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Week 3 February 2013

Team Leaders Summit 24th to 25th February! Give it up to our super awesome EB Applicants!! ICX: Lovlesh, Shree, Nishay, Jeffree

LCM: One Love, AIESEC.

OGX: Amriin ER:Divya, Vidoosha TM: Khajal Comms: Jason, Neel

Please find their applications here

Recruitment Updates

Team Member Interviews still taking place this week !

AIESEC UOM held its monthly LCM near Finance Building in UoM’s campus. The LCM was organized in a St Valentin mood. For her first attempt in organizing the LCM, Khajal brought some really interesting games which put the members in a good mood. At least 50 members were present for the LCM. The President, Mushood, gave some updates about the different departments and presented the LCP candidates for the next term. Applicants from the different departments were also presented to the members. You missed this LCM? Well, wait for the next one. It’s going to be legendary!

Link to be interviewer: key=0AnqIHry3LC1OdFRucXQ 5NzBQdWxtclBEMl9JRGxQX3c &usp=sharing#gid=0

LCP Applicants Interviews by Mr Yamal This week, our 3 courageous LCP Applicants were called to have their External Interviews by Mr. Yamal, AIESEC Mauritius Alumni, Ex- MCVP in MC Canada, Director of Isitech Business School. The interview was held at Institut Francais de Maurice and consisted of two rounds: Group discussion and Single interviews. Let’s hear what the candidates think about the interview.

Hall of Fame Khajal for the awesome LCM!

Rumour has it! That when it comes to choosing the cute guys in @UoM, the name Ritchy/Richie is heard more than necessary!

Want to be more productive? cs/2013/01/

Journalism Team Since the LC aims at being the first Youth Voice of this country, the Communication has created a Journalism Team. The aim of this team is to cover LC’s activities and also national concerns.

JasonI would say that the interview was interesting. I was actually stressed but Mr. Yamal was able to put everyone comfortable. I learnt a lot from it and I now have a better idea about how to implement what I want to do for the LC. ShreeNerve-racking, but certainly a good experience in terms of tenure in front of an external Divesh- Was a great step to learn more about my passion for lcp and at the same time to know the drive though of the other applicants.

Last week the Journalism team launched application to recruit new members. After the selection, we now have two awesome and lovely members, namely, Shreshta and Yogeenee

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Week 3 of February