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Chicago, Illinois Dece m b er 29t h ~ January 4t h

A Letter from OCP Hello AIESEC! My name is David Mena from AIESEC Illinois and I am your AIESEC United States Winter National Conference Organizing Committee President. It is my delightful privilege to be the OCP for this conference and have the pleasure of leading a team of amazingly talented and experienced members of AIESEC. This Organizing Committee has worked extremely hard throughout the past weeks and months to provide you with the best conference experience possible. The work and effort by this OC is truly remarkable and is nothing less than legendary. This mailer will provide you with vital information pertaining to conference and will give you some insight into what you should expect so make sure to look through it. Our goal as an organization is to achieve peace and fulfillment of human kind’s potential. While our goal may be extraordinarily ambitious, it is nowhere near impossible. In order to fulfill our potential we must push ourselves beyond our limits and inspire those around us to do likewise. In order to achieve peace we must embrace those around us and accept each other’s differences as difficult as that may be. We must learn from our experiences and understand that everything we do has an impact on the lives of those around us. We are empowered not by our knowledge but by how we utilize that knowledge and apply it towards action and change. What precedes change is choice and while making decisions may be challenging and at times even frightening, you must ultimately find the strength within yourself to overcome that inherent fear of change and immerse yourself in a new experience. Everyday there are opportunities and everyday you are presented with difficult choices that will lead you to a completely new experience. I challenge you to take part in a new experience and go on this journey of self-discovery, change, and ultimately fulfillment. Whether this conference marks the beginning of your AIESEC career or the end of a wonderful experience with AIESEC, this conference will serve as a platform for you to embark on a new journey in life, wherever that may be. We will be awaiting you in downtown Chicago, with open arms and open hearts, to commence this legendary conference and to begin a new journey in your life. @ly, David Mena Organizing Committee President AIESEC US WNC 2013-2014

A Letter from Agenda Manager Dearest delegates of WNC 2013-2014, Generation 2013’s stand is to become Bigger and Better Together. WNC is a time to celebrate the impact we achieved, the learnings we had and the stories we shared. It is a time to be proud of the great things AIESEC US has done so far and will do in the future – because by becoming Bigger and Better Together, we enabled a new generation of leaders to take AIESEC US to the next level. Generation 2014’s stand is Empowered to Deliver. The most magical moments I personally experienced in AIESEC were when the impact we are having becomes crystal clear and I know and feel that we are indeed working towards Peace and Fulfillment of Humankind’s Potential. Let us create many of these moments together during this WNC – and make it a starting point to empower a whole network to excel. Maybe even more importantly, let’s talk about how we, as AIESEC United States, need to move forward to do that. With delegates from all locations and levels of the organization in one place, we are facing an amazing chance to start writing AIESEC US history. Let’s show what this generation can achieve – let’s go big! We have important sessions, outstanding events, great partners, and last but not least, MCP elections waiting for you – I hope you are as excited as we are! I am extremely honored to be serving you as your agenda manger throughout this experience and cannot wait to meet you all in Chicago! Thank you so much for choosing this experience – we promise you, it will be worthwhile. WNC love, Elli

Niels Caszo

Steven Jordan

Tala Mansi

MC VP Outgoing Exchange


MC VP Talent Management

Emma Fernandez MC VP Incoming Exchange


Elisabeth Gerlach VP Local Committee Development

Sofia Lazaro

Patrick Johnson

Laura van Jaarsveld

MC VP Account Delivery

MC VP Finance


Brina McMillan Outgoing Exchange Manager

Dan Laush OMIM Manager

Philip Krouse

Aaron Mack

Nisha Mishra

Kristen Hwang





Dashmeet Tuteja

Karan Goenka

Hans Hermann

Evelyn Fok





Samarth Barot

Michael Lenmark

Ong Wan-Jun

Domenic Smith





Mandy Tai

Majo Galeano

Liz Mnatzaganian

Chanho Roh





Cassie Grimm

Adrian Joas




David Mena - Illinois

Thu-Hong Nguyen - App State

VP Hotel Relations and Logistics


VP Sponsorship

Rae Huang - Seattle

Apoorv Gaur - Purdue

Cassie Gianni - Houston

VP Communications

VP Finance

VP Hospitality

Thien-Kim Quach - Georgia

VP Administration

Samson Wu - SLO

Mia Kothuri - SLO

Rosie Falcon - SLO

Sponsorship Director

Sponsorship Director

Sherry Wang - Illinois

Stephen Volkman - App State

Director of Hotel Relations


Gustavo Duarte - Uninorte (Colombia)

Intl Sponsorship Director


Jayde Powell - Georgia State

Social Media and Web Manager

Nishant Batra- Georgia State

Audio and Video Technician Director

Janice Wang - Seattle

Graphic Designer

Rachel Bowlus- Illinois

Director of Special Affairs

Agenda day 1

day 2

day 3

day 4

Sunday 29th

Monday 30th

Tuesday 31th

Wednesday 1st



Morning Plenary

Morning Plenary

8:00AM 8:30AM

Sleep-in and Breakfast

9:00AM 9:30AM 10:00AM




11:00AM 11:30AM

Arrival and


Check In

Spotlight on: P&VE Lunch


Empowered by you!

Morning Plenary Spotlight on: Marketing The right people





Spotlight on: LiEE


Our way to success


Happy People MCP Q&A


Growing together

3:30PM 4:00PM 4:30PM 5:00PM 5:30PM

LC Time

Opening Plenary Spotlight on: PDE




8:00PM 9:00PM 9:30PM

Proud to be an AIESECer LC Time


Evening Plenary

MCP Opening Speeches

Evening Plenary

11:00PM 12:00AM

Regional Pride


Voting & Counting

MCP Announcement

New Year’s & MCP Party

Track/ Retreat Dinner




LCP Dinner




MCP Closing Speeches

6:30PM 7:30PM


2014: Delivery time


Track/ Retreat Evening Plenary

Show time

8:00AM 8:30AM 9:00AM

day 5

day 6

day 7

Thursday 2nd

Friday 3rd

Saturday 4th


Breakfast Sleep-in and Breakfast

Morning Plenary

Morning Plenary

9:30AM 10:00AM

Spotlight on: IM

10:30AM 11:00AM


11:30AM 12:00PM 12:30PM



Morning Plenary Connecting the Dots


Leadership Lunch

We are Generation 2014

1:00PM 1:30PM 2:00PM




3:00PM 3:30PM Spotlight on: CEM

4:00PM 4:30PM


5:00PM 5:30PM 6:00PM 6:30PM

Travel Home

Spotlight on: EC Thunderbird


LC Time


Get dressed


Big US LCs


Big US LCs



... to deliver

LC Time

9:00PM 9:30PM 10:00PM


Gala Night

Evening Plenary


10:30PM 11:00PM 11:30PM 12:00AM

Generation 2014 Party

Generation 2014 NOW


1:00PM Dec. 29th HOTEL CHECK-OUT



1:30PM Jan. 4th


9:00AM Dec. 28th

(Breakfast starts at 8AM)

Where? Airport Locations Chicago O’Hare International Airport 10000 West O’Hare Avenue Chicago, IL 60666 (773) 686-2200 Chicago Midway International Airport 5700 South Cicero Avenue Chicago, IL 60638 (773) 838-0600

Hotel Location Chicago Marriott Downtown Magnificent Mile 540 North Michigan Avenue (Driveway Entrance on 541 North Rush Street) Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 836-0100 *Parking Prices $56 for valet, $41 for off-sit per day


Fare: approximately $45 1. American United Taxi Affiliation (773) 248-7600

Transportation Options from O’Hare Airport to Hotel

2. Yellow Cab (312) 829-4222


1. Take I-190 E into I-90 E/Kenney Expy E 2. Take exit 50B towards E. Ohio St. 3. Stay straight to go onto W. Ohio St. 4. Turn right onto N. Rush St. 5. 541 N. Rush St. will be on the left

Train & Bus

1. Take CTA Train Blue Line (Forest Park – UIC) Depart: O’Hare. Arrive: Clark Time: 38 minutes. Fare: $2.25 2. Walk East from W. Lake St. Turn left at N. Dearborn St.


1. Take CTA Train Blue Line (Forest Park – UIC) Depart: O’Hare. Arrive: Washington or Jackson Time: 41 minutes. Fare: $2.25 2. Transfer to CTA Train Red Line (Howard) Depart: Washington or Jackson. Arrive: Grand Time: 4 minutes. Fare: $2.25 3. Walk East from E. Grand Ave. Turn left at N. Rush St. Arrive at 541 N. Rush St. Here is the link to the CTA Train Map: ctatrainmap_2013oct.pdf

(You are at the blue dot, going towards the orange dot.) 3. Take CTA Bus 22 (Foster) Depart: Dearborn & Wacker/Lake. Arrive: Dearborn & Grand Time: 3 minutes. Fare: $2.25 4. Walk South from N. Dearborn St. Turn left at W. Grand Ave. Turn left at N. Rush St. Arrive at 541 N. Rush St. *NOTE: Put enough money ($4.50) on your CTA card to begin with before you leave the airport. Once you transfer to get on the bus, you can’t add any more money onto the card and will have to pay cash with exact change.


Fare: approximately $35 1. American United Taxi Affiliation (773) 248-7600

Transportation Options from Midway Airport to Hotel

2. Yellow Cab (312) 829-4222


1. Take Cicero Ave. north to I-55 North/Stevenson Expy to Chicago. 2. Take exit 292A and merge onto I-90 W/I-94 W to W Ryan Expy/Wisconsin 3. Take exit 51H for I-290 W toward W Eisenhower Expy/W Suburbs 4. Keep right at fork, go towards Congress Pkwy/Chicago Loop and merge onto I-290 E 5. Take Wacker Dr. exit 6. Slight right onto Lower Wacker Dr. 7. Turn left onto Lower Michigan Ave. 8. Turn left onto E. Grand Ave. 9. Take 1st right onto N. Rush St.


1. Take CTA Train Orange Line (Loop) Depart: Midway. Arrive: Roosevelt. Time: 20 minutes. Fare: $2.25 2. Transfer to CTA Train Red Line (Howard) Depart: Roosevelt. Arrive: Grand Time: 8 minutes. Fare: Free transfer 3. Walk East from E. Grand Ave. Turn left at N. Rush St. Here is the link to the CTA Train Map:

Addtional Parking information O'Hare: $9/day in Economy Lot F

UIC: The regular visitor rate is $13/day. Here is the list of parking lots on campus and a map:

Anything that says Visitor is okay, but the Halsted/Taylor lot ia suggested because that is close to a Blue Line CTA Train. Although, if you park more than 3 days in a row, you can get towed, so park at your discretion.

Two parking garage options nearest to Marriott: 1) Greenway Self Park (also goes by Interpark) - $42/day

2) Standard Parking - $44/day

Additional Accomodation information For delegates who need accomodation before the conference starts, you are responsible for contacting the hotel and booking the room. The room will be $99/night, and you will need to mention Felicia Casper and AIESEC US when calling. The individual cost will vary depending how many people you book the room with. Questions? Please contact Sherry Wang. (Contact information is in the back)

AIESEC Spirit Share your ideas and passions on the stage! At WNC 2013-2014, we will host a delegate performance series as part of our conference agenda, something that has never been done before in AIESEC US! The performance will be limited to 5-10 minutes, with a required written explanation and optional video to apply. The performances most polished with practice and connected to the values and experiences of AIESEC will be selected to take the stage! The deadline to sign up is Dec. 26th. Sign up here at:

At WNC, AIESEC US will unleash an inaugural national chant that we can shout with excitement across our country and around the world, to represent our unity and pride together as one. Be a part of this process! YOU can create this chant that will represent our entity for years to come! Submit a video of your chant to us by Dec. 26th! Submit to:


Questions on either campaign? email both Rae at and Cassie at

International Delegate Adoption Program

FOR INTERNATIONALS At the upcoming AIESEC US Winter National Conference, as a collaborative effort to foster international partnerships, GCP sharing, and cultural exchange, we will launch the first ever international delegate adoption program! We would like to officially invite you, as an international delegate, to join the delegation of one of our local committees for the conference. What will this entail? You will have the exciting opportunity to connect closely with members through conference goals, roll calls, regional spirit, meals, LC time and, of course, all the afterhours fun. We believe this will enhance the experience for you and national members in a truly global learning environment. If you are interested in being adopted by an AIESEC US Local Committee, please fill out this Podio form:

FOR LCPs At WNC, as a collaborative effort to foster international partnerships, GCP sharing, and cultural exchange, we will launch the first ever international delegate adoption program! We would like to officially invite you all, as the leaders of AIESEC US, to adopt one of our international delegates for the conference. What will this entail? The international delegate will be integrated as a part of your delegation, which provides everyone the opportunity to connect through conference goal setting, roll calls, regional spirit, meals, LC time and, of course, all the afterhours fun. We believe this will enhance the experience for your members and the international delegates in a truly global learning environment. If your LC is interested in adopting, please fill out this Podio form:

Theme Nights 12 /2 9


Remember your dream job? Astronaut, firefighter, police squad, painter, president? This is the time to flaunt it out and show the rest of us!

12 /3 0

S U P E R H E RO ES Need I say more? Superheroes and AIESECers always go hand in hand!

1 2 /3 1

S EXY SA LES C ULTURE Time to jazz up the New Years Party with a bit of sexy sales culture! Suit up and party!

Theme Nights 1/ 1

T IM E MACH I N E Dress as up your interpretation of the past or future.



It's that time of the year again! Dress in your best for a night of awards and reflection.

1 /3

BO O K C H A RAC T ERS W I T H A TWI ST Dress up as Harry Potter...... only a girl version! Or, Sherlock Holmes..... as a kid! Or, Barney...... except you're not purple!

WNC Challenges 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Empower someone to step outside of their comfort zone. Get a kiss on the cheek from an MC member. Write sugar cubes for an entire LC. Make a hotel staff member’s day. Learn a roll call from another LC. Make a friend without speaking. Start a conference trend. Become an honorary member of another LC. Have a conversation with someone in another language. Be the first one at morning plenary/breakfast.

More detail about the challenge will be revealed at WNC!

we have a

present for you

This Christmas, MC 212 is your secret santa.

Watch this clip to find out what the present is!

Packing List Immigration Documents (For international delegates) Comfortable Clothing for approximately 7 days (Jacket, sweaters, shirts, layers, t-shirts, slippers, pants). Bring extra layers, average weather is 20 F(day), 9 F(night), wind speed at 12 mph Business Attire Gala Attire Outfits for theme events/parties Toiletries/Medicines Stationary (pens, pencils, notebook) Laptop/Ipad Chargers for electronic devices Camera Credit Card/Cash Reusable water bottles

Study Tour • The study tour will begin on January 4th at 5:00 PM • Bring money for activities, events, and transportation

Study Tour Agenda day 1

day 2

day 3

Saturday 4th





Sears Tower $18

Scavenger Hunt

9:00AM 10:00AM 11:00AM



Millenium Park



2:00PM 3:00PM

Free time

4:00PM 5:00PM 6:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 9:00PM


Dinner Zoo Lights iO Improv $5

Navy Pier Michigan Ave

Release from Study Tour Free Time Entry Fees (noted in schedule): $23


Hotel for both nights: $60

The Joynt

Total: $83 (Cash only)

Register here: (cash only)

Tour Attractions Lin coln Par k Zoo Description: Lincoln Park Zoo is a 35 acre zoo located in Lincoln Park, Chicago Illinois. The Lincoln Park Zoo was founded in the year 1868 and is one of the oldest zoos in the US. Fun Fact: Lincoln Park Zoo is one of the only three major free zoos in the US, with an annual attendance of three million people.

Tour Attractions S e a rs Towe r Description: Sears Tower is a 108 story building in the heart of the city of Chicago, Illinois. It is the second tallest building in the US behind the One World Trade center in New York, and the eighth tallest in the world. Fun Fact: On a clear day, you can see four states- Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan from the Skydeck at the Sears Tower.

Mi lle n n i u m Pa r k Description: Millennium Park is a public park located in Chicago, Illinois that was opened in 2004. The crown fountain and cloud gate are just some of the things this fabulous park hosts.

Fun Fact: The cloud gate or more commonly referred to as “the bean� is one of the worlds largest sculpture standing 66 feet long and 33 feet wide.

N avy P i e r Description: Navy Pier is a 3,300 feet long pier on the shoreline of the famous lake Michigan. Built in 1916, it has been used for multiple things like entertainment, navy training and public gathering. Fun Fact: From 1946 to 1965, Navy Pier was home to the University of Illinois, and more than 100,000 students attended classes there during that time.

Mic h igan Ave nue Description: Michigan Avenue is a major street in Chicago, Illinois. It is the home to the Chicago water tower, millennium park and the famous shopping district of Magnificent mile. Fun Fact: The famous Michigan Avenue is home to almost 460 retail stores, 275 restaurants and 51 hotels.

T-shirt Preorder To reserve a shirt, please give us your info! We will notify you via email to pick up your shirt at the conference! If you want more than one please email Rae at, thanks!

Contacts David Mena Organizing Committee President (630) 888-2540

Rosie Falcon Sponsorship Director (805) 807-3707

Thien-Kim Quach Vice President of Administration (404) 514-0287

Sherry Wang Director of Hotel Relations (847) 899-6408

Thu-Hong Nguyen Vice President of Hotel Relations and Logistics (704) 877-1682

Stephen Volkman Videographer (828) 835-0031

Apoorv Gaur Vice President of Finance (765) 543-5364 Cassie Gianni Vice President of Hospitality (713) 410-9067 Rae Huang Vice President of Communications (206) 326-9428 Samson Wu Vice President of Sponsorship (415) 734-8776 Mia Kothuri Sponsorship Director (408) 813-9531

Jayde Powell Social Media and Web Manager (404) 348-6303 Janice Wang Graphic Designer (206) 661-4853 Nishant Batra Audio and Video Technician Director (404) 750-5612 Rachel Bowlus Director of Special Affairs (312) 401-5796 Gustavo Duarte International Sponsorship Director +57-304-4409423

WNC Delegate Facebook Group Chicago Tourism Website WNC Official Website http:// Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter

Partners & Sponsors PepsiCo Global Food and Beverage Company PepsiCo is a leading global food and beverage company with brands that are respected household names throughout the world. PepsiCo began in 1965 with the merger of Pepsi-Cola and Frito-Lay. Today, it's a global food and beverage leader. Discover many of the most significant moments in the story of PepsiCo. They are one of our sponsors for WNC.

Thunderbird School of Global Management Thunderbird is the #1 ranked school of international business, with nearly 70 years of experience in developing leaders with the global mindset, business skills and social responsibility necessary to create real, sustainable value for their organizations, communities and the world. Thunderbird has been offering a special AIESEC Scholarship to our members.

Podio Work the way you want to. Podio is the new way for your team to communicate, organize, track and get work done in one place. Podio has been our in-kind sponsor to the organization and has sponsored us to use their premium accounts for free.

DHL Excellence. Simply Delivered. International express deliveries; global freight forwarding by air, sea, road and rail; warehousing solutions from packaging, to repairs, to storage; mail deliveries worldwide; and other customized logistic services – with everything DHL does, they help connect people and improve their lives.

See you soon! Dece m b er 29t h ~ January 4t h WNC 201 3-201 4

#USWNC2013 3rd Delegate Mailer  
#USWNC2013 3rd Delegate Mailer