икономически Университет - Варна | Варна 9002 | бул. „Княз Борис I” 77, стая 123Е E-mail: || тел: +359 52 660235

End of 2010. End of an year that was really fruitful for all of us, in personal, professional and organizational aspect. LC Varna has ended 2010 with growth in all results comparing to previous year. For the calendar is, as result from the efforts of 2 EB teams and big number of people from the LC, we finished with 52 organized exchanges and over 80 active members. We have the same trend also in AIESEC Bulgaria as whole. With growth over 160% comparing to 2009 AIESEC Bulgaria is among the fastest growing AIESEC countries in the network. Final result is 247 exchanges, which is really wohooo! In December AIESEC Bulgaria took really difficult decision. On the conference WEC 2010 we elected our new leader – the Member Committee President Bogumila Rzepka! In the same time vote of confidence was given to Vasilena Todorova, Laura Puerto, Pavel Peychev and me, Krasimir Pavlov for MC team 11/12. 2 weeks after the conference, the 4 of us were selected for the new MC team. Two positions for ICX and OGX are opened now. In December we had also our Christmas party and the recognized people were: - Ivelina Spasova – for Golden AIESECer - Denica Gancheva - for most proactive member - Ivelina Atanasova – for most creative member - Teodor Dimitrov – for most active member in Finance team - Inna Boeva and Suzan Zyulkyarova – for most active member in External Relations team - Sava Dimitrov – for most active member in Communications team - Cvetomila Dimitrova – for active member in Talent Management - Gabi Grigorova – for most thrifty member - ER team of Vanina Raykova with members Denica Gancheva, Pavlina Bakardzieva, Petar Proykov, Inna Boeva Awards in X teams will be given soon! Main points during the last month

LCP Time:  Ensuring accountability to MC  Promotion of MC positions in Bulgaria  Application for MC team 2011/2012 of AIESEC in Bulgaria  Delivering Leadership Day on 19.12  Participation at Winter Election Conference 2010 and General Assembly of AIESEC in Bulgaria  Organization of Christmas party

AIESEC Икономически Университет - Варна | Варна 9002 | бул. „Княз Борис I” 77, стая 123Е E-mail: || тел: +359 52 660235

What’s next?  Support organization of Exchange your Vacation project  Support organization of Project development team  Preparation of elections in February  Preparation of application process for EB 11/12

TM time:  X ur Vac – the new TMs had their first interviews and they did quite good ;)  X ur Vac – induction for the newly selected members  WEC – functional meeting with TM commission – planning of the transition process for the EBe members  Leadership Day – trainings for Business etiquette and Leadership skills  Christmas Reward and Recognition – 13 rewards for the most proactive members of the LC!  Selected OCP for the Project Development team – Ivelina Atanasova! Congrats and good luck! What’s next?  Preparing EB elections 2011 – revising JDs and Application form, preparing Assessment Center  Selection process for OCP Business in Practice – interviews with applicants  Planning of transition for the new EB  Planning of Spring Recruitment

ER Time:  Aggressive raising campaign:  Results: 168 phone calls; 20 meetings arranged, 5 meetings moved to January; 5 companies interested in X, and more than 5  - in Business in Practice; still negotiating.  Business Etiquette training provided by Denica & Slavina. The “tradition” will be continued;  The OCP position of Business in Practice is open;  Reward and Recognition (R&R): AIESEC Икономически Университет - Варна | Варна 9002 | бул. „Княз Борис I” 77, стая 123Е E-mail: || тел: +359 52 660235

 ER area:  Team with biggest results at the end of the raising campaign: Team Leader Vanina, members – Denica, Inna, Pavlina, Peter;  Most active ER members: Inna & Suzan;  LC Varna: Golden member: Ivelina Spasova; Most Pro-active member: Denica. Congratulations to all ERs for their work and passion during the raising campaign!!! What’s next:  New trainings;  New OCP of BiP will be announced. Selecting the OC Team;  Winter Raising campaign;  Second meetings with some companies called before;  VP ER is here to answer your questions about her position  (elections are coming).

F Time:    

WEC 2010 in Blagoevgrad attended; 35 EP contracts signed!!! The finance team meetings are continuing; 3 people for the Finance team are responsible for investigating the NGO sector;  2 people from the Finance team are responsible for investigating the Grant sector; What’s next:  Accountability before MC for month 12;  Continuing with finance team meetings;  The Finance will create 2 data bases – one of NGOs in Varna and one for Grants;  The raising of NGOs will start;  Education on Selling skills and Writing project for Grant will be organized for the Finance team.

COMM time:  Attending WEC 2010 in Blagoevgrad. Electing the new MCP of AIESEC in Bulgaria.  Comm team meetings  Promotional Campaign for Exchange your vacation – Xchange.Xperience.Xplore. 45 applicants, 30 approved, 7 people from the LC!  Organizing Christmas event for LC members and Alumni! Preparing program  giving awards to the most active LC members AIESEC Икономически Университет - Варна | Варна 9002 | бул. „Княз Борис I” 77, стая 123Е E-mail: || тел: +359 52 660235

What’s next:  Comm team - meetings  Updating and developing  Collecting stories from our EPs  Work on WIKI in  Planning promotional campaigns till the end of the term The most proactive member from COMM team is Sava Dimitrov!

X time:

OGX field: It’s been a pretty busy time of the year for the OGX in December, because the campaign “eXchange your vacation” rocked the house for a second year in a row! With the help of the coordinator of the campaign – Marina Durcheva the month started with a big presentation of the winter projects to both members of @ and non members. The presentation was very successful, since it brought 45 applicants, who created a lot of work for the new TM team! And the result – 30 newly recruited DT EPs to be realized in the beginning of the new year! Of course a lot of experienced members also raised their forms and are ready to pack their bags. After Ivelina Spasova and Tsvetomira Petkova, who are going to Saint Petersburg, we had new forms raised by Radosveta Petkova, Sava Dimitrov, Ivelina Kirilova, Iva Arnaudova, Desislava Dimitrova, Nedelcho Nedelchev, Velyana Penkova and Iva Ruseva. Ongoing activity of the EPs in December: Realized: 1

Matched: 16

Raised: 34

Big applause for our only realized EP in December - Irina Hristova, who started her second MT in AIESEC AACHEN, GERMANY! And here are our December matches:  Martina Petrova, Zdravko Todorov, Manuela Maneva, Aleksandra Aleksieva, Martin Dechev, Hristina Dimova, Kristina Petrova, Plamena Ilieva, Yordanka Petrova, Denitsa Boyadjieva and Iva Kostadinova will join Ivelina and Tsvetomira in Saint Petersburg!  Sava Dimitrov will spend his winter vacation in Prague! AIESEC Икономически Университет - Варна | Варна 9002 | бул. „Княз Борис I” 77, стая 123Е E-mail: || тел: +359 52 660235

 Mehmet Kara and Nikolay Kolev will go south to escape from the winter in AIESEC Adana in Turkey to be part of the national project Meet my friend!  Ana Nikolova is heading to Ukraine to take part in the most famous DT project – World without borders!

ICX field: The icX-ers did’t have too much rest in December, as well! We started working very actively on matching our forms for Meeting Diversity project, which will happen from the middle of January until the beginning of March. The TN managers for the project – Nikoleta Bodjovska and Gergana Kaloyanova put a lot of efforts and in December we had our first match with Paulo from Brazil! Well done, girls! Meanwhile one other ICX member had a different task – Dimitar Dimitrov did his best in creating a promo material for our TT TN and did a wonderful job! We’re looking forward to have our TN matched very soon!

AIESEC Икономически Университет - Варна | Варна 9002 | бул. „Княз Борис I” 77, стая 123Е E-mail: || тел: +359 52 660235

Time for some gossips and interesting facts:  We finally had our “party” as part of the tradition of LC Varna. A big THANKS to the girls, you’re number 1!  You can find below some pics of current, next MC team and EB of LC Varna! Enjoy 

AIESEC Икономически Университет - Варна | Варна 9002 | бул. „Княз Борис I” 77, стая 123Е E-mail: || тел: +359 52 660235


For Feedback and comments: Krasimir Pavlov Local Committee President

AIESEC Икономически Университет - Варна | Варна 9002 | бул. „Княз Борис I” 77, стая 123Е E-mail: || тел: +359 52 660235

AIESEC Varna Newsletter December 2010  

Monthly Newsletter of AIESEC Varna for December 2010.