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Week 2 February 203

Team Leaders Summit coming up soon!! Give it up to our 3 verycourageous LCP applicants!!!

In case you’ve met ICX team leaders during the past few days, maybe you’ve noticed the wide smile or signs of relief on their faces. This is because after 6-7

Divesh, Shree and Jason

weeks of much stress, crisis, dealing with interns, NGOs, members, we’ve come to the end of the Wake Up awareness campaign, with the closing ceremony of Please find their applications here content/ contentid=10249254

ICX Applicants: OCP: Shivam, Niven, Keshav, Yogeenee, Jamil,Ranita, Vashistsingh, Fouad, Keven, Shabneez, Dandevi, Kavish, Reema, Mi Fong, Priyadarshinee and Najeebah. Impacful ProjectJeffree IS Manager: Nikhil Event Manager: Kyylle APM: Kushita Team Leaders will be selected this week Rumour has it! An OCP applicant was made to sing Sega sexy during his/her interview this week ;)

7 projects on Saturday the 9th February. We wish to give a big massive HALL OF FAME SHOUT OUT to our OCPs, our Event manager Lovlesh, our IS manager Divesh and their teams for the amazing work they’ve done!!! You guys have added a new page to the history of AIESEC UoM!!SO PROUD OF YOU!!!

Recruitment Updates Team Member Interviews will be taking place this week in helvetia!! Link to be interviewer: key=0AnqIHry3LC1OdFRucXQ5NzBQdWxtclBEMl9JRGxQX3c&usp=sharing#gid=0 Webinar training by Veejaya on How to conduct Interviews link:

AIESEC Credits Launched!!! All LC members now have an AIESEC Account,and each time a member has an ER raise, 10% goes to his account. If an EP is raised, Rs 2000 is obtained as AIESEC credits, which can help sponsor your internship A Journalism Team has been set up in the communication department with Neel as team leader, with the main aim of AIESEC becoming a youth voice in Mauritius. Applications for team member swill be out soon.

New TM Members!! Khajal, Ratsima,Shree and Anusha

Innovation Team!! Kenji,Shree,Raymond, Mi Fong, and Keven

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