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The Official Newsletter of AIESEC IG University of Santo Tomas

December 2013

Building a better Philippines

AIESEC PH, HP hold 2nd Y2B Forum By Therese Marianne Enriquez

Shaping a globally competitive nation through young people, AIESEC Philippines and Hewlett Packard, in cooperation with Manila Bulletin, Nuffnang Philippines,, BusinessWorld, Chalk Magazine, 99.5 Play FM, Monster Radio RX 93.1 and Radio Inquirer’s Voice of the Youth Radio, held its 2nd leg of Philippines Youth to Business (Y2B) Forum last October 23 at Leong Hall, Ateneo de Manila University. Attended by over 200 contingents from various universities and colleges such as University of Santo Tomas, University of the Philippines – Diliman and Los Baños, Ateneo de Manila University, De La Salle University,. University of Asia and the Pacific and Mirriam College, the forum catered Topic Spaces which comprised of talks about Education, Technology and Global Experience. Workshops about Personal branding, Online marketing, Social business, and Value-based Leadership were also conducted in which young leaders were given an opportunity to have an interactions between industry giants and professionals. Project Director Miriam Quevenco of International Student Identification Card (ISIC) said the country should invest a lot in education in order to mold young individuals to become collaborators of positive social and cultural change in the Philippines. “Equal opportunities to education will only be given once we start to see it as a way of life rather than a privilege,” said Quevenco during her talk about Education. On the other hand, noted in his talk about Technology the benefits of different enterprises and industries regarding the massive expansion of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in the country. “The market is there, the demand is there. All we need to do now is grab the opportunity and

Hewlett Packard Service Management Manager Eugene Teves during his talk in 2nd Y2B about technology. Photo courtesy of AIESEC Philippines Media Pool

supply the right talent pool for the industry to prosper,” Teves equipped. Meanwhile, International student entrepreneur Syed Raza stressed out the role of engaging in different societies and cultures around the world to learn various insights that would help in nation-building. “You travel so you can see the worth of your country, the worth of your people, and the worth of your expertise and enterprises,” Raza stated. Dubbed as Open Spaces, del-

Aquino is newly elected LCP By Dayanara Cudal

Bernadette Aquino, the sole presidential candidate for the 2014-2015 term of AIESEC IG UST, is now the new Local Committee President (LCP). After the Team Management (TM) Department officially announced Aquino’s victory last December 17, the ceremonial rites of proclamation took place in the Lovers’ Lane of the University.

“Thank you to all the wonderful people who are always supporting me throughout my AIESEC journey in taking this huge opportunity, to be the next president of AIESEC IG UST, your LCPe,” Aquino said in one of her social media accounts. When asked what made her pursue the presidency, Aquino responded, “Honestly, it was never my plan to run for [LCP] of AIESEC continue reading on page 2

egates were also given 12 questions about sustainability to wrap their learning and thoughts from the whole-day affair. During the closing ceremony, young people were reminded with some thoughts to ponder regarding on their vision to the Philippines. The event was hosted by Daniela Louisa Tan, Conference Committee President of the Asia Pacific Congress. With reports from and tomasinoweb. org


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The Official Newsletter of AIESEC IG University of Santo Tomas

Aquino is newly elected LCP. . . from page 1 IG UST. All along, I was planning to run for Local Committee Vice President (LCVP) Incoming Exchange (ICX).” “The first thing that came into my mind was “What if I become the LCP of AIESEC IG UST? What will I do for this organization? Out of nowhere, Iris Alonso (my current LCVP) told me to try it out,” Aquino added. Plans for her term In her presentation during he LCP convocations last December 12 at the Tan Yan Kee Building, Aquino emphasized her focus areas were Member Motivation and Development, Brand Recognition and Sustainable Growth. “For those members who are not attending events and not motivated enough for AIESEC, what I would like to happen is for the EB to have a talk to each other’s members and have one-on-one individual consultation,” the president elect answered with regards to the problem of member motivation. In a question posted concerning the essence of the AIESEC brand experience to the Thomasian community, Aquino responded, “I would not go for aggressive advertising… I would go with public relations

and partnerships with organizations.” One notable alteration Aquino proposed is the reconstruction of the departments. From the traditional Business Development (BD), Marketing and Communication (MaC), Talent Management (TM), Finance (FLA), Incoming Exchange (ICX), Outgoing Exchange (OGX), Aquino suggested the insertion of BD (iGIP), iGCDP TNs, and Projects, while retaining the remaining departments. The former Director for Servicing and Reception and TN Accounts Management of the ICX Department, who is currently a junior taking up in Business Economics at the College of Commerce of Business Administration, reiterated the importance of AIESEC in her life. “AIESEC is a leadership organization wherein the young generation of today’s world will have the opportunity to pursue their goals for the peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential. It is an organization full of opportunities for its young members to discover their fullest potential, and to interact with different cultures from different countries,” Aquino said.

OS, AC & RBI kicks-off for OGX By Giorla Pauline Negre

Outgoing exchange department of AIESEC IG UST opens application process for exchange participants last November 14, 2013. The peak of OGX starts this month and continues until summer. “We’re really trying to have a variety of schedules so that we can cater to a lot of Thomasians. This past month, the sessions also served as a training ground for the new members since I really believe in learning by doing,” Local Committee Vice-President for Outgoing Exchange Jody Morales said. Scheduled orientation seminars for the exchange were given all throughout November to December. And with the last OS done for this

year, there have been more than 20 applicants and more than 5 have attended Assessment Center and the Review Board Interview. OGX strives to get as much raises as they could. More orientation seminars will be conducted once the classes resumes on January. Christmas break will be the allotted time to have online promotions for exchange and get more interested people to attend the OS. With a vision of having more than 40 outgoing exchange participants by the end of the academic year, OGX releases the “Raise Race,” a contest wherein the more EPs raised that you refer, corresponds to a prize.

They said leadership is a matter of TIMING and OPPORTUNITY. This February 15, 2014, the AIESEC IG UST will bring the largest developing summit to TIGER COMMUNITY! Want to get involved? APPLY AS FACILITATOR NOW!

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The Official Newsletter of AIESEC IG University of Santo Tomas

Befriending AIESECers All Over the Online World! By Nico Marcelo

We all know the fact that AIESEC exists around the world and it comprises of young members from different countries. We, the youth of today, have already associated the online world into our lives stronger than ever before. Therefore, it is safe to say that a lot of AIESECers are also active in the online world and I would love to share my own experience in connecting with different AIESEC youths worldwide. Facebook is undoubtedly one of the biggest accepted platforms in social network. In this case, perhaps, it is one of the most used platforms of AIESECers to communicate with each other either locally and internationally. It is so obvious - that when you search AIESEC on the search portion of Facebook, you’ll witness an endless list of pages, groups, etc. All you have to do is to pick a country, then type AIESEC in *name of the country*. Afterwards, you can go and hunt some friends who are British, Taiwanese, French, etc. For instance, I am

a big fan of Japan. It was my long-time dream to meet and have Japanese friends of my own. Thus, I searched for AIESEC in Japan and suddenly, I saw them in a Facebook group. I didn’t waste my time so I asked to join the group and fortunately, I was accepted. It almost felt like I was a kid entering Disneyland for the very first time, I am not kidding. I went to the list of Facebook group members of AIESEC in Japan and I added all the Japanese people I could click. What happened next is something I could never believe - 50% of those I have sent a friend requests have accepted me as a friend in the same day. Now that I had Japanese friends online, I already started chatting with them. They were so friendly. They did not even suspect me as someone who is probably using a fake profile. One of them even said, “All AIESECers are my friends!” There is this one person I had the sincerest to chat with. Coincidentally, she has been part of an ex-

change program here in the Philippines. She was very friendly to the point that when we were chatting, it seemed like we’ve been friends for a long time. We talked about AIESEC experiences. She shared that her LC is about planning something with the international committee and then she invited me to be part of it in which was a wonderful feeling. Just because of AIESEC, I already had Japanese friends in just one day and even invited me to be part of an international experience. With this, I realized that AIESEC really makes your dreams come true, even in the weirdest and most indirect way. Through the help of social media, I encountered life-changing experiences in meeting AIESECers from different parts of the world. I believe that AIESEC will continue to cater me a lot of experiences in the future and every time something magical happens, the prouder and stronger AIESECer I become.


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The Official Newsletter of AIESEC IG University of Santo Tomas

Local Committee President Convocations December 12, 2013 | Tan Yan Kee Building

Behind the scenes: NLDC sharing By Nico Marcelo

It was a chilly night of October 22nd, the evening before the Youth to Business (Y2B) Forum of AIESEC Philippines is held, followed by the NLDC 2013 which is a 5-day conference of local committees from around the country, and I was prepared like a little boy scout about to experience his first camping trip away from home. It will actually be my first time being that far away from my family for that long. I could hardly sleep that night as I was feeling this intense blend of excitement, concern-for-self, fright, and a teaspoon of proudness. Skipping the story along towards the next morning, my dad drove me early at dawn to Ateneo de Manila campus where the Y2B is held. It was an

enlightening experience, being with young business minded people willingly attending the forum (for it is usually required by the school to attend such events) and sharing these revolutionary moments with them. And so, bloated with all the information fed to us, night approached and we were on our way to Island Cove, Cavite for NLDC. Before I summarize what happened to me on that 5-day event, let me provide a little background of what kind of a person I am. I personally believe that I am an ambivert but more of an introvert in nature. I have no problems talking and hanging around with people but I am the type of a person who feels very comfortable being alone, unlike

most teenagers of my age. Plus, I can be considered as a weirdo and an awkward person. No need to explain, that’s just how I am. You might be wondering then, why I joined NLDC 2013? Well, the answer is simple. I had the best time during Acamp (best = life-chang ing, memorable, *insert more epic words here*)

and I wanted to do something which symbolizes a step for growing up or being independent from my family. So there I was, an introvert, a loner, and a gigantic weird baby, about to go to a 5-day interactive, team-building, leadership conference with hundreds of strangers and with a few people I’ve met for just a few continue reading on page 5

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The Official Newsletter of AIESEC IG University of Santo Tomas

From page 4 . .

Behind the scenes: NLDC sharing

months. What could ever go wrong? Despite of my sickness (my ever-so-annoying-and-loud unlimited coughing which evidently disturbed a lot of people all-throughout NLDC, even inside the bus and inside our room), nothing really went as bad as I’ve expected. Each of those 5 days and 4 nights is a mixture of creating friendship, realizing responsibility, a hint of self-actualization, and a seemingly endless array of fun. But in between those days, something bothered me somehow. Through the lineage of activities, I have seen and witnessed the approachable and friendliness attitude of AIESECers, but not everyone are natural at it. I may say that I have this tingly sense telling me that not all delegates are as comfortable as those people who have this ‘popular’ aura and such outgoing personalities. Yes, perhaps, these people who felt uncomfortable are introverts too like me. It was quite obvious to

spot some of them. Some sulking in a corner during breaks, some not being able to find a partner whenever it was asked to do so or being able to join groups, and some having a hard time finding where to sit during breakfast, lunch, and dinner (including me). Some pulled it off by being in their own universes having earphones/ headphones on their ears hoping they could play it cool. I’ve done that as well, hundreds of times from different places and different events showing even weirder stuffs like trying to break a ballpoint pen in half or pretending to count with my fingers. I have no right to judge them as a stereotype or as a sample group, but I know for sure that if you have your own world among a community, you are most likely feeling that you don’t belong. And this is where the thought all started. The picture above was taken on the last night of NLDC 2013. I assume that we were all emotional and most of us did not

want it to end. I, for one, would miss every single one of them, even those who gave me judgmental eyes and those who insulted me indirectly (some probably did because they were drunk). But I didn’t care about that, because there was this automatic, intangible gesture of acceptance I felt just being around these people. I still have no explanation how it happened but AIESEC made me feel that I belong despite of my antisocial nature. And this is where the AIESEC value, living diversity, proves its existence. So I thought of those people who might be feeling that they don’t belong and even those who might’ve had a bad experience during NLDC. I want to remind them that it is not about a status quo or being popular, or drinking the most number of alcoholic shots. I want to clarify that whoever or whatever they are, as long as they have theAIESECer’s heart, they do belong in AIESEC; their whole being and their everything.

And how? Through the same vision and the same goal we are all so eager to reach and swim upon: Lead Strong, Lead the Revolution. Ingredients of an AIESECer’s heart. The sharing started first within the individual local committees. I am one of the few Thomasians who shared in the middle of the small circle of AIESEC UST. I told them how vulnerable and how scared I was, going back home and possibly forgetting all that happened. But I promised them that I will commit myself to our own LC, and aid them in reaching our own goals. Then the sharing from the whole community of AIESEC Philippines started. After a few people, I slowly made my way voluntarily in the middle of hundreds of AIESECers. My LC even gave a “d’awww” reaction and I still do not understand why. As I’ve reached the platform, I grabbed the microphone, a bit nervous and shaky, levelled the microphone to my mouth, and I started to speak.



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